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PEMBROKE-DO OK. H. M. S. Revenge has been mtored at her old winter quarters above the pier at Bobb'a Point. This will be touch more convenient for the men. THE STORM PETREL.—A few days ago, a storm petrel was shot by Mr Thomas Owen, Pembroke Dock. It Was swimming upon the water, inside of Pennar-mouth Sut. This is a rare bird in our locality, and is the only bird of this kind that has ever been shot in this neigh- bourhood, especially so far up inland. I-t is being stuffed and preserved by Mr James Tracey. PROMOTION AND APPOINTMENTS.—Captain George Le G. Bowyer, of the Revenge, has been appointed to the command of the Irresistible, vice Captain John Borlase, C. B., whose period of service has expired. Captain W. J. S. Pullen has been appointed to the Revenge. Lieut. Blair S. Hamilton of the Revenge has been appointed to the command of the Sharpshooter. ARTILLEHY VOLUNTEERS,—On Saturday afternoon this corps underwent its annual inspection before Co). Lennox, R.A., Commandant of Artillery for the South Wales district, accompanied by his aide-de-camp, Capt. O. Montgomery, C.B., Royal Artillery. The corps, comprising two batteries, numbered about 60 men, ex- clusive of the drum and fife band, and fell in on the arrack Hill, under the command of Caotain E. Cheval- lier, commandant, Captain B. J one?, and Lieutenant J. Riofcardson. The men presented a very clean and soldierly appearance. They were put through several Movements, which were veiy well executed, the march- i!Ig past and the wheeling being especially good. Trey ■^ere then put. through the manual and platoon exer- t'ses, after which the men were marched down to the Western Battery, where tbev went through the great. Sua drill in excellent: style. After the course of drill was concluded, the gallant colonel addressed the corps, saying that he was well pleased with the clean appear-' ance of the men and their equipment, the whole of them being well set up. Their marching past and wheeling "V,(,re good; but some improvement might be made in Vje manual and platoon. Their gun drill was excei- and this was the principal thing in artillery. He therefore, have much pleasure in reporting ^ourably of them to the authorities en account of their ei"ciency in the great gun drill. Three cheers were then gtven for Colonel Lennox and Captain Montgomery. A he corps then marched into the town, and was dis- missed. BRISTOL BANKRUPTCY COURT. MONDAY.—Before Mr Commissioner Hill. Be A: Long y Pembroke-dock, outfitter. Mr B. Alexander (instructed by Mr Goldsmith, from the office of Messrs WhiUinglon and Gribble), opposed on the part of the assignees. Mr E. E. Salmon (from the office of Mr Henderson), supported the bankrupt. The bankrupt stated, in his examination, that he car- ried on business as an outfitter, at Pembroke-dock about two and n-half years ago. He entered into partnership ?n ,°6'5 with a man named Richard Allen, and carried on '"siness under the partnership until the 8th of June last, ben he executed an assignment. He assigned his sepa- rate estate to Messrs Macmaster and Carter for the bene- fit of his creditors, and a similar assignment was execu- ted by Long; and Allen, of all their partnership effects Both assignments fell through, in consequence of the non- assents of the statutory number of creditors. On the 9th of July he was adjudicated bankrupt, and on the 26th of the same month Allen was adjudged bankrupt. His (bankrupt's) account showed creditors against separate estate of £ 0,712, whilst the assets of every description, including property in the hands of creditors, did not ex- Ceed £5,317. leaving a deficiency of £-1:,391. He accoun- ted for his deficiency by saying that there was an allow- ance made from his separate estate of between £2,000 and £3,000 for shipbuilding purposes. Up to within a few days of the execution of his deed of assignment there ^as not an outfitter shop in the town of Milford, which his name as proprietor over the door. The business (If. the shop was carried on by a man named Hodge up to Within eighteen months of his bankruptcy; and Hodges's came was for some time over the door. The business neter really belonged to him (bankrupt). Tho goods Were sold by him to Hodges, who paid him for them. (bankrupt) bought goods of wholesale houses to sup- Pi? the shop, and charged them to Hodges, as he should tp any other customer whom he had on his books. A sjnailar transaction took place with reference at another in Llanelly. At first be received the profits of this '*«°p, but in 1865 he transferred it to his assistant, named ^QUiver, drawing bills from him to the extent of £ 400, "hich were deposited with Messrs Walters & Co, banker; s had ordered goods for the shop since the transfer, "ut he had charged them to Colliver as be would another ^stonier. He may be indebted for goods ordered for those two houses. He had not received profits from the shops since the transfer. Those shops in spite of the tranBfer, did not belong to him. Hodges and Colliver their acceptances in payment of the stock and Isiness, and not for his accommodation. He acted as to tbe firm of Long and Allen up to within a few "^ntbs of tbe business b^ing carried on. He bad received jeteralsums on account of the concern within that period. fe disbursed some portions of the money shortly before "6 business closed in wages, goods supplied, and paid Into the bank. A3r Alexander applied for an adjournment, in order at the bankrupt might file a goods account and a cash oyomrt extending far enough back to embrace the sale o the shops—say six months. th 6 Bankrupt said that six months would not include eRe transactions with the shops. Mr Salmon said they took place nearly two years ago. tu r ^exaader said he wanted accounts of all the hank- s transactions. 18 Honour said that Mr Alexander could have special bujers to special questions, but it would be a heavy t *ndeed upon the bankrupt to require him to do <>? J/ Was asked for. Did Mr Alexander ask for a defl- e«ey account ? r Alexander: Yes. His Lordship directed a deficiency account to be filed, and ordered the bankrupt to answer the interrogatories which the assignees might put before him. Mr Salmon said there was a large estate, and he asked for the expenses of preparing the accounts. His Honour allowed a sum not exceeding ten guineas. The sitting was adjourned to the 12th of November. lie Ji. Allen, Pembroke Dock, shipbuilder. A similar order to that in the last case was made in this, and this case also was adjourned to the 12th of November.




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