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VISITORS TO HAVERFORDWEST, AND OTHERS WHO WISH TO EXPEND THEIR MONEY TO THE BEST ADVANTAGE ARE RESPECTFULLY INVITED TO CALL AT P. P. E L L I S'S grocery E STA B L I S R M E N T, HIGH-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, WHERE they can select goods of choice quality, at suitable prices to meet their requirements. The Teas and Coffees now on sale are unusually good. Reduced Prices charged on quantities. A LARGE AND CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF FRUITS, AT THE LOWEST MARKET PRICES. Orders by letter have particular attention PLEASE OBSERVE—LOWER DOOR FOR RETAIL DEPARTMENT. MR. EDWARD RIBBON, I P1ANO-FOBTE, VIOLIN, \ND VIOLONCELLO TEACHER, PIANO-FORTES TUNED, PIANO-FOR1'ES TUNBD, ORGANS and HARMONIUMS tuned and repaired by ex- perienced workmen. RESmENCE-6, MERLIN'S TERRACE, HAVERFORDWFST A very neat COTTAGE PIANO FOR SALE; also, a Second Hand GRAND PIANO by Broadwood, May be had a Bargain. ROOSE OPEN PLOUGHING MATCH. THIS Ploughing Match will take place at COLSTON, in the parish of Walwyn's Castle, on TUESDAY, the I2th <JF JANUARY, 1869. First Class for wheel ploughs, and winners or XI 5s and upwards. to plough 816 inches wide by 5 inches deep. z Second Class, for swing ploughs only, to plough 4 inches •deep by 8 inches wide. Third Class, for boys under 19 years. Conditions the same aa in second class. Subscribers of 5s to pay Is entrance; all under 5s, 2s 6d entrance. Each plough to plough a quarter of an Bere-Time, 41 hours. Entries to be made to Mr N. • Bowling, of Jordanstone, and Mr Benjamin Davies, of Headborough, honorary secretaries, on r before Satur- day, the 9th of January. Ploughs to start at 9 o'clock precisely, Any ploughman who may receive assistance Will be disqualified. Three competent persons will act as Judges. STEAM COMMUNICATION WITH THE SOUTH OF IRELAND. ^I^HE New Milford (Milford Haven) and Waterford X Daily Service (Sundays excepted). The Milford Haven and Waterford Steam Ship Com- pany's Royal Mail Steamers will sail, weather per- mitting— FROM NEW MILFORD, At 7 45 p.m, on arrival of the 9 15 a.m. Express; and 6.0 a,rn. third class trains, so as to enable passengers to Proceed by the 6.0 a.m. train to Limerick, Cork, &c. FROM WATERFORD, At 4 p.m, on arrival of the train from Cork, Limerick* &c io enaoie passengers to proceed by the 8.85 a m, first and second class Express train, reaching London about 60 p.rn, and third class, arriving in London at 9.45 p.m. For further particulars apply to any of the Railway Stations, or to Messrs Jackson & Co, New Milford, South Wales. See Bradshaw's and Irish Guides, and Railway Time Tables. CURES AND OOlrIFORT FOR THE BEDRIDDEN ■ BY HOLLOWAY S OINTMENT. THIS wonderful Ointment acts like magic in relieving and curing old sores, wounds, bad legs, ulcers, and Eruptions of the skin; when rubbed on the surface it Penetrates and purifies each tissue on its passagfe, and exerts the most wholesome influence over the internal Structures. It heals by cleansing all animal fluids with yihich it comes in contact, and thereby promotes a sound and permanent cure. Gout and Rheumatism, To sufferers from the racking pains of Rheumatim, and Gout this Ointment will prove invaluable. After fomentation with warm water the soothing action of this Ointment js most remarkable; it seems at once to lessen "iflammation, ease pain, reduce the swelling, restore Natural circulation, and expels the disease. For the complaints Holloway's Ointment ana Pills are in- valuable specifics. Diptlieria, Bront,ntis, Sore Throats, Coughs, and Colds. t This class of diseases maybe cured by well rubbing ae Ointment, three times a day, upon the throat, chest, and back of the patient. It will soon penetrate and give to relief. In all stages of Influenza, Colds, and pouchitis, this treatment may be followed with effi- 8 safety—indeed it has never been known to All Varieties of Skin Diseases, Scrofula, and Scurvy. s This Ointment is a certain cure for Ringworm, Scurvy or King's Evil, and the most inveterate skin diseases to which the human race is subject. They can- not be treated with a safer or more speedy remedy than iKWay's Ointment, assisted by his celebrated Pills, thJ M act so powerfully on the constitution and so purify JL y?