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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. PEMBROKESHIRE BATTALION OF VOLUNTEERS.—This battalion will be inspected on Portfield, on Monday, the 22nd instant, by Sir Edward Campbell, Inspector of Volunteers for the South Wales District. EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYED—Thecierks in the employ of Messrs Powell. Mathias, and Evans, solicitors of this town, epe'.it TLIFCIR Wait-Monday holiday at Manorbier this year AS usual. and were most hospitably entertained at the country residence of Mr J. Rogers Powell, the senior member of the firm. PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL IN FOREIGN PARTS —Sermons in Rid of this Society were preached at the Churches of Saint Martin's and Saint Thomas on Sunday last bv the Rev Richard Lewis, M.A., Rector of Lara- peter Velfrey. The rev gentleman preached with great ability on each occasion. Collections were made at the close of both services that at Saint Thomas amounted to X4 9a 3d, and that at Saint Martin's to £3 3s Old. THE CASTLEMARTIN YEOMANRY CAVALRY will as. semble for their annual eigtit days' training, under the command of Major Baron F. de Rutzen, at Tenby, on Friday, the 12th instant. The corps will march into the town, headed by the band, at four o'clock in the after- noon. The drili will be carried on in a field about a mile from the town, where the inspection will be held on Thursday, the 18th instant, the anniversary of the me- morable battle of Waterloo. This corps consists of three troops, under the respective commands of Captain T. .Mansel, Capt J. B. Bryant, and Capt John Leach. FAIR.—The annual fair was held on Tuesday, and was very numerously attended. There was a large supply of, cattle of all descriptions. The demand was Tery slack, and sales were effected at a considerable re duction on previous rates. Of Sheep thero was also a jtood supply prices had a downward tendency, though for the best qualities high prices were realised. The horse fair was well attended there were sopie very fine colts on offer, but there was little demand, and the business done was small. The wool fair was very largely supplied, and was attended by woolsfaplers frrm distant counties. The best qualities of wool sold at 25s per stone, but a large amount of business was done at the close pf. the fair at 238 and 24s 6d per stone. HAVERFORDWEST RIFLE C. RPS. —The prizes given by Col. Peel for attendance at drill during the month of May were shot for en Monday evening. The ranges were 200 and 300 yards, five shois at each distance, Wimbledon target? and scoring. The folio wing is the result of the shooting — 200 300 Total 1 Corp H. Andrews (10s) 16 14 3D 2 Private A. Lewis (7s6d) 17 13 30 3 „ D. P. Davies.. (5s) 15 14 29 4 „ G.M.trha. (3.Gil) 14 14 28 5 „ T. Rogers (3,6,1) 14 13 27 0 „ G. Williams (2 6d) 14 12 26 7 „ D. Pltillips (2s) 14 12 26 SSergtT.L.Jamea. (2 ) 13 13 26 9 Private G. D*v:ea. (2 s) 14 12 26 10 „ John D-ivies.. (2.) 14 11 25 DESTRUCTIVE FIRS. —On tl,e 21Qt nIt, a fire broke out at the farm of Tretrane C:iiT, in the occupation of Mr John Thomas, which destroyed the dwellinit-houie, out- buildings, and the property be ongingto ttw tenant. The cow bouse, stable, and barn which hild been built at the expense of Mr Thomas, wtre burnt down, and a thrashing machine, valued at a qnaritity of timber, and various artnies used for agricultural purposes were entirely At the time the fire bioke out, there was a sam ,If £6 10s in the bouse, a portion of which was a X5 r.ot<j. This money was removed !y Mr Thomas, but dur ng his subst querit efforts to rescue so'ne of his pro- perty, the note was lost. This lamentable occurrence his ruined Mr, und as?ub>eription is mw being made on his behalf in order to enable him to re-commence farming operations. The ctif,t!.er h a man of good character, and much sympathy is felt for him. The rectcrot the parish, the R"v. W. D. Bcrrington, of NoltoD, has evinced much interest in the matter, and will, we hsve no doubt. receive any subscriptions on behalf of the unfortunate farmer. CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.—The annual sermons in aid of this society will be preached in this town on Sunday next. The Rev J. S. Serjeant, M.A., of Saint John's College, Cambridge, the deputation from the Parent Society, will preach, morning and evening, at Saint Mary's Church and a sermon will also be preached in tho evening at Saint Martin's by the Rev J. H. A. Philipps. The annual meeting will be held at Saint Mary's School Room on Monday evening, at seven o'clock, when the Vicar of Saint Mary's, the Rev J. H. A. Philipps, will preside. Meetings in connection with the Society will be held at Walton West on Tuesday, the 16th instant at Rudbaxton on Wednesday, Juno 17th; at Milford on Thursday, the 18th and at Rhos- market on Friday, the 19th instant. ACCIDENT.