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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

10 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

-,-----MERTHYR. ----I,


MERTHYR. I, MEBTHTB WOREIKG MEN'S BUILDING SOCIETY.— The 36th appropriation by sale in connection with the above will be held Monday night, March 18th, fit the offices of the society. Chair will be taken at 9.15 o'clock by Mr. W. E. Morris, 30, Wellington-street, Merthyr. 2940 J. JEREMIAH, the only agent for Samuel Mason'i Prize Bar Fittings and Bar Engines, for Merthyr, Dowlais, Aberdare. Pontypridd, Mountain Ash, Rhondda Valley, Rhymney, Tredegar, Ebbw Vale, Brynmawr, Blackwood, &c., &c.—Address, J. Jere- miah, Bar Fitter, Plumber, and Decorator, 36, High- street, Merthyr. and 2, North-street, Do.vlais. BUimates free distance no object. To PARTIES FCRNISHI^O.—Messrs. J. G. Maddox and Son, auctioneers, will sell by public auction at the Auction Mart, 25. Duke-street, Cardiff, on Tuesday and Thursday, March the 12th and 14th, an immense assemblage of very superior household furniture. The sale will commence at two o'clock precisely each day. Further particulars will be found in our adver- tising column or may be obtained by writing to the auctioneers at the above address. [2849 J. F. DOCTON, Sanitary Plumber, Hot-water Engineer, Bar-fitter, Gas-fitter, Bell-fitter, and General House Decorator, has just received a choice and well-assorted stock of Paperhtnging-i-sale price from 2¥l. per piece. Hundreds of job lots of paper- hangings must be cleared out regardless of price to make room for our new stock of paperhangings. Our gold paperhangings, from 9d. per piece, is a marvel of wheapneas. A staff of experienced workmen regularly employed. [ ADYT. LORD ROSEBERT AT CARDIFF.—Our readers will be I glad to know that in view of the above visit a large stock of Rosebery Collars ready for Disestablishment have just arrived, and are now selling at J. W. MORRIS'S, 10, Pontmorlais, Merthyr. Special lines in winter suitings and overcoatings are being offered at great reductions in order to effect a clearance for our new Spring Goods. Specialities, 39s. 6d. Overcoats and suits, 38s. 6d. All orders executed on the premises by experienced workmen. Don't forget the Kosebery Collars in 4 fold linen, and the address, J. W. MORRIS, 10. Pontmorlais. Hallo! What's tli-3 Genuine sale of hats, caps, shirts, ties, collars, gloves, mufflers, umbrellas, etc., flte., at EDHUNDS', 35, High-street, Merthyr. On Saturday next and to continue for 14 days. Every article reduced. The stock of Gents' Merccry—of the best manufacture—which is comparatively new, must be decreased to make room for the latest production of the British looms. Sale quotation being oftentimes misleading, no enumerations of the various bargains will be made, but customers will find a genuine and honest reduction all round.. No job lots bought for sale purposes. J. EDMUNDS, The Hattery and Hosiery, 35, High-street, Merthyr. —We owe Poole, of myriorama celebrity, a debt of gratitude for adding a new tune to the repertoire of our amateur sfcreet whistlers. -An Aberdare man complained to us the other day that there were no Echo-ing boys in Sweet 'Berdar. What we told him was that Merthyr would only be too glad to send over her's, and pay their train fare to Abernant in the bargain. —" If voa have feet that are tender, writes Diogenes, "or corns that are sensitive, avoid Caedraw Bridge. It will not be pleasant for you to walk over heaps of boulders and raw mettimg. Probably these are meant only for the plebeian feet of working men, who cannot afforo. to think of corns, and whose com- fort -nay very well be neglected by a capitalist-ridden I' municipality." —A source of never-failing delight to Merthynans are the coal trucks on the tram-road near the Theatre Royal. They are things of beauty and a joy for- and they give quite an air of aristocratic privacy and seclusion to the block of houses fortunately situated on that spot. on that spot. -The St. David's celebration, by the Merthyr Cymrodorion was scarcely worthy of the patron I saint or of the town. The proceedings, we are told, were somewhat lame, with the exception of the address by the Rev. J. Thomas, which was of great interest. The press were excluded, and so we are unable to give our readers anything like and adequate report of the event. -The Western JIail says "the Merthyr people are up in arms against one of the scientific journals for referring to the town as an unsavoury locality.' Are we ? -The Growler writes I wish somebody who has a gun would shoot that midnight marauder in the shape of a canine quadruped which disturb the slumbers of the good people of Thomastown. -On Wednesday Mr. Dan Thomas astounded his friends by appearing in a box hat and marching therein to the District Council. By some means or other the process which put Mr. J. W. Lewisl