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Family Notices

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THE EARTHQUAKE IN- SOUTH AMERICA. Mr Nugent, the British Vice-Consu! of Africa, whites foUowg oM tfle afternoon l^e of August, about five dock, Wt) were visited with a mo«t tremendous earth- j'luke. I had scarcely time to get my wife and children fen° tlie stroet wLen the whole of the walls of my hou<e sa or.rather were blo wn out. as if jerked at us. At. the ttio time the earth opened probably two or three inches, IInd belched out. dust accompanied with a terrible and °T^rpowering stench the air was darkened as midnight, I could not see my wife and children, who were /'Min two feet of me. If this had lasted any time we tn.Qst have been sufFocated, but in about a couple of ^Ul"tes it eleared. Collected my household goods, I then ar'ed over the trembling groud for the hills. We Passed unhurt through falling houses, where we saw ^"struck down stone dead; others maimed, appealing (j„r lc'!Pi which we coold not give. A merciful Provi- j '^e was over us, and, strange to say, when all was fear > lost my presence of mind. We wended our sad -CIQ^ as we^' as we cou'd, towards the hiils. My wife, QaSe.'° ber confinement, could not push on. I was earl. Yi-,i- -dear baby, and supporting her with the other art,)I the earth shaking all the time, making us stagger e drunken people, when a great ery went up to heaven jj c'i as few men have heard—"The sea is retiring I tovIried 011 fl,uJ 113(1 bare|y g°t to the outskirts of the when I looked back. "tb Craeioue God, what a sight! I saw all the vessels in )¡ e hay carried out irresistibly to sea (anchors and obains as packthread) probably with a speed of ten miles Si "our. In a few minutes the great outward current jui^d, stemmed by a mighty rising wave, I should ^sh'6 '•leet' high, which came in with an awful tt|e »tarrying all before it in its terrible msj ;sty, bringing eirci 3'e t'1.c pipping with it, sometimes turning in es> as if striving to elude their fate. Meanwhile the troy15, Pa"d on, struck the mole iuto atoms, and des- °1 s office, which was adjacent to it, and hurrying Huin °wec! *'le ^ustom*h°use- Hushing down the ffreet it carried everything before it in its irresis- r^.coime, the remains of my dwelling-house, unfortu- cha-,? to a great extent ray own property, faster than a U '<?« of scene m a Christmas pantomime. All my Wl 88 ere disappeared—the fruits of 22 years' ^'ork gone in a moment—and uiy ruin was com- t| "'t'd. I stood breathless, looking at the awful sight, but l^ankiiig God that life had been preserved to me and my {fived ones, but each second was a lifetime. Looking J^Wards 1 saw the ships still hurrying to their doctih few minutes all was completed; every vessel was 0f*W ashore or bottom upwards. The Peruvian vessel \ar America lost about 85 hands j the Wateree lited States steamer of war), a vessel with a small >at)ght of water, was carried bodily on the top of the OhVf,i and landed about a mile inshore with the loss of Le The Fredonia (United States transport) was >i'n *°Pward8, every person on board periled. The Vc '*toB of the British bark Cbanaroillo (name uncertain) w,e ^iug hiv;li up beyond the beach, a mere hull, about Sn r cr -w" perished; but as yet 1 know not the par- 1»|. ars. An American bark, laden with guano, has not C* v«stige to tell her fate. We lay out on the hills all fcif without food or covering, watching and praying ^(.f^vlight. When morning came I walked into the 4 PaVirt8 of Ibe ruins) a,,d out of one ^ot a few l)iscui,s- ''tn- some sugar, and a kettle. I then de- Si to start for my shed among the hills, the nurse Nd Carrying the children. So we trudged ^our sad si*' my vvifc up with great spirit. We found uninha,>itahle; another night on the plain, Vts ay 1 mnnaged to construct a shed with sticks and > and there I left mv famih' -«■ £ » — IUST OLD BOTTLE OF WINE.—A* a banquet Ve8lJen at Kemy (Bouehes-du-Ilbone), a bottle of year 1472 wa« presented by Huron Brisse, Sow- nown gastronomist/who was one of the guests. )Ve ,lns to the account of this relic given by the'don;ir, X "Ujidred nobles from Swabia, Bavaria, Swif.zer- S\ 0!her countries accepted, ia 1576, an invita- 16 fiis,90ms arcj3ery fetes at Strasburg. The vintage of l*nstaed year was then held in high veneration, quantity of the produce was procured for k°uour handed to the illustrious strangers. { *10snVemaine^' al'd waS COI5siSDOi3 to tho collars of .JJ'ly t Pltal to he preserved, and has since been carc- « 0uc!a;8uted UP- '-t,he wine has 0,jly been touched on t;>t)a8es S''m Vis^s by Sovereigns cr very tigh per- b0s* ^aron Brisse was some time back a patient in ital, and before leaving was shown over the as reputation as a gourmet had reached was not only allowed to taste the famous ^ol,^e ,n question was given him. The to .^e P^esen<- banquet hesitated before sacri- con i r c.uri°8ity such a precious gift, and, after a ^/tation, decided on depositing il in the local a suitable iascriptioa. j