Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



'PREPAID WANTS. fla words; Once 6d. Three times 1/- 020 „ Od. 1/3 ,,1/- 0"" i/e 38" 1/3 „ 1/9 "44" i/e „ „ 2/- Every additional 8 words 3d. .11 Advertisements for insertion in this column must JPG accompanied with remittance in full; and must seaoh the office not later than the first post on Thursday in every week. initials count as one word, and names and addresses charged for. Remittances should be made by Postal Order or Halfpenny Stamps. Replies can be addressed to this office. WANTED by a Young Woman (Welsh) situation in a Dairy as Housekeeper, previous experience. -M. Davies, 48, Lonsdale Square, Barnsbury, N. DAIRy.-Young Lady, 24, seeks situation to assist in Shop, previous experience; West *±?ndon preferred.—Apply 0. D., 15, York Road, Cross. DAIRy.-Young Lady disengaged September 10th requires situation as manageress, good refer- or write Miss Evans, Peabody "Uildings, Commercial Street. WANTED.—Wanted by a Young Woman situation in a Dairy as Housekeeper and to assist in ^hop or to manage Branch; previous exparianc>.— A. Jones, 25, Deacon Street, Walworth. WANTED.—A Single Man for Pram Round, good WANTED.—A Single Man for Pram Round, good references.—Edwards Bros., 4, Commercial ^oad, Pimlico.—Apply between 11 and 12. APARTMENTS.—Pleasant Bed-sitting Room iV ^tonfc)> TO LET, suitable for two young ^dies or gentlemen; rent moderate.—22, Barns- Ury Grove, N. "TjAIRY.—Young Girl wanted, 18 to 22, for House- work and assist in Shop, three in family, good Morgan, 9, Malvern Road, West *ulburn. TXTANTED.—A Young Girl for Housework and y' assist in Shop, must have good references.— -Williams, Dairy, 84, Ifield Road, Sjuth Kensing- ton. GENERAL Servant wanted, good wages to suitable girl.-12, Panton Street, Haymarket. MAID A V ALE.-Superior Lodging House for Sale, 12 Rooms, excellent connection. Price ^°luding furniture and good will, £ 120. Very low permanent Lodgers, large Girden; oresent ^Qftnt leaving for the country.—Apply Y. Z., Kelt 211, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. yOUNG Man wanted for Provision Shop; good -p. wages for a suitable parson.-Apply 17, Red lQn Street, Holborn. PWLLHELI.—Comfortable and reasonable holiday i Apartments, Board, &c.—" The Elms," South PAP-TTUENTS for Tw:) Gentlemen, Bedroom and .of Sitting Room, no children, close to Highbury otation,—16, Liberia Road, Highbury, N. Y Dyfodoi. Dymunir ar i ysgrifenyddion a threfnwyr y am an°l Gyfarfodydd anfon gwybodaeth yn brydlon ,C]T unrhyw gynulliad a fwriedir gynhal, er mwyn oadi hysbyarwydd amserol yn y golofn hon.] 23. Walthamstow. Darlith gan Parch. H. Barow Williams, Llandudno. 29. Falmouth Road, Te a Chyngherdd llYd ref Blynyddol. 23. Oyfarfod Pregethu Clapham Junction, Principal Owen Prys, M.A., Trefaeca, 810 eraill. 26. Cyngherdd Blynyddol Claphim Junction. 27. (Nos Iau), Tabernacl, King's Cross, Darlith gan y Parch. G. Eyre Evans (Philip *^ach\v (j^ Sydney y Welsh Gazette. 3. Cyngherdd Ma.wr Eglwys Walham Green yn Pulhatn Town Hall. 10. Cyngherdd Blynyddol Eglwys Mile End End Road. II 14. St. Benet, Cyngherdd Blynyddol. „ 17. (Nos Iau), Cyfarfoi Te Blynyddol Radnor Street, Chelsea. „ 19. Tabernacl, King's Cross. Darlith gan yr Athro. J. E. Lloyd, M.A. „ 24. (Nos Iau). Cyngherdd Blynyddol Eglwys St. Padarn yn y Queen's Hall. „ 26. Cyngherdd Mawreddog Cymdeithas Len- yddol y Tabernacl. Rhagfyr „ 1. Eisteddfod Flynyddol, Town Hall, Hammersmith. 