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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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Mlanlel ELY INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS. CARDIFF UNION. WANTED, by ths Guardians of the Cardiff Union, an active and intelligent Person, without incum- brance, to fill the office of FEMALE INDUSTRIAL TRAINER at the Ely Industrial Schools. Salary £25 per annum, with Board, Lodging, and Washing, Is. 3d. weekly beer money. She will be required to Instruct the Girls in sewing, knitting, laundry and household work, and to assist the Matron in the clothing department, and the general Management of the House. Further information as to the duties may be obtained on application to Mr. and Mrs. Harris, at the Schools. Candidates must send application, stating age and previous employment, with present testimonials, to me on or before the 18th April, 1871, the Election to take place on the 22nd. By order, W. P. STEPHENSON, Clerk. Cardiff, 6th April, 1871. [6230 TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. WILLIAM HOULT, Family Grocer, Church-street, Cardiff, has a Vacancy for a respectable well- educated Youth as an APPRENTICE, not under 15 years of age. [5932 £ o be let or jSoltl. TO LET, THAT desirable FAMILY RESIDENCE lately oc- JL cupied by the Italian Consul, No. 8, Charles-street, Cardiff. Immediate possession. Apply to Mr. Robert Cole, 9, Loudoun-square, Cardiff. [6(82 SULLY. BALL ^COTTAGE.—This pleasantly situated Seaside JLF Residence to be LET, furnished or unfurnished. Apply to Mr. John W. Vachell, Cardiff. l6158 NEATH CANAL SHARES. FOUR SHARES in the above CANAL are for Jf SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT, the Dividends on which are paid half-yearly, and the four Shares averaged jE61 a year for the last four years. Parties desirous of purchasing the Shares are to send in their tenders for the same on or before the 1st of May next, by letter, addressed to Rev. Alfred C. Williams, Park Estate Office, Pontypool. April 5th, 1871. f6222 PIANOFORTES for SALE.—A splendid Cottage Piano, full compass, by Tolkien, £22. Also a beau- tiful-toned Cottage Piano, by D'Almaine and Co., £27. PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS TUNED AND REPAIRED. THATCHER BROTHERS, 1, Pearson-place, Docks, Cardiff. [6075 TO be SOLD by PRIVATE TREATY, THRE E substan- J_ tially imiic HOUSES, Nos. 37, 38, and 39, Tyndal- street, facing the Docks, containing 14: Rooms, and all other conveniences. Part of the Purchase Money may remain on Mortgage. Apply to Messrs. Mathias and Kenuersley, House Agents, 4 Upper Station-terrace, Cardiff. [4343 BRISTOL WAGGON WORKS COMPANY.-RAIL- Jj WAY WAGGONS, Broad or Narrow Gauge, for tsALE. HIRE, or REDEMPTION HIRE, at a few days' notice, on application to W. E. Nethersole, 6, Belle Vue or at Repairing Shops, East Bute Dock, Cardiff. [4459 |jublin JjtotiijCB TLTR. AND MRS. HOWARD PAUL, MISS FANNY SARA, AND MISS MAY MANDER. S T U ART HAL L, CAR D IFF. EASTER TUESDAY. ONE NIGHT ONLY APRIL 11th. Plan and Tickets at Mr. Righton's, Music Seller. MRS. HOWARD PAUL will siag "THE MAR- SEILLAISE HYMN," which received such ova tions last September from 11,500 persons in the Three Performances in the Free Trade Hall, Manchester. First time in Swansea, Cardiff, or Merthyr. MR. HOWARD PAUL will sing BEAU BELLES," and also impersonate "THE IMPUDENT PUPPY," in a DrolI and Doggy "make up," singing a New Song, "I'M NOT A MARRYING MAN." First time in Swansea, Cardiff, or Merthyr. MRS. HOWARD PAUL will Impersonate "GIL BLAS," as recently given by her Fifty Nights in London, and Sing Two beautiful Serenades, "LA MANDOLINATA" and WHKN IN SPAIN," written expressly for her by Offenbach, in a splendid and costly Costume, from a design by Gustave Dore. First time in Swansea, Cardiff, or Merthyr. MRS. HOWARD PAUL will Sing a New Song, "ROCK'S AHEAD," aud "A LIFE ON THE OCEAN WAVE." First time in Swansea, Cardiff, or Merthyr. TTT-PI-DEE.—MR. HOWARD PAUL will Sing the U NASAL YANKEE CHORUS. First time in Swansea, Cardiff, or Merthyr. «T7"ATE KEARNEY," "THADY 0 FLYNX," f\ "DASHING WHITE SERGEANT," "LADS AND LASSES," '• MERRY RATAPLAN," and "AWAY TO THE MOUNTAIN BROW," will be Sung at Howard Paul's Entertainment, by Miss FANNY SARA, who will then make her debut. MRS. HOWARD PAUL will Deliver her Redhot Lecture on "WOMAN'S RIGHTS," and Sing bOTHER THE MEN." First time in Swansea, Car- diff, or Merthyr. MISS MAY MANDER, the charming SOLO PIANIaTE. First appearance in Swausea, Car- diff, or Merthyr. R. HOWARD PAUL as CAPTAIN VANE, OF THE LIFE GUARDS PINK." First time in Swansea, Cardiff, or Merthyr. MRS. HOWARD PAUL will Impersonate "JEMIMA LABB" and Sing an Awfully Funny Song, "A FOOTMAN WHO HAD WHISKERS." SWANSEA, April 10th. MERTHYR, April 12th. f62I2 CRYSTAL PALACE. HANDEL FESTIVAL, 187lJ FOUR THOUSAND PERFORMERS. Conductor-Sir MICHAEL COSTA. JUNE 19th, 21st, and 23rd. Full Rehearsal, JUNK 16th. f I~AHE arrangements, with slight moditications for the 1 advantage of visitors, will be the same as those in 1868. Tickets in sets for the 19th, 21st, and 23rd June, in- eluding admission :—Central Stalls and Front of Gal- leries, Three Guineas Side Stalls in Area or Gallery, Two-and-a-half Guineas; Unnumbered Seats in Blocks, 12s. 6d. or, for single days, 25s., One Guinea, and 5s. respectively. Reserved Seats for the Grand Rehearsal. on the 16th June, exclusive of Admission :—Central Stalls, Half-a-Guinea other seats, 5s. Full particulars are stated in the programme, which may be had on application at the Crystal Palace. The issue of vouchers will commence at the Crystal Palace and at Ejfeter Hall on Monday, April 3rd, at ten a.m., when plans of seats may be inspected. Written applications will be dealt with in the order in which they arrive, alternately with personal applications, on the 3rd of April. No application attended to without