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EVANS'S CLOTHING STORES, OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE, MERTHYR TYDFIL. GREAT WINTER SALE of BOYS' & MEN'S CLOTHING & GENERAL STOCK OF OUTFITTING, COMMENCING ON SATURDAY NEXT. EVERY ARTICLE REDUCED. MEN'S BLUE BEAVER AND MELTON OVERCOATS, 16s. lid., Regular Price. 30s. MEN'S BLUE BEAVER OVERCOATS, 22s. 6d., Regular Price, 3on. MEN'S TWEED OVERCOATS WITH DEEP CAPES, 10s. 6<1., Regular Price, 25s. (xl. MEN'S TWEED SUITS, 12s. lid.. Regular Price, 28s. Ixl. MEN'S TWEED TROUSERS. 2s. Hid., Worth 7s. lid. A Large Selection, of BOYS' SUITS, BOYS' OVERCOATS Sold at Nearly Oue-half Regular Prices. MENS SHIRTS, DRAWERS, MOLE and CORD TROUSERS, SCARVES, BRACES, RUGS. UMBRELLAS, &c., All Reduced. TERMS CASH. D. J. EVANS'S CLOTHING STORES (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE), MERTHYR. SAVE MONEY BY CALLING TO INSPECT OCR SPECIAL PRESENTS FOR NOTHING WITH OUR DELICIOUS TEAS. Two Strong Glass Tumblers with :lb. of Tea at 6<L MANUFACTURER'S STOCK OF 2,000 Strong Large Buckets. One with J-lb. of Tea at I H. Thousands of other Articles as Presents and equal in value. NOTE THE ADDRESS VICTORIA TEA COMPANY, LTD., HIGH STH EET, MERTHYR. A WONDERFUL MEDICINE. "1" the complete cure of Coughs, Col(lq, ami aU affee1.iom; of the afi^ M Throat, Chest, and l.ungs. The llryt dose will prive relief in ten ■ m B J 1 M minute?. Unlike any other preparation it clears the throat, MJk riisolves the phlesnn and leaves the Bronchial Tubes and Lungs B 1 in a healthy condition. For Asthma,Bronchitis,Hoarseness.Short- ness of Breath, Influenza, Tightness and Oppression of the Cliest. Wheezing, &c., it acts like M.-V5IC and a few doses will he found to affect a permanent CURE of these most distressing disorde s. this remedy is admitted !>\ thousands to b« the World's Great, Medicine. —— If you have a cou^-h or alight cold. «T » ▼ T r ™ } ,1 M M ■ 1 I ■ LNFL TARRY S COUGH SYRLT If YWI are Asthmatic orWeak in the ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ TRIAL Cbest,try one bottle and prove for\ our And the most violent mugb self, its immediate effect for reinovuv.' wfll in a short time be re- coughs of long standing loss ot voice, moved. abatmg feverish cold?. TESTIMONY OF ITS EFFICACY KEEPS POURINC IK. A Lady writes :—" Am travelling on the Continent and am quite out of "four celebrated Coiitth Srrup. Tlease -end per return two large! Bottles, — —, —^ Vt parcel post, to Post Office, Marseille?. The only cure I ever had after T T ■ trying all the advertised preparations. I I TUTS TKSTTMOSIAR, IT) WORTH M J M k' PEAR SIB. —1 was invalided for months unfit for work ouin;4 to set ere Cough and Asthma. I was told of your Syrup, and two bottles completely etired roe and enabled me to follow my usual work."—Sold in Bottles, 1/14 and 2'9 each. Of all Chemists, or can be obtained post free for 15 and 36 stamps from the proprietor, J. P.\HHY, Chemist, 93, Canterbury Road, KITburn, London, N.W. WOOTTON, THE PEOrLES CASH DRAPER, CLOTH HALL, MERTHYR TYDFIL, IS NOW SELLING Grand Lines in Real Welsh Flannel Shirting, better was never made at h. Oid. pci-yaid for Ca*h also Stripes and Checks for Men's Drawers. BLANKETS, ;0. 11.U1., os. 11-id., lUd., 10s. thl. to 21s. per pair. Bur these ar.d you will very likely live long. SHEETS, -Js. 6d., llid., 3s, 6d., ^s. llid. Sleeping made easy. BLUE AND GREEN QUILTS, is. llid., os. 11 Jd., 7s. Hid. to Ms. Gd. WOOTTON Serves Crowds of Smart Buyers Every Week. TERMS CASH. NO CREDIT, PRESS ON TO WOOTTON'S THE UP-TO DATE CASH DRAPER. I IF VOL" WANT HEALTH AND STRENGTH TRY PURDY'S HEALTH HERB BEER AND HOP ALE. It is very strongly recommended to person3 employed in Mills, Foundries, and other Workshops. It is the most REFRESHING and NON INTONICANT leverage ever offered to the public. It is pleasant to the taste, quenches the tUir*t, and it assists digestion. It is entirely VEGETABLE, consisting of a combination of some of the most