1903 Chwefror. „ 23. Eisteddfod Albert Hall. MILK BUSINESSES. GREAT BARGAINS. H. Willings & Co Dairy Agents, 125, FLEET STREET, LONDON, J:i.C. Telephone-150 HOLBORN. FOREST HILL, S.E. MILK.—9 Barns all 4d. on Pram, sound trade, J615 iM. in Butter and Eggs, Rent low, long Lease, building all round. Only £ 220. KENT, few miles S.E. Rly. MILK.—17-18 Barns all 4d., worked from private in house with fine back premises, Rant £36, Lease 13 years, 2 Rounds, 1 in afcecnion. Wayes 26/ Price £250, includjs 3 Ponies, 2 Carts, Van, Cooler, &c., &c. S.W. SUBURB, 10 Miles. *fILK.—Electric traon pass door, 15.17 Barns, ilL daily at 4d., good Saop trade, Pony and Cart Round, Rent very low; owvaer ia hospital causes sale. Price £::350, part of which can remain; or partner with JE175, would b3 entertained. FULHAM. 1\fILK.-IO Barns at 4d., Shop and House, 5 Rooms ill Rent 12/- week. Oaly £160. Willings. VICTORIA PARK. ILK.-Same hanis 20 years, owner and son, Ul ditto 27 Barns daily at 4d., les3 7 at 31. to shops, one Cart and one Pram, Shop trade £5 week, every convenience for working, Rant £35, BJok debts F,5, great bargain. £ 470. Centre of WEST END. MILK.—25 Barns daily at 41., few at 3d. to shop3, Ufi Butter, Eggs, aid li?ht R3freshonntg at top prices, Z12 weekly, 2 Bounds, Van and Pram, a very valuable lease of 9 years to run, R3nt nearly all let off. Price J6700. INDOOR TRADES; Near in. MILK.—King's Cross, Takings 935 week, Rent 250, let off 635. Price £ 160 Another, W.O., Takings PLS weekly, 2-21 Bims at 4i., Ront £30, let off jBlOS. Lease 91 years, Price 6135. Particulars of theae and many others of H. Willings & Co., aidreas above. — HUGH DAYIES S COUGH MIXTURE NO MORB Difficulty of Bretthlpr. NO MORB Sleepless Nights. NO MuRB Distressing Coughs. DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for OOTTGHS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COLDS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for ASTHMA DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for BRONCHITIS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for HOARSENESS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for INFLUENZA DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COLDS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COUGHS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for SORE THROAT DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE-Most Soothing DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE warms the Chest DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE dissolves the Phlegm DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE-for SINGERS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE-for PUBLW DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE SPEAKERS THE GREAT WELSH RBMBDY. i/JJrf. and 2j9 Bottles. Sold Everywh^rt. Sweater than Honey. Chilean like it. a HUGH DAVIES, Chemist, MACHYNLLETH^ Sweater than Honey. Chilean like it. a HUGH DAVIES, Chemist, MACHYNLLETH. jaHBnnnnBBnBHi London Agents- Mr. R. THOMAS, Chemist, Upper Baker Street. Mr. H. MORGAN, II 34, Tavistook Plaoe Mr. EDW. JONES 232, Kilburn Lane Vli T. R. THOMAS & Co., DAIRY AGENTS & VALUERS, 143, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. (Near Somerset House). NORTH EAST. MILK.