on the County Council also put the box hat on Mr. Dan Thomas' head. We expect to see the landlord of the Plymouth Arms donning shortly a velvet collar a foot wide. -On Monday night, while the voting papers were being counted at the Police-station, a goodly number of men resorted to the constables' Dining Hall to while away the- weary hours of waiting. Mr. Arthur Daniel was in great form, and, with the assistance of Mr. David Da vies, got a prominent Tory to admit that he was in favour of (1) Disestablishment and Disendowment, (2), enfranchisement of leaseholds, (3) taxation of ground rents and royalties, (4), Local Veto, provided parishes are not divided into wards, and (5), registration reform. He averred that two- thirds of this district were in favour of Disestablish- ment. As will be seen his political salvation is not altogether beyond hope. -Good hamcurprevaued in the crowd that assembled before the Police-station on Monday night. Up to 11 o'clock the Liberals predominated, but after "stop tap" the other side appeared on the scene in great numbers. The musical programme showed considerable variety. One gentleman essayed to harangue the multitude, but could not get beyond the words: "Gentlemen and ladies, why should we, the working men of M«r- thyr!" The orchestral music was supplied by another gentleman with a penny tin-whistle, who marched to and fro, followed by half-a-dozen boys, playing Men of Harlech," It was a case of one man one band." -Another sign of the bad times i Dan Lane's round-she-goes" has left us, and peace reigns supreme in the neighbourhood of "China." -The people of Cefn are said to be suffering from a species of the malady known as water on the brain." They are going "to stop the water supply of Merthyr because the Mertbyr people charge too much for the water. They say wo cannot get water unless we their county for it. -In another column we print a retrospect of the Sunday evening mission services, communicated by a correspondent. -Did anybody take a census of the leeks worn in the town on St. David's Day -The lonsr room of a certain public-house was chock full after the result of the poll was declared on Monday night. The landlord held forth on the School Board election, and spoke with great feeling and earnestness on the duty of teaching the children to fear God and respect religion. Just then one of the company accidentally lot fall his glass, and the contents found their way down the back of another man. The result was a fight, and the landlord had to ent short his oration about the religious teaching of the young, and go and separate the combatants. —Mr. Dan Thomas tells his friends these days that, at the next Brewster Sessions, be is going to ask permission to change the name of his house from Plymouth Arm? to Corporation Arms. At last Merthyr has some chance of getting a corporation. 6 -Poor Mr. Macartney His visit to Merthyr to enthuse the Tory Party has been again postponed, owing to an attack of influenza. By the way, does anyone know who Mr. Macartuey is ? —There was great fun at the Washing Compe- tition. Bachelors will eagerly scan the list of winners in the single women class. Proceeds went in aid of the Brecon-road Mission-room. Cleanliness, we are taught, is next to godliness. PERSONAL.—We very much regret to stcuc that Mr. D. W. Jones, solicitor, of Merthyr and Dowlais, is confined to his house with a severe attack of influenza. ILLNESS —We regret to hear that Mrs. Alfred Edmonds ia seriously ill with inflammation of the lungs and pleurisy. She was just recovering from a recent accouchment when she caught cold. SCDDEN DEATH.—On Saturday morning las t Mr. Richard Thomas, landlord of tho Royal Oak Inn, Merthyr (a young man), died very suddenly at his house. An inquest was held on the body on Monday morning, before Mr. R. J. Rhys, coroner, when a verdict of Death from natural causes was returned. PERSONAL.—Mr. Peter Williams, once ono of the most prominent figures in Merthyr, and a man of singular ability, is seiiously ill fit his residence in Somerset-place. As an old journalist, -1; IVter Willianio will bo long remembered for his gallant fight against the truck system in the industrial centres' of South Wales and Monmouthshire. ST. DAVID'S DAY—Themetubersof theCymmrodorion Society sat down to an enjoyable dinner at the Victoria. Coffee-tavern on Friday evening last, in celebration of St. David's Day. A musical evening which had been arranged by the members of the Cymru Fydd Branch was postponed, in order that those who desired to do BO might attend the proceedings in connection with the Cymmrodorion, which were enthusiastic and characteristic of patriotic Welshmen. SUNDAY SCHOOL WORK.