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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL IN FOREIGN PARTS —Sermons in aid of the above object with be preached in this town on Sunday next by the Yen. Archdeacon Clarke—in the morning at eleven o'clock in St. Mary's, and iu the evening at six o'clock in St. Martin's. A collection will be made on each occasion in aid of the funds of the society. THE GEAMMAR SCHOOL, HAVEUFORDWEST.-It givef 113 much pleasure to state that Mr T. D. Harris, or Laneast, baa recently successfully passed the Preliminary Examination of the College of Surgeons. Mr Harris ^as a pupil of tbe Haverfordwest Grammar School under the Rev W. Bowen Rowlands, head master. DRUNKENNESS AND RIOTOUS CONDUCT.-At the Police Office on Monday week, before the Mayor, Jno. Madocks, Esq. and H. P. Goode, Esq, David Harris, fowl mer- chant, of Quay street, was charged with having been drunk and riotous at the Old Quay, on Saturday evening. Ee was committed to prison for seven Cays and ordered to pay costs lis 6d, and in default of payment of costs to be further committed for seven days, CONFIRMATION.—Toe Lord Bishop h. Id his triennial visitation at St. Mary's Church on Tuesday week, for the purpose of performing the ordinance of confirmation. There were upwalds of 300ofbuth sexos confirmed. The lessons were read by the vicar of St. Mary's, the Rev. J. H. A.Philipps. and before and after the performance of the rite the Lord Bishop delivered a solemn and impres- sive address. There were present several of the clergy from the parishes in the district, and a great number of persons from the town and neighbourhood. TIn; SALM.N FISHERY.—We have much satisfaction in stating that Mrs Roch, of Butter nilI, has given directions for the construction of a suitable salmon pass at Llax-haden Weir. Mrs Roch, as soon as she was in- formed that a salmon pass was necessary at the weir on her estate, at once communicated with the conservators, and with a generosity which we cannot too highly com- taend, expressed her readiness to construct the pass ir. the manner which would best meet the wishes of the conservators. If the owners of weirs were to treat the conservators with the same courtesy and liberality as Nrs Rocn has done, we should speedily see c. very great improvement in the salmon fishery in this county. J NEWPORT, --Now that the bathing season has commenced, the attractions of this beautiful little watering place should be more generally known than it is at present. Newport, distant from Cardigan 12 miles, is a small market town in Pembrokeshire, on the sea coast, with a fine bay, and a large extent of sands. The town has at its back a picturesque range of rugged hills, and thus combines sea and mountain air. The neighbourhood is full of reminiscences of antiquity, such as ancient churches, cromlechs, and old British crosses and there are also beautiful rides and drives with most varied scenery in fact, in man)" respects, the situation of Newport reminds the traveller of one of these romantic old towns that he so frequently sees nestled under the foot of the Appennines. PEMBROKESHIRE BATTALION OF VOLUNTEERS.—The following general order was issued oil Monday, the ^l/tii ult: — BATTALION GENERAL ORDER. Head Quarters, Haverfordwest, 29th July, 1807. The battalion will parade in review order at 2 p m. on W ednesday, the 2S;b of August, in the Castle-square, Haverfordwest, and march to Portfield Race-course for battalion drill. Every man to be provided with 10 rounds of blank ammunition. The officers commanding companies will be pleased to examine the arms and pouches before and after parade. ( By Order) H. B BIUDY, Captain and Adjutant, 1st Administrative Battalion Pem. R.V. TRIAL OF MOWING MACHINES.