valuable ry VL PLANTS. It is equally well adapted for yuung- or old, and within the reach of every family. It 18 delivered free, and all empties are collected as often as desired. Orders by po-t ptly attended to. SOLD IN BOTTI.KS AT 10d. I-EK GALLON. MANUFACTURED BY CHARLES W. PURDY, Works Jenkins' Court, Quarry Row, Merthyr. New Iron Frame PIANOFORTE, Tii-liviJ..UuV-i:. LiifUMiiiiiiiU Handsome Kosew^wxl or Walnut Case. Sent FREE t" any station on receipt of Cash— £ 21—Cash. 10 Years Warranty Given. AMERICAN ORGANS, Finest Makers, from £6 to £100, HARMONIUMS, Special Church Damp Resisting, from £4 to £60. SKILFUL TUNERS Sent Everywhere. HEINS & CO., BRECON. A LttO AT HEREFORD, ABERGAVENNY, and ROSS. Ml _JfclVI AKKS Boots and Harness: The Cheapest and Best Printers in Merthyr for all -L'A waterproof as a duck s back kinds of Commereial and Artistic Printing are- ■ and soft as velvet. Adds three ° times to the wear and allows pel- TIMES PRINTING COMPANY, MM n uen&i ISB.JJI?- 17 Exhibition TIMES OFFICE, JOHK 8TREET, qoug WfcOAU Htgbeat Awards. (Xf,xt to Temperance Htdl), MERTHYK. anr' IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Our numerous readers are requested to note the fact that MESSRS. R. THOMAS AND SON, CHEMISTS, 143, HIGH STREET, AND 04, HIGH STREET (OPPOHITE RAILWAY STATION), MERTHYR TYDFIL, ARE NOW SELLING P A T E N T M EDI 0INES AT STOHE PRICES. USE THOMAS' MAGNOLIA BOUQUET SOAP. The most delicate skin.s may be washed with this beautiful preparation in the severest weather. It causes neither redness or irritation. It is unique for its soothing: and healing properties, creamy lather, and delightful perfume. TABLETS, 5d. EACH; t6 PER DOZEN. [2364 G. M. & R. GUN SON, 67 AND 68, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, FAMILY GROCERS, Flour, Corn, and Provision Merchants, CONFECTIONERS, DEALERS IN GAME, WINES, & SPIRITS. Ales and Stouts in Cask or Bottle. Patent Medicines, Proprietary Articles, Cigars. SPECIAL VALUE IN TEA AT Is. Gd. IMPORTERS OF CHOICEST DANISH BUTTERS. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. G. M. & R. GUNSON, 67 & 68, High Street, MERTHYR TYDFIL. Mr. DESMANE, STH;(7IALIST On all Complaints and Diseases. ATTENDS Business, viz., At his Private Rooms only, except when he visits patients jfjL who cannot attend on account of sickness. Through his great success in MERTHYR and DISTRICT he has now five places of attendance. In Twelve Months nearly 4,000 have received his treatment. CALL AT ONCE and see THE GREAT AND STARTLING TESTIMONIALS. "WONDERFUL CURES after years of suffering. ACTIONS speak louder than words. A SURE CURE in every case; whatever the complaint or disease may be, it will he taken in charge and skilfully and sueces-Htully treated. DEAFNESS and WEAK EYES receive special attention. Dozens of cures weekly. TEETH EXTRACTED without pain, 3d. each. ADVICE FREE-C.HI. AT OXCK, and do not be put otf hy anyone. Telegraphic Address— Desniane, Dispensare, Merthyr. HKA1> AMDUESS: — MERTHYR-Thc Dispensary, Westbourne Place, Plymouth Road. TCESDAYS and Sundays all Day and until Noon other Days. Merthyr and Dowlais Coffee Tavern, DOWLAIS, Mondays, 3 p.m. nntil 9 p.m. City Coffee Tavern, High Street, near Station Gates, PONTYPRIDD, Yvednesdays, ."> p.m. until 8.30 p.m. Daviess Eating House, 2, Market Street, ABERDARE, Thursdays, 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. 