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LOOAL INTELLIGENCE. ST. DAVID'S COLLEGE, LAMPETER.—The annual cere- mony of the conferring of degrees was performed at St. David's College. Lampeter, on Thursday week. In the list of those who obtained the B.D. degree we observe the name of the Rev. James Tasker. WESLEYAN SUNDAY SCHOOL.—The annual treat to the children attending U cse schools took place yester- day. The echotarit assembled at the schoolroom, and having been arranged in procession, proceeded through the ptincipal streets of the town to Cashfleld, where they partook of tea. Af cr tea they indulged in a variety of innocent games, in which they were assisted by the teachers "ud many members of the chapel. On their return to. the Wesleyan Chapel, they were very ably addressed by the Rev \V. Rogers, and departed to their respective homes, highly pleased with the day's pro- Mediate. •' ■■■ ",coo: ;■ J J^HAVRFORDWEST PETTY SESSIONS.—In our report of these sessions last week, Benjamin Phillips, a complainant in a case of trespass, was inaccurately described as re- siding at Shoalshook. We are desired to correct the error, and to state that the complainant resides at Pren dergast Place, and not at Shoalshook. F.A IR.-The annual fair was held on Tuesday. There was a large attendance, and the fair was well supplied with stock of all kinds. Superior beasts met with a ready sale at a slight advance in prices on last fair, and a good business was done in other descriptions. There was a numerous supply of sheep, in which an active business was done at improved rates. The supply of horses and colts was also numerous, but for these there was little demand and sales were fe w. The pig fair will be held to-day (Wednesday.) SCHOOL TREAT.—The children belonging to the Portfield Gate Wesleyan Sunday School were given their annual treat on Monday afternoon last. There was also a goodly number oi visitors from Haverfordwest present. After tea the children, their teachers, and other young persons, indulged themselves in a number of gamcs in a field kindly placed at their disposal by Mr. J. P. Jones, of Sutton Lodge. There was also some singing, and the Rev W. R. Rogers made a suitable address to those present; and before separating votes of thanks were given to Mr Jores for the use of the field, to the Rev Mr Rogers, and to the parties who had kindly provided the tea. CRICMT.—A match was played on Portfleld on Tuesday between the Haverfordwest and Tenby clubs. Haverfordwest went first to the wickets, and ran up a score oi 152 runs. The batting was very steady, and occasioned frequent changes of the bowling. Sergeant Buckland contributed 30 runs by careful play, and Mr Trindall's wicket fell for 26 runs, which, with a little more activity, might have been considerably increased Messrs Saunders and Williams scored 20 and 19 re- spectively, which were cleverly obtained. The total score of the Tenby eleven was 50 runs, the highest in- dividual score being 15, made by Mr Smith, who played well throughout the match. Tenby entered on its second innings, but were unable to complete it by 6 o'clock when the stumps were drawn. The first wicket fell for 4; the second for 5, and the third tor 16 runs. Mr Smith was not out with a score of 14, and Capt. Kelsey was similarly placed with a score of 15, which included weight made by three overthrows. The following is the score: — HAVERFORDWEST, Sergt Buckland, b Capt Kelsey 30 C. Sanders, c Mathias, b Capt Kelsey 1 T James, b Capt Kelsey 3 R. Trindall, b Capt Kelsey 26 E. Saunders, b Capt Kelsey 20 J. William-, c Smyth, b Capt Winterscale. 19 J. Griffiths, c Smith, b Capt Kelsey j J. Davies, b Capt Winterscale 0 F. Saunders, b Oapt Kelsey. 5 A. James, not out 0 W. M. Phillips, c Smedley, b Capt Kelsey. 6 Byes 15 Leg Byes 3 Wideballa. 0 15 Total. 152 TENBY. Stewart, c and b C. Saunders 3 Smith, c Trindall, b Buckland. 5 Capt Kelsey, b Buckland 15 Smyth, b Buckland 8 Reyne, c Trindall, b C. Saunder3 2 Capt Winterscale, c Buckland, b C. Saunders. 4 Mathias, not out. 3 Capt Leach, c Phillips, b Buckland.. 4 Strackey, c Trindall, b»Buckland.. 1 Smedley, b Buckland. 3 Capt Bailey I b w, b Buckland 0 Leg Byes 1 Wide Balls 1 Total. 