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CORK, CARDIFF, AND NEWPORT. THIRST CLASS PASSENGER *UP' £ lL- -Jr STEAMERS leave CORK for CAR- ViKMV DIFF, with Goods and Passengers, Every *B £ Gtaam WEDNESDAY, calling at Milford, re- corning direct Every FRIDAY. b For NEWPORT direct Every MONDAY, returning Bvery WEDNESDAY. ° Fares-Cabin, 17s. 6d.; Deck, 7s. Cabin Return Ticket, available for one month, £ 1 7s. For further Particulars see small bills. AGENTS: ICAIRDIFF-MR. E. C. DOWNING, Shipbroker, Bute Docks, ^EWPORT-Messrs, MADDOCKS and HALL, Dock- street. [19 aTEAM COMMUNICATION WITH THE SOUTH OF IRELAND. Via New Milford, Milford Haven, and Waterford. DAILY SERVICE (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED). r¥lHE MlliFOKD HAVEN and WATER- X KORD STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS will sail ^ulMglBgL (weather permitting) From New Milford at I From Waterford at 4.0 *•40 a.m., on arrival of the p.m., on arrival of the Train *•50 p.m. Train, so as to from Cork, Limerick, See., enable passengers to pro- so as to enable passengers by the 10.20 a.m. Train tc proceed by the 2.0 a.m. 10 Limerick, Cork, &c. Train reaching London at 11.15 a.m. For further particulars apply {it any of the Railway stations, or to Messrs. JACKSON and CO., 1802] New Milford, South Wales. STEAM BETWEEN CARDIFF, BELFAST, GREENOCK, AND GLASGOW. „ *4 rilHE Screw Steam Ships PRINCESS "HhriJN^ X ALEXANDRA, Captain Lancey; ANTONA, Captain Mills CLUTHA, Captain Huckman AILSA, Captain are intended to Sail with Goods and Passengers from East Bute Dock Basin (unless prevented by cir- cumstances), as follows :— CARDIFF TO GLASGOW, GLASGOW TO CARDIFF, Via Belfast. Via Belfast. M°nday, April 3.4 p.m. Saturday, April 1.2 p.m. ^Jonday, 10..8 p.m. Saturday, 8.2 p.m. Monday, 17.4 p.m. Saturday, 15.2 p.m. 24.8 p.m. Saturday, 22 2 p.m. ■Monday, May 1.2 p.m. Saturday, 29.2 p.m. FROM BELFAST TO CARDIFF. Jlonday, April 3.11 a.m. I Monday, April 17.11 a.m. Monday, 10. 1 p.m. | Monday, 24. 1p.m. With liberty to tow and assist Vessels. Fares Belfast, Cabin, 17s. 6d.; Deck, 10s. Greenock "Or Glasgow, Cabin, 20s.; Deck, 12s. 6d. Goods to be alongside in time for shipment Three Hours before advertised time of sailing. Apply in Glasgow to William Sloan and Co.; Greenock, to William Lindsay and Co.; Swansea, to lq. Jones and Brother; Belfast, to Robert Henderson ^Qd Son; Bristol, to Mark Whitwill and Son: and in Cardiff, to G. F. WEBB and CO., Bute Dock Bonded Warehouse. ^April, 1871. f4426 CARDIFF AND BRISTOL. APRIL, 1871. 1 HPHE CARDIFF and PORTISHEAD 1 HPHE CARDIFF and PORTISHEAD X STEAM-SHIP CO.'s STEAMERS, TAFF," G. DANDO, Master; WYE," J. LLOYD, Master; "DART," JOHN VJBBER, Master; or other suitable Vessels, unlesa pre- SATT by any unforeseen occurrence, are intended to i"aa during the Month of APRIL, 1871, with Angers, Live Stock, and Merchandise. CARDIFF to BRISTOL. Calling off Portishead. Saturday after. 12 30 Monday after. 2 30 1$Tuesday after. 3k 0 2 .Wednesday. after. 4 0 •8 iW&day after. 4 30 ni Friday after. 5 0 Saturday after. 5 30 S Monday after. 6 0 2B Tuesday morn. 7 30 Wednead»y morn. 8 0 BRISTOL (Bathurat Basin) to CARDIFF. Calling off Portiahead. 15 Saturday after. 3 30 17 Monday no after. 5 30 18 Tuesday after 5 30 19 Wednesday. after. 6 0 20 Thursday after. 6 30 21 Friday To-and-fro. morn 7 45 22 Saturday To-and-fro. morn. 8 0 24 Monday To-and-fro. morn. 8 45 25 Tuesday morn. 9 0 2-6 Wednesday morn. 9 30 gj'p" It being intended to sail punctually at the times BatK 110 ^ooc's be received for shipment at athurst Basin later than one hour previous. ,p After Cabin, 2s. 6d.; Fore Cabin, Is. 6d. Tini0"an^ r0 same day or next (provided a To-and-Fro J ^a^en)> After Cabin, 3s. 6d. Fore Cabin, 2s. w?, 10 Tickets will also be issued on Saturday, ai'able for the Return Trip on Monday. 91. Mr. JOHN THOMAS, Packet Office, Bute Docks, Cardiff. NOTICE. S1'E<\M COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BRISTOL AND ANTWERP. I'He Bristol General Steam Navigation Company's lin .Screw Steamer CALYPSO is placed on the hi between BRISTOL and ANTWERP, and makes ^Passages each way at intervals of about twenty-one freight and other particulars apply at the Offices £ Company, 32. Prince-street, Bristol; or to Mr. J. 49, Quai du Rhin, Antwerp. [6156 -i>LNNEFORD'S FLUID MAGNESIA. I^OR Thirty Years the Medical Profession have ap- Proved of this pure solution as the best remedy for ^CIDITY OF THE STOMACH, HEARTBURN, HEADACHE. GOUT, and INDIGESTION as a mild aperient for delicate constitutions, espe- eially adapted for Ladies, Children, and Infants. When combined with the < ACIDULATED LEMON SYRUP, °ttns a most agreeable effervescing draught, in which 8 aperient and cooling qualities are much increased. ha 11 warm seasons and warm climates this simple pre- hiVk,tlon> wben taken REGULARLY, has been found &kly beneficial. DINNEFORD AND CO.. CHEMISTS, &c., SolH u172' NEW BOND-STREET, LONDON. respectable Chemists throughout the World. ION.