33, Perrott Street, near Railway Station, TRKHARRIS, Fridays, 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. FEMALES—MADAME DKSMANK attends in private Female Cases and her special jneparation should be known to all. It never fails. Please write or call for advice and particulars. All communications strictly private. [2889 THE MERTHYR CONSERVATIVE AND UNIONIST ASSOCIATION. A FUBLI C M E E T I X ii Announced to be held at the Temperance Hall, Merthyr, on Thursday March 7th, Has been UNAVOIDABLY POS T PO NE I) In consequence of the ILLNESS OF MR. MACARTNEY, M.P., Who is SUFFERING FROM INFLUENZA. VALENTINE WATSON, Agent. A LECTURE ON "JAMES RF S S E L 1. LOW EL L, POET, PATRIOT, and PROPHET of the AMERICAN DEMOCHACY," Will be delivered by the REV. W. P E D R WI LL I A M S, Of Lower Clapton, London, ON MONDAY, MARCH 11th, 1895, IN ZOAR CIIAPEL, MERTHYK. Chair to be taken at 8 o'clock prompt hy GWILYM C. JAMMS, Esq., Gwaelodygarth. Admission Is. Tickets may be had at the Office* of the I'hnr* and the Espn- Mr. Joseph AY illiains, Glcbeland: Mr. J. P. Lewis, High Street; and the Members of Mount Zion Church. Troedyrhiw. ON SUN L/1— M;u,.h lotli, l\ll'. WILLIAMS will preach morning, afternoon, and evening in Trocdyrhiw. D K I L L II ALL, At v. I.. T H Y R TY D 1" I L THURSDAY, MARCH 7th, .L005. GRAND BALLAD CONCERT. FIRST APPEARANCE OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST TENOR, M R. BEN D A V I E S After his great Continental Successes. Kopnmo-MISS JULIA JONES Contralto—MISS MARY MOROAN (Of the priwipal London Concerts). (Of the Gloucester and Hereford Festiv als), Pupil of Mr. Will. Shakespeare. Rass MR. SANDFORD JONES Harpist—MISS EDITH DAVIES, (Of the Merth\ r Choral Scictv), First Prize Winner Erant Medallist First Prize Winner at the National at the IJrecon National Eisteddfod, eisteddfod. Aceomijanist—Mr. HARRY EVANS, A.R.C.O., Conductor of the Dowlais Philharmonic Society. RESERVED SEATS, 4s.; FRONT SEATS, 3s.; SECOND SEATS, 2s.; THIRD SEATS, Is. Doors open at 7.15, to commence at 8 p.m. Carriages at 10.50. Plan of Hall and Seats booked at Messrs. Thompson iV Shaekell, Hig-h Street. public announcements. Brynmawr Chair Eisteddfod and Band Contests. APRIL 1ST., 1895. GRAND & numerous Competitions. Piogranmie.s may be obtained from E. WATKINS, Secretary, 1, Kinsf-street, Brynmawr. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. Temperance Hall, Merthyr. MABON S DAY, bTif MAY, 1893. HIGH STREET BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL. Grand Pertormanee by the Sunday School Choir of the beautiful Cantata entitled « CROWN OF THE YEAR. By CARYLL FLORIO, fo be preceded by a short Miscellaneous Concert. Proceeds to be devoted" to the Church Renovation Tuud. [2909 ) public announcements. MEKTHYK TYDFIL LIBRARY. THE ANNUAL MEETING of the Subscriber4 of the Merthyr Library will take place in the Heading-room of the Library, on TUESDAY, March 12th, 1895, at 8.30 p.m. Resolutions win be proposed at this meeting to vest all property of such Library legally in the hands of Trustees to be then appointed, 2907J R. R. DAvIS, Hon. See. Market Square Chambers, Merthyr Tydfil. I G. ALEC LEWIS, (LATE: HENKY LEWIS), AUCTIONEER, VALUER, ACCOUX- '1 ANT, SURVEYOR, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT. I !SALES OF FREEHOLD, LEASEHOLD, AND COPYHOLD PROPERTY, TIMBER, MACHINERY, FURNITURE, STOCKS, VALUATIONS ICT. PROBAIR, TKAKSFEB, MORTGAGE, BCCCEOSIOV DU Y, &C. Jitateo llPUitgul. Rents collected. Mortgages arranged. • 1.2905 Situationa Mantefct Sic IF YOU WANT A SERYANT, a SITUATION, a HOCSE, APARTMENTS, or to BUT, SELL, or EXCHANGE ANYTHING, ADVERTISE In the PREPAID COLUMN of the Merthyr Tihies, at the following SPECIALLY CHEAP RATES 20 WORDS 6(1. 20 WORDS FOR THREE TIMES, Is. THKKB SIX WOHlIS. ONE TIMKS. TIME3. s. d. s. d. s. d. 20 Words 0 6 1 6 2 0 32 Words 1 0 2 0 3 0 40 Words 1 3 2 6 3 6 48 Words 1 6 3 0 4 6 The above is the Prepaid Scale for Wanted, To be Let, and To he Sold Advertisements only for other ¡ Charges apply to the Manager, Times Office, Merthyr Tydfil. Postage Stamps or Postal Orders may be sent in Payment. in Payment. RESPECTABLE BOYS Wanted to Sell the R Merthyr Times in Merthyr and District.— Apply to the Manager, Times Office. AGENTS WANTED, Whole or Spare Time, J'TL commission and bonus.-Ireton (Limited), 92; Gracechurch-street, London. 00, Victoria-street, To Let, Two Unfurnished f9 Rooms on Second noor private entrance.— Apply T. HoweIIs, Auctioneer, &c., 18, Union-street, Merthyr Tydfil. [2915 LAUREL COTTAGE, being 64, Heolgerrig, TO J)LJ LET or SELL; four rooms down and four upstairs; good and large garden.