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WELSH UNIVERSITY. Grave fears are entertained in some quar- ters that the Welsh University will not be truly national enough for Wales. What suits England does not suit Wales. There- fore an Educational institution which should meet the special requirements of Gwalia should be far more than a servile copy of any other older University. The ideal of all sincere Welsh Educationalists should be to aim at a high-class standard of education being generally attained almost amongst all the classes of the community. The peculiar educational aspirations of a nation ought to be specially studied and analysed in a man- ner similarly suggested by the successful efforts of national educational reformers in Germany and Scotland,-a step which has grandly resulted in the two named countries being the most educated ones in the world. In any new University the exclusive spirit displayed in prohibitive fees and qualifica- tions should be entirely done away with, so as to give an approximate equality of advan- tages as regards education to all young Welsh students, irrespective of wealth and family blood. No one denies that the education given in any of the older Universities is of the highest in the world, but the system under which it is given has made in the boasted society of to-day an ugly gulf, which separates very widely from one another the educated and uneducated sections of the community. All national institutions must to a certain extent receive a certain sanction from the people as a whole before expecting any general reception or support; and must at all times be the outcome of the inefface- able characteristics of the particular nation for which they are primarily intended. In the interests of Welsh nationalism and a greater love for Welsh literature, we ardently trust that no energy will be lacking on the part of the present governors of the Welsh University to give Welsh subjects a more prominent place and thereby perform a dutiful and noble service to Wales as a nation.