—See that Dinneford and Co." is on each DT\TxT"?ottle. an(^ red label over the cork, and use AtfNEFORD'S FRICTION GLOVES and BELTS. — r.5Q35 BY ROYAL APPOINTMENT TO H»Q THE •M1A7.?STY' A «fl» PRINCE OF WALES, datedarrant' pjh&PlSk By SPecial Warrant, 57th Dec^ber l^s/5^5^ 10th February, 1866 AND HEWITT, csTOCK BRFPnil°le ProP»etors of the l^OR j? CHEST, Ju SHEEP, and LAMBS Patro^ ^VES, jlPal Horse Proprietors and"AgSuuriSs nf 4 Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Unsts of England, CAUTION.—The first Animal Medicines known to world as "DAY'S," and m such universalTenute |2*er that title, are ours, as a Bill ,n Chancer™ 8h^Qtly filed, has established and no one, as wasthen °wn, knows anything of our discovery. Tf0l THE CHEST CONTAINS :— a dozen CHEMICAL EXTRACT," the External am.stopper. Very valuable in had cases of Ewes ailing, in Inflamed Udders of Cows and Ewes, and Onp °unds and Sores, los.. „ dozen '• GASEOUS FLUID." the Internal Pain- jv. Pper in cases of Colic, Flux, Colds and Chills, and 0np 5rrhcea in Calves, Sheep, and Lambs, Sec. 20s. « dozen "RED DRENCHES," the Balmy Aperient fifi renioving Heat and Inflammation in Ewes or Cows inc Calving and Lambing, and for nicely cleans- H Wa^ irritant matter from the bowels. 13s. F0ai?Zen RED PASTE BALLS," for Mares after tri 1DS' an(^ res^°"n° appetite and condition. 7s. 6d. ^arrier ^est comPlete, with Shilling Book on rr. 16s- 6d-> carriage paid. Either prepara- may be had separately. "1) TESTIMONIALS. I%ix.OaT, Son, and Hewitt's The 'Gaseous' Fluid" STOCK- is the best corrective of Medicine Scour in Sheep I have ever f^^Dlpfit handiest and tried."—T. Rigby, Lecture it if we knnw of—in on Summer Grazing of ^ole T>?ts a farmer see a Sheep. in c^'—not ex- My Shepherd declares T6at litH nuLtsh2ll» but in a the Chemical Extract,' in b^—" Mark Ewes Lambing, to be worth xPress, —16th Dec., a guinea a bottle." —H. Woods, Lecture on Breed- ing and Management of Sheep. b0^DR^S'~DAY> SON, AND HEWITT, B»ST-STREET,BAKER-STREET,LONDON.W ^CH DEPOT AT WANTAGE, BERKS. [5943 gnsin^s git!itasca. ESTABLISHED 1806. DAVID THOMAS, (SUCCESSOR to GEORGE FARMER), G U N M A K E R, 3, BROAD-STREET, CARDIFF. THE latest improvements in Breech-loading Guns, both pin and central fire. Loaded Cartridges always on hand. Snider Rifles, Boxer Cartridges. Also every accessory for the Sportsman. D. T. also begs to inform the Nobility and Gentry that- he has now on hand a well-selected Stock of London- made Hickory, Salmon, and Trout Rods, Fishing Stockings, Landing Nets, Panniers also Fishing Tackle of every description, and respectfully solicits the favour of their kind patronage. [6200 DAVID LANSLEY TAKES this opportunity of informing the Ladies and Gentlemen of Cardiff and neighbourhood that he has taken the premises called GAINOR'S YARD, opposite the Royal Hotel, St. Mary-street. where he intends carrying on the business of COACH MAKER, for many years suc- cessfully carried on by Mr. Gainor, who has kindly pro- mised private attention; and he trusts, by employing clever workmen, and strict attention to despatch, with moderate charges, to merit a share of the patronage so libe- rally bestowed on his predecessor. Carriage making and repairing in all its branches. THE QUEEN'S HOTEL STABLES CARRIED ON AS USUAL. [6019 ANGLO-SWISS CONDENSED MILK. AGENT IN CARDIFF: F. W. JO Y, CHEMIST, DUKE-STREET. 16213 S. G. MOSELEY, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST (BY EXAMINATION), 37, CAROLINE-STREET, CARDIFF. [6076 THE "CITY TEA" CARDIFF DEPOT. JOHN THOMAS, ARCADE WINE AND SPIRIT VAULTS, CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF, BEGS to return his sincere thanks to the Inhabitants of Cardiff and its Neighbourhood for the liberal support they have bestowed upon him since he commenced business in the Tea Trade, and trusts that by still offering those fine blended TEAS at such LOW PRICES to merit their patronage and support. AGENT for JOHN THOMPSON and SON, India Pale and Strong Ale Brewers, Burton-on-Trent; and Messrs. D'Arcy and Co., Brewers, Dublin. [5103 GEORGE REID, DEALER IN CUMBERLAND HAMS AND BACON, BEGS to inform the public generally of Cardiff that he continues to supply the above prime quality goods at 3, PATRICK-STREET, BUTE-ROAD, CARDIFF. Agent for the Weekly Liverpool Mercury." [6058 BASS & CO.'s PALE AND MILD ALES, AND GUINNESS'S EXTRA DOUBLE STOUT OF THE NEW BREWINGS, MAY now be had in Prime Condition in Casks and Bottles, of FULTON, DUNLOP, & CO. f4955 NORWEGIAN BLOCK ICE. THE undersigned beg to give notice to the Gentry, Hotel Keepers, and Inhabitants of South Wales generally, that they are expecting A CARGO OF FRESH WATER BLOCK ICE, from the celebrated Koh-i-noor Lake, in Norway, and which they will deliver at any of the Railway Stations in Swansea at 58. 