Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

3 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



HUE BUSINESSES. GREAT BARGAINS. H. Willings & Oa Dairy Agents, 125, FLEET STREET, LONDON, E.G. Telephone -150 HOLBORN. WEST SUBURB. MILK.—Fast growing district, 26 to 27 Barns daily at 4d., Shop trade £10 week, good position, Garbled and Tiled Shop, good House, large Stabling, "40., Rent JE45, let off £58, Lease, 2 Ponies and Carts, Wages low, Price £750, or offer. HACKNEY. MILK.—10i Barns daily at 4d. on one Pram, Shop i'1 Trade jE18 week, nice Shop and House, Yard, Rent £ 42, let off 6/- weekly, 3 years' agreement, ^eady-money trade, Price £ 240, suit beginner. H. Willings & Go., above. KENNINGTON. MILK.«19 Barns daily at 4d. on 2 Pram Rounds, Ul Shop £ 15 week, nice Premises, Rent only JE36, 0l* Lease, Milk bought at Is. 4d., cash or weekly ;trade, Price only £ 360. Buyers write for particulars. VICTORIA PARK. MILK.—Good Corner Premises with Stabling, Rent "i 135 on agreement, 27 Barns daily at 4d., less 7 3d. to Shops, fine chance for Provisions, 2 Rounds 1 Horse and New Cart, 1 Pram, no Book Debts, same hands over 20 years. Photo at office, Price £4.70. kroner. Willings. SELECTION. MILK.-Wimbledon, Round only, 13 Barns at 4d. "i one Pram, no Debts, £185, N.W., 8 Barns at 4d., Shop jBlO, Cart, 214:0 Fulham, 10 Barns at 4d., Pram, £ 160. Middlesex, 16 Barns at 4d., Cart, *350. West End, 23 Barns at 4d., Shop £ 28, 3 £ rams, £ 850. Centre West, 26 Barns at 4d., Shop *12, 2 Rounds, £ 700. Ealing, 8 Barns at 4d., Shop f 10, Pram, £130. Full details of the above. Apply Willings & Co., 125, Fleet Street. HUGH DAYIES'S COUGH MIXTURE i NO MORe Difficulty of Breathlm*. I NO MORe Sleepless Nights. I NO MORe Distressing Coughs. DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COUGHS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COLDS « DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for ASTHMA DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for BRONCHITIS (: DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for HOARSENESS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for INFLUENZA DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COLDS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COUGHS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for SORE THROAT S DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE—Most Soothing I DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE warms the Chest i DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE dissolves the Phlegm DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE-for SINGERS 1 DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE—for PUBLW < DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE SPEAKERS THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY. 13!d. and 219 Bottles. Soid Everywhfrt. r-. Sweeter than Honey. Children like it. „ t HUGH DAVIES, Chemist, MACHYNLLETH. London Agents— '1\tr. R. THOMAS, Chemist, Upper Baker Street. to*. H. MORGAN, „ 34, Tavistook Plaoe tor. EDW. JONES 232, Kilburn Lane W Hen Ddewiniaid Cymru." 41 'CiPdrem ar hanes rhai o hen ddynion hysbys" yr oesau gynt, ynghyd a'u gweithiau. :Pris mewn rhwymiad hardd, 6/- "Swyddfa'r Celt," 211, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. <SRELLIER A'l FAB, ARGRAFFWYR, .2tt. GRAY'S INN ROAD

T. R. THOMAS & Co.,