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NIRDIN AND PEACOCK, WELLS STREET, OXFORD STREET, LONDON, W. Telegraphic Address—" NURDIN, LONDON." Telephone No —P.O. 6484 CENTRAL. NAT. 3526 GEBBABD. 3* EGGS Direct Importers from all parts of the B M M J BUTTERS world. MEILK.S CHEESE Bought and Packed by Our Own Agents THE ''NURD INN" BRANDS OF MARGARINE FULL CREAM CONDENSED MILK, AND LARD MACHINE SKIMMED MILK. QUALITY GUARANTEED. Price List on Application. THE "PEACOCK" BRANDS OF ————————— STERILIZED UNSWEETENED SWISS MILK An Excellent Substitute AND PURE RICH THICK CREAM. for BUTTIDR. — PACKED IN CONVENIENT SIZES. LOW PRICES. WHOLESOME! NOURISHING! DELICIOUS5 Å TRIAL IS CONFIDENTLY RECOMMENDED. In One-pound Packets to retail at 8d. GUARANTEED FOR HOME OR EXPORT. In Half-pound packets to Retail at 4d. SAMPLES AND PRICES ON RECEIPT OF TRADE CARD. 'PREPAID WANTS. 12 words; Once 6d. Three times 1/- 20 tt ft ad. tt 1/3 28 11 „ t/- „ „ 1/6 38" f 1/3 tt tt 1/9 44" 1/6 i, tt 2 Every additional 8 words 3d. All Advertisements for insertion in this column must be accompanied with remittance in full; and must reach the office not later than the first post on Thursday in every week. Initials count as one word, and names and addresses charged for. Remittances should be made by Postal Order or Halfpenny Stamps. Replies can beaddressed to this office. WANTED.—A Young Girl for Housework and W assist in (Shop, must have good references.- J. Williams, Dairy, 84, Ifield Road, South Kensing- ton. jH ENERAL Servant wanted, good wages to suitable VX girl.—12, Panton Street, Haymarket. MAID A YALE.—Superior Lodging House for Sale, 12 Rooms, excellent connection. Price including furniture and good will, £ 120. Very low Rent, permanent Lodgers, large Garden; present tenant leaving for the country.-Apply Y. Z., Kelt Office, 211, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. YO UNG Man wanted for Provision Shop; good X wages for a suitable person.-Apply 17, Red Lion Street, Holborn. PWLLHELL-Comfortable and reasonable holiday P Apartments, Board, &c.—" The Elms," South Beach. SMART Young Girl (18), seeks sit in Dairy and JO little Housework.-Apply by letter only.-E. J., 283, Goswell Road. DAIRy.-Wanted a Young Lady for Shop only, no Sunday trade, good wages, experience, refer- ence require!, age about 19.-Appl V, M. E. 24," Kelt Office, 211, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. WANTED.—Young Lady to manage Dairy, also one for housework Welsh preferred.—A.pply W. Evans, 136, Whitecross Street, St. Lukes, E.C. TO DAIRYMEN.—Wanted an Agent to sell Honey in sections aad in bottles.—Address, Rhys Evans, Four Elms, Edenbridge, Kent. YOUNG Lady (Welsh) 24, requires Situation in Y Dairy, willing to assist at Housework, excellent reference.-D., Mrs. Griffiths, 22, Mortimer St., W. WANTED.—A Girl for Housework in a Grocer's and W Provision (no Sunday business), reference required, age 17 to 20.-Apply 76, Silchester Road, North Kensington, W. ANTED.-Strong Lad to assist on Milk Round. W -Apply M. Williams, 186, Cambridge Road, Kilburn. WANTED -A Girl for Housework in a Dairy lw (Welsh), references required, age about 20.— Apply 39, Queen Street, Edgware Road. yTSITORS FROM WALES. -Comfortable, homely V Lodgings at a Welshman's house.—38, Rock- mount Road, Upper Norwood. London, S.E. (close to Crystal Palace and Gipsy Hill Stations. —-—— — SITUATION wanted as working housekeeper in 0 small business or to manage Dairy experienced. —Apply by letter, 207, White Cross Street, St. Lukes. APARTMENTS for Two Gentlemen, Bedroom and fjL Sitting Room, no children, close to Highbury Station.