6d. per cwt., packed in bags with saw- dust. The cargo is expected in all next month. Terms of Payment, Cash Monthly, less 10 per cent. discount. All parties who wish to secure a regular supply for the summer months, should give early intimation of the same. Apply to ELFORD, WILLIAMS, AND CO. Swansea, March 9th, 1871. N.B.—Ice Bins on Sale at Moderate Prices. [6178 LEWINCRAWCOUR and CO., HOUSE FURNISHERS, L 73,75, & 81, BROMPTON ROAD, London, S.W., deliver ALL ORDERS CARRIAGE FREE, RE- GARDLESS OF DIS- TANCE, and completely Furnish a House of any size in Three Days' Notice, from one of the greatest and best selected stocks; and their prices will be found the cheapest in England. Their Tra- vellers sent to all parts to give estimates, &c., free of charge. LEWIN CRAWCOUR and CO. have the most com- JLj prehensive ILLUSTRA- TED CATLOGUE PUB- LISHED 600 designs, which they forward gratis. LEWIN CRAWCOUR and CO. furnish a best Bed- JU room with a complete ornamented Pine Suite and handsome full- size Iron Bedstead. Spring Mattress, Up- per Mattress, Goose Feather Bolster and two Pillows, for 18 guineas. This novelty is worthy of inspection, LEWIN CRAWCOUR and CO. have a separate de- partment for Bedding, Bedstead, and Bed- room Furniture ex- clusively. — 500 Iron and Brass Bedsteads at extraordinary low prices, Pine Suites from 10 guineas, se- veral in Ash and Pitch Pine in stock, and a large variety imitating the choicest and most admired woods. Dis- tinct Illustrated Cata- logue of those goods forwarded gratis. LEWIN CRAWCOUR and CO.'s superior Dining- Room Suites in Mo- rocco, commencing from £ 14 10s., war- ranted should be seen. LEWIN CRAWCOUR and CO. have 100 Dining- J-J Room Suites in Maho- gany and Oak adapted for cottage, villa, or mansion. T EWIN CRAWCOUR and CO. have 50 Drawing- Room Suites, from 8 guineas to 80 guineas, with superb Cabinets, Ottomans,Tables,Glas- ses, See., of every de- scription, in endless _— variety. LEWIN CRAWCOUR nmT™ A, and CO. are now selling their Carpets and Curtain Materials at old prices, notwithstanding the advance. EWIN CRAWCOUR and Co.,g Ironmongery, China, AJ and GlassDepartments are replete with every novelty at much below usual prices. LEWIN CRAWCOUR and CO.'S imme^T^kTs entirely marked in plain figures. N.B. Observe address: 73 75, and 81, BROMPTON ROAD, London, S.W., three minutes from Sloane Square or South Kensington Stations, Metropolitan Rail way. [6148 gtoiniiss GKLTESSFF. UNITED STATES STANDARD PLASTER. ALLCOCK'S POROUS STRENGTHENING PLASTER. HISTORY. ALLCOCK'S POROUS PLASTERS are the re- sults of studies and experiments of Dr. Schecut, of South Carolina, and other celebrated physicians also of Horace H. Day, the distinguished manufacturer of rubber goods; and of Ihomas Allcock, chemist and member of the College of Pharmacy, of New York, now General Allcock, &c.; &c.. Step by step this commodity has attained its un- precedented fame. They are universally approved. They support, strengthen, and aid the growth of muscles. They appear to have a peculiar effect upon the nerves, allaying irritability while supplying warmth. Thev seem to accumulate electricity, and aid the circulation of blood through the part where applied, by which healthy actions are induced. ALLCOCK'S POROUS PLASTER. They are now unconditionally accepted by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF FAMILIES as their approved curative for CHEST AFFECTIONS, COUGHS, SORE THROATS, NERVOUS AFFECTIONS, AFFECTIONS AND DROPSY OF THE HEART, KIDNEY AFFECTIONS, PAINS AND WEAK NESS OF THE BACK, STITCHES and PAINS in the SIDE, and in LUM- BAGO, altogether unrivalled as an outward application. ELECTRIC CONDITION. The peculiar phosphorescent light emitted by Allcock's Porous Plaster when separating from the muslin may be seen when taken off in the dark. This quality is supposed to be absorbed by the pores of the skin, causing an equilibrium of the circula- tion. acting equally upon the nervous fluid as upon the blood. We have sold over 50,000,000 of these plasters, and they are certified as innocent, yet wonderfully curative, by all. Where a plaster