—Inquire on the Premises. MAIJ.51E -ï.>f:SMAXÏ(S Female Preparation should be known to all. It never fails.— Write or call, 2, Westbourne-place, Plymouth-road, Merthyr. Advice and information free of charge. 157-9 TO BE LET shortly, a new Corner House and JL Shop, suitable for a retail trade, at Cromwell- street, Brecon-road, Merthyr Tydfil.—For particulars apply to J. F. SEAL, Auctioneer and House Agent, 5, Castle-street, Merthyr. 2856. PLENDID PRINT PATClfVVORK OUILTS, Is. 6d. Cretonne ditto, 2a. 6d. eaci) large sizes.—Mrs. GKIFFIN, 32, Addington-street, New Cross, Manchester. 2796 JEWELLERY, Watches, Watch Materials, Cutlery, Electro-plate, Musical Instruments. Wholesale list post free.—Wright, St. Luke's-road, Birmingham. 2919 "ANTED, A SMARTYOUNG LADY FORTHI VT Tea Counter. — Apply Manager, LIPTON'S, Market Square. [2930 10LLIEIrt OFFICIALS ~\NITMINERS of all ranks and ages. Lessons by Post. The surest road to promotion. Send Id. stamp for syllabus.— T. A. SOFTHlmx, M.E., Late H.M. Inspector of Mines, the Universal Mining School. Derby. 151 202 THE Inhabitants will be glad to hear that Pro- fessor Desmane, the Specialist on all com plaints, has decided to stay in the district altogether, and will give advice free of charge. Head address. Merthyr 2, Westbourne-place, Plymouth-road, Sun- days, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Dowlais Merthyr and Dowlais Coffee Tavern, Mondays, 3 until 9. Trocdvrhiw Wednesdays. Cefn Fridays. Times and places as usual. Teeth Extracted, 3d. each. 157-9 SPORT.—Noiseless Rabbit Rifles, 9s. Pocket Rifles, 9s. 6d. Walking-stick Guns, 15s; Car- tridges, Is. 6tl. 100; Rabbit Bolters, superior to ferrets, Is. Purse Nets, six for 2s. 3d. Netting, 17s. 6d. 100 yards Guns, Rifles, Nets, Traps, Decoys, Calls, and all Sporting Requisites. Catalogue Id., carriage paid.—John Eggleston, Naturalist, Sunder- land. [2866 XTtT ANTE I). Cook, £30; Kitehenmaid, £18; II Nurse, £16: Pailounnaid, £ 20; Housemaid, £13; Under-Housemaid. £14; General Servants, £6 to £20: for London and Country. Write—Mrs. Coster, Registry Office, Gloucester. [2880 PATCHWORK. Patchwork. Patchwerk.—Agents JL wanted. Ladies, Families, and others to try our parcels, containing about 200 assorted pieces of beautiful prints, suitable tor aprons, cushions, quilts. One sample parcel, Is. 6d. two, 2s. 6d. four, 46. 9d. carriage paid. Also velvets, silks, satins, &c., one parcel, 2s. 6d. two, 4s. 6d. four, 6s. 3d.— J. BLACK, 71, Buriington-street, Manchester. MONEY.-—If you want it promptly, privately, and at a low rate of interest on your simple promissory notes with or without sureties, apply immediately, enclosing stamped envelope, to Mr. W. P. Thomas, 20, Market-street, Abertillery. Special featuresNo inquiry fees reasonable interest, which is quoted beforehand universal promptitude, a day's notice being generally sufficient; no oppression of honest and solvent clients. The Carlton Bank, Ld., for whom Mr. Thomas is Branch Manager, has been established 10 years, and has a capital of JB30,000, consequently no genuine and respectable application is ever refused. [2876 MERTHYR WORKING MEN'S BUILDING SOCIETY. No. 1, MARKET-SQUARE, MERTHYR. auctions. IIIRWAIN AND ABERDARE. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE HOTEL AND OTHER PROPERTIES. RARE OP- PORTUNITY FOR INVESTORS. MR. T. WHITTY EVANS lias reeeixed in- structions to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the BOOT HOTEL, ABERDARE, on THURS- DAY, the 7TH Day of MARCH, 1895, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to such conditions of sale as shall then and there be produced), the following VALUABLE AND DESIRABLE PROPERTIES, viz. Lot 1.