a remittance. G. GROVE, Secretary Crystal Palace Company. J. F. PUTTICK, Hon. Sec. Sacred Harmonic Society. March 25th,J87L [6198 GRAND CIRCUS, CARDIFF. EASTER MONDAY, APHIL 10, AND DURING THE WEEK. GRAND GALAS of unrivalled attraction and splen- did brilliancy. More stupendous engagements. First appearance of the charming CERISSA, the Flying Lady and only rival of Lulu. lIcW creating in London a perfect furore. Messrs. Hutchinson and Tayleure, de- termined to spare no expense in producing the latest and greatest novelties, have, at an immenseexpense, engaged for one week only the most beautiful and accomplished lady gymnast of the world. This highly gifted lady has earned well-meriled laurels in Paris, Berlin, aud London, where great curiosity was excited respecting a female performing on the flying trapeze all thefeatsof Leotard, Niblo, and other renowned artistes, with the additional charm and grace peculiarly her own. The public of Cardiff are familiar with the feats of the flying trapeze as performed by gentlemen, they will now have the opportunity of seeing the same executed by a lovely woman. First appearance of Mons. TREVANION, the great t rench athlete. New marvellous feats of human daring by SIVADO, the mau-fly, undoubtedly the most daring and classical equilibrist and gymnast of the present age. All new equestrian and acrobatic scenes, chaste and classical olympian sport. bv the double companv, con- cluding with the Rigs of Mr. Brings or. the Humours ol the Jockey Ciub," introducing ibe whole company and stud of horses. Illuminated day performance every Saturday at half- past Two. (J2-J5 WEST OF ENGLAND FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ESTABLISHED AT EXETER, 1807. CAPITAL, £ 600,(XX). TKUSTKES. Right Hon. Earl of Devon. I Sir T. D. Acland, Bart. Right Hon. Earl Forteseue. Sir J. T. 15. Duckworth, Bt. Right Hon. Earl of Morley. S. T. Kekewich, Esq., M.P. LIFE DEPARTMENT. FOUR-FIFTHS, or EIGHTY PER CENT, of the de- clared Profits are' divided amongst the Assured every Fifth Year. LOANS. The Company advances monev upon its Policies and upon approved PERSONAL MX'CKITY in connection with Life Insurance. Medical Fees and Policy Stamps are paid by the Company. N.B.-A Statement of the financial position of the Company has been prepared by order of the Directors, and miy be had on application to the Secretary. FIltE DEPAKTM i- NT. The premiums in this branch of the Company's busi- ness are as low as is consistent with safety. N .B.—Fire Policies may now be effected FREE OF DUTY. CHARLES LEWIS, Exetsr, March, 1871. Secretary and Actuary. lgp~ Applications from influential persons for Agencies in districts where the Company is not represented may be Addressed to the Secretary. jjiiblit; ghrttijea. 1871. CARDIFF RACES AND STEEPLECHASES. STEWARDS C. W. DAVID, Esq., Mayor I G. W. G. THOMAS, Esq. of Cardiff. Major PICTON TURBERVILL VAUGHAN H. LEE, Esq., CHARLES H. WILLIAMS, High Sheriff of Glamor- Esq. ganshire. G. FORBES BENTLEY, Esq. Mr. R. JOHNSON, York, Handicapper. Mr. W. R. HARVEY, 37, Charles-street, Hon. Sec. Mr: FRED. MINTON, Judge. FIRST DAY—TUESDAY, MAY 2ND. THE CORPORATION PLATE. A Handicap of 5 sovs. each, 2 sovs. forfeit, if declared on or before the 25th of April, with Twenty-five Sovereigns added by the Mayor of Cardiff. A winner of any race value :£50, after declaration of the weights, to carry 71bs. extra of :£100, 101 bs. One mile over the flat. To close and name to the Secretary or Messrs. Weatherby, on or before the 11th of April. Weights to be published the following week. THE CARDIFF OPEN STEEPLECHASE. A Handicap of 10 sovs. each, 5 forfeit, and 2 only (to the fund) if declared to the Secretary or Messrs. Weatherby on or before the 25th of April, with One Hundred Sovereigns added. Thewinnerof any handicap steeplechase, after declaration of the weights, once 71bs., twice 101bs. extra. The winner to pay 10 sovs. towards expenses. About three miles and a half. To close and name to the Secretary or Messrs. Weatherby on or before the 11th of April. Weights to be published the following week. THE GRAND STAND PLATE OF £50. A Handicap. Entrance 2 sovs. each (to go to the fund). A winner of any handicap of the value of £:;0, after the declaration of the weights, 71bs. extra the winner of the Corporation Plate, lOlbs. extra, but not in addition. Four horses to start or no race. One mile and a half. To close and name to the Secretary or Messrs. Weatherby on or before the 11th of April. THE ELY HURDLE RACE. A Sweepstakes of 2 sovs. each, 1 sov. forfeit, to be sent with the entry (to go to the fund), with Thirty Sovereigns added. For regular and bona-fide hunters, the property of persons residing in Monmouthshire or South Wales, and being in their possession, and have not been in a public training stable since 1st January. 1871. 4 yrs., lOst. 12Ibs.: 5 yrs., 11st. 101bs. j 6 yrs and aged, 12st. 71bs.; h.b. horses allowed 71 bs. Over six flights of hurdles. Gentlemen Riders to be qualified by the Stewards. Jockeys 71 bs. extra. Winners once, 71 bs. extra twice, 101 bs. One mile and a half. To close and name to the Secretary on or before the 25th of April. THE LADIES' PLATE OF :£30, Added to a Sweepstakes of 3 sovs. each, 1 forfeit. 