can give relief they never fail. ALLCOCK'S POROUS PLASTERS PHYSICIANS AND HOSPITALS THROUGH- OUT AMERICA USE NO OTHER, And already they are adopted by a large number in this country. ALLCOCK'S POROUS STRENGTHENING PLASTER. Dr. Valentine Mott, Dr. Johnson, of Hartford, and Dr. Myers, of Savannah, have spoken of them in the highest terms. The great Mott said," They were all that could be hoped for in a plaster-simple, cleanly, and adhesive 'perfect as artificial sup- porters of the muscles and for pains, because of mild counter-irritant qualities, usually at once giving ease." Local weakness of the back, breast, and side always benefit: ed, thus curing lumbago in a few hours, sometimes in a few minutes. ALLCOCK'S POROUS STRENGTHENING PLASTER. "Resolve and assuage pain by calling forth in the acrid humours from parts internal to the skin and general circulation, thus, in many cases, positively evaporating the disease. But fail not to use some doses of Brandreth's Pills, which cleanse the blood, and prevent settling of the humours in cases where pain has been present. "Their application, after purging with Brandreth's Pills, cures fever and ague, ague cake, and affections of the spleen, with pain of the left side. "JAMES LULL, M.D. James Lull is a celebrated doctor of St. Law- rence. Co. N.Y. AN ELECTRICIAN, who has great experience of their effects in local rheumatism, in tic-doloreux, and deep-seated nervous and other pains, and in affections of the kidneys, See., &c., attributes all their sedative, stimulative, and pain-relieving effects to their ELECTRIC QUALITIES. He asserts that they restore healthy ELECTRIC CONDITION (equilibrium) of the part, and, that being restored, pain and morbid action cease. He was amazed at the great number of beneficial indications produced by one of these plasters. He affirms that headache is cured by one worn just below the breast-bone that one placed over the navel will cure hysterics, as well as dysentery and affections of the bowels. Even chronic constiveness he found to be greatly re- lieved by wearing one over the bowels. RONCHITIS. B R 0 N C H I T I S. Liverpool, March 2 "H. D. Brandreth, Esq., 57, Great Charlotte-street Dear Sir,-I shall feel greatly obliged by your sending me two of the Allcock's Porous Plasters. I have used them all the winter, and there is no mis- take they have saved me from my usual attack of bronchitis, from which I have suffered each winter since I came to Liverpool, now three years. I now recommend them to a friend of mine who is suffering severely from cough, &c.—Yours truly, R. E. FULTON, Leicester-buildings, King-street. SPITTING BLOOD AND RACKING COUGH. Belfast, Oct. 10, 1870. "Henry D. Brandreth, Esq.—Dear Sir,—Haying been suddenly attacked a few weeks ago with dizzi- ness and dimness of sight and pain in the left side, supposed to have arisen from spitting blood and racking cough, I took a large dose of your pills, and in one hour the serious symptoms were lessened in two days nearly recovered. Next morning, after at- tack, I had one of Allcock's Porous Strengthening Plasters put on between the shoulder blades. The cough in three days totally ceased, and neither it nor spitting of blood has troubled me since. I deem it my duty to forward you this information, as thousands of men, women, and youths suffer from the symptoms which I did without being able to ob- tain the speedy and certain relief imparted to nature by your pills and plasters. Every house should have a box of your pills and a couple of Allcock's Porous Plasters for immediate use. The plaster provide a warmth in the region they are placed that is really astonishing. I know several who have on plasters across the kidneys, and all speak of the rapid an. nihilation of pain under their beneficial influence.- Yours truly, R. S, ALLEN." NERVOUS AFFECTION OF THE HEAD CURED. For two years I have been a great sufferer from Neuralgia in the head, and found only temporary relief from all the various remedies that I had tried until I applied one of Allcock's Porous Plasters. I cut it it into three strips, placing one under each shoulder blade, and the other over the small of the back; and for the past three months I have had scarcely a twinge of the old pain. I advise all who suffer from nervous diseases to lose no time in making a trial of the wonderful Porous Plaster. A. F. STERLING, Secy. Singer Mig. Co. "New York, June 8. 1868." N.B.—A. e. Sterling is a distinguished man and celebrated physician; was, in the late war, hospital surgeon, with the rank of colonel. ~\T EURALGIC PAINS CURED. -Ll Important Letter from Dr, Samuel Bard, Governor of Idaho: Washington, April 2, 1870. Messrs Allcock and Co.