—An interesting trial of mowing machines took place at Slebech on Tuesday week, between three mowers, belonging to tenants on the estate, for a prize offered by the Baron de Rutzen. The field selected was on the farm of Toch, and after openings had been made, and rather more than an acre had been cut out for each, the three mowers started about eleven o'clock. The first completed the work in cue hoar and nine minutes, and the second about 'fi t'a minutes later. The makers of the machines were Hornsby and Co, Burgess and Key, and Wood, and ali completed their work in such an admirable manner that the judges, Mr Lewis, of Picton Farm, and Mr Smith, of New House, bad no easy task to decide on the merits oi each. The judges awarded the prize to Burgess and Key's machine on account of its light draught, even cut, and simplicity of construction. In addition to the prize, Baron de Rutzen presented each driver with a hand- some gratuity for the manner in which the work was performed in a field with more than an average crop, and under very difficult circumstances. The machine, to which the first prize was awarded, was a remarkably well made implement, and was supplied by Mr Stephen Green, ironmonger, of High Street. COURT OF CHANCERY.-AUG. 3. (Before Vice-Chancellor Malins.) EE LANDSHIPPING COLLIERIES COMPANY MU-FORD HAVEN Two petitions—one by a creditor and the other by a shareholder-were presented for a winding up of this company, on the ground of insolvency. Mr Roxburgh, Mr Baity, Mr CottrcH, and Mr J Napier Higgins supported the petitions. Mr John Chester opposed for a large creditor and a shareholder, who alleged that no call had been made, but that if a call were made there would bo ample funds to pay the debts. The Vice-Chancellor made the usual order, and gave the carriage of it to Mr Stanley, who presented the first petition. ROOSE PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Shire Hall on Satur- day, before 0. E. Davies, Esq, A. B. Starbuck, Esq, J. P. Jones, Esq, Rev. P. Phelps, and Rev. J. Tombs. ALL' WIFTG ANIMALS TO STRAY. Richard Venahles, James Luke, William James, James Richards, William Lloyd, Richard John, and Daniel Rey were severally charged with allowing animals to stray on the highway. They were ordered to pay a fine of of Is each and costs, CHARGE OF STEALING A WATCH. James Larsons was c'harged with stealing a watch, the property of James Luke, at Milford. The prosecutor deposed I am a shoemaker, and live at the Old Dockyard, Milford. On Sunday evening at eleven o'clock, my watch was hanging on the dresser in Esy own house. The value of it is £ 2 10s, and there was a silver chain attached to it. About two o'clock I lost the watch and chain. I saw the prisoner about five O CIOCK, and told him I bad lost my watch. He said I have been here before now, but I have not got your watch.' He came to try on a pair of boots. On Tuesday morning the watch was carried back to me by Margaret Miller. Margaret Miller deposed: I live at Milford. I was going to Mr Luke's on Tuesday morning. I saw the pri- soner coming from there. He asked me if I knew where Mr Luke lived, and gave me the watch. He told me to put it by the door. I did so. I was going