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KIRBY BEARD & Co., limited., (By special Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen and H.R.H. the Princess of Wales) Manufacturers of PINS, NEEDLES, HAIR PINS, SAFETY PINS, &c., &c. S E A t?,o PRIZE MEDALS PRIZE JJEDflUS 1851, 1855, 1862, 1867, MADE MARK. 1871, 1873, 1876, 1878, 1868, 1869, 1883' 1885' 1887* X^o THE U. S.A.. GRIEN WAVING The New m Ladies should not fail to "EMPRESS" fj rami V\ „ „ c, mm KIRBY. BEARD & CO.'S Corset Arm Shield to prevent If ii x I Celebrated Dress Shields, the soiling of the Corset Stav Busks, &c. under the arm. Qf |)raperS/ 1 per pair. SHE "Beatrice" STOCKING DAI^NEI^, IMITATION HORN. Of all Drapers, &c., 3d. each. K. B. & Co's Specialities in DRESS PRESERVERS are thoroughly reliable. KIRBY, BEARD & CO.'S (Ltd.) Manufactures have stood the test of fifty years' competition, and are still considered by the public to be the best in the- Trade. See that the name, "Kirby, Beard & Co." and Tr de Mark is on all goods. London, Birmingham, Redditch, Paris, New York and Montreal. BY HER MAJESTY'S ROYAL LETTERS PATENT- JONES I PATENT BED-CLOTHES RETAINER Will prove a Real Boon to Humanity Summer and Winter. By SECURELY HOLDING the BED-CLOTHES in POSITION WITHOUT the SLIGHTEST POSSIBILITY of either INJURING the OCCUPANT or the CLOTHES. A SAFE PROTECTION for CHILDREN (and restless sleepers) from EXFOSURE and CHILLS DURING THE NIGHT, or a FALL OUT of BED WHILE ASLEEP. Therefore it must SAVE MANY ILLS, TROUBLES, WORRIES, ANXIETY and EXPENSE, etc., etc. It is so simple that anyone can fix or take off in an instant. NOTICE. jr gggfff The Patentee will be pleased to (11^ JbXjJ send (post free) a sample of any jP size on receipt of Stamps for I price only. m\WtwL Can be returned and money re- of] funded if it does not prove all that is claimed for it. WITHOUT. ISIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS WITH EACH RETAINER. WITH. MADE IN FOUR SIZES AS UNDER: No. 1, for BABY COTS, price 8d No. 3, for SINGLE BEDS, or good sized CRIBS, price 1/1 No. 2, for CHILD'S CRIB, price 10d. No. 4, for DOUBLE or SINGLE BEDS, price 1/4 Per Post 3d extra. Patentee: J. G. JONES, Lyndhurst, Buckley Road, Brondesbury, N.W.