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If MR. EDWARD RIBBON, PlANO-FORTE. VIOLIN, AND VIOLONCELLO TEACHER Piano-Fortes TUffed RESIDENCE—6, MERLIN'S TERRACE, HAVERFORBWEET THE SMOKER'S BONBON IMMEDIATELY and effectually removes the Taste J- and Smell of Tobacco from the Mouth and Breath, and renders Smoking agreeable and safe. It is very Pleasant and wholesome. Prepared by a patent process, from the racipe of an eminent physician, by SCHOOL- ING & Co, Wholesale and Export, Confectioners, Beth- Hal Green, London. One Shilling per box; post free, 14 stamps.—Sold by Chemists, Tobacconists, &c. STEAM COMMUNICATION WITH TH SOUTH OF IRELAND. Via New Milford (Milford HtxmJ 4 Waterforà DAILY SERVICE—BUS DATS KXGZIPTED. THE Milford Haven and Waterford Steam Ship Company's X Royal Mail Steamers will sail (wind and weather per Oliiting-y. MILFORD HAVEN & WATERFORD. From New Milford,6.15 p.m.,on ) From Waterford, G.O p.m, on Arrival of the 9.15 a m. express [ arrival of the tram from Cork, and 6.0 a.m. third class trains, I Limerick, &c, so as to enable So as to enable passengers to passengers to proceed by Proceed by the 8.0 a.m train to tram, reaching Limerick, Cork, &c. I London about 6 p.m. For further particulars apply at any of the Railway Station. or of Messrs Jackson & Co, New Milford, South Wales. See B adshaw's Itailway Guide and Time Table BENSON, J. w. 25, Old Bond street, having re- constructed these magnificent premises, invites an Dspection of artistic works. BENSON, J. VV., STEAM FACTORY for CLOCKS 13 and WATCHES, 58 and 60, Ludgate Hill. BENSON, J. W., 99, Westbourne Grove. IB ENSON, J. W., 164, Tottenham-court-road. BENSON, J. W., MAKER of the GOLD CASKET -0 presented by the City of London to H.R.H. the PRINCE OF WALES. BENSON, J. W., MAKER of the CASKET presented A by the City of London to H.R.H. PRINCE ALFRED. J-JENSON, J. W., PRIZE MEDAL, LONDON,Class 33. ENSON, J. W., PRIZE MEDAL, DUBLIN, Class 10. BENSON, J. W., HONOURABLE MENTION, LONDON, Class 15 BENSON, J. W., MAKER of the CHRONOGRAPH D by which the DERBY is TIMED. BENSON, J. W., MAKER of the GREAT CLOCK of JD the EXHIBITION, 1862. BENSON'S Watch Pamphlet, illustrated, on every construction of Watch, with their prices, post free, 2d. BENSON'S WATCHES are sent to all parts of the World safe by post. BENSON'S WATCHES,-Gold and Silver, at 200 to JD 2 Guineas. ENSONIS 4 Guinea London-made patent Lever Silver Watch, capped and jewelled, in all sizes. BENSON'S 2 Guinea Horizontal Silver Watch, in all sizes. BENSON'S WATCHES, CHRONOGRAPH, KEY- LESS REPEATERS. BENSON'S WATCHES, CHRONOMETER, DU- PLEX, LEVER. BENSON'S WATCHES, HORIZONTAL CENTRE SECONDS, &c BENSON'S WATCHES in Sizes of Half to Three J:) Inches in Diameter. WATCHES REPAIRED by ENGLISH, FRENCH, SWISS, and GERMAN ARTISTS. ENSONIS CLOCKS for the CARRIAGE. Five Guineas. TlfiNSON'S CLOCKS for the DRAWING, DINING ■» and BED-ROOMS. ==- BENSON'S CLOCKS for the HALL, LIBRARY, and CARRIAGE. BENSON'S CLOCKS for CHURCHES, TURRETS, and STABLES. BENSON'S CLOCKS and GARNITURES DE CHE- MINEES. CLOOKS REPAIRED by ENGLISH, FRENCH, KJ aad GERMAN ARTISTS. CANDELABRA in ORMOLU and BRONZE. QANDELABRA IN SILVER and ELECTROPLATE BRONZES d'ART by ROSA and ISIDORE BON- .0 HEUR. BRONZES d'ART by CLODION, BAltYE, and .0 CARRIER. BRONZES d'ART, by PRADIER, CHARTROUSSE, .0 &c. _TEWELLERY, DIAMOND, of ORIGINAL DE- SIGNS. JEWELLERY for BRIDAL and other PRESENTS. JEWELLERY, designed by ITALIAN and FRENCH ARTISTS. JEWELLERY, GOLD, for MOURNING WEAR, in great variety. SILVER PLATE, designed expressly for PRESEN- TATION. SILVER PLATE for RACING, FIELD, or AQUATIC SPORTS. {SILVER PLATE for the SIDEBOARD, DINNER and TEA TABLES. fSIL-VEr, PLATE for INDIA. JJ^VER PLATE, for DINNERS k la RUSSE. ^LVER PLATE, FLOWER, and FRUIT STANDS. 0LD BOND-STREET, WEST- HOA^URNE-GROVE, and TOTTENHAM-COURT- D. SUGARS FOR PRESERVING. P I • E L I, I S HAS NOW ON SALE A FULL ASSORTMENT OF RAW AND REFINED SUGAKS, AT VERY LOW PRICES. TEA AND GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. ESTABLISHED 1812. H. AND T. PRO C TOR :c A T B;A Y, B E I S T O L, IN calling attention to their SPECIAL MANURES, havejmuch pleasure in stating that they will be found of JL very superior quality, and the most economical which are manufactured. TURNIP, MANGOLD, AND POTATO MANURES have produced results of the most satisfactory and remunerative character on every description of tillage land WHEAT, OAT, AND BARLMY MANURES strengthen the straw, increase the quantity, and improve the quality of the grain in a very marked degree BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME has been proved to be the most economical source of Phosphates for the growth of luxuriant root and corn crops. G- S S 11 A N U E E S are very effective in improving the herbage. The preparation of Grass Manures is regulated according as they may be required to be more or less permanent in their character. MANUFACTORIES :— BRISTOL, BIRMINGHAM, CHE TER, AN WARWICK. AGENTS:— MR D. P. SAER, CHEMIST, :SEEDSMAN,&c, PEMBROKE-DOCK. MESSRS EDMOND & REES, DARK-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. MR. WILLIAM VAUGHAN, FISHGUARD.