to Mr Luke's to have boots mended. The prosecutor recalled There was a knock at my door, and I saw this woman and a little girl standing at the door. One of them said Here's a watch by the door.' I said 'You carried it here.' Miller did not make much answer, but walked away. I did not see any boots with her, nor did she speak about mending boots. Miller recalled: I did not know anything about the watch I did not know it was a stolen watch. I was not keeping company with the prisoner the night before. I had a talk with him the night before. He told me to take the watch that night, and I agreed to do so. The prisoner said he had nothing to do with the watch and did not give it to the witness Miller. The Jjeacui dismissed the case, CRICKET.—COMMERCE HOUSE V. EARLY CLOSING CLUB. —A match was played at Portficld by the ;Tove named Clubs, on Thursday and Friday evenings, 25th and 26th insts., which resulted in favour of the former, as may be seen by the score. The bowling of Messrs. Griffiths & Istance was very destructive during the game. Annexed is the score :— COMMERCE HOUSE. First Innings. Second Innings. J. Griffiths, b Istance 13 b Istance 0 J. P. Lewis, b Istance. 3 not out 28 W. Evans, b Istance 0 b Davies 0 X. J. Rowe, b Davies. 3 c Saies, b Davies 4 J. Lamb, b Istance 0 b Istance 0 W. James, not out 2 c Griffiths, b Istance 0 W. D. Harries, run out.. 1 b Istance 0 W. Rees, b Istance 1 b Istance 1 J. "Williams, b Istance 0 b Davies 3 w 3, nb 1, b 4 8 Total 23 Total 44 EARLY CLOSING. First Lnnings. Second Lnnings, J. Davies, b Griffiths. 0 not out 12 A. Istance, b Griffiths. I b Lewis 0 Williams, b Griffiths. 0 c & b Griffiths 2 J. Griffiths, b Griffiths. 0 b Griffiths 2 W. Thomas, c sub b Lewis 2 c & b Lewis 3 A. Evans, run out 0 b Lewis 6 C. Saics, b Griffiths 4 b Griffiths 0 S. Mason, c sub b Griffiths 1 st Lewis, b Griffiths 0 G. Reynish, not out 2 b Griffiths, 0 w 1, b 3,1 b 2, 6 Total 10 Total 31 CRICKET.—A match was played at Portfield on the evenings of the 21th, and 26th inst, between the Haverfordwest Second Juniors and the Young Beginners, which resulted in favour of the latter by eleven runs. The following is the score :— HAVERFORDWEST SECOND JUNIORS. First Linings Second Lnnings R. Williams, c Scale, b Mathias 10 b T. Phillips.. 1 J. Lewis, c Gwynne, b T. Phillips 1 c Harries b T. Phillips 3 H. Saunfers, c H.Mathias, bT. Phillips. 0 c T. Phillips, b G wynne. 0 W. Thomas, b T. Phillips 1 b T. Phillips, 0 L. Buckland, b Mathias 0 b Gwynne 1 A. Tamlyn, b T. Phillips 13 c Harries, b T. Phillips 14 E. Hughes, c T. Phillips, b Mathias 0 c Harries, b Gwynne 0 W. Jones, b Mathias 0 not out 0 C. Brown, c Watson, b T. Phillips Oh T. Phillips.. 0 J. Harvey, b T. Phillips 0 b T. Phillips 0 J. Harries, not out 0 b Gwynne. 1 No balls. 2 No balls.. 2 Total 27 Total 22 YOUNG BEGINNERS. First Innings. Second Innings. H. Mathias, b J. Lewis. 3 b Lewis 0 R P. Cecil, b R. Willinms 1 c Williams, b Lewis. 4 R. Scale, b J. Lewis 10 b Lewis f 1 T. Gwynne, b j. Lewis 7 b Lewis 6 T.G. Watson, b J, Lewi 0 notout. 2 J. P. James, not out 3 run out 1 T. Phillips, c W. Thomas, b R. Williams 4 b Le",is. 8 H. Harries, b li. Williams 0 b Lewis 0 J. Phillips, b J. Lowis 0 c Williams, b Lewis 1 T. H. James, b J. Lewis. 1 b Lewis. 2 T. S. Cecil, c J. Lewis, b R. Williams 0 b Lewis 0 Byes, 2; no balls, 2. 4 Byes, 2. 