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Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

ROYAL NAVY IX COMMISSION. ITIiX sain, Aboukir, Jamaica Foxhound, Mediter. Philomel, W. Africa Adder, Chatham Galatea, N. America Phoebe, Mediter. Adventure, troop, ser and West Indies Pigmy, Portsmouth Advice, Queenstown Geyser, Channel Pioneer, ord. home Aj&x, Kingstown Gorgon, ord. home Plover, N. America Alacrity, Sheerness Grappler, Pacific and West Indies Alecto, Brazils Grasshopper, China Porcupine, Channel Alert, C. of Scotland Greyhound, N.Amer. Princess Alice, Dvpt. Algerine, China and West Indies Procris, Malta Antelope, W. Africa Griffon, W. Africa Psyche, Mediter. Archer, W. Africa Handy, W. Africa Pylades, N. America Ardent, Woolwich Hardy, China and West Indies Argus, China Harpy, Greenock Queen, ord. home Ariadne, N. America Harrier, Australia Kacehorse, China and West Indies Hastings, Queen's T. Racoon, par. ser. Ariel, Mozambique Havock, China Hanger, ord. home Bacchante, Pacific Hawke, Queenstown Rapid, Mozambique Bann, Fowey Hecate, ord. home Rattler, China Barracout&, N.Amer. Hesper, China Rattlesnake, W. Af. and West Indies Himalaya, troop ser. Recruit, Chatham Barossa, China Hogue, Greenock Resistance, Channel Blk. Eagle, Wlwich. Hornet, East Indies Revenge, Mediter. Blk. Prince, Channel Hydra, Woolwich Rifleman, China Blenheim, Milford Icarus, ord. home Rinaldo, N. America Bloodhound, Immortalite, N. Am. and West Indies Bouncer, China and West Indies Ringdove, ord. home Brisk, pas. home Industry, store ser. Rosario, N. America Buzzard, N.America Insolent, China and West Indies and West Indies Investigator, W. Af. Royal Oak, Channel Cameleon, Pacific Jackal, Greenock Russell, Falmouth 'Caradoc, Mediter. Janus, China Satellite, Brazils centaur, ord. home Jaseur, W. Africa Seout, ord. home ■Charybdis, Pacific Jason, N. America Severn, East Indies Challenger, North and West Indies Shamrock, Hebrides Amer. & W. Indies Kestrel, China Shannon, N. Amer. Chanticleer, Medit. Landrail, N. America and West Indies Clio, ord. home and West Indies Shearwater, Pacific Clown, China Leander, Pacific Sheldrake, Brazils Cockchafer, China Lee, W. C. of Africa Slaney, China Cockatrice, Danube Leopard, China Snap, China Colossus, Portland Liffey, Mediterran. Sparrow, W. Africa Columbine, Scotland Lightning,Pembroke Speedy, Portsmouth Coquette, China Lily, North America Spider, S. America Cormorant, China and West Indies Sprightly, Portsmth. Coromandel, China Liverpool, Channel Staunch, China Cornwallis, Hull Lizard, Scotland Steady, North Amer. Cossack, Meditter. Mtciciens*, Medit. and West Indies Curaaoa, Australia Malacca, Mediter. St George, Mediter. curlew, BrMilo Manilla, China Stromboli, Brazils Cygnet, X. America Majestic, Liverpool Styx, North America and W. Indies Marlborough, Medit. and West Indies Dart, coast of Africa Meanee, Mediter. Supply, par. ser. Dasher, Portsmouth Medea, N. America Surprise, Mediter. Dauntless, Sthmpton and West Indies Sutlej, Pacific Dee, store service Medina, Mediter. Swallow, China Defence, Channel Medusa, Sheerness Tartar, Pacific Desperate, N. Amer. Megsera, par. ser. Terror, Bermuda and West Indies Miranda, Austrailia Topaze, ord. home Devastation, Pacific Mullet, W. Africa Torch, coast of Africa Doterel, Brazils Mutine, ord. home Trafalgar, Mediter. Dromedary, par. ser. Narcissus, C. G. H. Tribune, Pacific Duke of Wellington, Nile, North America Trident, Gibraltar Portsmouth and West Indies Trinculo, Channel Eclipse, Australia Nimble, N. America Triton, Brazils Edgar, Channel and West Indies Valorous, C.G.Hope Edinburgh, Queen'* Odin, ordered home Vesuvius, N. Amer. Ferry, N.B. Orestes, C. G. Hope and West Indies Elfin, Portsmouth Orlando, Mediter. Victoria and Albert, Emerald, Channel Orontes, Portsmth. Portsmouth Enchantress, Ptmtfa, Osborne, Portsmoth. Vigilant, E. Indies Encounter, ord. hme Osprey, China Virago, par. service Esx, Australia Pandora, W. Africa Vivid, Woolwich Espoir, W. Africa. Pantaloon, Bombay Vulcan, ord. home Euryalus, China Pead, ord. home Wanderer, Mediter. Fairy, Portsmouth Pelican, Mediter. Warrior, Channel Firefly, Mediter. Pembroke, Harwich Weazel, China. Fire Queen, Ptsmtk. Penguin, Cape G. H. Weser. Galatz Flamer, China Perseas, China Wildfire, Sheerness Forte, Brazils Peterel, N. America Wrangler, ord. home Forward, Pacific Thseten, N. Amer. Wye, Sheerness Fox, par. service and West Indies Zebra, W. Africa SHIPS. Acorn, Shaaghsri Fisgasd, Woolwich President, Thames Active, Rartlepool Formidable, Shrness Royal Adelaide, De- Asia, Portsmoath Gipsy, Queenstown vonport Boscawen, Sthmptn. Hiheinia, Malta Saracen, H. Kong Brilliant, Dundee Implacable, Devon- Saturn, Pembroke Britannia, Portland port Sealark, Portsmouth Cambridge,Devonpt. Impregnable,Devon- Seringapatam, Cape Cawopus, Devonport part Southampton, Sness. Castor, NarthSktelds Indus, Devonport Squirrel, Devonport Cumberland, Sheer- Isis, Sierra Leone St Vincent, Prtmth. Doedalus, Bristal Madagascar, Rio Trineemake.Sunder- Eagle, Liverpool Meander, Ascension land Egmont, Rio Naiad, Callao Victory, Portsmouth Excetteat, Portemth. Neneus, Valparaiso Vindictive, Fernando Fansy, Portsmouth Prinoess Charlotte, Weliesley, Chatham Ftrzd, 'Queeftdown I Bong Kong Winchester, Abrdn. GASCBAXM ON TZB AMSBICAK W AB.