-16, Liberia Road, Highbury, N. A YOUNG Man who intends walking to Mid- Wales on 15th August for holiday would be glad to hear of a companion (Shanks's pony or bicycle).- Please communicate with D. J. Davies, 272, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. 3 YOUNG L\DY seeks situation in Dairy; manager- ess or otherwise experienced excellent refer- ences.-Apply, E., 6, Carlton Grove, Queen's Road, Peckham. DAIRy.-Young lady (experienced, with good refer- ences) wanted.-Apply, 12, Junction Place, Amhurst Road, Hackney. DAIRY AND PROVISION.—Wanted experienced young lady.—Apply, 123, New Cross Road, S.E. YOUNG LADY (Welsh) requires situation in Dairy. Y Little house-work not objected to.-Apply, by lett3r, Box, 13, KID ur 030.5 3, 211, Grjy's Ini-rd. WANTED, by a young woman, situation in a Dairy as housekeeper aad to assist in shop previous experience.-A. Jones, 23, Countess Road, Kentish Town. Y Dyfotlol. [<3T Dymunir ar i ysgrifenyddion a threfnwyr y gwahanol Gyfarfodydd anfon gwybodaeth yn brydlon am unrhyw gynulliad a fwriedir gynhal, er mwyn choddi hysbysrwydd amserol yn y golofn hon.] 1904. ——— Medi. „ 23. Walthamstow. Darlith gan Parch. H. Barow Williams, Llandudno. „ 29. Falmouth Road, Te a Ghyngherdd Biynyddol. Hydref „ 23. Cyfarfod Pregethu Clapham Junction, Principal Owen Prys, M.A., Trefecca, ac eraill. „ 26. Cyngherdd Blynyddol ClaphSlom Junction. „ 27. (Nos Iau), Tabernacl, King's Gross, Darlith gan y Parch. G. Eyre Evans (Philip Sydney y Welsh Gazette. Tachwedd „ 3. Cyngherdd Mawr Eglwys Walham Green yn Fulham Town Hall. „ 14. St. Benet, Cyngherdd Biynyddol. „ 17. (Nos Iau), Cyfarfod Te Blynyddol Radnor Street, Chelsea. „ 19. Tabernacl, King's Cross. Darlith gan yr Athro. J. E. Lloyd, M.A. „ 26. Cyngherdd Mawreddog Cymdeithas Lan- yddol y Tabernacl. Rhagfyr „ 1. Eisteddfod Flynyddol, Town Hall, Hammersmith. WI LLIAM DAVIES, DAIRY & INSURANCE AGENT, 160, HIGH HOLBORN, W.Q. f^XOELLENT Milk places just to hand. W.O., ll 20 Barns at 4d., little less at 3d. to Shops, 2 Rounds, Shop B30, oapahle of doing P,50, valuable Lease, Rent JB40 nqt. Price 6560, great bargain. N.W., 100 Barns weekly at 4d., less small at 31., weekly takings together milk and goods, £10. Price only £350, great sacrifice, splendid Shopi and Premises b both, and in nuin roads. Secure these quickly. WANTED. For a client good class Drapery Business from 61,000 to £2,000, a-ad Stock at valuation. Also require for clients, Milk Rounds, Indoor Businesses when prompt personal attention will be given to all. Write for particulars. D. COOKSEY AND SON, Inexpensive & Modern Funerals. (Price List on Application). 266, UPPER STREET, ISLINGTON, and 52, AM WELL STREET, PENTONVILLE. Carriage Department, 97, CHAPEL STREET Telephone Nos. 30 and 601, K[NG'S CROSS. ——————' Telegraphic Address—" CREAM LONDON." Telephone No. 561 KING'S CROSS. Edwards' Creameries, LTD., Wholesale Cream and Milk Contractors, Grafton Yard, Hampstead Road, N.W., AND 21, Wellington Road, Battersea. Station Depôts- Creameries- Euston, L. & N.W. Winslow, Addison Road Buckinghamshire. Kensington Kings Bromley and Marylebone, Gt. Central Blithbury, Baker Street, Metro. Staffordshire. Reliable NEW and SEPARATED milk cooled down to low temperature, delivered by vans, or con- signed direct from farmers, or creamery, to aQy station. Fresh DOUBLE CREAM delivered to any part of London twice daily. Fresh or Salt Butter of first quality, churned from pasteurized cream. Butter Milk in any quantity. FREE ANALYSIS.