2 Total 33 Total 27 HAVERFORDWEST RIFLE ASSOCIATION. The annual meeting of this association was com- menced on Monday, the 29th of July, and was continued on Tue-day and Wednesday. The weather on each day was very fine-in fact too fine for rifle shooting, for the sun shone out with groat brightness, and produced a dazzling mirage, which greatly influenced the shooting. The programme was an attractive one, and represented the sum of £ 115 in money, which was divided into 124 prizes. In addition to these, there were two silver Cups,-oue presented by Mrs Philipps, of Picton Castle, and the other by Mrs Scourfield, of Wil- Hamston,—and a prize given by Mr Enos Allen, of High Street, consisting of a pair of Hythe or Rifle Boots. Tiie weapon used in the competitions was the Long Enfield llifie, with the exception of Lord Kensington's Prize, in which the competitors were at liberty to use either the Long Enfield or the Artillery Carbine. This prize was con- fined to tbe Volunteers of the County, aud the association permitted the use of either weapon because the volunteers who were eligible to compete for it consisted of rifle and artillery companies. The targets and scoring throughout the meeting were the same as at Wimbledon, the position at the 200 yards being off the shoulder, and at all the other ranges kneeling. The following is the reselt of the different competitions:— PRIZE OF £15, restricted to Members of the Haverfordwest CorpF. Ranges 200 and 500 yards, five shots at each distance. 200 500 Total 1 Col-Sergt W. E. Jones £ 3 14 17 3l 2 Private D. Phillips £ 2 14 14 28 3 Sergt T. L. James £ 1 15 J2 27 4 Private A. Lewis 10 < 14 ]3 27 5 „ P.. I. Jones 10s 14 12 26 6 „ D. P. Davies 10s 14 12 2U 7 T. Waters 10s 11 14 25 8 Sergt Major White 10s 13 12 25 9 Capt Massy 10s 14 11 25 10 Col Peel 10s 13 10 23 11 Corp Andrews 10s 10 12 22 12 Private John Rogers .10s 12 10 22 13 Col-Sergt W. H. Morris 10s 12 10 22 14 Private T. Phillips 10s 13 9 22 15 Lance Corp T. James .10s 12 10 22 16 Private Geo Davies(2) .10s 15 7 22 17 Sergt Major Reid 10s 12 10 22 18 Lance Corp W. John 10s 12 9 21 19 Private John Rees 5s 13 7 20 20 Sergt John Thomas 5s 10 10 20 21 Private John Morris 5s 10 9 19 22 „ W. Wilkins 5s 9 10 19 COL PEEL'S PRIZE OF £10, reetrictefl to the Members of the Haverfordwest Corps. Ranges 200 and GOO yards, five shots at each distance. o 200 600 Total 1 Sergt T. L. James £ 2 13 14 27 2 Private John Rees £ 1 12 14 26 3 „ D. Phillips JOs 14 11 25 4 „ W. Griffiths 10s 12 13 25 5 Sergt Major White 10s 14 10 24 6 Private John Morris 10s 13 10 23 7 A. Lewis ]f)s 14 8 22 8 Col-Sergt W. II. Morris 10s 13 f) 9 „ VV*. E. Jones 5s 13 9 22 10 Private R, I. Jones 5s 15 7 22 11 Sergt Major Reid 5s 13 8 21 12 Private John Thomas 5s 12 9 21 i3 Thomas Waters 5s 10 10 20 14 „ Jacob Jones 5 s 10 10 20 15 Corp Andrews ds ]4 6 20 16 Private T. Phillips 5-; 10 9 19 17 Lance Corp S. Thompson 5s 13 6 19 !8 Corp B, Davies 5i1 13 6 19 19 Private Geo Morris 5s 12 7 19 20 D. P. Davies 5s 12 7 1 9 i 21 Geo Williams 5s 12 6 18 22 John Mathias 5s ,9 9 ig! 33 John Rogers 5s 12 6 is j 24 Sergt T. Lloyd 5s 14 '4 is) TIIF, FICTON CASTLE CUP, OR J (at the option of the winner) presented by Mrs Philipps, of Picton Castle, for competition by the HaverfordwestI Volunteers, with £10 added by the Association. Ranges, 200 and (jOO yards, five shots at each distance. li 200 600 Tl. 1 Private John Rogers (winner of the Cup or £ 5) 12 15 27 "2 Sergt. T. L. James £ 2 13 14 27 3 Private George Davies (2nd). £ 2 14 11 25 4 A. Lewis £1 13 11 24 5 D. Phillips £ 1 12 11 23 6 John Morris £ 1 12 11 23 7 Col-Sergt. W. H. Morris 10s 13 10 23 8 Private George Davies (1st) 10s 9 14 23 6 „ T. Phillips 10s 13 9 22 10 „ W. Rogers 10s 14 8 22 11 John Morris 5s 11 11 22 12 1. Thomas Waters 5s 12 10 22 13 Lance-Cnrp. S. Thompson 5s 13 8 21 14 Private Johu Rees 5s 12 9 21 THE WILLIAMSTON CUP, Presented by Mrs Scourfield, of Williamston, for com- petition by the Haverfordwest Volunteers, with ZCIO added by the Association. Ranges 200 and 600 yards, five shots at each distance. 