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"FANCY REPOSITORY FOR SOUTH WALES, (ESTABLISHED 1820,) HIGH-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. batches, Clocls, Silver Plate, Jewellery, China, Glass, Lamps, Cabinet Goods, Papier Machie Ditto, Electro Plate, superb Bohemian Glass Ornaments, Jet Goods in endless variety, and every description of Fancy Articles suitable for presents. R. & 33. P RAT T BEG to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and the Inhabitants of the town and its vicinity, that they have just made very Extensive Purchases in the above Articles, and are prepared to offer GREAT BARGAINS. Their extensive premises are constantly receiving a succession of New Patterns in Tea, Dinner, Breakfast, Dessert, ""d Cha r ber Services, in Porcelain, Iron, Stone, China, &c. The Cut Glass department comprises every Modern 8&d Elegant Design in Trifle and Dessert Dishes, Deeanters, Claret Jugs, Tumblers, Wines, &c, &c, together with every variety of GLASS of a plain and economical description. The following will give an idea of their extensive and well-selected Stock, and a specimen of Prices. An Early Inspection they beg most respectfully to solicit. a SILVER PLATE. PLATED GOODS. £ s. d. £ s. d. •able spoons and forks, at per oz 0 7 6 Best Sheffield plated Crnet frames, with four cut and coffee services, sahers, presentation glass bottles, from 0 15 6 dinner services, epergnes, claret jugs, Ditto ditto Liquor stands, from 2 10 0 goblets, &c.,&c, at the London advertised Bracket and Chamber candlesticks at per pair Prices. from 0 12 6 "dver fish knives and forks, in Morocco cases, Tea and coffee urns, tea lcettles, wine coolers, .from 3 10 0 tea and coffee pots cream ewers, sugar boxes, ^lI>g's pattern, lily, threaded, and Victoria toast racks, egg stands, bread baskets, salvers, dinner and dessert forks and spoons, soup and &c. sauce ladles, asparagus tongs, gravy, salt, and CUTLERY. bustard spoons, wine strainers and coasters, Ivory handled Table Knives (balanced) per fruit knives, apple scoops, watch chains, pencil dwzenfrom 12 6 cases, &c., &c. Ditto ditto Dessert ditto 0 17 6 Carvers to match per pair 0 8 6 pjl' ELEC1RO PLATE. Game ditto o 8 6 Iable forks and spoons, each, from 0 2 9 Kitchen knives and forks at per dozen from 0 6 6 dessert ditto ditto, from ••••■ ••• 0 2 3 A large assortment of pen and pocket knives, £ ea spoons* from v — 010 scissors, razors, Mechi's straps and pasts, nut- .c.laborately finished fish knives and forks, in crackers, boothooks, &c., &c. Morocco cases, from 1 1 0 CHINA ALBATA PLATE EQUAL TO SILVER. Very handsome Breakfast Sets 15 0 fable forks and spoons, at per doz., from 0 15 0 Dinner Services from 4 4 0 Dessert ditto ditto, ditto from 0 11 0 Tea Services from o 12 6 Aea spoons, ditto from 0 5 0 M Dessert Services from 110 WATCHES Toilet sets from 9s. 6d. to JE2 15s. cfiiP-BoId Horizontal watches, from 3 17 6 GLASS. BentTeen's ditto ditto, from 5 5 0 Best moulded Tumblers, per dozen, from 0 3 6 J.1 London made ladies'gold Levers, with gold Decanters, in sets of four, from 0 7 6 from ••• •• Best cut half-pint Tumblers, per dozen, from 0 7 6 1*9 ditto gentlemen's^ with hard enamelled Plain do do do do .0(0 extra Jewelled, from 12 12 0 Best cut Wine glasses 0 5 6 silver Horizontal watches, first quality, Salt cellars, per pair, from 0 o 9 Pnri0111 t •••••• 1 18 6 Water jugs from 0 3 6 size gentlemen's ditto, from. 2 5 0 Champagne, hock, claret, &c., wine coolers, finger est, London made silver Lever watches, full size glasses, trifle and celery dishes, custard cups, and jelly extra strong cases, from 3 18 0 glasses, goblets and ales, claret jugs, caddy glasses, lamp ditto, extra jewelled, gold balance and ditto, toilette and smelling bottles, dinner caraffes, and gCaPped, from. 4 10 0 tumblers, &c., &c, *.tra strong London made silver pair case Ver- JEWELLERY. from atCh6S' suita^e ^°r ^arin Servants, plain and elegantly mounted brooches, set with cameos, > second hand ditto, in'silver cases;"from 0 15 0 garnets, turquoises, carbuncles, amethysts, &c., &c *enical watches in strong German silver cases, scarf pins, rings, studs, lockets, earrings, gold guard and from 0 7 6 albert chains, bracelets, necklets, wedding and mourning Wlll "e *'Ven nDg8'&C" MOURNING JEWELLERY. prnnif<j c^a'ns» P'ns» studs, bracelets, earrings, necklets, J* LLOOK.&. crosses, chains, waist band, fasteners, &c., &c. 'lot-day London made spring clocks, in maho- ivi term r AVTFS »«any eases, from 118 6 MISCELLANIES. ^°Ddon made eight-day kitchen clocks, in Tortoiseshell dressing, side, hack, and pocket combs, jyPainted deal cases, from ••• 3 15 0 musical boxes, Scotcrh 'sn^ff boxes, French and Dutch "too ditto in best French polished pak cases toys, plate powder worltboxes^ trinket ditto, telescopes, jvjfrom 4 17 0 hair, tooth, flail, and shaving brushes, ladies' and gentle- ilto ditto in best French polished mahogany men's dressing cases,' travelling bags, desks, portfolios, «, £ a?es 5 17. 6 inkstands, pbrtmonies, cabinets, Colt's revolvers, &c., &c. ^erican clocks in mahogany or zebrawood A large assortment of gold, silver, shell, and cases French polished from 0 9 6 steel spectacles, eye-glasses, and preservers, clocks in great jrariety from 14s. 6d. to £ 50 direct from the most eminent opticians of the 'Ocks and Watched cleaned and repaired by day. » Competent workmen by the year. Best Brazilian pebbles in steel frames, from 0 10 6 y of the above fitted up and sent to any part Chandeliers, from two to fifty lights, at manufacturers of the county carriage free. prices. }n Baylor's celebrated Beimontine Lamps may be had in Bronze, Ormolu or Stained Glass, at 20s. 30s, 50s, and Oy. Old Lamp pedestals fitted with new Beimontine burners, at 13s 6d each. Palmer's Candles, Beimontine »in eaptukd cans, at 5s 6d per gallon. PRIZE OUPS AND CREST BUTTONS PROCURED ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. „ GOLD, SILVER, DIAMONDS, AND PRECIOUS STONES, BOUGHT OR EXOHANGEO,. R c^-B-~R. & B. P. beg to call particular attention to their Jobbing Department, they having engaged additional Workmen to superintend that important branch of their Business. Clocks cleaned and repaired in town JJJ country. Repeaters, Horizontal, Duplex, Lever, and Vertical Watches properl repaired at most reasonable .jggjpJ^olej^genti^fo^^ arrison's Patent I Montgomery' Coffee Urns MdPercoiatora.