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HUNT WEEK. This annual meeting commenced on Monday under the stewardship of Mr Fisher, of Picton Castle, and Mr J. H. Harries, of Heathfield. The Pembrokeshire Fox Hounds were appointed to meet at Picton Castle on Monday, but owing to the very unfavourable weather, the pack returned after going about half the distance between the Kennel.3 and Picton Castle. The weather on Wednesday was more favourably, and the hounds met at Don ant. There was a large field out, but the coverts gt Denant were drawn blank. Other coverts in the vicinity were tried with the like success, and the pack then trotted off for Wahvln's Castle. In the neigh- bourhood of Jordanstone, reynard was reported to have teen at home for a few minutes, and this was all the sport afforded during the day. The ball in the evening \yaa well attended, there being one hundred and fifty five present, consisting of seventy nine ladies and seventy six gentlemen. The following is a list of those who attended Ladies— Mrs Fisher, Piefcn Cas'le; Mra Harnes Heathfield Mrs Vaughan, Misses Yau^han, (2) Miss ) Cry raps, flerraon's Hill; Mrs G: II. G. Rees Misses Thompson; Miss Pees, Market Street; Miss Hughes, Grafton House; Mrs Fisher, Deiiant;, Mrs Arthur Thompson Miss Bowen Miss Starbuck Mrs Barham; Mrs Lloyd Philipps, Dsle Castle; Miss BeJlairs; Mrs" "Warren Davies, Misses D.iviea, (3) Mrs Cecil Harries, Aberglssney Miss Monday; Mrs Foley, Miss Foley; Mrs Butler; Mrs Bowen; Mrs Nash; Mrs Warlow; Mrs Edwardes, Mrs Chamber-- Mrs Owen Owen, Misses 0wer., (C); Misses Wilhr, (2); Misses Owen, (2), "Witby i ush Mrs Massy; Mis-es Massy, (3); Mrs Stakes Misses Morris, (2), Brvnmyrddvn; Miss Wheeler, London; Mis Summers, Milton, Miss Sum- mers; Mrs Peel, Sfonehall, Miss Peel Mrs Philipps Janjos Mrs Lloyd Philipps, Penty Park; Miss Pryse M'ss Mathias; Hiss F^r.une, Lewestun; Mis Stakes, Nether wood Miss Ackiand, Tenby Mi"s Florence Allen; Miss Fanny Allen Mrs rick Mr* Price; Mrs Stokes, Cufrern Miss Stokes Miss Jenkins, Car- digan; Mrs Edwardes, Trerhos Mrs Mathias, Hill Street Miss Matrix, Hill Street Miss Ed- wardes, Seulybam; Miss Borredaile; Mrs Charles Allen, ifayatcn; Mrs J; H. Powell, High Street; Miss Puwen Miss Clement Miss Mathias, Lamphey■ Court; Mrs Ackiand, B >ulston Mrs Cork, Criebro; Miss Jordan.—Gentlemen,—Mr Fisher, Picton Castle; Mr H. riiss, Heat*.field; Mr Scoudidd, M.P Mr Meyrkk, M.P.; Cel. Edwardes, M.P:; Sir Hush Owen; Mr Pitman; Admiral Stokts; Mr G. it. G. Ee: s Mr Howe; Mr. Bolster; Capt. Gordon; Mr Arthur Thompson Mr Fisher, Denant; Col. Grant Lieut. W. il. G. No well, R.N.; Mr B trharn, Mr Cork Mr .Lloyd Philipps, Dale Castle; Mr Acid and, Boston Mr Dudley Ackiand Mr Moiris Owen Mr Jones Mr T. Bowen Mr Warren Davies; Mr Massy Mr H. Massy; Mr A. Massy, Mr — Maesy Mr Foley Mr George Ower. Mr dark Mr C. W. E. Stokes Lieut. l'iilktr, H. M. S. Revenue Air Lindsey Dickson Mr W. Saundere; Captain Lewis; Mr B. Bowen; Mr Stradling; MrLawes; Mr Harries, Mr W. D. Hirlzel, B.N.; Captain Walker, R.E.; Colonel' Bunbury Capt. Foeter Major Carmichael; Major Penbeaton, R.A.Mr Herbert Alien, Tenby Hr Allen; Mr Hawksley Capt. Lloyd Philipps, Pentypark; Mr Mathias, Hill Street; Major Turbervill Mr Bidesford Mr White Mr Richards, Tenby; Mr Bowen Summers, Milton; Mr William Summers, Mr George Summers; Mr John Scourfieid Mr John Fownes; Mr FuwIJes; Mr Charles Allen, Hayston Mr