200 600 TI. 1 Sergt. T. L. James (the Cup and Association Prize of £2) 13 12 25 2 Private George Davies (1st) £ 2 33 1t 24 3 W. Ro,erg tL 12 10 22 4 John Morris.El 11 10 21 5 Sergt-Major White £ 1 14 7 21 6 Private A. Lewis 10s 12 9 21 7 R. 1. Jones. ]0s 13 8 21 8 „ George Morris .10s 15 5 20 9 It D. P. Davies .10s 9 10 19 10 D. Phillips 5s 13 6 19 U Col-Sergt. W. E. Janes 5s 11 7 18 12 Private T. Waters.53 10 8 is 13 John Rogers 59 14 4 18 THE LORD LIEUTENANT'S PRIZE OF £10, Restricted to the Haverfordwest Volunteers, with £ 5 added by the Association. Ranges 500 and 600 yards, five shots at each distance. 500 600 Total 1. Sergf. T. L. James £ 4 16 15 31 2. Prvt. Geo. Davies, (1st) S3 12 12 24 3. Col..Sergt. W. E. Jones S2 14 10 24 4. SergL-Major Whitt XI 13 10 23 5. Sergt. T. Lloyd £ 1 12 8 20 6. Private A. Lewis lOs 9 11 20 7. D. P. Davies ..10s 9 10 19 8. Col-Sergt. W. H. Morris] Os 8 11 19 9. L.-Corp.J, Rees 10s 14 4 18 10. Sergt Major Reid. 10s 12 6 18 11. Private T. Rogers 10s 10 7 17 12. „ G. Williams 5s. 4 12 16 13. „ D. Phillips. 5s 9 6 15 14. Jno. Rogers 5s 9 6 15 15. „ W. M. Phillips 5s. 7 7 14 ALL COMER'S PRIZE OF c620, Divided into four prizes 1st, £10; 2nd, £ 5; 3rd, Y,3 and 4th, 12. Ranges 200, 500, and 600 yards, five shots at each distance. 200 500 600 Tl. 1. Private D. Phillips 1-1. 016 16 11 43 2. Sergt. T. L. James H. West £5 14 12 12 38 3. Sergt. Morris, Cardigan .£3..16 10 10 36 4, Corp. Jones, Cardigan £ 2 11 13 10 34 COUNTY MEMBER'S PRIZE OF £ 10, With £15 added by the Association, open to the com- panies forming the Pembrokeshire Battalion of Volun- teers. Ranges 200 and 500 yards, five shots at each distance. 200 500 Tl. 1. Sergf.-Major Reid, H. West £ 0 1" 17 32 2. Sergt. D. Morris, Cardigan.. £3 15 15 30 3. Prvt. G. Davies 1st, li.West.E3 13 17 30 4. D. P. Davies, „ £1.. 16 12 2S а. Col.-Sergt. W.E.Jones,, £ 1 15 12 27 6. Capt. Brady ,,£ 1 15 11 26 7. Sergt. T. L. James" Ll 15 11 26 S. L.-Corp. Jno. R3es „ £1.. 13 11 24 9. Private J no. Rogers" £ 1 11 13 24 1(t. „ W. Wilkins „ £ 1 11 12 23 11. „ A. Lewis £1.. 13 10 23 12. „ T. Waters „ £ 1 10 13 23 13. Sergt.T. Williams,Milford.. 10s ..10 13 23 14. C.-S.W.H.Morrig,H.West 10s 10 13 23 15. Private G. Williams „ 10s 13 9 22 16. C.-S. D.O.Jones, Cardigan 10s ..12 10 22 17. Private W. Codd, H. West.. 10s 13 9 22 13. Sergt. J. Simpson 10s 13 9 22 19. Private Jno. Morris 10s 14 8 22 20. "D. Pbillips „ 10s 11 10 21 21. J. T. Mathias, Cardigan 10s 11 10 21 22. Sergt T. Lloyd, H. West. 10s 11 10 21 23. Private T.Phillips „ 10s..ll 10 21 24. Corp. D. Jones, Cardigan 10s 9 10 19 LOR^CAWDOR'S PRIZE OF £5. Open to the Volunteers of the County of Pembroke. Ranges 600 yards, five shots. I Total. 1. Sergt. T. L. James, £ 2 14 2. Sergt.-Major Reid, £110<1 14 3. Sergt.-Major White £ 1 14 4. Corp. Sloggctt, Pembroke Dock, 10s 13 A PRIZE OF X5 Presented by Lord Kensington, Lord Lieutenant of the County of Pembroke, to be shot for by the Volunteers of the County of Pembroke only. Range 20.) yards, five shots. Weapon—Long Enfield hitle, or Artillery Car- bine. Total, 1. Gunner S. Webb, Pembroke Dock, £ 2, 15 2. Sergt. Williams. Milford, £ i 10s.. H. 3. Capt Brady, £ 1 ••••• 14 L.