-The following letter has been addressed by Garibaldi to "Abraham Lincoln, liberator of the tdaves in the republic of America:' —* Gaprera, August 6.—If, in the midst of your battles of Titans, our voice may reach you, permit the free chil- dren of Columbus to approaeh you with words of good omen, and with admiration for the great work which you have undertaken. Inheritor of the idea of Christ and of Brown, you will descend to posterity with the title of liberator, more enviaible than a crown or any human treasure. An entire race of men, bound by selfishness in the chains of servitude, has been restored by you, and at the eost of America's noblest blood, to the dignity of man, to civilisation, and to love. America, which taught liberty to our fathers, operas up anew the ftolemn era of fiuman progress. As freemen, solemnise religiocsly the .downfall of slavery. Hail, Lincoln, pilot of liberty Hail to you, who for two years have been fighting and falling around its regenerating standard! Hail to you, raoe of liberated chain The freemen of Italy lias the braises which your chains have produced.- GARIBALDI.* WILL OF THE LATE SIR GEORGE LBWIs.-Tlte will of the Right Hon. Sir George Cornewall Lewis, Bart., D.C.L., M.P., P.O., of Harpton Court, near Radnor, South Wales, and Kent House, Knightsbridge, was proved in London by his brother, the Rev. Sir Gilbert Frankland Lewis, M.A., canon of Worcester, rural dean and rector of Mornington-on-Wye, Herefordshire, the flole executor. The personal property was sworn under £ 20,000. The testator has bequeathed to his wife, Lady Maria Theresa Lewis, beyond her marriage settlement, all his property in British, foreign and colonial securi- ties, for her own absolute use, also hill town residence, Kent House, with the furniture and other effects but, as respects jewellery, Sir George directs that the diamonds presented to her ladyship by the late baronet's father, the Right Hon Sir T. F. Lewis, Bart., shall, upon her lady- ship's decease, become the property of his (the testator's) brother, the successor to the title and estates, whom he has appointed residuary legatee of both his real and personal property. The will bears date the 9th December, 1861.—Illustrated 1Vetet. THE LAW STUDENT AND THE ENRAGED MUSICIAN. 'QUIET APARTMP,.NTs!-A younp,, man, in appearance tall, slight, and not ill-formed, in manner apparently quiet, courteous, and unassuming, having a large bundle of papers under his arm, applied to the sitting magistrate at Clerkenwell on Saturday, under the following cir- ,cumstances.- -The Applicant said I am a law student, and from my reading I have found that law is like a country dance-people are led up and down it till they are tired. Law is like anew fashion, people are bewitched to get into it It is- also like bad weather most people are glad when they get out of it Now, although I know that a man may assault another in the defence of his wife, and that a man tells no lie in the eye of the law when he pleads not guilty to an offence that he has -committed, yet I want to know what can be done to a man who says he will do for me and my dog, and is al- ways annoying me, and that without any rhyme or reason. The Magistrate inquired how it was that the -applicant was annoyed, and of what he complained. Ap- plicant You see, fir, I was sold. I saw in the news- papers that there were furnished apartments to let in an airy situation. The room was described as quiet and fit for a gentleman of studious habits. I took the room, but had not been in it many days before the floor abore me was let to a man with a wife and family. That man and his family are the terror of my life. He had not been in the house long before I was aunoyed of an evening and early in the morning with his playing a fiddle and some- times he varied it with a flute. When he was at home the children would dance, and I could venture to risk my life on the truth of the assertion, that in the day time the children practised the art of becoming tumblers or acrobats. I have remonstrated with the mother but to no avail, for she only abused me and called me a stinking bachelor, and t )ld me to remember that I was once a child myself, and that she could not put old heads on young shoulders. When I spoke to the father that was worse, for he said he would kick me downstairs, and kick my dog after me, and that I was a man of no taste if I .did not admire his performances on the violin. The man Also told me that I was mad, and only fit for a lunatic asylum. The magistrate told the applicant that he had better engage other apartments, and leave the house. The applicant said h4 would adopt that course, and left the pourt amidst the titters of all present.


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