—Your Porous Strengthen- ing Plasters have proved of the greatest service to me. Some time since I was troubled with violent rheumatic or neuralgic pains in both my arms. They gradually grew worse, and approached the heart. Finding nothing I applied gave me relief, I tried your Porous Plasters, which I wore for two months. The pain ceased almost immediately, and I have had no pain since. As an external remedy, your plasters are incomparable. I have recom- mended them to many of my friends in the city of Atlanta, Ga., where I reside, and they are loud in their praise, the Plasters having proved equally use- ful in their cases as in mine. SAMUEL BARD." PAIN IN THE CHEST. Lurgan, March 20th, 1870. Messrs. T. Allcock and Co.—Gentlemen,—Having been troubled with a severe pain in my chest for the past twelve months, and finding no relief, I was ad- vised by Mr. Thomas Maxwell, of Lurgan, to try an Allcock's Porous Plaster, which I did, and am happy to say that the first plaster produced a perfect cure. "THOMAS WARD." I can testify to the above being correct. T. MAXWELL, Chemist, Lurgan." LL COCK'S POROU S~~PLA S T E R S are sold by all Druggists at Is. lfcd. each, with full directions for use, or in any size to suit. Price 14s. per yard. Principal Agency for Great Britain (Wholesale and Retail) 57, GREAT CHARLOTTE-STREET, LIVERPOOL. N.B.-rA Plaster sent to any part of the country for 14 stamps. ALL ORDERS AND COMMUNICATIONS SHOULD BE ADDRESSED TO HENRY D. BRANDRETH, GENERAL MANAGER, ALLCOCK'S POROUS PLASTER COMPANY, (OF NEW YORK,) 57, GREAT CHARLOTTE-STREET. LIVERPOOL. j 6233 JUSTNESS GWDR^ASI^S. STUART HALL MUSIC WAREHOUSE. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL 2, STUART HALL, CARDIFF, AND GUILDHALL SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. pIANOFORTES BY ALL THE BEST MAKERS. PIANOFORTES for Sale and Hire, on easy terms. PIANOFORTES specially adapted for extreme climates. PIANOFORTES (old) taken in exchange. PIANOFORTES on the Three Years' System. JJARMONIUMS BY ALL THE BEST MAKERS. HARMONIUMS for Churches and Chapels. HARMONIUMS for the Drawing-room, the School- room, or the Cottage. HARMONIUMS, warranted, from Five Guineas. HARMONIUMS supplied for monthly payments. rilHOMPSON and SHACKELL were the first to JL introduce the now celebrated THREE YEARS' SYSTEM into Wales, full particulars of which will be forwarded on inquiry. From their thorough knowledge of the Pianoforte business, they are enabled to select Instruments with special advantage to Purchasers, ALL OF INFERIOR MAKE BEING ENTIRELY EXCLUDED FROM THEIR STOCK. „ DISCOUNT allowed on all CASH TRANSACTIONS. Captains and Shippers supplied on liberal Terms. Illustrated Price List, post free, on application. Music Stools, English and German Concertinas, Flutes, Fifes, Cornets-a-piston and other Brass Instruments, Violins, Clarionets, Drums, Flageolets, Organiflutes, Metallopbons, &c., &c. VIOLIN STRINGS of superior quality. All kinds of Musical accessories. MUSIC HALF-PRICE, Postage free. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, CARDIFF AND CARMARTHEN. [5802 PIANOFORTES, NEW AND SECOND-HAND Jt. WARRANTED, from £ 20. OLD ONES EXCHANGED. THATCHER BROTHERS, 1, PEARSON-PLACE, DOCKS, CARDIFF. r6217 THE NEW MODEL COTTAGE PIANOFORTE BY D'ALMAINE AND CO., LONDON. Avery handsome Instrument,? Octaves,full Fretwork, Ivory Fronted, and Registered Keys. Carved Pilasters, &c., &c. 27 Guineas in Rosewood. 30 Guineas in Finest Walnut. Warranted the best in the Trade. Professional Testimonials respecting the PIANO- FORTES of D'ALMAINE and CO., with a few of the Signatures:- "We, th £ undersigned, Members of the Musical Pro- fession,' having carefully examined the Pianofortes, manufactured by Messrs. D'Almaine and Co., have great pleasure in bearing testimony to their merits and capa- bilities. It appears to us impossible to produce Instru- ments of the same size, possessing a richer and finer Tone more elastic touch, or more equal Temperament; wbilp tho piPtrance of their Construction renders them a handsome ornament for the Library, Boudoir, or Draw- ing-room. siGNED:- J. L Aha; G. F. Kiallmark F. Benedict w-u.D? h H. R. Bishop^Knight) M. Wilhelm Kuhe J. Blewitt > Edward Land S. Brizzi G. Lanza v Theodore 3o?kJey Alexander Lee F. Cbatteirton A. LefBer J. B. Chatterton E. J. Loder T. P. Chipp H. Macco J. E. Crontn H. S. May P. Delavanti C. Minasi C. Desanges W.H.Montgomery H. Devall s- Nelson Henry Distin T. J. Nicholls Theodore Distin G. A. Osborne Alexander Esain Henri Panofka John Fawcett Robert Panorama George Field Henry Phillips