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Family Notices

Hysbysiadau Teulu

N BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, & DEATHS. Births, Marriages, and Deaths, should be sent to taVnf anus°ript, properly authenticated. We cannot under- arm f 8ear°h other papers for these announcements, whicn be^uently found obe incorrectly printed, or turr out 0.. BIRTHS. the • 'n9t> St- Thomas Green, in this town, Wjfe of Mr John Jone«, cabinet-maker, of a son. n 'he 17th inst, at Brick Buildings, Barn-street, the °f Mr John Eynon, of a son. %.fa'hel4th inst, at Goat street, in this town, the wue of Mr 0. V. Tippett, of a son. l^e 23rd instant, at Prendergast, the wife of Mr J On 50n' of » son.. ^9th u,t> at Saint Ann's Road, Hakin, Milford, Q °f Capt Wrn Prosser, of a son. Bevft instant, at Fishguard, the wife of Mr Henry 0 n. bmcher, of a daughter. Win: tbe 20th instant, at Fishguard, the wife of Mr On8*? ees» juP-» °f a son< th0i 6 ^Oth instant, at Fishguard, the wife Mr Thomas 01) all, ostler at the Commercial Hotel, of a son. %ij|. the 20th instant, at Fishguard, the wife of Mr Levi 0n81?s> tailor, of a daughter. *», the 24th inst., at Johnston, the wife of Mr John lunll, blacksmith, of a daughter. On MARRIAGES. the 10th instant, at the Calvinistic Chapel, Fish- t)inas' by the Rev D. Syromons, Capt J. Howells, of Jaitigg *88 ^ary Ann Davies, grand-daughter of Air On i road .surveyor, Fishguard. i instant, at Saint Mary's, Catholic Church, fordw„ Dock, by the Rev John R. Davies, of Haver- IW ^assisted by the Rev Oliver Murphy, of Pembroke fiave'w Chailes George llamsev, of Treffgarne Hall, the n"0rawest, to Edith Carpendale, second daughter oi On ,T Wi|Uam Toms. "Church 124th instant, (by licence,") at Saint John's ^•D vi nibroke Dock, by the Rev Geo. Fitzroy Kelly, H. \Yi?f.r Henry Williams, of the firm of Messrs J. and eldest ■Illani8' drapers, Main Street, Pembroke, to Mary, MeyriPtcRllter of Mr William Tiiorae, draper, &c., Street, Pembroke Dock. On the DEATHS. Joungoof j inst, at Withy bush Lodge, Anne, the aged 138 daughter of Mr John Davies, district surveyor* Q years. ^»en Pi6-n2n(i instant, at Portfield, near this town, Mr On ps* e'Hfa f2lst instant, at Hermon's Hill, in this town, ,0, ti° ll0u of Mr William Morris, cabinet maker, fa instant, at Meyrick Street, Pembroke aile te beloved wife of Mr George Mullis, aged feiatj8' deeP'y reSretted by a large circle of friends