—All that old-established free double-licensed hotel and posting house, known as the Cardiff Arms Hotel, Jlirwain, with the stable and coach house thereto belonging, late in the occupation of Mtss Ann Ho wells, deceased. Also the residence, known as Rose Villa, adjoining the hotel, and being No. 2, Station-road, now in the occupation of Mrs. E. J. Evans, as annual tenant, at the yearly rent of £24. And the cottage No. 3, S'ation-road, in the occupa- tion of Mr. Daniel Conley, at the annual vent of JE5 17s. And also the four cottfiges, being Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, Watkins'-court, Hirwain, producing an annual rent of £238". The whole of the above lot is held under an agreement for lease from the Marquis of Bute to John Watkins, for a term of 99 years from the 2nd day of February, 1823, subject to the yearly ground rent of £6 18s. 4d. The pur- chaser shall, if required, take at valuation the trade fixtures, utensils, stock-in-trade, horses and carnages, in and about the hotel. Possess- ion can be had on completion of the purchase, hotel inHf-Yi$}»^ •^rms Hotel is the only commercial commanded aTucr-il^W established, and has. always cause of its now being VXcfc, the ¡ death of the owner. L Lot 2.—All those three cottages situate and Nos. 9, 10, and 11, John-row, Station-road, Hirwain, now in the occupation of Mrs. E. Gilbert and others, and producing an annual rental of j333 3s. These premises are held under a lease dated 8th August, 1866, from Elizabeth Harris, for a term of 99 years, from 25th March, 1866, at a yearly ground rent of £2 2s. 2d. Lot 3.-All those two cottages, Nos. 1 and 2, Wind- street, Hirwain, now occupied by Ann Morgan and John Jones as monthly tenants, and producing a yearly rent ol JB13. This property is held under an agreement for a lease from the Marquis of Bute for a term of 99 years from the 2nd February, 1823, subject to the yearly ground rent of JBl 16s. 6d. Lot 4.—All those seven cottages known as Nos. 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 26a, and 27, Bethel-place, Hirwain, tenanted by William Bevan and others, and yielding a gross annual rental of J338 7s. These premises are held under an agreement for a lease from the Marquis of Bute, for a term of 99 years from the 2nd day of February, 1823, and will be sold subject to an apportioned yearly ground rent of £2 19-. 8d. Lot 5.—The following ground rents will be disposed of in Lot 1, vix. 7s. 6d. per annum payable for a term of 98 years from October 18th, 1823. £2 13s. 3d. per annum payable for a term of 92 years from the 19th day of March, 1829. £7 12s. 5d. per annum pay- able for a term of 92 years from the 25th day of Mav 1829. Lot 6.—All those eight cottages situate and being Nos. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35, Bethel-pluce, Hirwain, now in the occupation of Thomas Harris and others, and producing a gross annual rental of J631 4s. These premises arc held under an agreement for a lease from the Marquis of Bute, for a term of 99 years from the 2nd day of February, 1823, and will be sold subject to an apportioned yearly ground rent of £3 7s. 4d. Lot 7.-All that desirable messuage or dwelling- house known as No. 1, Dare Villas, Aberdare, in the occupation of Mr. FA an Evans, as yearly tenant at an annual rent of £13. This property is held for a term of 73 years from the 1st day of January, 1851, and will be sold subject to an apportioned yearly ground rent of £1 16s. Further particulars as to Lot 7 may bo obtained from the Auctioneer at his Officerj, High-street, and Eagle Inn, Commercial-street, Aberdare or from Mr. Rces Williams, Solicitor. Temperance Hall, Aberdare, and as to all the other lots from the Auc. tioneer or from Messrs. THOS. PHILLIPS & SON, Solicitors, 7, Canon-street, Aberdare. 