3 yrs., 8st. 121bs.; 4 yrs., 9it. 101 os. 5 yrs., lOst. 31bs.; 6 yrs. and upwards, lOst. 71bs. Mares and Geldings allowed 31bs. The winner to be sold for :£100, if claimed if entered to be sold for JE50, allowed 71bs. Winners once in 1871, 51bs. extra twice, lOlbs. Six furlongs. To close and name to the Secretary at nine o'clock on Monday evening, the 1st of May, at the Royal Hotel, St. Mary-street. FOR PONIES AND GALLOWAYS, Ten Guineas will be given. Height not to exceed 14 hands 2 inches; weight, 9st. 7ibs. 71bs. allowed for every inch below. To be ridden by Gentlemen, Farmers, Tradesmen, or their Sons; Jockeys, 91bs. extra; winners, olbs. extra. Entrance, 10s. each half to the second horse, remainder to the winner. Once round the Course. To close and name to the Secretary on or before the 25th of April. SECOND DAY-WEDNESDAY, MAY 3RD. THE PRINCE OF WALES' STAKES. A Handicap of 5 sovs. each, 2 forfeit (to the fund), if declared to the Secretary or Messrs. Weatherby on or before the 25th April. With Fifty Sovereigns added, The winner of any race value :£50, after declaration of the weights, to cany 71bs. extra of £100, lolbs. The winner of the Corporation or Grand Stand Plates, IOlüs. extra, but not in addition. One mile and a quarter over the flat. To close and name to the Secretary or Messrs. Weatherby on or before the 11th of April. Weights to be published the following week. THE ALEXANDRA PLATE OF :£50, Added to a Sweepstakes of 3 sovs. each, 1 forfeit (to the fund), for regular bona-fide Hunters who have never won any Handicap Flat Race, Hurdle Race, or Steeple- chase, and have not been in a public training stable since the 1st November, 187o. Gentlemen Riders, 12st. each Jockeys, 71bs. extra. The winner to pay õ sovs. towards expenses. Four Horses to start or no Race. Over the Steeplechase Course. To close and name to the Secretary on or before the 25th of April. THE INNKEEPERS' PLATE Of 3 sovs. each, 1 forfeit, with Thirty Sovereigns added. 3 yrs. 8st.; 4 yrs., 9st.51bs.; 5 yrs., tOst.; 6 years and upwards, Il)st. 2108.; mares and geldings allowed 3lbs. The winner to be sold, if demanded, for £100; if entered to be sold for £ o■■>, allowed 71 bs. Winners once in 1871, 51bs. extra; twice, or of the Ladies' Plate, lulbs. Oue mile and two furlongs. To close at Nine o'clock on the evening of the first day's Races, to the Secretary, at the Royal Hotel, St. Mary-street. THE OPEN HURDLE RACE. A Handicap of o sovs. each, 2 forfeit, if declared to the Secretary or Messrs. Weatherby on or before the 25th of April, with Forty Sovereigns added. The winner of any Hurdle Race or Steeplechase, after declaration of the weights, to carry 71bs. extra. Over eight flights of hurdles. About two miles. To close and name, and weights to be published same time as the Cardiff Open Steeplechase. THE HUNTERS' STAKES OF £40. Added to a Sweepstakes of 3 sovs. each, 1 forfeit, to be sent with the entry (to go to the fund). For regular and bona-fide hunters that have been fairly hunted with any established pack of hounds three months before the races, and have not been in a public training stable for six months previously. 4 yrs. old, lOst. 71 bs.; 5 yrs. old, list. 1210s.; 6 yrs. and aged, 12st, 71bs. Winners once, 51bs. extra; twice, lOlbs.; Gentleman Riders. Jockeys, 71bs. extra. About two and a half miles over the Steeplechase Course. To close and name to the Secretary on or before the 25th of April. CONDITIONS. Three Horses (the property of different Owners) to start for each Race, or the Public Money will not be given. The Colours of the Riders to be declared at the time of entry, and any Jockey riding in different Colours will be fined One Sovereign. All Stakes to be paid to the Secretary, at the Royal Hotel, St. Mary-street, by Nine o'clock the evening before the Races. Ten Shillings to be paid with the entry of each Horse, and all forfeits and entrances under £5 must be paid at the time of entry, or the same cannot be received. Each winner (unless otherwise expressed), to pay £1 towards expenses, which will include all Weighing Fees, &c. The Second Horse in each Race to save his Stake. All disputes to be settled by the Stewards, or whom they may appoint. No objection will be received unless made to the Hon. Secretary, in writing, before starting, accompanied with a deposit of Five Sovereigns, to be forfeited to the fund if the objection fails. '1 he Flat Races to be run under the Newmarket Rules. The Steeplechases under the Grand National Steeple- chase Rules, excepting the Rule as to Gentlemen Riders, on which point (if required) the Stewards will decide. Horses running for the Ely Hurdle Race, Alexandra Plate, and Hunters'Stakes will not be charged Race- horse Duty. Certificate of Qualification from Master of Hounds to be produced for those Kaces, if required. No Gambling Booths or Tables will be allowed on the Course. Applications for ground for Booths to be made to the Secretary on or before the lCthof April and no person, unless a subscriber of a guinea to the fund, will be allowed to erect, one. The Cheltenham New Grand Stand has b.en engaged Admission, 3s. 6d. Admission to the Ground.—Coaches and Omnibuses with Four Horses, 10s.; Four-wheel Carriages, 5s.; Two- wheel ditto, 3s. Saddle Horses not allowed. [6129 1871. HARCOUUT. TFTO Cover this Season, at Coedkernew Stud Farm, JL near Newport, Mori. Thorough-bred Mares Five Guineas, Five Shillings the Groom Half-bred Mares Three Guineas, Two Shillings and Sixpence the Groom. Bona-fide Tenant Farmers under Lord Tredegar, whose sole occupation is Farming, one Guinea each Mare, and Two Shillings and Sixpence the Groom. Persons sending three Mares at Three or Five Guineas, will be served at the price of two. Good ::ccommodatio[i for Mares and Foals. Hay aud grass at 10s. Gd. per week. Corn at market price. All expenses to be paid before the Mares are taken away. Apply to Mr. Loftus, Stud Groom, Coedkernew, near Newport, Mon. Hareourt is by Stuckweli. out of Ellerdale, and of great size and substance. [6194 NOTICE. rr\HE New Postal Tariff being now in force, the -1- CARDIFF AND MERTHYR GUARDIAN will be forwarded Uy Friday Morning's early Post, to Subscribers, t a REDUCED CHARGE, namely, a Payment of 2s. lid. QUARTERLY IN ADVANCE, AND 2s. 9d. QUARTERLY ON CREDIT. The GUARDIAN will continue to be delivered in Town at 2s. Quarterly in Advance, and 2s. 2d. Quarterly on Credit. -——- OFFICE—ST. JOHN-STREET, CARDIFF. CARDIFF AND MERTHYR GUARDIAN PRINTING OFFICE, ST. JOHN-STREET. CARDIFF. ALL KINDS of PRINTING executed with neat- ness, accuracy, and despatch, on moderate terms. SPECI4L TYPE rOR ECCLESIASTICAL PURPOSES. 