—At the quarterly meeting of the Congregational Union of Glamorganshire and Carmarthenshire, the Rev. J. G. James, Merthyr, introduced the subject of work among the young, dealing more particularly with the Sunday School question, and advocating the introduction of more amusements. The Chairman of the L'nion pointed out to Mr. James that_ the_ working of the English Sunday School System in Wales was a total failure, and that their English friends should endeavour to infuse more Biblical knowledge into their Sunday School children. POLICE COURT.—Monday, before Messrs. W. M. North (stipendiary), C. H. James, and M. Truran. DRUNKENNESS. Fined for being drunk and disorderly John Neagle; William Boot, High-street, Penydarren James Gwilym, Dowlais Mary Keaton, Dowlais; Thomas Jones, Penydarren; T. Hubbart, Dowlais Catherine Davies and David Lewis, Caepantywyll David John Lewis aud Wm. Evans, Brecon-road; David Harris, Dowlais Top; Herbert Harpur, Victoria-street, Dowlais William Hughes, Dowlais James Summers, Merthyr Vale Ellen Harrington, Dowlais (10 days imprisonment) and Henry Scholas, Merthyr. LEAVING A HOHSE UNATTENDED. — James Watkins, Aberfa)), was summoned by P.C. Tomkins for leaving his horse and cart unattended for an unreasonable timo before the Aberfan Hotel on Wednesday last. — He was fined 10s. and costs. NON-MAINTENANCE.—Richard Davies, Daniel Davies, and James Davies were summoned to show cause why they should not maintain their aged mother, Ann Davies, who was chargeable to the Merthyr Union. It appears that there were five sons, and three of them were paying Is. A week." This the poor woman complained to bo too little, and the Guardians wished their worships to make an order compelling the other sons to pay.— Tb* magistrates ordered them to pay 1' each per week. THE HOSPITAL.—Mrs. Davies, of 38, Thomas- street, who died in August last bequeathed £5 to the Merthyr General Hospital and that sum was handed to Mr. R. Daviei, the secretary, last week. TWTNTRODTS BUILDING CL(B.-At the monthly meeting of the above club held last Friday night at the White Hor-e votes of condolence were passed with the relatives of the late Mr. Henry Lewis and Mr. William Lewis. THE HIGH CONSTABLE.—We regret to state that Mr. Thomas Jenkins, J.P., Pant, is again laid up with bronchitis. His condition gives rise to much anxiety. His wife and daughter are also laid up in the same house. FOOT RACE.—On Monday morning a footrace took place at the Penydarren Park, between T. Barnes, Merthyr, and E. J. Morgan, of Dowlais, of 100 yards for £5 aside. The first run was a dead heat, but eventually Barnes won by about half a yard. THE PRIZE DRAWING in connection with the Typo- graphical Association for the l>enefit of Mr. T. Thomas is postponed until Wednesday next. March 13th. Winning numbers will appear in the Times on March 14th. All counterfoils must be in by Saturday, March 9th.—J. LEONARD, secretary. NEW MAGISTRATES.—On Monday last, Mr. Mat- thew Truran, chairman of the Gelligaer District Council, made the us-ual declaration, and took his seat for the first time on the Bench.-On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. John Rogers, chairman of the Vaynor District Council, also took his seat for the first time in virtue of his office. CYMRU FYDD.—The ordinary meeting of the Cymru Fydd League (Merthyr Branch) was held on Friday evening last, for the purpose of selecting representa- tives to attend the Aberystwyth Conference of the Cymru Fydd League, and the South Wales Liberal Federation. Rev. John Thomas, the president, and Councillor D. Davies were deputed to attend. CYKARTHEA WORKMEN'S SUBSCRIPTIONS towards the Merthyr and Cefn Distress Fund amounted to JE12 6s. 5d. paid to Mr. John Harpur for Cefn, L4 2s. Id. to Mrs. Hambly for the Merthyr Visiting Society, JB4 to Canon B. S. Wade, JE4 in addition to the above Mr. John Powell contributed 2s. and Mr. Henry Jones Is. The expenses amounted to 7s. 4d. THE WoRLl/s GREATEST SHOW.—We would again call attention to the gigantic circus that will visit Merthyr on Saturday, and which will be located in the old Penydarren Yard. As will be seen in our advertising column", by cutting out a coupon there- from, and taking it with them to the show ground, readers of the Times will be admitted half-an-hour earlier to inspect the menagerie and secure a com- fortable seat and avoid the crush. The circus will accommodate over 10,000 people. 3RD V.B. WELSH REGIMENT (MERTHYR DETACH- MENT.—Orders by P. R. Cresswell, Colonel Comman- dant, for week ending Saturday, 16th Mareh, 1895.— Monday, recruit drill. Wednesday, company drill at the Drill Hall at 3.15 p.m. plain clothes. Friday, recruit drill. For duty Col. Lewis, Sergt. Richards, Lance-Corpl. Evans, Bugler Rees. Next Major Jones, Sergeant Mitchell, Lance-Corpl. Vaughan, Bugler James.—By Order, D. R. Lewis, 3rd V.B. Welsh Regiment, commanding Merthyr detachment. MISSIONARY SERVICES.