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SHOP HOURS' BILL Sir John Lubbock's Shop Hours' Bill has passed its second reading and is now awaiting consideration by the Standing Committee on Trade. The object of this is to regulate the hours of closing of shops, but the more one deliberates over its provisions, the more one wonders that such an experienced legislator as Sir John Lubbock should have deemed it worth his while to waste ttme with such a harmless and absolutely useless Bill. While it proposes to compel shop-keepers to square their conscience with the public by closing shops at a prescribed hour it makes no attempt at reducing the hours of the assistants. The Bill is also rendered impracticable by the want of uniformity in its provisions as to the hour of closing. In order to give it the semblance of usefulness, that doughty warrior who never misses an opportunity of champion- ing the cause of the workers—shop assistants included, thanks to their National Union-Mr. John Burns will move two amendments in Committee (1) "That it shall be compulsory upon Municipalities to establish an uniform hour of closing for all shops and that the precise hour be left to the Municipalities." (2) That it shall be illegal to detain such assistants more than half an hour after the prescribed hour of closing." Should these amendments be rejected, then honest John will oppose the bill in every shape and form. The National Union of Shop Assistants has on the stocks a bill, which, if it became law, would bring about a substantial amelioration of shop life as we know it. It took thirteen years to pass the Shop Hours' Act of 1886, which limits the hours of labour of persons under eighteen years of age to seventy-four hours per week, while a further period of nine years was spent in securing the adoption of an amendment providing for a penalty for the non-fulfilment of that Act.


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