1 iuhUq gjtofiijts. WHEREAS the Most Honorable JOHN PATRICK CRICHTON STUART, MARQUESS OF BUTE, tv and Earl of Dumfries, of Cardiff Castle in the County of Glamorgan. and the Right Honorable CHARLES MORGAN ROBINSON, LORD TREDEGAR, BARON TREDEGAR, of Tredegar, in the County of Mon- mouth, being respectively interested under the provisions of The Acts for the Inclosure, Exchange and Improve- ment of Lands," in the Land and Hereditaments set forth in the Schedule hereunder written, with the Easements and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, and being desirous of effecting an Exchange of the same, have made appli- cation, in writing, to the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales, to direct enquiries whether such proposed Exchange would be beneficial to the Owners of such respective Lands and Hereditaments, and to proceed with the same under the provisions of the said Acts. Now the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales, being of opinion that such Exchange would be bene- ficial, and that the terms thereof are just and reasonable, hereby give notice that they will cause to be framed and confirmed, under their Hands and Seal, an Order of Exchange in the matter of the said application, unless notice, in writing, of dissent to the said proposed Exchange be given to them by some person entitled to an Estate in, or to a charge upon, the said Land and Hereditaments or any part thereof, on or before the 15th day of July next. THE SCHEDULE TO WHICH THE FOREGOING NOTICE REFERS. LAND and Hereditaments in which the above- named John Patrick Crichton Stuart, Marquess of Bute, and Earl of Dumfries, is interested, situate in the Parishes of Roath and St. John the Baptist, Cardiff, in the County of Glamorgan, and proposed to be exchanged for the Land and Hereditaments hereinafter specified. LAND and Hereditaments in which the above- named Charles Morgan Robinson, Lord Tredegar is interested, situate in the Parishes of Roath and St. John the Baptist, Cardiff, in the County of Glamorgan, and proposed to be exchanged for the Land and Hereditaments hereinbefore specified. — on DESCRIPTION. A. B. P. NO. on DESCRIPTION. A. R. P. Tithe Map. Tithe Map. ROATH. 1 (i ROATH. Parts of Splott Moors. part 42 Moor Land 9 1 28 f Moor laud 1 1 24 Wagte Land 0 0 14 „ „ 2 2 10 „ ••• 4 3 30 u part47 i I S i 0 2 38 g3 „ „ £ 2 361" J i 3 3 30 g Parts of Deans Farm. H 86 Pasture Land 5 0 23 I ,H 111a Arable Land 2 0 30 I-i Part of Adams Down Farm. part 4 Arable Land 0 0 10 28 3 1 J 9 2 2 !~) » f ROATH. I G ROATH. 293 Waste Land and Plantation 0 1 lj -{ 290 Waste Land and Brake 0 1 1 293 Waste Land and Plantation 0 1 lj -{ 290 Waste Land and Brake 0 1 1 M o' x J W I « IOI ST-JOHN THE BAPTIST, CARDIFF. "J f ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST, CARDIFF. nS l?n A uU,r\L&n,d i i fi I c « u part 184 Pasture Land 6 0 part 210 Arable Land 1 1 24 o-J — K 4 _2_21 j W l Witness my hand this 29th day of March, in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and seventy-one. Inclosure Commission, H, PYNE 3, St. James's-square, By Order of the Board. London, S.W. [6199 PURSUANT to an Order of High Court of Chancery -L made in the Matter of the trusts of the Will of WILLIAM WILLIAMS, deceased; and in the matter of an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 10th and 11th years of Queen Victoria, chapter 9G, intituled "An Act for better securing Trust Funds and for the Relief of Trustees." All Persons claiming to be the NEXT OF KIN, ac- cording to the Statute for the distribution of Intestates Estates, to WILLIAM WILLIAMS, late of Cardiff, in the County of Glamorgan, Gentleman, who died in or about the month of March, 1859; at the time of his death, and who were living at the expiration of ten years after his death (exclusive of his brother John Williams, and his niece, Maria Williams, and her child or children), and if any such Next of Kin have or has since died, their, his, or her legal personal representatives or representative are by their Solicitors, on or before the 20th day of April, 1871, to come in and prove their Claims at the Chambers of the Vice-Chancellor Sir Richard Malins, at Number 3, Stone-buildings, Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said Order. Thursday, the 4th day of May, 1871, at 12 o'clock at noon, at the said Chambers, is ap- pointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the Claims. Dated this 25th day of March, 1871. J. A. BUCKLEY, Chief Clerk. THOMAS CLARK, 9, Doughty-street. London, W.C., Agent for D. REKS, Cardiff, 6197] Solicitor for the Trustees. PERSONS DESIROUS of PROVIDING LODGINGS for MILITIAMEN at the APPROACHING TRAINING, commencing on the 1st MAY next, are in- vited to send in Applications, stating address and numbers they can lodge. The amount allowed per man per diem is 4d. The room or rooms to be exclusively for Militiamen. Apply to the Adjutant Royal Glamorgan Militia, Cardiff. [6201 THE QUEEN, THE KING, AND THE VIRTUOUS LADY. MR. THOS. J. BARNARD'S MINING OFFICES, 175 to 178. PALMEKSTON BUILDINGS, OLD BROAD-STREET, LONDON, E C. Registered Offices of the Queen Silver and Copper Mining Company, (Litnited), the Kins Silver and Copper Mining Company (Limited), tlie Virtuous Lady Miuing Comnanv (Limited). Prices of Shares this day Que^n, BOaf• King, n 2s. Gd. j Virtuous Lady, 30.s. The almost unprecedented success of the Virtuous Lady for tin and copper, and the Queen and King for silver, tin and copper, blended with the amalgamation works, intro- duced for the extraction of silver from the lowest class silver ores upon the most scientific principles, place these properties before the public, not as a speculation, but as a mining investment, and the best medium now extant for the employment of capital to the greatest advantage, and where at least 100 per cent, may reason. ably be expected to be