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I-APtt', Musical Notes. j…


I A Pt t' Musical Notes. j j By CARADOG. I WILLINGLY insert the following:— a "Mr. Frederic Griffith, the flautist, has in the press, and which will shortly be published by Mr. Francis Goodwen, 47, Leadenhall Street, London, E.C., a volume entitled Notable Welsh Musicians dealing with the Artists of the Principality, whether Composers, Vocalists, Instrumentalists, or Conductors. The book will be enriched with nearly 100 portraits, in addition to biographical sketches, and will be prefaced by a critical survey of the condition of Music in Wales at the present moment, from the pen of the Editor." # I have been privileged to see about 50 of the portraits and can testify to their high standard of merit, minute, distinct and correct, in every detail. But I am anxiously awaiting the appearance of the ,I Critical preface." It is whispered that some of us will be astonished at our position as a nation cmparatively. We shall see. However, the book will be a great acquisition to the libraries of lovers of Welsh music and musicians. I am glad to hear that the demand has already caused a greater number to be issued than was at first intended. All who wish to secure a copy, should com- municate at once with the Publishers, who will also furnish any enquirer with full particulars. London Welsh Lodge 2231, Is the head- ing of a handbill sent me to note. I presume that it is a Temperance Lodge as PLENYDD (Mr. H. J. Williams), is advertised on it to give an address. The meeting is a Tea and Concert to be held at New Jewin, Tuesday evening, March 17th, 1896 (St. Patrick's Day) B. Rees, Esq., in the chair. Three first class artistes are engaged to sing at the Concert. Miss May John, Mr. Tom Thomas, and Mr. Emlyn Davies with Miss Maggie Ellis at the Pianoforte. u Plenydd" is to .be heard also at Castle St. on Saturday evening next 14th inst., where he lectures under the auspices of Y Gymdeithas Ddirwestol when Miss Jennie Higgs, will be the vocalist. I hail the advent of these Cymdeithasau dirwestol with all my heart, I think they have a great mission in London, even amongst our fellow-countrymen. On the 25th inst, a splendid concert will be given at the Battersea Town Hall, which by the way is situated close to Clapham Junction, in aid of the Clapham Junction Welsh Chapel Building fund. Miss Gertrude Hughes, who I understand will sing as Miss Hughes for the last time on that date Miss Mary Jones, Miss Olive Grey, Mrs. Timothy Davies, Mr. Samuel Masters, Mr. Dyfed Lewys, Mr. Edward Owen, Mr. Barry Lindon, and Mr. Emlyn Davies, and the Queen Glee Singers, are the vocalists. Miss Lizzie Price, will recite, Mr. John Thomas (Harpist), Mr. Merlin Morgan, Pianist, while the experienced veteran director Mynorydd has charge of all. Mr. Bryceson Treharne's friends and well- wishers will be glad to know that the benefit concert given for him at King's Cross recently, realised a nett profit of over £ 30. The concert given at King's Cross last week was, generally speaking, good. Miss May. John, though suffering from a slight cold ap- parently did exceedingly well in her two songs "The Heavenly Song" I thought was dragged a little which made the refrain too funereal. It may have been the accompanist fault. In her second song Y Fam a'i baban," Miss John was very effective and had to respond to a well-earned recall. Mr. William Davies, of St. Paul's Cathedral, was the Tenor, and though he sang the opening phrases rather staccato gave a pleasing rendering of The Sailor's Grave." He also sang The Holy light" in the second part of the programme. The "Gwalia" Ladies' Choir sang their second piece extremely well, this was an arrangement -for this choir-by Pedr Alaw, of "Cwynfan Prydain." Had Mr. Edwards been present he would have been satisfied with the manner the Ladies rendered the charming old melody. They were not, however, so successful with the first piece Tros y Gareg arranged by Mr. B. Treharne for this choir also. Mrs. J. W. Jones sang "The Holy City" and The Shepherd's Cradle Song." I had not heard Mrs. Jones before, but she sings with vigour and enters fully into the spirit of her songs. Mr. Daniel Price, well he sang as he has always sung, and those of my readers who know Mr. Price know what I mean. Those who heard him ten years ago would easily recognise him for the same person. t: The concert at Castle Street on Saturday, was a great success. The rendering of the duett Mae Cymru'n barod ar y wys by Mr. Tom Thomas and Mr. Emlyn Davis was simply perfect. I heard Miss John to a greater advantage here and I liked her better. She has learnt the art of facial expression which aided her considerably in both her songs Cymru Fydd" and Y fam a'i baban." Miss Mary Thomas too was in good voice and gave a good account of herself in "Gwlad y Delyn" and Hoff wlad fy ngenedigaeth."


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