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COAL PIT EXPLOSION AT SILVERDALJE STAFFORDSHIRE. Between four and five o'clock on Friday afternoon an IK «Ml°n of firedamp took place in the Hollywood Pit of the erdale Company, by which three of the. colliers ere literally blown to pieces. Fortunately the rest of e workers in the pit had just left it for some reason or her, and these three poor fellows remained below to put up some door in connection with the ventilation of the While they were thus engaged the gas took fire lth terrific effect. Mr Sparrow Wilkinson, one of the Partners, was at an extreme part of the pit, with a buity amed Durber. They heard the explosion and felt its nects, and, soon as possible, made their way to its scene, "en the pit presented a terrible picture. Immediate earch was commenced for the bodies, two of which were °uod at nine o'clock, the other, who was blown to a considerable distance, not being racovered until eleven 0 clock. A couple of Davy lamps, with the tops off, ere found in the pit. The names of the deceased are shmael Richards, 27, married and three children Isaac J^illiams, 30, married and four children: and George ■Bowers, 23 single. .» ALARMING COLLIERY ACCIDENT.-Anotber alarming JjOiliery accident occurred in the North of England on *QUrsday. A large group of collieries are wrought in the "ear household coal district by the Hetton Coal Com- Paoy, and one of them. Moorsely Downs pit, is situated about half a mile from the village of Hetton, in the county Durham. There are two shafts in the pit—Eppleton ane, or down cast; and the Cawline, or upcast shaft, he Eppleton Jane is something over 160 fathoms deep, fle Hetton seam being wrought about 40 fathoms from oe bottom, an intake communicating with the Cawline There was the usual wood work, frame pullies, Wooden screen, cabin, &o., at bank. Wednesday night *as cold and gusty in the north, and some of the men employed at bank had lighted a fire near the screens, and "t is supposed that some of the burning coals had been Crown aaiong the wood work, for about 2 o'clock it was ^covered that|the screens and gearing were cn fire. The fst call of the first shaft of the pitmen were all in the at tho time and when one of the overmen had ?°ne down the pit about that hour, he found all the men Q the greatest alarm from the smoke and atythe blowing 1 among them. A smart breeze fanned the fire into a li *h 6-' an<^ screena an(^ wo°d work were soon in flames, ohting the country round. The pit 'busser' was funded, and pitmen flocked in from the neighbourhood, small fire-engines were brought into play, but the burnt fiercely, igniting 10 waggons of coals, which tin6 8tan<^iQK hard by. The down-oast current of air oak clouds of smoke into the workings of the pit, and anxiety was felt for the safty of the men and lads, j. °ut200 in number, below. There was a coram unica- however, between the pit and the Hetton Colliery — { £ ain showing the immense importance of having more one means of egress from a mine in case of accidents the bulk of the men and lads were got out by the ^ba/°n 'but, on making a muster, it was found 'several men were missing, and a party (including Lindsay Wood, of Hetton hall, one of the partners, do PP^ew^ite, Mr. Peter Spooner, and others,) went qn^11 be'veen an(l o'clock in the morning, in °f them. They proceeded down the Caroline shaft, « 0 m searching the intake they found the missing men, 6 in number. The back overman, Robert Thompson, <j,"s lying in a dying state close to the edge of the shaft, be other men were suffering severely from the effects of e 8tythe and smoke driven into the pit. They were all Peedily sent to bank, but Thompson died soon after be as taken to his residence, Caroline-street, Hetton, Hill, ClaO (If the other men, is seriously ill. Between 20 and 30 8h ft 01;^er men an(l brought to bank up the Hetton a Were very ill from the effects of the smoke and gas, several of them were insensible. The fire continued J rage four hciurs, and all the standing gear, with the 16 -1*1 at the Jane pit, were destroyed. The ^1!. Iaid off the accident.



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