14th February, 1895. [2904 ON TUESDAY AND THCKHDAV, MAK. 12th & 14th, 1895, Commencing at Two o'clock precisely each day. IMPORTANT TO PARTIES FURNISHING. MKSSRS, J. G. MADDOX & SON WILT, SELI, BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at their AUCTION ROOMS, 25, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, on the above dates, an immense assemblage of very superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE (Removed from various residences for absolute sale) including 6 Hardwood Bedroom Suites complete, 6ft and 4ft. Wardrobes, Pairs of Handsome Toilets, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, several excellent Carpets, Fenders, Brasses, 5 excellent Dining and Drawing-room Suites, Rosewood and Walnut Cabinets, 6ft. and 5ft. Side- boards, Bookcases, Dining and Occasional Tables, Walnut, and Gilt Overmantels etc., etc., in all about 400 lots. On view morniug of each day of sale. Arrangements made to pack and forward all goods purchased by country buyers. Established 1860. [2840 public Announcements. Merthyr Tydfil Gas Company. REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF GAS. I NOTICE. THE DIRECTORS of the MERTHYR Tvin n. GAS COMPANY hereby inform the Consumers, and the public- generally, that on the FIRST DAY of JANUARY last the Price of Gas was REDUCED in the Town District from 3s. 4d. to 3s., and in the out districts of 'Iroedyrhivv, Petirheolgerrig, and Cefn- coedyc-winminer, from 3s. 8d. to 3s. 4d. per thousand cubic feet nett. Gas Engines, Gas Fires, Gas Cookers, and Stoves at 2s. lOd. per thousand cubic- feet nett when supplied through a separate meter. By Order. E. B. EVANS, Gas Offices, Gas Works. Chairman. Merthyr Tydfil, 6th February, 1995. [2873 Re HENRY LEWIS, Deceased. A LI. PERSONS having CLAIMS against the Estate of HENRY LEWIS, late ot No. 2, Castle-street, and Market-square Chambers, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Auctioneer, deceased, are requested to send particulars thereof to t he under- signed Solicitors for the Executors, on or hefore the 8th March next, and all Persons indebted to the said Estate are requested to pay same to us forthwith. Dated this 27th day of February, 1895. FRANK JAMES AND SONS, 134, High-street, Merthy Tydtii, Solicitors for Mary Jane Lewis, of Merthyr Tydfil, widow, and Illtyd Thomas, of Cardiff, Auctioneer, the Executors of the will of the said deceased. [2923 MARKET SQUARE CHURCH. NEXT SUNDAY, MARCH 10TH. PREACHER— RKV. R. ROWLAND ROBERTS, B.A., Trinity, Aberdare. AN INTERESTING BOOK. A Guide to JVIerthyr Tydfil," BY T. E. CLARH, Originally published in 1848, is now re-published by J. P. LEWIS, PRINTER k STATIONER, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. Price Paper Cover, 9d. Cloth Boards, Is. This Book contains an account of the origin and progress of the Iron Works, Local Antiquities, Social and Religious matters, a history of the riots, and much other interesting information, bringing the work up to date. [2885 HPHIKG CLEANING, 1895. PAPERHANGINGS PAPERHANftINGS R. H. LUSCOMBE, 41, VICTOHIA STREET, DOWLAIS, HAS just received a large consignment of PAPER- HANGINGS for 1895 Season, which he is offer- ing at exceptionally low prices to clear, comprising— GOLDS, SATINS, NEW MICA LUSTRE, PULPS, SAN IT All YS, Ac. An inspection earnestly solicited before purchasing elsewhere. All branches of the painting trade receive personal attention. Note the Address :— R. H. LUSCOMBE, PAINTER, DECORATOR, &c.. 2937] 44, VICTORIA-STREET, DOW LAIS. To the Tenants of the Estate of David Isaac Evans (Deceased). TAKE NOTICE, that I, the undersigned, have been appointed RECEIVP1R and COLLECTOR of the ESTATE of the late VA VID ISAAC EVANS, by agreement, dated the 18th day of February, 1895, and made between the Rev. Thomas Thomas, Baili Glas, Dandovery, in the County of Carmarthen, Calvinistic Methodist Minister, one of the two sur- viving Trustees of this Estate, and Ebenezer Evans, Gwenllian Jones, Catherine Lewis, John Evans, and David Isaac Evans (for whom David Rees Lewis, of Merthyr Tydfil, solicitor, acts as agent for the said David Isaac Evans), all of which are iegatees deriving benefit thereunder. AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE, that you are required to PAY ALL RENTS to me or my autho- rised agent. Dated this 6th day of March, 1895. (Signed) GEORGE ALEC LEWIS, Court Estate Offices, Market-square