realised before the close of this year. The following are the proofs :-104 tons of copper from the Virtuous Lady has just realised £ 737 4s., or over £ 7 per ton whereas 4,000 tons sold from the other English Mines averaged but P-3 18s. At the General Meeting held the 22nd inst., at the above offices, a rock of silver ore from the Queen Mine, weighing three- quarters of a cwt., was exhibited, 25 per cent. of which is pure silver, together with 206 ounces of refined silver extracted at the model amalgamation works upon the Mine, which can be increased to any extent, from twenty tons of the lowest class silver ores, of which there is an unlimited quantity, at a net profit of over 100 per cent. Mr. B. will be happy to furnish any desired further in- formation, either by letter or person, at the above offices, where can be se"n his small museum of the specimens referred to together with others of silver, copper, tin, and mundics from the different Miaea. The Lists of Shareholders include the Nobility, Gentry, Professional and influential business men throughout England. [(;208 SCHOOL"FOR DEJJUMIS LLANDAFF. nnHE benevolent Public are respectfully informed I that the purchase money of the School Premises,and all liabilities thereon, has now been paid, and the legal transfer effected. This has been accomplished by the kindness of a friend, who most generously advanced :£220, to make up the deficiency, on loan without in- terest. In order to repay our generous benefactor, and to meet the necessary repairs and other expenses, FURTHER CONTRIBUTIONS and DONATIONS are most earnestly invited, and will be very thankfully received by the Rev. D. Howell, St. John's Vicarage, Cardiff, or by Mr. Alexander Melville, at the School, Llaudaff or may be paid in to the credit of Building Fund," West of England and South Wales Bank, Cardiff. £ s. d. Alexander, W., Esq., Park-place, Cardiff. 5 0 0 Lock, Mr. F. S., builder, Cardiff 1 0 0 59711 APPLICATIONS FOR AGENCIES to be mnde to the SECRETARY, or to Mr. E. PROSSER, 5, Brighton Park, Clifton, Bristol. PROVINCIAL INSURANCE COMPANY, -L ESTABLISHED 1852. CAPITAL £ 200,COO. FIRE CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETTLED. LIFE CLAIMS PAID THIRTY DAYS I After production of proofs of death. "1 LIFE AND FIRE CLAIMS PAlL): Upwards of HALF A MILLION STERLING- ——— i ACCUMULATED LIFE FUND j In 1865, £ 89,865. In 1870, £ 153,557. I LIFE PREMIUM INCOME, j £ 35,584. 1 ) CHAIRMAN S THOMAS BARNES, ESQ., Of Farnwurth, near Bolton, and the Quintr^ Salop. ROBERT WILLIAMS, „ „ Secretary. CHIEF OFFICES: Wrexham and London. [6187 ORWICH UNION LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETY. Instituted 1821. Capital, £ 550,000. 3 DIRECTORS. Edward Steward, Esq., Presides f George Durrant, Esq. Vice-Presici^ Henry S. Paiteson, Esq. George Ehvaixf Simpson, Wales Christopher Ilotson, E<q. Esq. Colonel James C ockburn, Charles Edward Tuck, Esq. Thomas Beevor, Esq. Donald Dalrymple, Esq., Henry Back, E!c;, M.P. Captain Francis lAstley William Robert Clarke,Esq. Cubitt. Secretary, Sir Samuel Bignold, Knight, Surrf.street. Norwich. J THE TOTAL REPEAL OF THE DUTY i £ p0n Fire Insurance from Midsummer, 1869, will enable9 Insurers to double their protection on fi'st-clasj risks wi^j^Qut any increase of payment. at The rates of this Society are the same as otb er offices, whilst Periodical Returns are made to the partie s insured. In proof of the public confidence in the principles and conduct of this Establishment, it will surticc to state that the total business now exceeds 490 ooo ooo." Insurers, whose Premiums are due at Ltady-day, are reminded that payment should be made with 15 days of that date. Agents for the County Cardiff Mr Richard Evansp Swansea Mr John Rees Aberdare Mr G*orgeRosser p Aberavon Mr Evan Evans v Cow bridge Mr John Stockwoc^j Neath Mr W. Whittingtoit. Merthyr Tydfil Mr. Albert Harris, r 16190 LEGAL AND GENERAL L[FE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, 10, FLEET-STREET, TEMPLE BAR, LONDON, E.C. FOUNDED, 1836. POLICIES of this Society are guaranteed by very .t ample Funds; receive nine-tenths of the total profits as Bonus; enjoy peculiar" Whole- W orlel" and other distinctive privileges, and are protected by special conditions against liability to future question. Trustees. 11 The Right Hon. the Lord Chancellor. The Right Hon. the Lord Cairns. The Right Hon. the Lord Chief Justice Bovill. The Right Hon. Sir Edward Vaughan Williams. The Hon. Sir George Rose. Thomas Webb Greene, Esq., Q.C. John Osborne, Esq., Q C. Edward Smith Bigg, Esq. Robt. B. Follett, Esq., Taxing Master in Chancery. Settlement Policies in favour of Wife and Children now granted in terms of the Married Women's Property Act, 1870. E. A. NEWTON, Actuary and Manager. Agent for Cardiff, E. B. REECE, Esq., Solicitor. [5023 ACCIDENTS CAUSE LOSS OF LIFE. ACCIDENTS CAUSE LOSS OF TIME. ACCIDENTS CAUSE LOSS OF MONEY. Provide against ACCIDENTS of ALL KINDS BY INSURING WITH THE T> AIL WAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE COM- JLl; PANY. An Annual Payment of £ 3 to £ 6 5s. insure £ 1,000 at Death, or an Allowance at the rate of £ 6 per week for injury. :£565,000 have been Paid as Compensation. ONE out of every 12 Annual Policy Holders becoming a claimant EACH YEAR. For particulars apply to the Clerks at the Railway Stations, to the Local Agents, or at the Oiiices, 64, CORNHILL, aud 10, REGENT-STREET. LONDON. WILMAM J. VIAV, Secretary. Agent for Cardiff—Mr. J. WILL AN 8, Windsor Cham- bers. Merthyr—Mr. H.W. HARRIS, 140, High-street. Neath—Mr. W. H. REES. [4646 WHITTINGTON LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. Chief Offices-37, MOORGATE-STREET, LONDON, E.C. DISTINCTIVE FEATURES OF THE COMPANY. The Guarantee of an ample subscribed capital. Moderate Rates of Premium, especially for young lives. Policies payable during lifetime without extra premium. Invalid or Second-Class Lives assured at tabular rates, on a safe and equitable plan. Bonuses have been declared in 1860,1863, 1866, and 1869. 