-As the Rev James Hartle, Wesleyan Minister, and Mr W. Phillips, of Market Street, were re- turning on Sunday night in a vehicle from Milford, where both gentlemen had been preaching, the former was very much injured by being thrown out of the carriage. The horse galloped down Dredgman Hill, and near Merlin's Bridge it kicked furiously. A trace waa also observed to be locse, but as the animal could not he pulled up, it was impossible to readjust the trace. Immediately op. posite Mr Richard Ellis's house, the horse fell, breaking the shafts, and Mr hartle, who was driving, W.1iJ thrown out. Mr Phillips managed to keep his seat, and escaped unhurt. Mr Hartle was cut and bruised very much, and it was some time before the rev gentleman could be con- veved to his home. It is hoped that his injuries are not of a permanent character, but some weeks must elapse before he will be able to resume bielduties. ROYAL PEMBROKESHIRE ARTILLERY MILITIA.- The permanent staff of this regiment were entertained at dinner at the Salutation Hotel on the 27th ult, by Lieut. Graham. The dinner was excellent, and was prepared with that great ability characteristic of the management at this establishment. After ample justice had been done to the good things: provided, the cloth was re- moved, and the usual loyal and patriotic toasts were duly pledged. Captain Edwardes (who had honoured the company with his presence) proposed in fitting terms the health of Col. 0-ven, which was received with great enthusiasm. The health of the officers was also well received, as was that of Major Willan, adjutant of the regiment. Lieut. Graham then proposed the health of the inon-commissioned staff, expressing his gratification in meeting them, and hoping that he might have a similar pleasure on a future occasion. Sergt. Major Brown ably responded, and while acknowledging the liberal hospitality which had been extended to them, said he trusted he should have the pleasure of congratu- laiing Lieut. Graham on his promotion to a Captaincy, if, (as was correctly reported would be the case), the regiment was augmented by the addition of two bat- teries. During the evening, several songs wero well sung by the staff, partioularly by Battery Sergt. Major Hicks, who greatly contributed to the harmony of the evening. The company separated at an early hour, one and all having heartily enjoyed themselves. EMPLOYKRS AND EMPLOYED. — On Whit-Monday the young people in the employ of Messrs. Greenish and Uawkins, drapers, of this town, were invited by their respected employer, Mr R. Greenish, to spend the dav at his delightful country seat at Manorbier. The weather being so fino they took the opportunity offered to the general public by the Great Western Railway Company running a special train between Carmarthen and New Milford. thence from Pembroke Dock to Manorbier Station, which is within one mile of 'he seat of their worthy employer They were received cheerfully by Mr and Mrs Greenish, and after partaking of luncheon, adjourned to the beach, where they passed a few hoars in parading the Sands, and reviewing the beautiful scenery. Dinner being announced, the party seated themselves round thetørle, "which was laid out with great taste in the lawn, to which, it is needless to say, ample justice was done by-all present. After dinner the usual loyal toasts having been proposed, the toast of the day was given by the Superintendent 01 the establishment, and was drunk with all the honours due to so worthy a sub- ject The liberality and kindness shown by Mr and Mr? Greenish cannot be forgotten by those of the young people who embraced the opportunity affordtd them Leaving the dinner table, the party once more returned to the beach to witness the rustic sports which were so numerously patronised After partaking of tea, they started (or home, concluding a brilliant day, which will be long remembered for the great hospitality shown them. Such gatherings as these tend to prove the good feeling existing between employers and employed. CONCERT AT HAROLDSTONE WEST.—On Thursday evening, the 4th instant, an entertainment of music and reading was given at Haroldstone West, on the occasion of opening a new School Room. The programme was as follows: -Chorus, "England," the Haroldstone Choir, assisted by friends; reading, "The Story of the Death of La Fevre," by Mr J. Pavin Phillips; song, "Won't you tell me why, Robin r" by Miss Lewis, of Ssint Martin's Choir; reading, The Deserted Village," by the Rev James A. Owen; song, Hsppy, happy be thy dreams!" by Mr J. Paviu Phillips. Tart Second.- Chorus, Ar byd y nos," Haroldstone Choir, assisted by friends; reading, "Rob Browning's Pied Piper of Hamelin," by the Rev J. A. Owen; Song, "Will he come ?" by Miss Llewellin reading, "The Discontented Bee," by Mr J. W. Phillips; Song, "Happy Dream- land," by Mr Hugh Brown song, "Gipsy Duett," by Miss Llewellin and Mr J. Pavin Phillips reading, The May Queen," by the Rev J. A. O-ren; song, "Never mind the rest," by Mr J. Pavin Phillips; "God save the Queen," by the Choir, accompanied by Mr J. W. Phillips. The chair was taken by the Rev W. H Higgon, in the absence, from indisposition, of the In- cumbent. Many of the songs were encored, and the audience appeared pleased with the whole entertainment. Its success is due, equally to the exertions of Miss Phelps, of Broad Haven, by whom all the arrangements bad been made, and of the kind friends who assisted. LITTLE HAVEN.