-Old established conern, retailing 64 gallons daily 4d., two Rounds, Cart and Pram, large Shop trade, extensive Premises, consisting of Shop and House, Cowsheds for 25 heads, stabling for 12 Horses, and other Outbuildings, net Rental £10, held on a, Lease, having a term of 16 years unexpired, splendid Inventory, 2 smart Welsh Cobs, 20 fine Cows. Price including Stock, Book Debts, and everything appertaining to the Business. £ 1,200. > • S.W. SUBURB. MILK.-This is a genuine concern that we can recommend. Retailing about 44 imperial gallons daily at 4d. per quart, g-)od trade in Dairy Produce, Butter 160 lbs., Eggs 1400, and 300 new laid, 130 quarterns of Bread, 10 doz. syphons weekly, two Pram Rounds. The premises consists of nicely fitted corner Shop, large House, Yard, Sheds, side Gates, and every convenience to carry on the business, Rent £55, 18 years lease. Price including valuable Inventory, Stock and Book debts, £650. HACKNEY. MILK.—A good paying little concern, very compact, any trial offered before paying deposit, doing a genuine trade of 21 imperial gallons daily at 4d. per quart, one compact Pram Round, and taking from P,18 to £ 20 weekly over the counter, pretty Shop. nice House, Rent £4:2, subletting j69, 3 years' Agree- ment renewable. Only asking JE240. KING'S CROSS. MILK.—Indoor trade. Taking from 0,35 to £4:0 weekly, all over the counter, smart corner Promises with fine House, Yard, Stabling, &c., Rent £60, subletting £35, Lease or Agreement will be granted. Price £175, a bargain. RECOMMENDED. MIDDLESEX. 16 Barns daily 4d., nice Shop, Rent £33, Price £370, part can remain. TWICKENHAM;, 16 Barns 4d., Rent £;10, only £320. DUL WIOH, counter trade, elaborately fitted Shop, central market position, Rent £50, taking P,40 weekly, genuine, £280. KING'S CROSS, indoors, taking from £18 to £20, making R28 per annum profit rental by letting, only £135. N., genuine and compact business, retailing 13 Barns daily at 4d. and taking 918 weekly indoors, one Round, pretty Shop, good House, Yard, Stabling, &c., Rent £32, long Lease, £375. CLAPHAM JUNCTION, 6 Barns all 4d., and taking £24 in the Shop. Price, inoluding Stock value about £30, £200. DALIER SYLW.—Dymunwn ar bawb ag sydd yn bwriadu gwerthu eu masnachoedd anfon y manylioa ar unwaith, trwy fod genym luaws o brynwyr mewn angen am leoedd cywir, bydd yn bleser genym hefyd anfon rhestr o'r masnachoedd sydd geaym ar werfch, i brynwyr ag sydd yn anallueg i alw arnom yn ystod yr oriau y mae y swyddfa yn agored, anfoner am danynt i'r swyddfa. Offices: 143, Strand, near Somerset Hoase D. J. TRUSCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS, HOUSE, DAIRY AND FARM AGENTS, &c., 11, BOND COURT, WALBROOK. N60 Gallons daily at 4d., £14 Shop, Price £550. 1 W., 42 gallons daily at 4d., £14 Shop, 2475, W.C., 44 gallons daily at 4d., CI5 Shop, £650. W.. 60 gallons daily at 4d., £650. N., 36 gallons daily at 4d., P,15 Shop, £350. Indoor £14 weekly, £40. Ditto, £30 weekly, £135. Ditto £12 weekly, £ 50. W., 28 gallons daily 4d., £30 Shop, B400. WILLIAM DAVIES, DAIRY & INSURANCE AGENT, 160, HIGH HOLBORN, W.C- BARGAINS now offered. S.W., 17 gallons at 4d., B Shop £8 to £ 9, Rent £30, Price £ 150. S.W., 15 gallons at 4d., Trade £25, Rent £60, let 15/ excellent fitted Shop, Price £260. W., 15 Gallons all at 4d., Shop takings small, good spot, Price £130. E, Round only, 19 Gallons at 4d., and 4 at 3d., price only asked £130, less will buy. Number of others cheap up to £ 3,000. Indoors at £10, do., £25, £50-£60, and all prices up to £ 400. Write for particulars instantly. ■ J.i J '■