5969] ALFRED T. BOWSER, Manager litahtffss gjidrtysaqg. LEWIN CRA WCOUR and CO., HOUSE FURNISHERS, .LJ 73, 75, & 81, BROMPTON ROAD, S.W., deliver ALL ORDERS CAR- RIAGE FREE, REGARD- LESS OF DISTANCE, and completely Fur- nish a House of any size in Three Days' Notice, from one of the greatest and best selected stocks; and their prices will be found the cheapest in England. Their Tra- vellers sent to all parts to give estimates, &c., free of charge. LEWIN CRAWCOUR and CO. have the most com- prehensive ILLUSTRA- TED CATLOGUE PUB- LISHED 600 designs, which they forward gratis. "■ EWIN CRAWCOUR and CO. furnish a best Bed- JLi room with a complete ornamented Pine Suite and haudsovne full- size Iron Bedstead. Spring Mattress, Up- per Mattress, Goose leather Bolster and two Pillows, for 18 guineas. This novelty is worthy of inspection, LEWJJ\( CRAWCOUR and CO. have a separate de- -1-J partment for Bedding, Bedstead, and Bed- room Furniture ex- clusively. — 500 Iron and Brass Bedsteads at extraordinary low prices, Pine Suites from 10 guineas, se- vcral in Ash and Pitch Pine in stock, and a large variety imitating the choicest and most admired woods. Dis- tinct Illustrated Cata- logue of those goods forwarded gratis. LEWIN CRAWCOUR and CO.'s superior Dining- Room Suites in Mo- IOCCO, conimencing from e-14 10s.. war- ranted should be seen. LEWIN CUAWCOUR and CO. have 100 Dining- i J Room Suites in .Maho- gany and Oak ndapted for cottage, villa, or mansion. LEWIN CRAWCOUR and CO. have 50 Drawing- Room Suites, from 8 guiueas to 80 guineas, with superb Cabinets, Ottomans.Tables Glas- ses, &c., of every de- scription, in endless variety. LEWIN CRAWCOUR and CO. are now selling their L Carpets and Curtain Materials at old prices, notwithstanding the advance. LEWIN CRAWCOUR and CO.'s Ironmongery, Chinn, and Glass Departments are replete with every novelty at much below usual prices. L~ EWIN CRAWCOUR and CO.'S immense stock is entirely marked iu plain figures. N.B.— Observe address: 73, 75. nnd 81, BROMPTON ROAD, three minutes from Sloane Square or South Kensington Sta- tions, Metropolitan Railway. [6148 §u6Iiij Jjtotiqs. LLANDAFF DIOCESAN CHURCH EXTENSION SOCIETY. THE ANNUAL MEETING of the SOCIETY is l appointed to be held at the Town Hall, Cardiff on THURSDAY, April 13th, at One o'clock p.m. The Committee are requested to meet at 12.30 p.m. Incumbents who want Copies of the Annual Report for 1870 are requested to make application to the Publisher of the GUARDIAN Newspaper, St. John-street, Cardiff, stating what number they require. JONAS WATSON, Hon. Sec. Llandaff, 1st April. 18H. [, 210 CARDIFF NATURALIST SOCIETY. MR. DRANE having kindly offered to give PRAC- TICAL LESSONS in BOTANY (Gratuitously), any Ladies or Gentlemen desirous of JOINING the CLASS are requested to give their names to Mr. LEAN, Librarian, at the Free Library, forthwith. The Class will meet Twice a Week, at 7 a.m., in the Sophia Gardens. 6231j C. BRADLEY, Hon. Secretary. CARDIFF RACE BALL. A GRAND BALL WILL take place on MAY 1. 1871, at the TOWN TV HALL, under the PATRONAGE of The MAYOR of CARDIFF, Major PICTON TURBERVILL, Major VAUGHAN LEE, CHARLES H.WILLIAMS, Esq. G. W. G. THOMAS, Esq., G. FORBES BENTLEY, Esq. G. W. G. THOMAS, Esq., G. FORBES BENTLEY, Esq. Tickets for Ball and Supper Gentlemen's, 10s. 6d. Ladies, 7s. 6d. To be obtained at the Royal Hotel. [6220 CARDIFF BATHS, GUILDFORD- CRESCEN T. npHE HOT WATER BATHS are Open Daily, from 7 a.m., to 9 p.m., for Ladies and Gentlemen. Sun- days 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. The TURKISH BATH is open every day for Gentle- men, except Tuesdays and Fridays, which are Ladies' days. The SWIMMING BATHS are now OPEN DAILY for the Season. Experienced and careful attendants in each department always on the premises. 61181 R. WILLIAMS, Manager. Just Published. Price Sixpence. FOURTH SERIES. No. 7.—King Gladstone—The Prospects of Monarchy. No. 8.—The First Two Months of the Session—1871. "THE SILENT MEMBER." S K E T C H E SIN THE COMMONS. PROVOST and Co., Henrietta-street, W.C., and all Booksellers. *„ Now Ready," People's Edition of First, Second, and Third Series," Price Sixpence complete. [G215 RHYMNEY RAILWAY. ALTERATION OF PASSENGER TRAINS. ON and after APRIL 6th, 1871, the Trains will run as under, in connection with those of the Great Western, London and North-Western, Brecon and Merthyr, Sirhowy, and Taff Vale Railways. UP TRAINS. || WEEK DAYS. SUNDAYS 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3i 2 3i 1 23 123 Class. Class. Class.! Class.; Class. Class, A.M. P.M. P.M. P.M. A.M. P.M. Cardiff .dep. 9 10 1 0 5 25 8 0 9 50 6 10 Llanishen i|9 16 1 6 53l 8 .6| 9 58 6 16 Walnut Tree — Bridge 9 7 11 58 4 26 § Caer (arr. 9 25 15 « philly dep 9 28 1 18 5 40 8 e? 15 10 8 6 25 Pwllypaut 9 32 22 5 44 "S 10 14 6 29 Ystrad 9 40 1 3 5 52 8 527: 10 24 6 38 Hengoed ( arr. 9 45 1 34 5 56 £ 10 28 6 42 Junction dep 9 65 1 40 6 1 8 C31 10 34 6 46 Pengam 9 59 1 44*1 6 4 8 36 110 38 6 50 Bargoed jlO 5 1 48 6 9 8 §42 10 4-7 6 56 George Inn ;10 8 1 51 6 12 t. lo 50 6 59 Tir Phil !10 12 l 55 6 16 g c49 jQ 55 ? 