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High-Class CLOTHING X'.J and OUTFITTING AT THE MOST REASONABLE PRICES mm I f 1lW GENTLEMEN'S SUITS i^Ml'4 hiflrSLl «pf*la £ 'J i f 1 In Blue Serge, Tweeds of the Latest Designs, Grey Worsteds, «j* i' 1 p- Flannels, Ready for wear. £ ^gjjj SUITS I I In Serge Tweed or Flannel, made in the Latest Styles. « 1 11'IHi i iCliJll B0YS' SCHOOL CLOTHING Vd'jJlSf jj p Of materials specially selected to resist hard wear. fijl ( (j| j^ij i SPECIAL NOTICE,-The Clothing sold at CHAS. if a Jfellir BAKER & SORES is the Company's Own Manu- ImIMI f jK If jBjjguag jsg2&!& facture, and can be only obtained at their Depots. | I wjm H THERE CAN BE NO BETTER VALUE. Hp ffiH ADDiiESSES- HEAD DEPOT-271 TO 274, HIGH HOLBORN, W.C. 41 43, LUDGATE HILL. W^ 137, 138, 139 & 140, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD. f NORFOLK SUIT. 256, EDGWARE ROAD. -j&tjfS* < >/ 5|Pff Jacket & Knickers, in Durable Tweeds Alg0 t 27 29 31 & 33 KINQ STJElEET HAMMERSMITH, and and Cheviots. RUGBY SUIT. 4/11 "HJ'iLZ9 14/11 — 5' 7 & 9' SEVEN SISTERS' E0AD> holloway. Jacket) Vest and Knickers in g00d Durable Tweed 16/11 19*1124/6 7/n 9/U n/9 17/9 22/6 CMA? BAKER & LIMITED. co VE8T. In Black Serges, Cheviots, to. tor Business Wear. YOUTH:S' SU ITS. Wo £ ° Suit Complete, XtylTltyll 14*11 16/11 21/6 25/9 21/- 24/6*29/6 34/6 39f6 49/6 S9/6 Argraffwyd gaj.GBELIJEBWA Wbolesale Agents-GRELLIEB SON, 211, Gray's Road, W.C. EVERETT & CO., 3, Bell Buildings, Salisbury Sq.