°" tliat these disorders are completely eradicated om the system, and lasting cure obtained. Piles, Fistulas, and Internal Inflammation. complaints are most distressing to both body and OfT. > false delicacy concealing them trom the knowledge froTV?°St 1FtIfn,*|e friends. Persons suffer for years a*rv 81 c.°™Pjnir,ts when they might use 5w flnry 8. £ intIneEt WUh ins,ant relief, and effect their Ws tn ,lh° ™ a"arice of explaining ibeir ail- 5 thP,, n Li frfatl7 assist the Ointment 4en« 7 >P fy the bl0°,d' ™Sulate its* circulation, renew deceased structures, and invigorate the entire system. oth the Ointmen tand Pills should be used in thefollowing cases:— Breasts -foot ^Ias Sore-throats v a a leasts Chilblains Gout Skm-diBP»Ki» Chapped-hands GlanduIarSweMngs Scurvy 4 « Corns (s0ft) Lumbago Sore-heads £ an,eerl Piles Tumours Rheumatism (Ulcers D iytiff-jomts Scald heads (Wounds -o-Bay Elephantiasis Sore Nipples | Yaws <&natth,e Establishment of ProfessorHolloway, 244, Strand temple Bar) London, and also by all respectable druggist. civilized world, *t th* wing- prices:—ltf.lgd, 2s.Jd., 4s.Gd, lis, 22s, & 33s. *ach pot There is acjsiderablesaving by taking thelarger sizes. •—Direction rfor the guidance of patient, in everydisorder areariixeito cach pot. Nl^°Il0Tay'8.I>ills an^ Ointment can be had of all Chemist" i^ruggigts,jrith We I ah Directions, with0,tt extra expense. 0INTMENT AND PILLS.—Cramps—NPNI-TlfHa— >? twf'~ s? Sfc'vere nervous affections are hippiiy modcrated Ke,tlr "tensity and duration bv the soothing and lTfv m. « the Bt* '•hese inestimable prepavtions. Whether thecramn be S^Wicnf°ma' leSe>.01' toe9> it yields with equal facility to thP ? 'he Ointment; and the recurrence of thesp Hit Xh?6 ls effectually prevented by a course of Hollowav's Piiu" !W £ 0 r.e^ulate the stomach and bowels that perfect and on« teX t j? ^ensured, and spasms avoided. Tba Ointment eivel tiNteri f ,1s general relief. Enlargement of the glands, ob- lige in i<lu, ,ctive circulation are likewise spon corrected bv s0rt nJi-u Preparations, which purify and Strengthen the » au impart tone to every organ in the body. GOUT and RHEUMATISM.—The excruciating pain of Gout and Rheumatism is quickly relieved and cured in a few days by that celebrated Medicine, BLAIR'S GOUT and RHEUMATIC PILLS. They require no restraint of diet or confinement during their use, and are certain to prevent the disease attacking any vital part. Sold at is lid and 2s 9d per box by all Medicine Vendors. DENTISTRY. » ff"R E. L. JONES (of the Firm H. M. Jones & Son, lVJL Surgeon-Dentists, M.C.D.E., 19, Northampton Place, Swansea—Established 1809) attends TENBY-The last consecutive Tuesday and Wednesday in each month, at Mr J. M. Henton's, 5 & 6, High-street, from Tea to Five o'clock. Next visits November 24:h and 25th; December 29th and 30th, &c. and 25th; December 29th and 30th, &c. HAVERFORDWEST—The last Thursday, at Mr Wm. Griffith's* Bootmaker, High Street, from Ten to Five o'clock. Next visits November 26th; December 31st, &c, &c. 31st, &c, &c. PEMBROKE DocK-The last Friday, at Mr Wm. Cook's, Bush Street, from Ten to Five o'clock. Next visits November 27th; December 24th &c. Artificial Teeth upon the newest and most approved principles. Children's Teeth simply, but successfully regulated. Operations performed without pain, by a New and Safe System. One of the Firm Daily in attendance. 19, Northampton Place, Swansea. A VACANCY FOR A PU PI L.