E. J. Fitzwilliam John Parry Kathleen yitzwilliam F. Praegar W. Forde J- Rafter G. A. Franks W. Rea I. J. Fraser Redl H. J. Gauntlett, Mus. Doc. Tommasso Rovedino M. Geary Sims Reeves George Genge E. F. Rimbault, LL.D. Ad. GollmicK G. H. Rodwell Stephen Glover A. R. Reingale J. W. Glover F. Roeckel F. J. Griffiths F. Romer William Griffiths E. J. Russell W. Guernsey John Sewell E. Harrisdfi A. Sedgwick D. HowelF C. M. Sola J. Harrowfcf Emerick Szekely H. F. Hay J. Templeton J- L. Hatton John Thomas Catherine Hayes. F. Weber H. F. Hemy H. Westrop Henry Havward J. Waddington W. H. Holmes „ T. H. Wright J. L. Hopkins, Mas. Bac. C. C. Wigley F. B. Jewion. See., Sec., See. Designsiind observations on the manufacture, choice, purchase %nd preservation of the Pianofortes to be had gratis up'oa application at D'ALMAINE and Co.'s Royal Pianoforte Works, Walmer-road, Notting-hill, Lon- don, W. [5410 MTJTLRETER PRICE, AGENT TO THE fcSUN FIRE OFFICE. MR. ifelCE canspeakfrom thirteen years' experience of its* liberality and promptitude. Out of 50,000 claims during the last half century, 15 only have been disputed. X ——— SUN OBariCE, 3, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. f [3342 FIRE, t LIFE, I MARINA ENDOWftENT, ENDOWMENT, PLATE ACCIDENTAL or DISABLEMENT, H0R95 and CATTLE (Accident and Disease), and alSinds of INSURANCES effected in Offices of the high standing, by I MR. JOHN JENKINS. Accflpntant, Insurance and Stock Broker, &c., ljTCROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. [6049 IHOMAS JONES $(Late James and Price), BUILDER AND MONUMENTAL MASON, PENAJITH ROAD ENTRANCE, CARDIFF. tJTODSE REPAIRS and ALTERATIONS promptly 1 1- j, attended to. Inscriptions Engraved and Varnished. All kjjads of 8tone and Marble Work executed. Tombs, (Ejgses, and Headstones always in Stock to p choose from. flftMjrns and Estimates on application. 16093 JFJOHN C ARR, JAMELSTREET, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF, OAK AND PIT WOOD MERCHANT, f IMPORTER OF IpQREIGN AND OTHER ORES, NOR W%L Y AND SWEDISH MINING TIMBER. [4244 I J. HOWELLS, T + B E R MERCHANT. OAK GATES and HURDLES. Pitwood, Sleepers, and^heelwrights' Timber always in stock. Yard—iWest Bute Dock, Cardiff. The cheapest yard in the Principality- 36 Colfjfy Drams for Sale. Gauge, 2ft. 6in.; quite new. PrS# £ 2 10s. each. [6147 /^HEAfrandGOOD TRUNKSand PORTMANTEAUS V_7 F AT f'J. H. CORIN'S, 18, 81* MARY-STREET, CARDIFF (Opposite the Queen's Hotel.) Established 30 jears. N.B.—Agent for the Times" and all Londdta and ProvinciacfNewspapers and Periodicals. r6096 4.l "MJOBICHARD B. BOULTON, SURGEON DENTIST, CAMBR| £ N-PLACE, CORNER OF CHARLES- SfREET AND CROCKHERBTOWN. Entrance also in Charles-street. EETk, the best that can be obtained, from 4J to 25 GnKeas the complete set. Twer tjrf&wo years' experience. Established 1852. Recommojded by the principal Physicians and Surgeons in Cardiflfetnd neighbourhood. No charge for consulta- tion. Airfibdance daily, from Ten till Four. 11 SPECIAL NOTICE. PAINE S8 EXTRACTION OF TEETH Daily prac- tised at tw above address, by the aid of Nitrious Oxide Gus. which is guaranteed to give perfect freedom from all pain ia the extraction of teeth, and is not in the least dangerou.». » [81 .L GIUISIMJSSA GIFASSIFF. ESTABLISHED 1812. H. & T. PRO C TOR, AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTS, CATHAY, BRISTOL, ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS OF SPECIALLY PREPARED BONE MANURES, FOR GRASS, CORN, ROOT, AND OTHER CROPS; ALSO BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. WORKS CATHAY, BRISTOL. AGENT. MR. JOHN GARSED, THE MOORLANDS, COWBRIDGE. f5887 J. B. LAWES, MANURE, AGRICULTURAL SEED, IMPLE- MENT, AND WOOL MERCHANT. OFFICES AND STORES: WOMANBY-STREET, CARDIFF HEAD OFFICE J. B. LAWES, 59, MARK-LANE, LONDON, E.C. FEBRUARY, 1871. MESSRS. HALL and HANCORN E (agents to J. B. Lawes) respectfully intimate to Landed Pro- piietors and Agriculturists, that in consequence of the drought of last season, Clover Seed and Grasses have considerably advanced in price, and it is somewhat difficult to purchase at the present date genuine English Clovers and Foreign Italian Ryegrass, but having made heavy purchases in November last, prior to the great ad. vance in prices, they are enabled to offer a really genuine article (the growth of which has been thoroughly tested), at wholesale prices. The following seeds, which have been carefully selected, are now in stock ;—Spring Vetches, Seed Oats and Barley, Broad-leaved English, Welsh true, Red and White Clovers, Cow-grass, Trefoil, Alsyke, Lucerne, San- foin, Rape, Perennial, Hye. and Natural Grasses, and