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PEMBROKE-D-OCK. THE LAUNCH OF THE STEAM RAM RESEARCH. On Saturday evening last, the steam ram and turret Ship Research, the first of her class constructed b Mr Reed, was successfully launched at Pembroke Royal dockyard. The afternoon was cloudy, with a strong Southerly wind, and every appearance of rain, but Mill it kept off. When we entered the yard, about a pin., the gateway was crowded with carriages, and persons of all grades, hurrying on to see the great siitht 01 one of Britain's safeguards descending to her des incil element. The officers of the establishment were exceedingly cour- teous to the visitors, who were numerous, find under the aigilant care of the superintendent of police, and his Efficient staff, order was completely preserved. At the bow of the ship, and on each side of it, was a raised platform, covered with canvas, a substitute for carpets; On the rails flags were suspended, and chairs and other Beats were inside for the invited guests Over the bow Was -uspended a large bunch of ripe wheat, an emblem of harvest time, and plenty. The ship had been previously Set up, her ways well greased, the dog shores fixed, with greyhound painted on each, triggers under them, a square trunk about ten feet long, with in which was a huge piece of cast iron enclosed, suspended by a piece of White rope passed round the stern to either side; a bottle Of wine enclosed in a garland of evergreens was also Suspended from the bow. At 5.25 p.m., Miss Kerr, daughter of Lord Frederick Kerr, of Her Majesty's Ship Blenheim, broke the bottle and named the Research. She was presented with a mahogany box, nicely polished, which contained a beautiful mallet and chisel, manufactured for the purpose by the artisans of the yard. The young lady took them out, and then cut the rope down the dogshores. After a few seconds i lee huge structure glided down the ways in tine style, amidst the vociferous cheering of several thousands of anxious spectators. The dockyard hand, under the leadership of Air Haucock, played beautiful pieces of music, and ter- minated with the National Anthem, God save the Queen.' Amongst those present we noticed U. Lort.Phillips Esq., M.P., Major Leach and family, M. A. Saurin, E,(I. Orielton Mrs Adams and family, Hrtlylarid; Arthur Lort Phdlips, Esq., Rev. Francis George Leach, Saint Petrox; Frederick Clark, E>q Bui well; Cap-. Jaeluion, and Miss Gilbert and friend, New Milford; Capt. Stanley, 3rd P.R.V. Corps; Dr Reid, Pembroke; — Allen, Esq, Tenby; Stephenson, Esq., Saunderafoot; Dr. Read, Underdown. besides a large numbtr of officers belonging to the establishment; also a great many officers of both the army and navy, dressed in their gorgeous uniforms, interspersed among a greater number of England's fair daughters. There was a large party in the evening, given by (J,¡pt Oiinated, as allsllch joyful gatherings should do, i e., with the greatest good feeling, and with the hope of a similar re-union, at the launch of the iron-clitd steam frigate, Zealous, which is expected to take place in a few weeks. Loring, Superintendent of the Yard, and everything tcr- The dimensions of the Research,' kindly supplied by Mr Fibchair, master shipwright, are as fotlowa: — 4 guns of large calibre-200 horse-power. ft. in. Length between perpendiculars.. 195 0 Breanth extreme. 36 6 Depth in hold 16 2i Burthen in tons 1252 90-94 The ship is to be taken into the dry dock and iron-cased forthwith.




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