3" Pontlottyn .1[10 20 2 7 6 23 i8 56 11 4 7 n Rhymney 10 24 2 16 6 27 9 0111 8 7 15 DOWN TRAINS. WEEK DAYS. SUNDAYS. j1 23 f 1 23 1 23 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 Class. IClass. Class. Class. Class. Class. A. M. | P. M. P.M. AM. PM. P.M. Rhymney dep. 9 10 1 2 20 6 35 8 0 4 10 8 0 Poutlottyn 9 14 2 24 6 39 8 4 4 16 8 4 Tir Phil 9 22 2 30 6 46 8 10 4 21 8 10 George Inn 9 26 2 34 6 50 8 14 4 28 Bargoed 9 30 2 38 6 54 8 Is 4 32 8 17 Pengam 9 35 2 44 6 ó9 8 25 4 42 8 22 Hengoed ) arr. 9 40 ) 8 HO Junction j dep 9 55 2 50 7 3 8 36 I 4 50 8 28 Ystrad 9 59 2 54 7 9 8 40 4 54 Pwllypant j 10 7,3 2 7 17 8 48 5 2 Caerphilly j lu 11 3 7 7 21 8 52 5 6 8 41 Caer- J I philly f a.m for Wal-) 8 10 10 12 3 8 netTreeV dep. Bridge 1 Walnut ") fo?T.dV (8 10 24 3 20 •• Railway j arr' Lanishen 10 20 3 16 7 30 9 1 5 15 8 53 Cardiff JjlO 26 3 22 7 36 9 7 5 21 9 0 Bv order, CORNELIUS LUNDIE, Traffic Manager. Cardiff, April 3rd, 1871. Uitsswess Addresses. WINDSOR HOTEL, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. o R D I N ATY DAILY. Dinner on the Table punctually at 1.30. PRICE, Is 6D F. W, ARMSTRONG. [6216 PIANOFORTES, NEW AND SECOND-HAND JL WARRANTED, from £20. OLD ONES EXCHANGED. THATCHER BROTHERS, 1, PEARSON-PLACE, DOCKS, CARDIFF. ["6217 BOOTS FOR SPRING AND SUMMER. BOYLE AND CO., BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTURERS, 19, CHURCH, AND 13, BUTE STREET, CARDIFF, HAVE the CHEAPEST and LARGEST STOCK in Wales. [6224 FIRE, LIFE, MARINE. ENDOWMENT, PLATE GLASS. ACCIDENTAL or DISABLEMENT, HORSE and CATTLE (Accident 'tnd Disease), and all kinds of INSURANCES effected in Offices of the highest standing, bv MR. JOHN JENKINS, Accountant. Insurance and Stock Broker, &c., 13, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. [6049 THREE PRIZE MEDALS. PARIS EXHIBITION, 1867. pURE PICKLES, SAUCES, JA MS, AND TABLE D E L I C A C I K S. of the highest Quality, Manufactured by CROSSE AND B L A C K W E L L, PURVEYORS TO THE QUEEN. Proprietors of Captain Whites Oriental Pickle, Curry Paste, and other Condiments. Retail in all parts of the World, and Wholesale at the Manufactory, SOIIO-SQUARE. LONDON. f 4!I:H jsales by Ruction. BRISTOL HORSE REPOSITORY. NEXT LARGE ANNUAL SELECT STUD SALE, April 20th, 1871. [6207 PORT OF CARDIFF. To Shipowners and Others. MR. T. S. HUNTLEVhas received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, on THURSDA V.^ April 13th, 1871, the very strong and useful BRIO, QLEEN, (If Chepstow, 121 tons register eanies 190 tons dead weight; Irnlt at, Urockweir, near (Jhe|>t<>w» of the materials, originally classed 12 years A 1.. She is well found in sails and stores, and <9ldy reuunen provisions to send her to sea. A full inventory may he had on application to the Auctioneer, of whom any further particulars may oe obtained. The sale will take place ou board the vessel, where she now lies, at the top of the West Bute Dock, at 1- o clock '^Auctioneer's Office, Cardiff, April 311., 1871. [6218 Salts ho Ruction. 114, ROTHSAY-TERRACE, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. To Furniture Brokers and Others. MR. T. S. HUNTLEY has received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, on FRIDAY, April 14th, 1871, apart of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS of Mr. G. F. Atkins, who is leaving Cardiff, comprising mahogany sideboard, hair-seated chairs, couches, bedsteads, beds, palliasses, ware, tables, cane- seated chairs, carpets, fender and fire-irons, a capital portable bagatelle-board, a first-class vowel washing- machine, with the usual kitchen requisites. The whole will be on view on the day of sale. Sale to commence at Two o'clock precisely. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, 36, Britannia-buildings, Bute Docks, Cardiff. [6219 VICTORIA ROOMS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. Attractive Sale of high-class Chromotypes, coloured Antotypes, &c. MR. W. P. STEPHENSON will offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the above Rooms, on MONDAY. 17th April, 1871, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, and at Seven in the Evening, A very tine selection of Modern CHROMOTYPES- and Coloured PHOTOGRAPHS, superbly framed in cold, being the property of an old-established London Publishing Firm. Catalogues are being prepared, and will be readv in few days. [6227 SALE of valuable OIL PAINTINGS, PLATE. Astro- nomical and other Instruments, Carriages, Harness, Sec., removed from Pwllypant House, being part of the Estate of the late W. E. Williams, Esq. MR. W. P. STEPHENSON is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Angel Hotel, CARDIFF, on WEDNESDAY, the 19th April, 1871, at 11 for 12 o'clock, Five valuable PAINTINGS in oil; a small quantity of SILVER PLATE; valuabie Regulator Astronomical Clock, Dent and Co., No. 1650: Marine Chronometer, Arnold No. 520 one Sextant one Transit Instrument, Field Glass by Dolbmd pairof 16-inch Glooms. &c.. &c. Also one useful Cobourg Basket Carriage, plated and other Harness, Saddle, Bridle, See. The whole of the above being part of the Estate of the late W. E Williams, Esq., of Pwllypant House, near Caerphilly. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, 21, Queen-street, Cardiff. [6229 SALE OF A SMALL WELL-CHOSEN LIBRARY OF MODERN W. RKS, The Propertv of a Gentleman. MR. W. P. STEPHENSON will SELL by AUCTION" at the Angel Hotel, CARDIFF, on WEDNES- DAY, the 19th day of April, 1871, at 12t. r 1 o'clock pre- cisely, about 300 VOLUMES OF BOOKS. comprising a good Collection of the Works of Modern Poets and Novelists; various Scientific Works of Mr. Brande and others Serials, &c.; all well bound, and in very good condition. Catalogues may be obtained on application to the Auctioneer, three days before the Sale. [6228 LLANRUMNEY MILL. ST. MELLONS, NEAR CARDIFF. Sale of 18 Acres of Freehold Land, with a Mill, Dwell- ing-house, and Valuable Fishery Rights. MR. W. P. STEPHENSON is instructed by the devisees of the late Mr. David Roberts, to SELL by AUCTION, at the Angel Hotel, in the town of Cardiff, on MONDAY, the 1st day of May. 1871. at Two for Three o'clock precisely (subject to conditions of sale to be then produced), in one lot, all that valuable parcel of FREEHOLD LAND, with the WATER GRIST MILL and DWELLING-HOUSE situate thereon, and the important WATER PRIVILEGES and FISHERY RIGHTS appurtenant thereto, lying between the river Rumney and the road lei ding from Cardiff to Tyny- park, in the parish of St. Mellons, in the county of Monmouth. The land is 18a. Or. 33p. in extent (more or less), and consists of pasture and brake of great fertility it ex- tends for