—On Sunday last, the Rev. F. G. Harrison, of the Congo River, preached at Mor- lais, Ainon, and High-street Chapels. This was a preliminary step towards the formation of a. branch in Merthyr and District of the Baptist Missionary Society. On Sunday afternoon a united meeting was held at High-street, when the galleries wcreoccnpied by I' the massed Sunday Schools of the three churches, and the missionary's address dealing with the work done on the banks of the Congfl River, was of a most interesting character. THE SOLAR SYSTEM.—On Thursday evening last, Mr. W. Edwards, M.A., II.M.I.S., delivered a most edifying lecture on the solar system at the weekly meeting of the Hope Mutual Improvement Society. The chair was occupied by Mr. H. M. Lloyd, I F.R.M.S., who, in the course of a speech, remarked that it was an astonishing fact that lectures which were of a high standard, and in which people were but little versed, were not so well attended as they should be. A number of those present expressed the pleasure and the instruction they had received, and declared that those who had failed to attend had suffered a w distinct lass. OBITUARY.—It is with deep regret that we have this week to announce the death of another well- known old inhabitant of Merthyr, in the person of Mr. W. Lewis, formerly and for many years the landlord of the White Horse Inn, Twynyrodyn. The deceased had been laid up for a fortnight at his resi- dence in Windsor-terrace, with inflammation, and on Wednesday he became much worse, death ensuing on Thursday. His only son is Mr. J. W. Lewis, solicitor, the newlv-elected member for th« Town Ward seat of the County Council. The funeral took place at Cefn Cemetery, on Tuesday last, when the Rev. D. Lewis, rector of Merthyr, officiated at the chapel and the graveside. The funeral was very largely attended by professional gentlemen, trades- people, and the public generally, deceased having been very highly respected by all classes of the com- munity, and esteemed by a wide circle of friends. Much sympathy is felt for the bereaved relatives. R.A.O.B.-We learn that the Grand Lodge of England has sanctioned a branch lodge of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes to be opened at the Boot Hotel, High-street, Merthyr. A large numher of gentlemen have already enrolled themselves. The objects for which the society is established are benevo- lence and the bringing together for mutual intercourse and encouragement of those persons who have hitherto confined their attention to special subjects of depart- ments of art. science, or literature. The society have lodges in all the principal towns in the LTnited King- dom and abroad, and being based upon sound financial and business principles it is strongly recommended to all men of thought. The lodge is held in a large commodious room set apart for the purpose at the Boot Hotel every Wednesday evening, at 7.30, and intending members should send in their applications to Host Theophilus Jones at the earliest opportunity. All already made" Buffs," whether resident in Mer- thyr or elsewhere, will be cordially welcomed at any or every lodge meeting. "THE ROAD TO FORTUNE.—This striking and stirring melodrama occupies the boards at the Theatre Royal this week, and nightly attracts a full house. The play is brimful of thrilling incidents, and is most interesting throughout, as describing in a most vivid manner scenes from military life. The scenery is of the most elaborate description, the one most worthy of notice being perhaps the battle scene in the Soudan. The plot is an elaborate one, and very cleverly worked out, whilst different characters are excellently depicted by the respective actors and actresses of the company. Mr. Norman McLeod, who takes the double role of "Jack Clinton" and The Coster," i-i an actor of considerable ability, and takes bis parts in a manner which reflects considerable credit upon him. Mr. Eric Hudson, "Morris Chanter," a villain of the deepest dye, a rogue and a. spy, also succeeds in captivating (if such word is per- mitted) the audience. He seems to thoroughly enter into the character of the man he is supposed to repre- sent, and does so to a nicety. Mr. J. O. Lingard (" Timothy Trott") and Mr. Harry Belding (" Berd Breesley") introduce the humorous parts, and create roars of laughter by their funny saying:i and droll ways. To the ladies, praise only can be given to Miss Grace Lester (" Edith Breesley "), who is a charming actress, and both as tho ward of "Colouel Conway" and the "Sister of the Red Cross" in the field of battle carries on her rolr in a natural and unaffected manner. Miss Nellie King as Matilda Scraggs" is very funny, whilst Miss Mane Gray ("Mabel Conway") and Ethel King (" Jerry Weasel ") deserve praise for the difficult parts they are called upon to rfcpc*=.jeiit. To sum up shortly, "The Road to Furtune" is a good play "rll -aired, and excellently performed. The acting manager js it* Fred Sheridan, who informs us that his company will, after leaving Merthyr, visit Llanelly, Cardiff, Pontypridd, and some of