Buildings, Merthyr Tydfil. "Witness, T. B. GREENE, T'imes Office, Merthyr. Fenydarren Old Yard, Merthyr. THE WORLDS GREATEST SHOW. TRIA JUNCTA IN UNO THREE GREAT SHOWS IN ONE. GIGANTIC CIRCUS, MAMMOTH MENAGERIE, MUSEUM OF THE WORLDS FREAKS & CURIOSITIES. THE most Colossal Organization ever conceived by the mind of man, now touring through this dis- trict and will visit the following towns for one day only Ebbw Vale, Thursday, March 7th. Rhymney, Friday, Maieh 8lh. MERTHYR, Saturday, March 9th. A uiagnitiuent stud of Horses, Ponies, and Mules to the number of 120. A herd of Performing Klepliant*. Camel*, Diuii.ttia. Lions, iigers, .Leopards, Pan- thers, and 20 huge dens of Beasts. Birds, and "R~t ;—u ..miic ow specimens. The greatest aggregation of Equestrian and Variety Artistes ever gathered together in one establishment, numbering 80 performers, from all the principal cirques and hippodromes of Europe, including GOLIATH AND MISS MAY, The Strongest Man and Woman in the World, and CAPTAIN ROWLAND, The intrepid Animal Trainer. Two performances daily at 2.30 and 7.30 Prices of Admission, 3s., 2s., Is., and 6d. Children half-price to afternoon performance only. Tickets for aU parts may be obtained any day before the arrival at— Messrs. Thompson & Shackell, High-street, Merthyr, Mr. Davies, Music Warehouse, Ebbw Vale. The grand procession wd) leave the circus ground at j One o'clock. One charge admits to all. Accommodation for 10,000 persons, THE WORLDS GREATEST SHOW. COUPON FOR EARLY DOOR TICKET. By cutting this Coupon out and purchasing a ticket at any of the Booking Offices, the bearer will be admitted half-au-hour earlier to inspect the Menagerie, and sccureU comfortable seat in Circus, and avoid the crush. Bring your Coupons and Tickets to the early side door. Afternoon and Evening at 2 and 7 o'clock. The above establishment will visit ABERDARE, SATURDAY MARCH 16th, Giving Two Performances in the Ynys Meadow. Tickets for all parts may be4ibtamed from Messrs. Lloyd and Son, Canon-street, Aberdare. a-' nTHM MERTHYR TIMES .J. BEST LOCAL FAMILY NEWSPAPER. 1 Tooth-ache, Neuralgia, Tic-dolo- reux. ALL WHO t-)CF.FEH SHOULD TAKE JONES' NEURALGIA MIXTURE. Thi; Mixture is prepared from a Special Prescription I of a late Eminent Physician, who never failed to effect a rapid and lasting cure with it. One trial will oon- vince the most sceptical of the above assertion, and its marvellous efficacy is the only wairanty in thus speaking so confidently of its virtues, and making il known to the public. RECENT TESTIMON LYLS. "66, John-street, Merthyr Tydfil, February 7th, 1895. DEAH Silt,—My daughter, now residing at London, was a martyr to Neuralgia for three weeks, she triad many doctors and Chemist's Mixtures, but tbey all did her no good. Two doses of your Mixture com- pletely cured her, the result was truly marvellous. (Signed), JANE HILL." "After having tried most of the advertised remedies, I found that one bottle of your Mixture completely cured me of a very bad attack of Tooth- ache and Neuralgia. (Signed), ANNIE DANIEL, lion Bridge Shop, November 30th, 1894." "I had been a martyr to Neuralgia for amonth.oHe bottle of your mixture quite cured me. 1 A. SWEET, 8, Peary Street." "I had been suffering for years,and had tried many chemists and doctors' mixtures, but all did me no good. One bottle of your mixture greatly relieved me. The result was marvellous. MARGARET RICHARDS, 12, Iron Lane." I have found such great relief from your Neuralgia Mixture that I have advised a friend of mine to take it, and I hope it will do her as much good as it has done me. W)i. WAGSTAFF, 17, Howell Street," The above are only a few recent testimonials, others are being received daily. Sold in Bottles, ls. qd. each, per Post 3d. extra. I'Ja:I'lŒJJ OXLY nT CHAS. W. JONES, A.R.P.S., DISPENSING CHEMIST (By Exam.), 3A, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR. NEW QPEltA JLJOUSE, MERTHYR. Sole Lessee and Manager.MR. WILL SMITHSON. MONDAY, MARCH 11TH, 1895, FOR SIX NIGHTS ONLY. SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT OF THE GREAT AND WONDROUS LEOPOLDS, In their Screaming Comedv FRIVOLITY, Undoubtedly the funniest thing ever seen in Merthyi. Mr. Smithson wishes tocnil hi; patrons' attention to the excellence of this company. The Leopolds are acknowledged to be the finest Comedy Artiste travelling, and have played several pantomime engagements with Sir Augustus Harris at Drury Lara Theatre, London. Time and Prices as Usual. Owing to this expensive engagement, free lisk suspended. NEXT WEEK.