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ROOSE PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Shire Hall, on Satur- day, before A. B. Starbuck, Esq S. Harford, Esq; J. P. Jones, Esq J, M. Jones, Esq, and Itev P. Phelps. NON-REPAIR OF HIGHWAY. John Detvies, surveyor of highways, was summoned fay Edward Bartlett, farmer, for non-repair of a highway "Sear Rogerston. This case had been adjourned from a previous session. Mr J. M. Jones, who at the request of the Bench, kad inspected the road, stated that he was of opinion that the road was out of repair, and be bad told the defendant of it. Some of the stones would not go through jbe'guage. The reason given why the work bad not (leen done was that workmen were scarce in consequence the requirements of the harvest, and one man wanted ^1 a week to work on the road Thle Bench granted the defendant another fortnight to repair the road. MILFOIU) IMPROVEMENT COMMISSIONERS. ,.r C. James, solicitor, appeared in support of an application made by the lenders of a sum of about £ 7000 to the Milford Commissioners, for the appointment of a receiver, the arrears of principal and interest of the Mortgage not having been paid. Mr Marriott appeared for the Commissioners. Mr James called Mr F. Wehnert who deposed that he was Chairman Of the Milford Improvement Commissioners. The drears of interest due up to the 17th of July amounted to je2og 138 4d, f, r which a cheque had .been made out Ilnd tendered. The cheque had been tendered since the Proceedings were taken. The principal had not been Paid off, but the Commissioners had been negociating *lth that view, and were expecting from veek to week 0 Pay off the money. In the meantime, a cheque was eaaered for nine raonth^ interest to the 17th,of July. ,n answer to Mr Marriott, the witness stated that the Merest was only due half yearly, and the sum actually ;Ue by the terms of the mortgage was a half-yeat'c Merest, amounting to £ 172 3d 6d. Mr Marriott, on behalf of the Commissioners, con- i?sd(jd that upon the form Of the notice served upon the ^1^missioners there could be no arrears of interest the 2nd of July. The notice was served upon the of January, and it required the money to be paid at expiration of six months from that date, which would expiration of six months from that date, which would he \ne 2nd of July. He also submitted that no notice had jjee/i given of any interest that w^s in arrear. When was given there was a half year's interest due, (Vch was paid before the notice expired, so that the jfj ^missioners had no notice at all of any arrears of new j, ^fest. Mr Marriott stated that it would be a great te ^ship upon the Commissioners and the ratepayers if a f ^'ver were appointed. The matter was now fur some feft8on or other pressed peremptorily. There was, he |i"'»ery sorry to say, some feeling in the matter, but if Commissioners had offended that was no reason why Ratepayers should suffer, W »0le discussion took place on the points of law raised J Mr Marriott, and ultimately the Bench adjpurned the *se for a fortnight, when their decision will be given. CHARGE OF STEALING FURNITURE, &C. nomas James was charged with stealing two chairs, 4e saw, two mattocks, and other articles, the property J flenry Lewis; and Mary J the wile of the accused, also charged with stealing onions. ftr Price appeared for the accused. The complainant stated that be had been in Glamo-r- l^'shire. On his return home, he found his house ripped of everything, and he had no bed to lie on. answer to Mr Price, the complainant .said that bis a're was a sister of the male defendant. The things in p house belonged to his wife when be married her. He V* "ot give her permission to hand over the key of the to 1,er brother. ■M .r Price stated that he had letters from the com- f^ani's wife which proved that she told the defendant tafee the things. The complainant's wife had been ill- ^ted by him, and she believing that the goods which j^u&d possessed before marriage were still hers, had told lV Mother to take possession of them. The accused K- done so, and refused to give them up. He (Mr mP had told him that he l.'ad D0 Iegal riSht the tL the complainant's wife had no- power to give ^and he was now prepared to give them up. There intention to 6teal them, and the complainant he came home slept in the room where the chairs Bench said the complainant had come to the c8 Court, and dismissed the case. t WILFULLY DAMAGING GRASS: ttk"'t hnhins wasi charged with wilfully damaging 14 th the property of Mr W. Rees, at Broad Haven. Crymea James appeared for the complainant. tK^a ^enkins deposed that on the 28th of June she defendant plucking the grass in a field belonging r «ees. He gathered a bugful, and placed it in his 1, qrt Jenkins gave similiar testimony. ^!iee defendant said the case was concocted by the ^hpSe^' had an 511 *eelinS tow,ard3 him- iNsh Beach fined the defendant Is and costs over Tk*6 value °f grass, which was set down at total sum amounted to £ 1 0s lid. j 4r4 ASSAULT. Lowells was charged with assaulting Mary t ^(^^Qdant was fined Is and costs. jMly .f illips was charged with assaulting Margaret *an8» aged six years, the daughter of the com- h 6 d V* Prece(ftn8 case. 'Qd. efendant was lined 6d aDd coats, amounting to


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