the biggest towns in Wales. THE WASHING COMPETITION took place at the Drill Hall on Monday evening last. There was a very good attendance, especially of ladies. The chair was ably filled by our much respected townsman, Col. D. R. Lewis. On account of illness several of the ladies who were announced to adjudicate on the competitions wen' unable to be present but the promoters were successful in obtaining other ladies to kindly undertake the judging, which, it is only fair to state, gave general satisfaction. The following are the names of the judges Mrs. William Harris, 144, High-street Mis. Timothy Evans Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Weatherly. After a selection by the band the first competion took place this was open to married women and widows for which a large number bad entered. A start was made, and after carefully examining the articles washed the award was announced by the Chairman as follows 1st, Mrs. Catherine Thomas, 6, John-street, Georgetown, a wringing and mangling machine value £ 2 5s. 2nd, Mrs. Jane Jones, 47, Gas-row, Dowlais, J-gross tablets of Sunlight soap given by Mrs. Lever Bros., Port Sunlight 3rd. Mrs. Martha Evans, 33, Brecon-road, lib. of best Souchong tea. The time given for the above was four minutes, and all except one completed the task in the alloted time. In all the competitions for washing Sunlight soap was used. The second competition was open to single women only, and was for the best ironed collar time allowed two minutes. Each competitor completed the task within the allotted time, and the Chairman announced th4 winners as follows 1st, Miss L. Hartley, 19, Tramroad-side, Pontmorlais, a handsome set of carvers with steel, given by Messrs. Lever Bros., Port Sunlight 2nd, Miss M. A. Williams, 29, John-street, Georgetown, a handsome coal vase, given by Mr. A. W. Bown, house furnisher 3rd, Miss Jennie Jones, 7, Brecon-road, a handsome alarum clock. The third competion was open to children under 13 years of age. Eighteen children competed. Task A towel to wash, rinse, and peg out on line. They did their work splendidly in the time allotted, five minutes. They competed in two lots, and all except two finished in the allotted time. The award was as follows 1st, Mary Elizabeth Williams, Brecon-road, a child's American rocking-chair, value 10s. 6d., given by Mr. Bown, house furniture 2nd, Jane Treharne, Cellar-houses, Brecon-road, pair of bronze jugs 3rd, Blodwen Griffiths, 17, Grawen- terrace, a 41b. box of sweets given by Mr. E. Pullman. The friends of the Brecon-road Mission are deeply indebted to the Hope Orchestral Band, who played several choico selections of music during the evening, to Mr. J. B. Williams, who sang excellently, and Miss Amelia Thomas who charmed the audience with two excellent songs to the delight of all present. They feel also indebted to the undermentioned ladies and gentlemen who assisted in the marking and start- ing of the competitors :—Miss Radnege, manageress of the Merthyr and Dowlais Steam Laundry, and Mr. E. Lewis, engineer of the Merthyr Steam Laundry who acted as starter and timekeeper, and Miss Heard, book-keeper of the Steam Laundry. It is only fair to state that the three winners of the ironing competition are ironers at the Merthyr Steam Laundry. The buckets and pans used were kindly lent by Mr. E. Humphreys, ironmonger, of High- street, and several donations towards the expenses of the mission have been received by the treasurer, Mr. T. J. Rice, which will be acknowledged in due course by the secretary. The mission has now been in exis- tence for nearly two years, and is doing good work in providing services for the poorer children of the neighbourhood during the week, and twice on Sundays, who would otherwise be neglected alto- gether. IRISH NATIONAL LEAGUE.—The usual weekly meeting of the W. E. Gladstone branch, was held last Sunday in Upper Taff-street, the president, Mr. H. Coughlin in the chair. Subscriptions amounting to 178. 6d. were handed in by the canvassers, and the minutes confirmed. A letter, with an acknowledg- ment for jB5, sent last week to the executive, was read to the meeting. Mr. J. F. X. O'Brien, M.P., the general secretary of the Irish National League. stated in his letter that Mr. John Dillon, M.P., had consented to visit Merthyr on the first Monday in May (6th), and that he was confident there would be nothing left undone to prepare for Mr. Dillon a grand demonstration of not only our friends in Merthyr, but also Dowlais, Mountain Ash, Merthyr Vale, and the whole district around. And we also express our confidence that this being Mr. Dillon's first visit to South Wales to hold a political demonstration, that the distinguished patriot will not only receive a most enthusiastic reception from the Irish people, but also from all the leading Liberals in the district.





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