-On Whitmonday, this watering place was crowded with visitors, some of whom entered into a subscription, and raised a fund for prizes for equine contests on the sands. The races, though got up with little preparation, were excellent, and some of them were very closely contested. We are indebted to a correspondent for the following particulars, giving the results of the different races: — LITTLE HAVEN STAKES. Mr Geo. Jones's Greybird (Mr Goddard) 1 Mr Morgans'Polly (J. Richards) 2 Mr Thomas's Filly by Sir Colin (Owner) 3 There were heats in this race, the first of which was won by Polly. The two remaining heats were won by Greybird by a head. THE VISITOR'S PLATE. Mr Mqrgans's Polly :0" (J. Richards) 1 ¡ Mr James's Mary Ann (Corney) 2 This race was well contested, and the horses enme in so close together as to give the Judge some difficulty in deciding which had the victory. RACE FOR COBS. Mr James's Mary Ann (Corney) 1 Mr Davics's Ebony (J. Richards) 2 This race was won by a length. CONSOLATION STAKES. Mr Williams's Woman in Black .(W.John) I Mr Davies's Ebony (J. Richards) 2 The contest for this stakes was exceedingly good throughput nnd very nearly terminated in a dead heat. A MATCH.—(OWNERS VV.) Mr T. Watts'Ualanthe j Mr Thomas's Blackbird. 2 Betting 7 to 4 on Calanthe. At the fall of the flag, a very even start was effected when Blackbird went in advance, and made strong running, but bolted over the shingle, the favourite at the some time going the wrong side of a flag. From this point another pretty even start resulted, when CalanUie made very strong running but swerving to- wards the sea, let in the bird. on the return of Calanthe to the proper course, a fine race home ensuvd, Mr Watts landing his favourite huntress a winner by a short bead. The stewards were Mr J. M. Jones and Mr Goddard, who discharged their duties to tbe satisfaction of all parties. The difficult office of Judge was very ably filled by Mr W. Jones, of Haverfordwest. FAIRS.—A Bill to amend the Law relating to Fairs in England and Wales has just been prepared and brought into the House of Commons by Mr L. L. Dillwyn, Mr ViviM,<and Mr Denman. The following are its most important clauses:—"3. In case it shall appear to the Secretary of State for tWs Home Department, upon re- presentation duly made to him by the Magistrates of any Petty Sessional District within which any Fair is held, or by the owner of any fair in England or Wales, that it would be for the convenience and advantage of the public that any such fair shall be held in each year on some day or days other thap that or those on which such fair is used to held, it shall be lawful for the said Secretary of State for the Home Department to order that such fair shall be held on such other day or days as he shall think fit; provided always, that notice of such representation, and of the time when it shall please the Secretary of State for tt e Home Department to take the same into consideration, shall be published in the London Gazette and in three successive weeks in some one and the same newspaper published in the county, city, or borough in which such fair is held, or if there be no newspaper published therein, then in the newspaper of some county adjoining or near thereto, before such representation is so considered. 4. When and as soon as any such order as aforesaid shall have been made by the Secretary of State for the Home Department, notice of the making of the same shall be published in the London Gazette and in some one newspaper of the county, city, or borough in which such fair is usually held, or if there be no news- paper published therein, then in the newspaper of some county adjoining or near thereto; and thereupon such fair shall only be held on the day or days or at the place mentioned in such order; and it shall be lawful for the owner of such fair to take toll or tolls, and to do all such act or acts, and to enjoy all the same rights, powers, and privileges in respect thereof, and enforce the same by all and the like remedies, us if the same were held on the day or days upon which or at the place at which it was used to be held previous to the making of such order." ROOSE PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Shire Hall on Saturday, before A. B. Starbuck. Esq, S. Harford, Esq, Rev. P. Phelps, and Capt. Child. NON-PAYMENT OF RATES. John Penry Jones, of Sutton Lodge, wa* summoned by the Overseers of Lambston for non-payment of rates. Mr J. C, James stated that the rates had been paid by Mr Jones, and the case settled. STRAYING ON THE HIGHWAY. Thomas Mathias, of Lambston, was summoned by Mr J. Penry Jones tor allowing pigs to stray on the high- way. Mr J. C. James appeared for the complainant, and Mr Price for tbe defendant. The complainant deposed On the 22nd of May I saw the defendant's pigs on the highway between Lambston Fold and Rogerston on the Nolton road The road is enclosed by fences on each side. I called the attention of P.C. Price to the pigs. Ann Roberts also saw them. Cross-examined: I did not notice that the gate of the fold was opened by Mr Mathias's daughter: I did no see the gate open. The pigs were crossing from the grip of the hedge: two were