about three-quarters of a mile along the eastern bank of the river Rumney, with an equal fron- tage to the above-mentioned road. The mill enjoys an abundant and unfailing supply of water, being worked by a stream flowing from the river Rumney, at a weir partly situate on the property, and there is a right of way to it from St. Mellons, through the grounds of Llanrumney Hall. The river is strictly preserved, and the rights of fishery attached to this property are now let to Colonel Tynte at a nominal rent. Further particulars may be obtained on application to Messrs. Prothero and Fox, Solicitors, Newport, Mon.; to Rees Edward Rees, Esq., Pantrhiwgoch; or to the Auctioneer, 21, Smith-street, Cardiff. [6214 (Mutation. LANDSDOWNE HOUSE, TREDEGARVILLET CARDIFF. MR. H. SHE W B ROO K S, 1ST B.A. LONDON UNIVERSITY, Conducts a. SELECT SCHOOL at the above addref" THE course of instruction includes a.lT t^ thorough English Education, Classics, Mathematics. French, German, Italian, and Music. Puyils prepare** for the Oxford and Cambridge, Local, the Civil Service, the London University Examinations, &c. Terms and references to parents of pupils upon appli- cation to the Principal. 6117 ST. JOHN'S SCHOOL, CARDIFF. PRIVATE TUITION.-Terms, 10s. 6d. per Quarter. English, Latin, and Mathematics. Master Mr. FRANCIS ISOWEN, Member and Associate of toe College of Preceptors- Referee—Rev. D. Howell. Price, 2s. M., KEY TO THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. By Francis Bowen, M.C.P. London: LongmausandCo. "It anticipates with considerable ingenuity most of the questions which an examiner would be likely to put. Indeed, we may venture to assure any one who may possess himself of all the information which this volume contains that, as far as the Acts are concerned, he can- not be plucked.'—"Spectator." Also, by the same author, "The Upper Class School Arithmetic." Part 1.—Vulgar Fractions, 3d. Specimen copy sent by pest for four stamps. Cardiff: Jones and Son, Royal Arcade. f59J5 MONTAGUE HOUSE, 16, CHARLES-STREET. DANCING. MR. WILLI AMES respectfully announces the RE- OPENING of his CLASSES for Instruction and Practice in the above Art. Terms on application. [5585 LOCAL AFFAIRS. CARDIFF GOVERNMENT SAVINGS' BANK, DUKE-STREET. -Established in the year 1819. Open every Saturday from 10 till 2 and on Saturday and Monday evenings from 7 till half-past 8. The gentlemen to be in attendance are on Saturday, Mr. Hardess and Mr. Harvey 011 Saturday evening, Mr. Pride on Monday evening, Mr.. Alexander HAMADRYAD HOSPITAL SHIP, CARDIFF.—Report for the week ending the 6th day of April, 1871: _Numb<jr of patients remaining last week, 31; admitted since, 15; discharged, 3 died, I out-patients treated, 45; remaining on board, 42.—H. M. Dixon, Medical Superin- tendent. COUNTY COURTS IN CIRCUIT 24. -Herefordshire, Mon- mouthshire. Glamorganshire, and Breconshire. Courts will be held at the several court-towns in the said circuit, before John Maurice Herbert. Esq.. the Judge thereof on the days hereunder mentioned. Usk, Tuesdays, April 11 and June 6. Crickhowell, Thursdays, April 13 and June 8. Abergavenny, Fridays, April 14, May 12, and June 9. Ross, Saturdays, April 15 and June 10. Monmouth, Mondays, April 17, May 15, and June 12. Chepstow, Tuesdays, April 18, May 16, and June 13 PODTVPOOI, Wednesdays, April 19, May 17, and June 14. Tredegar, Thursdays and Fridays, April 20 and 21, May 18 and 19, June 15 and 16, and on the following Friday if necessary. Newport, Mondays and Tuesdays, April 24 and 25, May 22 and 23, and .Tune 19 and -9. Cardiff, Wednesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, April 12, 26, and 27 Thuif- day, Wednesday, and Thursday, May 11. 24, and 25: Wednesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, June 7, 21. and 22 and on the following Friday if necessary. Th" court will sit punctually at 10 except at Chepstow, where it will sit at 11. THIRD GLAMORGAN ARTILLERY VOLUNTEERS. — The corps will muster at the Drill Hall on Easter Monday at 2 p .m. for a march out. TENTH GLAMORGAN RIFLE VOLUNTEERS.- Orders for the week commencing 10th April, 1871. -Easter Monday, the corps will muster at the Drill Hall at 10 a.m in fuU uniform, for the purpose of marching to St. Fagans for battalion drill, band to attend. It is requested that all members will attend; Wednesday and Thursday, recruit and position drill at 7.30 Jun; Friday, company drill at 7.30 p m., in plain clothes. On duty for the week, Sergeant T. W. Jacobs and Corporal W. Lanham The following promotions will take place from the 1st inst. To be Corporals-Privates W. Paynter, F. Bell. LAV. Hopkins, C. Hardy, E. Grogan, P V. Robinson, H. Emery, and E. Silcox.'—By order, W. W. Nell, Captain Commanding' CARDIFF BATHS.—Number of bathers for the week ended Saturday, 1st April, 1871: In the Turkish bath, 58 hot water baths, 59 swimming baths, 6. FAIRS FOR APRIL.—Pontypridd, 10th Grosmount, 10th Fishguard, 10th Pembroke, 10th Eglwyswrw, I ith; Haverfordwest, 11th; Cardiff, 12th; Narberth, pjth; Cross Inn, Glamorganshire, 14th; Carmarthen, 15th Llangathan, ICth Dyfyuog, 16th; Aberdare, 16th; Llandovery, 17th Talgarth, 18th Usk, 20th Pontypool. 22nd Porthyrhyd, 23th Cross Inn, Carmar- thenshire, 30th Ystradgunlais, 3itth. HICH WATER AT THE PIER-HEAD.—April 8th. 8.51 morning; 912 evening. 9th. 9.31 9.52. 10th. 10.12 10.31. 11th. 10.52 11.18. 12th. 11.50 — 13th. 0.26 1.12. 14th. 1.58 2.42. AN ODD DEFINITION.—The proprietor of a little ale-house it, Scotland, having on his sign-board, after his name, the letters M.D F.R.S. a physician, who was a Fellow of the Royal Society, asked him how h8 presumed to affix these letters to his name. Wb)'» sir," said the inn-keeper, "I have as good a right to use them as you have."—"What do you mean, y° impudent fellow ?" replied the haughty man of cine. —" I mean, sir," said the man of liquors, I was Drum Major of the Royal Scots Fusiliers." I