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GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. A MARVELLOUS "It is more than Gold to me.-It Saved my Life." GEORGE'S The Marvellous Remedy for PILE and GRAVEL and all the disorders of the PILE AND GRAVEL BOWELS, STOMACH, LIVER and KIDNEYS. PILLS. SAD BUT TRUE About three out of every four of the adult population ———— of this country suffer, more or less, from Piles, or Gravel, or both, in some form. GEORGE'S SYMPTOMS: Pains in the back, loins, and between the shoulders, Wind, Griping, Colic, PILE AND GRAVEL Constipation, Biliousness, Darting Pains in the region of the Heart, Stomach, Liver, and pjj -j- q Kidneys, Pains in the thighs, Suppression and Retention of Urine, Palpitation, Giddiness, J-L-LJO. Depression of Spirits, Nervousness, Dropsical Swelling, General Debility, and other Symptoms ————— too obvious to point out. GEORGE'S GLAD TIDINGS. 19 out of every 20 of these cases are READILY CURED by the timely use PILE AND GRAVEL °* ^is WORLD-FAMED MEDICINE. pjT-rq FOR OVER A QUARTER OP A CENTURY these Pills have held the FIRST PLACE IN THE WORLD as a Remedy for the above disorders; and there is not a civilised nation under ———— the sun that has not experienced their HEALING VIRTUES. GEORGE'S THOUSANDS have been cured by these Pills, and tens of thousands relieved of their pains, PILE AN D GRAVEL and many who had been pronounced hopeless have been thoroughly restored to health by PILLS their use. The three forms of this Remedy: No. 1 George's Pile and Gravel Pills. GEORGE'S No. 2 George's Gravel Pills. PILE AND GRAVEL No* 3 George's Pills for the Piles. pyj- j q The Proprietor has in his possession THOUSANDS of testimonials from all parts of the World of which the following is a fair sample, written by an eminent JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, and of the movement in favour of Taxing Royalties and Ground Rent for local purposes :— I have looked over hundreds of ORIGINAL testimonials received by Mr. J. E. George, Hirwain, bearing upon cures effected by his Pile and Gravel Pills.' The writers of these letters are unanimous in their testimony to the MARVELLOUS REMEDIAL POWERS of Mr. George's remedies. I look upon the bundle of testimonials placed before me as a SATISFACTORY PROOF that he has by his discovery been the means of alleviating the pains of a multitude of sufferers. (Signed) D. E. WILLIAMS, J.P. for the Counties of Brecon and Glanmorgan." The three form of this Remedy- No. 1 George's Pile and Gravel Pills. No. 2 George's Gravel Pills. No. 3 George's Pills for the Piles. These World-renowned Pills are Sold everywhere, in Boxes, ljlk and 2/9 each. By Post, 1/3 and 3/- Proprietor:-J. E. GEORGE, M.R.P.S., HIRWAIN, Glam. CARRICK, PA,VIES 1 PARTNERS, DEPOTS AT COAll OXVBIEHS. ALSO AT St. Pan eras,M. Rly G.E.Rly. Walworth, Green Lanes Railway Station, Pimlico. WOOD, G-IR/IEIEItT, 1ST. Stratford. LOWEST PRICES DELIVERED. TERMS CASH. 0 A fin 101/ nrOT AA li\ C.y D. & PAUTNEB8 deliver U A It II I U l\ ULU I '/■ I /k 20 Cwt. to the Ton, and aim at A first-class Drawing Room Coal, f t 41 ■ 11 serving their customers in the bes delivered free from dust and guaran- fcJ V/ V possible manner, combining quality teed to give satisfaction. and p-rice in a ivay that will ensure BEST BRIGHT HOUSE HQ/ A Clean burning, hot and durable. 1 II IB from Local Depots. An economical fuel for general use. ADDRESS ORDERS- CARRICK KITCHEN AT] ID CARRICK,DAVIESS proms, OR COBBLES, The large sale f 8 I | 1 G.E.Rly- of these for kitchen use proves their JL 1 V# GREEN LANES STATION* of these for kitchen use proves their JL 1 V# GREEN LANES STATION* excellence and superior quality. WOOD GREEN, N. BEST GAS COKE, per 10 Sacks, 10/- j Weights and Scales with all Vans. Prompt Delivery, Full Weight Guaranteed.