-Corp. J. Mathias, Milford, 10s 14 The last prize shot for was a pair of Hythe Boots, pre- sented by Mr Enos Allen, bootmaker, of High-street, for competition by the Haverfordwest Volunteers. The range was 400 yards, five shots. The prize was won by Sergeant T. L. James, with a score of 17 marks. The | following are the principal scores:— Total. Sergt. T. L. James 17 Private D. Phillips. 14 R. I. Jones 14 T. Waters 14 The meeting passed off most satisfactorily. Col. Peel discharged the duties of umpire with great ability and with perfect impartiality. The marking was performed hy the drill instructors of the Milford and Pembroke Volunteers, assisted by two members of thellaverford- west Volunteers, and it is but justice to them to state that the targets were kept in admirable order, and that the signalling was done with accuracy and prompti- tude. The Secretary of the association, Mr John R. Phillips, performed his onerous duties with his usual ability, and much of the success of the meeting is due to the care and attention he bestowed in tho arrangement of the detnils. The squad lists were made out with a rapidity that was highly creditable to the Secretary, and it is impossible to speak too highly of the neatness and accuracy with which j the register of the scores were kept. INTERESTING CEREMONY AT SAINT DAVID'S CATHEDRAL. On Thursday, July 4th, several of the inhabitants of this ancient City met at the Cathedral, now in course of restoration, to witness the re-placing of the coffin containing the bones of Bishop Gower, in the original grave which he had prepared for himself, and which was under the Rood loft, to the extreme right as you enter the choir from the dais. This grave was opened some two years ago for the purpose explained in the document below. The lead coffin was found to be in an excellent state of preservation. It was now re-soldered shortly after 11 o'clock, a.m., enclosed in a cover of wood, and let into the grave, with also a sealed bottle containing a printed extract of an article written about eighteen months ago by Mr J. B. Clear, clerk of the vl n works to the Arclucologia Camhensis, giving a full ac- count of the graves disturbed &=, and the following do- cument Saint David's Pembrokeshire, Juiy 4th, 1867. These remains of Bishoo Gower were removed from here on Tuesday, March 21st, 1865, on account of one of the main shores being placed immediately above the grave as the enclosed (the printed extract alluded to above) will explain, 'lhey were re-placed this 4th day of July, 1867, in the presence of J now engaged in and about the Cathedral. Gower died iu the year 1347; and so was for»l( years undisturbed. As above stated it became reaessary to do 80, and in the presence of several Of clergy, and inhabitants, the grave was opened and sequently the coffin. There was nothing however < eovered with him except a Pastoral Staff. T' ts, as a silver chalice, gold ring, End a silver coin found the grave of Bishop Beke, as also a silver chalice3 gold ring found in that of Bishop Carew, or at le3S'0, conjectured both graves being under the dais, i3 no* ,.j view at the Cathedral. Drawings of the same, take'' Mr Clear appeared as part of the article mentioned taken from the Axchcuologia Cambrensis, and of a copv was now deposited with the bones of the VeDe able Prelate.