Mustard for field culture, Mangold Wurtzel, Swede and field Turnips. Best Sicily Linseed for boiling. Linseed, decorticated and undecorticated Cotton Cakes of the best quality, and also Indian Corn and Meal. Agricultural Implements from Messrs. J. and F. Howard, R. Hornsby and Sons, Picksley, Sims, and Co., Ransomes, Sims, and Head, Ball and Sons, Samuelson and Co., Reading Iron Works Co., Richmond and Chandler, Garrett and Sons, and all the leading Agricul- tural Implement Manufacturers in the kingdom. Messrs. Hall and Hancorne have also in stock, ready for delivery, the following ManuresLawes' Patent Turnip Manure, Bone Superph^pbate^ Lwae, Super- phosphate -of Lime, Dissolved Bones, Wheat, Barley, Grass, and Mangold Manures, Concentrated ditto, fenuine Peruvian Guano, Nitrate of Soda, and all [anures of agricultural value, which may also be ob- tained at our Stores at Cowbridge and Bridgend, and of the following agents — Mr. Michael Spencer, West Aber- thaw Mr. J. Reynolds, maltster, Caerphilly; Mr. C. Seys, Graig Farm, Bassaleg. near Newport, Mon.; and Mr. Thomas Thomas, 132, High-street, Merthyr Tydfil. Messrs. Hall and Hancorne take this opportunity of expressing their thanks for the patronage they have re- ceived for the Dast year, and trust that by prompt atten- tion to all orders, they will merit a continuance of the same. P.S.—Buyers of Fleece Wools at highest market price. [6057 ESTABLISHED 1842. J. AND T. ROBINSON Continue to Manufacture BONE MANURE FOR GRAIN AND ROOT CROPS, THE GRASSES, AND CLOVER; ALSO SUPER-PHOSPATE OF LIME, n ICH in phospate chiefly rendered soluble, and in a l~V state of great perfection for maturing as well as starting the crop. These Manures are offered with every confidence, after years of practical experience by the Manufacturers. ALSO LINSEED AND COTTONSEED CAKE, Made from Seed as imported, without admixture. APPLY TO J. AND T. ROBINSON, ST. PHILIP'S MARSH, BRISTOL, At the DOCKS, GLOUCESTER; or to their Agents. [5931 CHARLES ELLIS AND SON, SEEDSMEN, CORN, MEAL, AND CAKE MERCHANTS, 11, ANGEL-STREET, CARDIFF. AGENTS for the Western Counties Manure Company, and Thorley's Food for Cattle. Best English and American Oil Cake and Cotton Cake. Nitre of Soda, Guano, Dog Biscuits and Graves, Rock Salt, Heath Brooms, Sacks, and Bags. A BRANCH ESTABLISHMENT AT COWBRIDGE. Just discharged (ex Clara), Superphosphate, Dissolved Bone and Grass Manure. f5996 SACKS FOR SALE. APPLY AT JOSEPH WALKER'S, CORN AND SEED MERCHANT, 2 AND 3, SMITH-STREET, CARDIFF. [4894 SEEDS. SEEDS. THE BEST and CHEAPEST HOUSE in SOUTH WALES for HAY, CORN, AGRICULTURAL and GARDEN SEEDS IS AT JOSEPH WALKER'S, 2 and 3, SMITH-STREET, CARDIFF. [6132 ^EEDS! SEEDS!! SE E;D S THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN CARDIFF FOR GARDEN SEEDS AND POTATOES is F. CASE'S, 23, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. 16092 UNION ROAD NURSERY, CARDIFF. BULBS DIRECT FROM HOLLAND. W. TRESEDER HAS RECEIVED his FIRST CONSIGNMENTS of BULBS FOR EARLY BLOOMING, comprising HYACINTHS, TULIPS, CROCUSES, JONQUILS, NARCISSUS, &c., See. For Size and Quality can be highly recommended, and at Reasonable Prices. 5,000 Dwarf Trained and Standard FRUIT TREES, comprising Peach, Nectarine, Apricot, Plum, Pear, Apple Trees, &c. A very large Stock of FOREST TREES and SHRUBS for Sale, including all the recent introductions from Japan. 800,000 THORN QUICK for Sale at 5s. per 1,000 upwards. Planting done by Contract. Wedding and other Bouquets cut to order. Epergnes and Vases furnished for Dinner Table and other decorations. TOBACCO PAPER, for fumigating. GISHURST'S COMPOUND. Agent for W. and H. M. Goulding's HORTICUL- TURAL MANURES. Boxes, Is. each. 124 IMSITTFFSG GTDFAISM ART PHOTOGRAPHY. MR. E. P. LEE, P HOT 0 G RAP H E RI 9, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. HAS the honour to announce that he has OPENED a very Complete and Well-appointed SUITE OF ROOMS at the above address. The new premises are replete with every convenience and comfort for the accommodation of visitors. [4082 GENTLEMEN'S KID GLOVES. D. RICHARDS, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. GENTLEMEN'S DOGSKIN GLOVES. D. RICHARDS, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. ^j_ENTLEMEN'S DRIVING ~Gl70VES; D. RICHARDS, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. L AI)IES' KID GLOVES. D. RICHARDS, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. CHILDREN'S KID GLOVES. D. RICHARDS, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. CHILDREN'S DOGSKIN GLOVES. D. RICHARDS, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. D. RICHARDS, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF, HATTER, HOSIER, GLOVER, AND