Alien, Crescelly Mr E. E. Evans; Mr J. B. Evans; Captain Anderson; Captain 0. Edwardes; Mr Goldwyer, Mr George GoldgyerI- Mr J. R. Powell Mr Stakes, Cuiforn Captain Owen; Mr Summers Harford; Mr H. S. Owen Major Wilhn. On Thursday a bazaar in aid of the fund for the re Storation of Llysyfrane Church was opened at the Market Li all, which had been tastefully decorated for the 01 casion. The articled on sale were of a very handsome and varied description, and the attendance during the day was very numerous. A brisk business was done at the various stalls, and we are informed a goodly sum was realisedinbebalf of the restoration fund On Frid-ty the hounds met at Cottesmjre. Although the weather was most unpropitious, a very numerous field assembled. A fox was soon found, and afforded the field very good spoit. Reynard went off at a rllpid pace, fond was lost hue in the day in the neighbourhood of "Woodstock. The Ball in the evening was well attended. There were present, 85 ladies, aud 78 gentlemen, making a totel of 1G4 The following is a list of those who were present:—Ladies — Mrs Harries, Aberglaasney; Miss Vtiuglu n, pry,e, Mrs Stokes, CuffWn; Miss Stok's, Misse3 0 veil (2); Miss Fortune, Leweston; Mrs Stokes, N t erwooU; Mrs Peel, Stonehall; Miss Peel, Mrs Philipps James, Mrs Warren Davie", Trewarren; Misses Daviea, (3); Mrs Vanahen, Laughame; Misses Yangban, (2); Mrs G. it G. Roes, Miss Stokes, Market- ptreet; Mit-s Rees, Mrs Edwardes, Sealyharo; Miss .E wald.3, Miss Borrodaile, Mrs Owen Owen,. i-ligli- B reet; Misses Owen, (3) 5 Mrs E. Vaughan, Mrs Fi-her, Denant; Mrs Lloyd Philipps, Dale Castle; Miss Bellairs, M -s Bowen, Lutle Haven Miss Clement, Mrs Owen Edwardes. Trerhos; Miss M. James, Mrs Arthur Tboup on, Misses loon)pson.(r); Mrs Cork, Crisboro; Mrs Massy, Cottesmore; .Misses Massy, (3); "In Admiral Lloyd, Mrs Chambers, Miss Monday, Misses- Wiliari, (2) Mis? Jordan, Mrs Edwardes, Castlegorfod; Mrs H, nry Mathias, 1 iill-street; Miss Mathias. Miss Mathias, Lamphey Court; Mrs Edwardes, Miss Bowen, Miss Starbuck, Miiforti; Mrs Bowen, Llanstinan Miss Na.-h, Mis Mirehouse, Miss Mirehouse, Mrs Ackiand, BoulsLcn Mrs Foley, Miss Foley, Mrs Summers, Milton Miss Summers, Mrs Barhanj, Treewn; Mrs Powell, High-street; Miss Powell, High-street; Miss Hughes, Grafton House; Miss Ackiand, Tenby; Miss Florence Alien Miss Fanny Allen Mrs Lort Stokee, Snotehv, e 8; Miss Wheeler, London; Misses Morns, (2), Bryiiuiyrddyn; Miss Crvmes, Hermon's Hill; ses Owen, (2), Withybtfsh; Mrs Brady, Fernhil!; Mrs Summers, Rosemoor; Mrs Bladen; Mrs Caarles Allen, Hay ton.— Gentlemen.—Mr Fisher, Picton Castle'; Mr Scouifi Id, M.P.; Colonel Edwardes, M.P.; Admiral Biokes; Mr Pitman; Sir Hugh Owen; Mr Stokes, Cufi'ern; Lieut. NoweJl; Capt. Walker, R.E.; Mr Warren Dories; Mr G. It. G. Rees, Colonel Grant Mr Eluf Mr E. C. Harries Mr E. Vaughan Mr Fisher, Denant; Mr' Lloyd Phuipps, Dale Castle Mr Cork. Criaboro Capt. Owoe Edward's Mr W. C. R. Stokes, Tenby; Mr Murris Owen; Cup! Brady; Mr Massy; Capt. Mussy Mr A Massy Mr. G. Massy Mr Strad- ling; Mr Bowling; Mr^ Lloyd Price, Glangwilly Mr Bird Allen; Mr F. Vvillau; Mr Edwardes, Castle- gnrfcd; Mr E E. Evans; Mr S. H. Owen; Major Tutberville; Mr Arthur Thompson; Mr Lindsey Ds. coll Mr J. C. Ja nes Mr W. D. Eirtzel Mr Ackland, Boulston; Mr Dudley Ackland; Capt. Lawes; Mr John Seouifield Mr John Fownes: Mr — Fownes; Mr Lawes; Mr Henry Mathias, Hill Street; Mr