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M R. E D W A R D RIBBON, PIANO-FORTE, VIOLIN, -ND VIOLONCELLO TEACHER, PIANO-FORTES TUNED, ORGANS and HARMONIUMS tuned and repaired by ex* perienced workmen. RESIDENCE—6, MERLIN'S TERRACE, HAVERFORDWEST A very neat COTTAGE1 PTANO FOR SALE; also, « Second Hand Gli\ND PIANO by Broadwood, May be had a Bargain. BILIOUS and Liver Complaints, Indigestion, Sick I JL) Headache, Loss of Appetite, Drowsiness, Giddi- I ness, Spasms, and all Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels, are quickly ro moved by that weli known remedy KRAMPTON'S PILL OF HEALTH. They unite the recommendation ol a mild operation with tbe most suc- cessful effect and where an apperient is required nothing can be better adaptPd. Sold by all Medicine Venders, price Is Igd and 2s 9d 2 per box. PRENDERGAST PARISH CHURCH TaB ABOVE CHURCH WILL BE RE-OPENED FOR DIVINE WORSHIP, On H-EDNESDA Y, DECEMBER 23»d,18G8, When the Services will be as follows: MORNING PRAYER AT ELEVEN. SERMON BY THE LORD BISHOP OF ST. DA VID'S, Celebration of Holy Communion. EVENING PRAYER AT HALF-PAST SIX. FCERMON BY THE REV. JOHN GRIFFITHS, M.A., Rector of Neath. A Collection will be made after both Services in aid of the Building Fund. The Ciergj will oblige by attending in Surplices, §-c. Hymns Ancient and Modern, used. THE FOLLOWING SERVICES WILL BE HELD DURING THE WEEK. THURSDAY, CHRISTMAS EVE. Evening Prayer at half-past Seven. Sermon by the Rev JACKSON TAYLOR, M.4., Rector ofFreystrop. FRIDAY, CHRISTMAS DAY. Morning Praver at Eleven. Sermon by the Rev F. FOSTER, M.A., Rector. Celebration of Hi ly Communion. Evening Prayer at half-past Seven. Sermon by the Rev T. MARTYN, M.A. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 26TH. Evening Prayer at half-past Seven. Sermon by tl e Rev J. A. OWEN, M.A., Fellow of University College, Oxford. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 27TH. Mcrning Prayer at Eleven. Sermon by the Rev J. H. A. FHILIPPS, M. A., Vicar of Saint Mary's. Evening Prayer at Six. Sermon by the Rev F. Fo TER, M.A., Rector. MONDAY, DECEMBER 28TH. Evening Prayer at half-past Seven. Sermon by the Rev GKO. HUNTINGTON, M.A., Rector of Tenby, and Domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Crawford and Balcarree. TUESDAY,DECEMBER 20TH. Evening Prayer at half past Seven. Sermon by the Rev RICHARD LEWIS, M.A., Rector of Lamj eter Velfrey. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 30TH. Evening Prayer at half-past Seven. Sermon by the Rev OWEN A. NARES, Rector of Letterston. A Collection will be made .after each of the above Services in aid of the Building Fund, except on Christ- mas Day when the Offertory will be fur the Poor. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL, MILFORD, SWANSEA, & BRISTOL For the Month of DECEMBER, 1868. The Liverpooland BristoIChanneiSteam NavigationCompnny's Steam Sbipil SOVEREIGN, Capt, Gilibs WINDERMERE, Capt. J.Barrett MONTAGU, Capt Speakman AXR:i KYKRN0N,CapI.Roul-ton JAJCR B,U:ON. Capt. Old. J. KKNNKDY, Capt. Welsh JAJCR B,U:ON. Capt. Old. J. KKNNKDY, Capt. Wclilh A.B.TIZAN, Capt. Tailan. AOKES JACK, Capt. Moriis LLEWELLYN, Capt. Beckett The aoove, or some other yuitablc vessel, is intended to sa with Goods and Passengers, (unlesspreventedbv any unforesee- occurrence) as follows, with or without pilots, and liberty to tow vessels:— From Liverpool to Milford and Bristol. Saturday Dec. 5 1 after Saturday 19 101 noon Sataroay 12 8 mo n Saturday 25 7s4 eTen From Milford for Bristol. Sunday, Dec. 6 7 morn Sunday. 20 6 morn Sunday. IS 2 morn I Sunday 27 1 after From Milford for Liverpool. Wednesday Dec 2 12J 110011 Wednesday 1(5 i"> „„m Wednesdav 9. 6 after Wcdnes.tav 23 4 aftor Wednesday, December 30, at ll.1, o'clock, morninv. The Steam Barge GIPSEY is intended to ply on the Milford Haven, in connection with the above Steamers, carrvin<- goo(ls to and from Pembroke Dock, Haverfordwest, and the adiacen* towns. J FARES:— Cabin. Berk "Return Cabin. Berk "Return Milford to or from Liverpool ias od 6s 'od 18s Milfrrd U ortrom Bristol 8s 6d 6s 0d Milford to or irom Swansea (Mumbles) 5s Od 35 0d — 1 landing and tmbarcation of Goods or Passer) gers at Milford, by whatever conveyance, whether at tbe ex- pence of the Steamer, or otherwise, is at the risk of the Passen- gers and the Owners of the Good." respectively. For farther particulars, see small bill, or apply to John Bneon and Co., Managing Owners, 14, Water-street, Liverpool* G it Evans, Bristol; Charles Lamb, Swansea; John Kenwort'hv "and •Jo., Manchester. 1 R. D. HORE AGhxv Mrr.»D. -°- HOLLOWAY'S OINTMKKT AXO t'lLLS.—.bAU LEGS — When irom injury, feeble circulation, foul blood, or neglected chill, inflammation, t-ucceeded by ulceration, has attacked the lower limbs, the stifferer may turn for a cure, without fear of disappointment, to Holloway's celebrated Ointment, whose tame for hucii disorders has resounded throughout the habitable globe, and tesii monials in all languages have been received univcrflaiiy praising this celebrated Ointment, In all old Holloway's Pills should he taken while his unguent is used; both together are most effective, and the cure is accomplished painlessly and readily. Under their joint curative influence the worst wounds or ulcers assume a more healthy character, and shortly begin to fill up or contract and soundly heal. EXTRACT OF MEAT.—So much having been written about cheap food for the people, it is scarcely necessary to draw attention to the invaluable extract of meat by Liehig's process, which, first introduced as a. medicinal agent, is now so extensively used in the kitchen. We cannot imagine housekeepers making soup or beef-tea by the old, tedious, and expensive method, while with this extract they can prepare soup equally nice and far more digestible in a moment. The genuine extract is manu- factured in enormous quantities from cattle of English breed, on the establishments of R. Tooth, Esq, of fcsyd- jjtiey, Australia, and is now sold at a reasonable price in jars with very convenient stoppers. The scientific men speak highly of Tooth's extract. Dr. Richter, of Dres- den, a man of no mean attainments, describes it as ex quisle;' at the same time, it is ell approved by Dr W. A, Miller, of King's College, before being issued for sale We should recommend a trial of it. Messrs Coleman and Co., of St. Marv-at-Hill, are the consignees, but it is sold in nearly every grocer's and chemist's shop in I town and country.— the Standard, Sept. 2.