00 PEMBROKESHIRE MIDSUMMER ASSIZES. The commission for these assizes was opened at the Shire Hall on Friday evening, before the Hon. Sir William Fry Channell. His Lordship ar- rived from London by the 6 49 p.m. express train, and was conveyed in the carriage of the High Sheriff of Pembrokeshire, Mark Anthony Saurin, Esq., to the Shire Hall, where the commission was read and the Court adjourned. His Lordship at- tended prayers at Saint Mary's Church the same evening, where the Sheriff's Chaplain, Rev F. Leach, of Saint Petrox, officiated. His Lordship took his seat on the Bench on Saturday at eleven o'clock. The High Sheriff, we regret to state, was ill, and His Lordship was ac- companied in his absence, by Mr Massy, of Cottes- more. The calendar contained two cases ;—one a charge against a seaman named Hugh M'Lean, aged eighteen years, of wilfully murdering George Russell, also a seaman, on board a vessel at Mil- ford Haven on the 24th of February last; and the other a charge of publishing a defamatory libel. The names of the gentlemen in the commissions of the peace for the two counties having been read, the following were sworn A GRAND INQUEST FOR THE COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. W. H. Lewis, Esq, Clynfiew (foreman) R. D. Ackland, Esq, Boulston C. Allen, Esq, Tenby G. S. Bunbury, Esq, Rosehill H. B. Brady, Esq, Fernhill R. Carrow, Esq, Johnstone Hall, C. W. Cork, Esq, Crisboro R. P. Davies, Esq Ridgeway W. Fortune, Esq, Leweston J. H. Harries, Esq, Heathfield G. A. Harries, Esq, Hilton S. Harford, Esq, Clarbeston Grange R: Llewellin, Esq, Tregwynt C. Mathias, Esq, Coedrath Cottage, Saundersfoot H. S. Morgan, Esq, Rbydwen T. Mansel, Esq, Pembroke C. Prust, Esq, Tenby Baron de Rutzen, Slebech Hall G. R. Rees, Esq, Penllwyn H. Sanders, Esq, Tenby C. R. Vickerman, Esq, Hen Castle W. Walters, Esq, Haverfordwest J. Peel Stephenson, Esq, Tenby The following gentlemen composed THE GRAND JURY FOR THE TOWN AND COUNTY OF HAVERFORDWEST. R. James, Esq, High Street (foreman) John Brown, Esq, Market Street David Clare, Esq, Castle Square Henry Davit's, Esq, Old Bridge P. Ellis, Esq, High Street R: Greenish, Esq, Market Street S. Green. Esq, High Street T. Gwyther, Esq, Old Bridge J. Harvey, Esq, Paper Mills John Green, Esq, Quay street John M'Ewen, Esq, Bellevue G. Palmer, Esq, Castle Square W. Phillips, Esq, Market Street H. Pliilpott. Esq, Victoria Place James Phillips, Esq, Shut Street G. Phillips, Esq, Shut Street Joseph Thomas, Esq, Quay Street Richard Williams, Esq, Shut Street T. Williams, Esq, Hill Lane W. Williams, Market Street Hit Lordship charged the Grand Juries, congratu- lating them upon the lightness of the calendar, and giving them instructions with regard to the cases which would come before them. After the Grand Jury had retired, Mr Allen (instructed by Mr J. C. James) applied for the postponement of the trial of Hugh M'Lean, charged with wilful murder, till the next assizes, cn the ground that material witnesses were absent. Mr Bowen (instructed by Mr Price) stated that he appeared for the defence, and that he bad intended making the same application if it had not been made by the prosecution. The Judge ordered the trial to be postponed till next assizes. When the case of Martha Whiteside Williams (who was charged with maliciously publishing a certain defamatory libel of and concerning James Griffith, at Whitechurcb, on the 26th of January, 1867,) was called on, Mr Bowen (who appearad for the defendant) said that after a conversation with the counsel for the prose- sutor, they had made an arrangement which rendered it unnecessary to trouble the Court with the case. The defendant, and also the writer of the letter, had author- ized him to state that they were sorry the publication of the letter bad given the prosecutor pain, and that they never intended to attribute dishonest motives to him. Mr r, Allen, on the part of the prosecutor, expressed himself satisfied with the terms of the apology. and the jury, under the direction of the Judge (who remarked that the terms were creditable to both parties) returned a verdict of not guilty. NON-REPAIR OF A HIGHWAY. The Grand Jury for Haverfordwest returned a true bill against the inhabitants of the parish oftst Martin, foe. non repain of a highway. This concluded tbe business of the Assizes, and the Court rose.

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