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Market Reports.


Market Reports. LONDON, March 16th.-Cattle trade slow. A fair demand for ewes. Lambs quoted lower. March 18th.—Wheat and Oats dull. Barley steady. No great demand for Potatoes. English beef 3s. 6d. to 3s. 8d. per 81b. British mutton 4s. to 4s. 6d. per 81b. LEICESTER, March 14th.-Cattle, an in- creased supply and trade ruled brisker. Good milch cows ranged from £ 18 to £21 per head bullocks tl3 to fl5 per head. A firmer demand for sheep. Lower quotations for wheat. CARDIFF, March 14th. — English wheat, demand not brisk. Foreign wheat quoted 6d. per quarter cheaper. No firm demand also for barley and oats. March 17th.-Roath Cattle Market. A small supply of cattle and prices firmer. A brisker demand for sheep and p'igs. CARMARTHEN, March 14th.-Butter, an in- creased supply and an improved demand. Fresh butter Is. to Is. °1d. per lb-; cask butter, lid. to Is. per lb eggs, 18 to 20 for Is. Potatoes, 2s. 3d. to 2s. 6d. per cwt. March 16th.-Priory Street Fair, improved prices for fat and store cattle. Trade in horses was dull. BIRMINGHAM, March 17th.— Cattle, good supply but trade was slow. Beef quoted at 6t per lb. 2 WREXHAM, March 14th.—Cattle, trade fairly brisk. Milch cows ranged from £16 to £ 19 zn per head. A good demand for store sheep also. RHUTHYN, March 16th. — Fresh butter, Is. 3d. to Is. 5d. per lb cask butter, lid. to Is. per lb eggs 18 to 22 for Is. LLANDYSSUL, March 17th.-Firmer prices for pigs live calves ranged from 4d. to 4id. r, 2 per lb live sheep 3d. to 3td, per lb butter 2 lid. to Ilid. per lb.

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