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TEN BY. "WOBKING MEN'S CLVB.—Miss Smedley, anxious t. extend the usefulness of this Society, has paid for then the requisite annual subscription to the Working Men\ Club and Institute Union, of London, by which tht Tenby Club is entitled to receive a box containing thirty Volumes of books, that may be changed every three months, the loan of diagrams qnd maps to illustrate lectures, besides several other advantages. POLICE COURT.—MAY lst.-Before the Mayor.—Thomas Jones, mason, Cfiimney Park, was charged by Anna Watkins, wife of James Watkins, with using threatening language towsrdsher. He was bound over to keeptht- peace for three months, himself in £ 10, and pne surety in £ 5. May 13th,—Before the Mayor.— William Williams was brought up in custody and charged by Head Con- stable Thomas with being drunk in the public streets on the previous evening. Fined 5s, and 2s 6d costs. NARROW ESCAPE.-On the 6th, inst a break belonging to Mr Henry Birkin, fly proprietor, drawn by two horses, was proceeding down St Julian Street with a party of ladies, and when near Lexden Terrace from some cause the horses became restive, and dashed off with fearful speed down the street, which at this place is rather steep, until they came in contact with the extremity of the lew wall opposite St Julian Terrace, knocking down several feet of it. The force with which the vehicle came against the wall broke the traces, and to threw the horses forward some distance, but the break remained jammed fast. Several persons were imme diately on the spot, and the ladies were safely extricated from their perilous position unhurt. The horses were severely out in several places, and the carriage wall damaged very considerably, two of the springs being severely out in several places, and the carriage was damaged very considerably, two of the springs being broken. Had the break gone over the wall on to the Quay Hill, the result would have been lamentable. RAISING TUB 'BRITANNIA.'—Last week advantage was taken df the low tides and the fineness of the weather to make an attempt to raise the sloop 4 Britannia,' of Cardigan, which struck against the Sker Rock about three weeks ago, and went down almost immediately. The first attempt was made on Friday week, the weather being aJl that could be desired for the successful tarrying out of the undertaking, when, after tRey had got her weighed, the chains that were under her not being strong enough to bear the great strain upon them, parted, and the vessel went to the bottom again. Another attempt was made on the following day, which, we are glad to say, proved M far successful that they succeeded in taking her nearer the shore by over one hundred yards, and thbre is a possibility that they may now be enabled to get the cargo out of her, and move her further up the beach, so that they can repair the damages she has sustained (which are considerable), and then bring lier into the harbour.