in the road. There is a pice? of waste ground each side of the road: it might be a couple of yards in width. I don't believe there are eight yards of waste ground one side and four yards on the other The road passes over waste ground. When I first saw the pijjs they were on the bank, and afterwards in the middle of the road. The waste ground bi longs to Mr Bowen, of Camrose. I saw the pigs go off the road: the pigs were only on the road so long as they were crossing it. The Clerk, in answer to the Bench, saU he thought the complainant was out of Court The act of parliament reserved the rights of pasturage of the hedgos on tbe roadsice. Mr Price said bis client was the tenant of the land on both sides of the road, and had R right to the pasturage. The defendant's daughter was also there, and had the pigs under her eye the whole of the time. Mr J. P. Jones: I have seen the pigs there many times. Mr Harford: Is not Mr James, your advocate? You had better let him work the oracle for you. Mr J. C. Jnmes: The witness is now under examina- tion by Mr Price: I have only the right to examine and re-examine him, and I must do that at the proper time. I Mr Price: It often happens, sir, that we get a witness in the box who will talk lor himself, and the worse be makes the case for us., (Laughter.) j Mr J. C. James said he did nut think the case was out of Conrt. Mr Jones bad proved that the pigs were on the highway-the metal part, and there was no doubt they had no right to be there. Mr Price said that it was proved by Mr .Tones himself that they were only on the road so long as they were crossing it. Mr Jones re-called said The pigs were on the high- way they stopped a little bit on the road. By Mr Price: I did not see any person watching t},o pigs I swear I did not see the defendant's daughtei b the gate. Ann Roberts deposed I saw Mr Mathias's pi»s going along by the hedge, then by the road, and then crossing the road. I only saw them crossing the road. By Mr Harford: There was grass on both sides of the road. The Bench here stopped the case, observing that the evidence of the complainant was insufficient. Mr Price applied for costs, remarking that the pro- ceedings had been taken by Mr Jones after an applica- tion to the police, who had stated that they did not think there were grounds for an information against the defendant. The Bench said the case would be dismissed without costs. Each party must pay his own costs. Joseph Harries was fined 6rl and costs for allowing two asses to stray on the Fernhill road. Lewis Williams was charged with allowing a pig to stray. The defendant was fined 2s 6d and costs. ASSAULT. John Roach was charged with assaulting James Thomas. With the permission of the Bench, the case was settled out of Court. BOBBING A TILL. William Lcefar, a private in the 58th regiment, was charged with stealing a seapdisb, six postage stamps, and 7s 4d in money, the property of Elizabeth Mathias at the Gale, on the 31st of May The complainant deposed I keep a public house at the Gale, Neyland. On the 31st of May the prisoner came into the bar, and asked for a pint of porter. He gave me 6d to pay for it, and I gave him back 3d from the till. I left the key in the drawer cf the till, and went into the passage. I was speaking to two gentle- men there when I fancied I heard a noise as the drawep of the till was being opened or shut. I stood in the passage until the gentlemen passed in, and the prisoner walked out at the front door with the soapdish in his hand. That produced and its contents are mine. I shouted out at onre, and went at the same time to the till. Mr Buse went out and took the prisoner by the shoulder, & walktd him back with • h» money in his hand. The prisoner said he had done wrong und begged pardon. He put the dish of money on the counter, and I took it. He could have reached the till without going inside the counter. John Watkins Buse depospd About a quarter past eight o'clock on Sunday evening, I Wile at the bouse of Mrs Mathias. I saw the prisoner in if e bar as I passed through the passage. I had iust sat down in the par- lour, when I beard Mrs Mathias call out t at a soldier bad gone away with the money. I ran out of the house and collared the tddier. He had the soapdish with him and i." contents. I heard him mention that he was sorry for what he had done, and he begged Mrs Mathias's pardon. The prisoner in answer to the charge, said he knew nothing of it. Ti e Bench committed him to take his trial at the next quarter sessions. VACCINATION BY THE DISTRICT MEDICAL OFFICER. Joseph Thomas, Teter James, John John, and Thomas Smith, were charged by Dr Griffiths, of Milford, with neglecting to take their children for inspection on the 8th day after vaccination. The defendant pleaded ignorance of the law. Mr W, M'Cornaghy, assistant with Dr Griffiths, de- posed that be vaccinated the defendants^ children, and told the persons who brought them that the children must be brougfttfagain on the 8th day for inspection. The defendants said they had received the usual paper, but quite overlooker it. The Bench fined the defendants 6d each and costs.


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