SHIRT- MAKER. [4245 MRS. BLENKINSOPP, (Late Gaisford, Church-street), 1. VICTORIA-PLACE, HAYES. FRENCH STAY AND CORSET MAKER, BEGS to thank the Ladies of Cardiff and the Neigh- bourhood for their liberal support during the last five years and hopes, by strict and prompt attention to business, to merit a continuance of their patronage. All orders by post attended to with dispatch. A large Stock of New Goods on hand. Note the Address-1, Victoria-place, Hayes, Cardiff. [6034 THE MISSES PEDLER'S MILLINERY AND DRESS ESTABLISH- MENT, ST. JOHN-STREET, CARDIFF. BALL and EVENING DRESSES made to order in the newest designs, at the shortest possible notice. A NICE ASSORTMENT OF DRESS TRIMMINGS. A vacancy for an Indoor Apprentice. 127 DANIEL EVANS, TAILOR AND BREECHESMAKER. 3. HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF, BEGS to call the attention of his Patrons to his well- selected STOCK FOR THE SEASON. THE SILURIAN WATERPROOF SUIT at £ 3 3s. 16196 JOHN NEWTON, TAILOR, AND WOOLLEN DRAPER, 13, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, IN thanking»shis numerous friends for the increased patronage accorded him during the last six years, begs to invite an EARLY INSPECTION OF HIS SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. 16103 S. PADY, TAILOR AND ROBEMAKER, 72, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, IN thanking his numerous Patrons for their kind sup- port during the past thirteen years, and in anticipa- tion of an early season, begs to intimate that he is now prepared with all the leading Novelties of West of England and Scotch Manufacture for the Spring trade. [6105 WILLIAM E. VAUGHAN'S STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS, 248, BUTE-STREET, AND 77, CROCKHERB- TOWN, CARDIFF. 52, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. AND 87, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR. BED and Window Curtains., Shawls- Mantles Dresses, Table Covers, Feathers, Gentlemen's Clotheb, &c., Cleaned or Dyed. AGEttTS Aberdare-Mrs. Dance, confectioner, Commercial-street Bridgend-Mrs. Thomas, grocer, Nolton-street. Cowbridge-Mrs. Stibbs, confectioner, Ivor House. 136 Mrs. BEER, CLOTHES DEALER, 30, CAROLINE-STREET, CARDIFF. BEST PRICES GIVEN FOR LADIES', GENTLE- MEN'S, AND CHILDREN'S WARDROBES. Ladies and Gentlemen waited upon at their own re- sidences, in town or country. Immediate remittances on receipt of parcels from the country. MRS. BEER, CLOTHES DEALER, 30, CAROLINE-STREET, CARDIFF. [6195 BOOTS FOR SPRING AND SUMMER. BOYLE AND CO., BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTURERS, 19, CHURCH, AND 13, BUTE STREET, CARDIFF, HAVE the CHEAPEST and LARGEST STOCK in Wales. [6224 THE LOUISE BOOTH! THE Prettiest and most Fashionable LADIES' WALKING BOOT in Europe. To be had only at OSBORNE HOUSE, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. PRICE, 12s. [6163 T. S. HUNTLEY, GENERAL AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, 36, BRITANNIA-BUILDINGS, AND 9, MOUNT STUART-SQUARE, CARDIFF. N.B.-All Sales entrusted to his care will be efficiently carried out with prompt settlements. T. S. H. undertakes to make cash advances upon Goods consigned for absolute sale. [6123 As a proof of our assertion we challenge a comparison by analysis between our SEMOLINA and the so-called PEARLINA. Ml> A Y A R'S SEMOLINA m 3* is solely the heart of the very best Wheat. p A Y A R' S SEMOLINA jj- is richer than any other farinaceous food g- in Azotic matter, indispensable in the muscular formation of the body. gAY AR'S S E M OLINA. Highly recommended by the it faculty for Children and Invalids. 0 L I N A MB A Y A R' S S E M O L I N ^A <5* is extremely nourishing and easily digested. Mt. A Y A R'S SEMOLINA t2 makes delicious g- Puddings, Custards and Pastry A Y A RIS SEMOLINA m 1 unequalled for thickening SOU14 Beef Tea and Gruels. g A Y A R'S S E M O LIN <->• is the greatest delicacy t4 for Breakfast and Supper. Mg A Y A R'S SEMOLINA. c Is very economical. t: May be used with or without Milk. g Recipes on each Package. >. 6d. lb. in Packet, 8d. in Canister. Sold by all Chemists, Grocers, Sec. HOMINY. MAY A R' S HOMINY, produced from the best Indian Maize, without any adulteration obtained by grinding, is far superior to the Maize Corn Flour already introduced in this country, which is only Starch obtained by a process of washing, which deteriorates entirely the quali y, and is sold at a very high price. Sold by all Chemists, Grooers, and Corn Dealers. Wholesale at MAYAR'S, 36, MABK-LANE, LONDON, E.C. A Wholesale Agent wanted in every Town, [5942