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MILEOBD. MILFORD IMPROVEMENT COMMISSIONERS.—At a meet- ing of this body held last week, Mr Thomas Edmundr»f SliJford, was unanimously elected tn the oiSce of Clerk to the Comiaissoners, in the placo of Sir W. P. Williams,, who had resigned. Mr Edmund's testimonials were excellent, and we have no doubt lie will discharge the duties of the office with credit to himself and to the satisfaction of the Commissioners. FATAL ACCIDENT.—A fata! accident occurred on Satur- day last on hoard tho barque Empress Eugenie, bound for Milford, to a man named William Thwaite, 22 years of age. When off the Scilly Islands, the spanker boom came in contact with deceased's head, indicting such injuries as to cause his death almost immediately. The body was brought into Milford tor interment. As the lamentable occurrence was purely accidental, no inquest was held. LAUNCH AT MILFORD.—Thursday the 1st was a gala day at Milford almost the entire population turned out to witness the launch of the 'Eleanor' of London.} The quays and shipping presented a gay appearance « profusion of bunting floated in the breeze, and the strains of the volunteer band added to the enjoyment and plea- santly whiled away the waiting moments. At half-past six all being ready the work of launching began, and at 6.45 amidst the cheers of the spectators the battle was broken, and the vessel named by Mrs Lund the Eleanor' after Mrs Holdsworth. The dog shores being knocked away, she glided majestically into her future element, and this without a single hitch terminated as we are told the launch of the finest merchantman built in the port of Milford. Her dimensions are as follows — Length over all 145 feet breadth 27 feet; depth of hold 17 feet; classed A. 1. for 13 years, special survey. The Eleanor' was built by Mr Richard Lewis, of Mil- ford, and is intended for the China trade. She will be commanded by Captain Ronaldson. I'll'

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