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FOOTBALL NOTES AND NEWS. By SPECTATOR. The following note appears in a Cardiff contem- porary It is suggested that arrangements should be made whereby the Merthyr district will be able to put into the field next year a representative team that will be strong enough to redeem the character- of the locality from the stigma of relative inferiority. If Merthyr, Dowlais, Troedyrhiw, ani Cefn united for this purpose it is believed a really good show could be made, and that challenges could be given to strong local clubs. If the scheme matures it is hoped there will be no difficulty about entering into an equitable agreement for the necessary grounds. There are several players—Ben Vaughan, for instance—who might be counted upon to come out and render good assistance in the event of such suggested scheme being carried into effect. "A member of the Alexs. F.C." w.itea ;—Iu the Merthyr Times of the 22nd ult., you published a state ment sent in by the Tre legar Excelsiors F.C. that the match between the Merthyr Alexandras and the Excelsiors, which was played on the Alex's ground, ended in a draw. But this is not correct. The proper result was a win for the Alexs. by two tries to one They had their own leferee, and his own decision was a win for the Alexs. by the above score. I would be very glad if the referee would be so kind as to send in the proper result and so settle this dispute. Mr. R. Rawlinson, lion. see. Dowlais F.C., has written as follows to "Old Stager" of the South Wales Daily Nocs :Vith regard to your remarks with reference to the above match, I wish to state that the action of the Dowlais team was entirely due to the unfair decisions of the referee. The Dowlais team were given to understand that Mr. Ithel Jones, Treherbert, had been appointed to officiate by the Referees' Society. When we reached Ferndale a telegram was produced by the Ferndale secretary to the effect that Mr. Jones was at Manchester, there- fore a local gentleman was appointed at the last moment. With regard to the try which led to the regrettable incident of the afternoon, it was such a glaring breach of the off-side rule that the Dowlais team were disgusted to a man and completely lost thei r heads. I am pleased to state that both teams have mutually agreed to replay the match at Fern- dale next Saturday, and I am sure that with a com- petent gentlemen as referee the match will end pleasantly.—"Old Stager" comments as follows: The Dowlais men recognise the utterly ridiculous figure they cut, but Mr. Rawlinson has no right to allege that the decisions of the referee were unfair and even if the referee had been incompetent or partial, the Dowlais players acted in an extremely childish manner. The fact that the teams have agreed to replay the match or that they agree with reference to the refeiee's conduct does not affect the clear duty of the Welsh Union in tho matter. Clubs affiliated to the Union should realise their responsibility as members. Aberdare Harlequins went over to Tylorstown on Monday to play the team of that place. The crowd treated them rather unaentlemanly, and when the referee awarded the Harlequins a try the crowd got quite angry and rushed on the field of play. Seeing that the match was for the beneSt. of the widows and orphans of the recent colliery disaster, such conduct is to be deplored. Although the Harlequins were beaten, it must be remembered that they were opposed by a team com- posed of players, not only from Tylorstown, but from other parts oi the Rhondda. For a junior team the Harlequins hold a good record. They have played 18 matches this season, won 16, and lost 2. Well done Harlequins! TREORKY v. MKHTHYR.—Played at Treorky Ion Saturday. The visitois started, White returninar with interest. 1 lalf-tnnescore Treorky, 1 try2 minors; Merthyr, nil. A. Thomas re tarted, and a good return was made. J. Thomas then made a fine sprint from a succeeding scrum in half-way. From a subse- quent restart the visitors succeeded in notching a minor point from a long kick. Final score Treorky, 3 trys 5 minors Merthyr, 2 minors. RHYMNEY STARS V. MERTHYR A.—Playtd at Merthyr. In the first half Percy Ward, for the homesters, scored a try, which Bert Marshall nearly converted. At half-time the score was Merthyr A, 1 try to nil. No point was added in the second porioel by either side. DOWLAIS HARLEQUINS v. MERTKYR ALEXS.-This match was played on the ground of the former before a large crowd of spectators. Up till Saturday the Harlequins had not been defeated. The game was an interesting one, the passing of the visiting three- quarters being excellent. From a bout of passing, Evan Collins scored a try, which was not converted. The uprights were very close together, being fully five feet too narrow. Tho forwards were about evenly 00 matched. Benjamin Jehu picking up smartly from a scrum, got away nicely and threw to his partner, Ted Pugh, who, running strongly, passed those who opposed him in splendid form, and when confronted by the full-back threw back to his partner, Jehu, who had attended him all the way. Jehu simply had to touch down this was not converted, the ball going over the upright. Half-time was soon called, the Alexs. leading by two tries. The 'Quins played lietter in this half, but never had any chance to score. Jack Ferguson was playing a champion game, his kicl i Ig was superb. From one of his returns the home full- back failed to take, and W. H. Jones, snapping the ball up smartly, was over in a trice. Jack I' erguson was entrusted with the kick, and although the angle was elifficult, and a strong wind was blowing, he planted a magnificent goal. Soon afterwards the right wing three-quarters scored, after the whole of the backs handling. Jack Ferguson again converted. Final score Alexs, two goals two tries; 'Quins, nil. ABERDARE HARLEQUINS V. TYLORSTOWN.—Th:s match was played at Tylorstown on NIal)on'ia Day, thw proceeds being for the benefit of the widows and orphans of the recent disaster. The ground was in a very bad condition, and quite unfit for playing upon. The result of the game was Tylorstown, one goal and a try; Harlequins, one try. The decision of the referee in awarding what was in every way a fair try to Aberdare was challenged by the crowd, who behaved indecorously. The following composed the Harle- quins :—Full-back, J. Harris three-eiuarters, D. Thomas, I). G. Giles, J. A len, and J. R. Griffiths; halves, J. Llewellyn and W. Allen forwards, Dick Harris, T. Evans, D. Rees, W. T. Williams (captain), R. George, D. Samuels, J. Johns, and W. Lawrence. Next Saturday the Harlequins will play Merthyr Vale.