W. Saunders, Mr T. H. Kowe, Mr J. n. Powell, High Street; Capt Foster, MrB. Bowen, Mr T. Bowen, Mr C. Allen, Tcnby Mr Jeffrey Allen, Mr Her- bert Alien, Mr Richards, Mr Hawksley, Mr Biiiham, Trecwn; Mr Bowen Summers, Mr W. Summers, Mr George Summers, Mr Garwood, Mr G. Leader Owen, Mr Summers, Rosemoor; Mr Ptmheiton, Mr Goldwyer, Mr G. Goldwyer, Captain Bladen, Captain Owen, Mr W. H. Harries, Mr White, Mr Summers Harford, Mr Bideslord, Mr J. D. Brown, Kensington Houae, Baron de Riitzen, Mr Foley. T» e refreshments at the Ball were provided by the Mis es R >gcrs, confectioners, of Tower Hill. Mr Ribbon's band performed on both occasions. The music selected was entirely new, and was rendered by the band in a manner which gave universal sa.isfaction. MBRCHANT SERvicE.~We have much pleasure in announcing that Mr John Tnomas Phillips, third son 0' the late Mr William Philiips, of Goat-street, in this town, passed, successfully, his examination as second officer in the Merchant Service at the Boaid of Trade, London, last week, and receil el a certificate of ccm petency. A VETEKAN CLERK.—Mr Wm. Sntton, senior, Clerk in the employ of Messrs Powell, Mathias, and Evans, solicitors, of this town, obtained his jabilee year of ser- vice on Monday last, having entered the employ of Messrs vVm, Evans and Son, solicitors, on the 7th December, i813, tho offices at that time being over Potter's Reading ¡toom. \Ve doubt very much whether there can be found in the United Kingdom another clerk who has served a firm and their successors for such a lengthened period. S (; are informed that Air Sutton has seen eight changes n the firm during his clerkship. He still enjoys good health: is daily to be found at his post: and no one more horoaghly enjoys the annual excursion given to the clerks by We,,rs. Powell, Mathias, and Evans, than him- self, upon whi h occasions lie enters into the various sports witfi the spirit of a juvenile. TIm LATE 3.1K BRYANT EVENIS.—The funeral of the iate Mr Evenis, (whose death we announced in our last week's impression) took piaceon Sunday morning, and was very numerously attended by the professional gentle- men, the leading tradesmen, and other classes of inhabi- f-ints 01 Haverfordwest. The interment took pLice in 'he burial ground of the Brethren's Chapel, in St Thomas Green, the officiating minister being the Rev J. A. Eberle, minister of the Brethren's Church, who performed the service with much impre-siveness and solemnity. In accordance with the usages of the Brethren's Church, the rev. gentleman delivered a very touching and appropriate discourse, which was foilowed by the Litany, and the body was then borne to its final resting plice, where the concluding portion of the burial service was performed. The Chapei, notwithstanding the very inclement weather, was filled to overflowing, and many persons were obliged to go away unable to gain admittance. The deceased was universally, respected: he had held the office of Post- master for'Haverfordwcst-for 14years, and had discharged its duties with an ability and courtesy which gained him the esteem and regard of the whole community. He A'as a most valuable member of the Brethren's Church, and evinced the liveliest interest in every thing that con- cerned its welfare, particularly in the Sunday Schools, of which he was the Superintendent, and also a very gene- rous supporter.


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