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Y TABERNACL CYMREIG, KING'S CROSS. qyhhelib CYFARFODYDD BLYNYDDOL YR EGLWYS UCHOD NOB SADWBN, DYDD SUL a NOS LUN (Medi 24ain, 25ain, a'r 26ain). PREGETHIR GAN Y Parch. O. L. ROBERTS, Lerpwl, a'r Parch. R. J HUWS, Bethel Dechreuir yr Oediaon nos Sadwrn a nos Lun am 7. Dydd Sul 10.30, 2.30, a 6. Gwneir Casgliad yn mhob oedfa tuagat ddiddyledu yr Addoldy. BEAUCHAMP ROAD, CLAPHAM JUNCTION, CYNGHERDD BLYNYDDOL. NOS PERCHER, HYDREF 26ain, 1904. Cystadleuaeth Unawd (i ferched)," Y Gwcw ar y Fedwen (Megan Watts), gwobr 1 gini. Cjstadleuaetli Una" d (i fechgyn), Rhuo, l'huo, mae y gwynt (Thomas), gwobr 1 gini. Gystadleuaeth Adroddiad, Dinystr y Rothsay Castle (gan Caleoiryn), gwobr 1 gini. Enwau yr ymgeiswyr i'w hanfon i'r Ysgrif- enydd, 6, Beauchamp Rd., Clapham Junction. < WILLIAM DAVIES, DAIRY & INSURANCE AGENT, 160, HIGH HOLBORN, W.C. P-TO-DATE Businesses. Great number has come TTP.TO-DATE Businesses. Great number has come in and entrusted to me to sell at once, and can- not advertise only once. Others, smaller and larger, -*• have all over London equally as cheap. For distance, S.E., 24J Bains at 4d., less ii at 3d., 1 Barrow Round done easily within a radius of half a fcule. Tiade £12, Rent 13/ over 5 years' agreement, £ ice Shop and large House, Stable, Back Entrance, ^ice £ 325. Part purchase can remain. Indoor -Dairy and Provision, sacrifice bargain oflered, Market spot "West, family there 20 years, beautifully itted Shop, capable of doing £ 50 weekly, Price only JE30, good reason for selling. ST. BENET'S WELSH CHURCH, QUEEN VICTORIA STREET, E.C. HARVEST FESTIVAL Sunday, Sept. 25, 1904. 11.0 a.m. Preacher-Rev. Jacob Hughes, B.A. (Southend Welsh Mission, Liverpool). 4.0 p.m. (English). Preacher—Rev. L. D. Thomas (St. Stephen's, Coleman Street). 6.30 p.m. Preacher, Rev. Jacob Hughes Monday, September 26 8.0 p.m. Preacher, Rev. Jacob Hughes MILK BUSINESSES. GREAT BARGAINS. H. Willings & Co Dairy Agents, 125, FLEET STREET, LONDON, J:i.(". Telephone -150 HOLBORN. SELECTION. MILK.-Several genuine businesses just to hand. iU. Note the following :-Clapham, 10 Barns at 4d., Shop £10, one Pram, same hands years, J6175. Willesden, 8 Barns at 4d., Shop Y,16, Pram, £230. Putney, 7 Barns at 4d., Horse and Cart, Pram, £ 80. N.W., 10 Barns at 4d., bhop zC9, Pram, neglected, j6220. Ealing, 13 Barns at 4d., 2 Prams, Shop £ 8, £ 250. Camden Town, 7 Barns at 4d., Shop £10, Pram, old established, £ 140. Richmond, 10 Barns at 4d., Shop £7, Pram, £ 265. N.W., 8 Barns at 4d., Shop £10, Horse and Cart, £120. Genuine. NORTH LONDON. MILK.-Good Position, well-established, 39 Barns M daily at 4d., less 12 at 3Jd. and 3d. to Shops, 2 Pram Rounds, Shop £ 8 week, customers average 1 quart, good premises at £62 p. a., Lease, only ze800, offer. Willings above. WEST END. TH ILK.—Main Road, 28 Barns daily at 4d., Butter, iU. Eggs, &c., dE28 week, 3 Prams, Premises in thorough repair, Rent moderate, valuable Lease, Price £ 800, close offer. KENNINGTON. MILK.—19 Barns daily at 4d., Shop £ 15 week, 2 Prams, nice Shop and House, Yard, Back Entrance, Rent low, Lease, Price £360. H. Willings and Co., above. SELECT S.W. SUBURB. MILK.—21 Barns daily at 4d. on 2 Prams, Shop J][i. trade £10 week, very convenient Premises at low Rent, Lease 21 years, Wages low, Price £500, close offer. Another N.E., 10i Barns daily at 4d., Shop f,18 week, one Pram, Y,240, offer. Call or write, H. Willings & Co. Address, 125, Fleet Street, E.C.

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