-ROYAL THE SCOUT. Look out for J. Vi, Turner's Opera Company, and The New Boy." fJlHEATRE JJOYAL, CAR.DIFF. LKSSKE <fc MANAGKK, MR. EDWARD FLETCHER. ANNUAL SEASON OF THE CELEBRATED A RTHl'R R OUSBEY OPERA (JOMPANY. And now Playing to Crowded Houses. (To-Night), THURSDAY. Mar. 7 M ABIT AN A. FRIDAY, Mar. 8 RIGOLETTO (Benefit of Mr. Arthur Ronsbey) SATURDAY MORNING, Mar. 9. at 2 o'clock— CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA, preceded by Suppe's GALATEA. SATURDAY EVENING (LAST NIGHT)-THE BOHEMIAN GIRL. MONDAY", MARCH 11TH, 1895, and during the week, important engagement of Mr. Otho Stuart's Company, under the direction of Mr. Milton Bode, in the successful pay—THE MASQERADERS. Booking Office at Messrs. Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., Queen-street, from 10 till 4. Telephone No. 521. Late trains to suit all lines. GRAND fJlHEATRE, ^JARDIFF. Lessee and Manager MR. 6LAKEXCK SOCNES. GREAT ATTRACTION 1 LAST THRBE NIGHTS of the only American-Indian Actress and Authoress, GO-WON-GO MOHAWK AND ENTIRE AMERICAN COMPANY, In the Picturesque Sensational Drama, written by herself, entitled— WEP-TONNO-MAH, The Indian Mail Carrier. Doors open at 7. Commence at 7-30. Seats booked at Messrs. Heath's (by letter or tele- gram), Music Warehouse, Queen-street, Cardiff. Prices from 6d. to £1 Is. XbXT WEEK, the universally favourite plav, LITTLE LORD FAUNTLKROY* Mr. Horace Lingard's specially-selected Company. VISITORS TO CARDIFF SHOULD XOT 1AIL TO CALL AT THE PHOTOURAPHIC ESTABLISHMENT OF THE OLD ESl'ABElSllEP AND WELL-REFUTED FlU.\IOF GOLDIE BROTHERS WHOSE STUDIOS AHH AT 66, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. Photographs of all descriptions accurately and artistically produced. Wedding parties, groups, &e., a specialitv. Cricket, football, and other athletic clubs waited upon. SATISFACTION (i UARANTEED. CARDIFF FUR STORES (LATRR ,Wt L.Jl. Manufacturing Furriers, Skin Dressers, and Dyers. A Speciality of Re-Modelling and Lengthening of Seal Jackets on our Improved System, by means of which no cross seams are visible. Old fashioned Seal Jackets and Fur Mantles Renovated and Re-Modelled to latest fashion. Furs of all kinds freed from moth, Repaired, Re- made, or Lined. SHOW ROOMS- 1st and 2nd Floors. 23. High-street. Cardiff. II. R. HARRISON, MANAGER. Established in Cardiff 1888. A Branch will shortly be opened in MERTHYR. r2844 J. E. COMLEY AND SON, WHOLESALE MERCHANTS, IMPORTERS OF FANCY GOODS, &c., 23, MOl RA-TERRACE, CARDIFF, Is the Best and Cheapest House for Hardwaie, Holloware, Tin Goods, Fancy Goods, Cutlery, Stationery, Haberdashery, Glass, China, and General Sundries. Shopkeeper and others about starting business should Call and Inspect our Immense Stock before going Elsewhere. Strangers arriving in Cardiff ask at once to bs directed to New Infirmary. OUR ESTABLISHMENT IS CLOSE BY. ESTABLISHED 1880. Glamorgan County Council. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE CAEHARR1S ELECTORAL DIVISION. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,— I beg to thank you for returning me again unop- posed as your representative on thp Glamorgan County Council, and I will do my best to serve your interests in the future as I have in the past. I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen. Your obedient Servant, (Signed), EDWARD P. MARTIN, Gwernllwyn House, Dowlais, 5th March, 1895. (29;)5 t