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MR. W T. STEAD'S MESSAGE. A representative of the South Wales Daily News interviewed Mr. W. T. Stead who attended Mr. Gipsy Smith's mission meeting on Sunday last, and asked him for a message. He received the following "The danger of a revival like this and all religious movements is that it burns very brightly at first, but people can't keep on going to prayer meetings for ever, and they need some- body to 'poke the fire' and bring down the coals and keep the fire burning by making them apply themselves to all manner of good works. Faith is very good it is the foundation of all things, but if after having believed and having given themselves to Christ and found salvation themselves, and brought their mothers and fathers, their sisters and brothers and relatives to Him, the time will come when they will feel, 'Yes, what more is there to do ?' At the meeting this morning a man offered a prayer which was very touching. He said 'Lord, have mercy on Pontypridd. It has a very bad name in the world, but help us to make it as a paradise.' If you can get that note into every convert's heart, and make him feel that he has to make his town, his village, or whatever it may be, his workshop, like what he would like Jesus Christ to see that there is plenty of work to go on with, and no danger of the fire going out. I am very much afraid that unless you give people plenty to do, and make them feel they are doing God's work, and doing it regularly in their daily life, the danger of a reaction is very great. What I should like to see in every Welsh village as a sequel to every revival is a conference of all converts, especially young converts, with ministers and picked men'- representative men, and let them say, Now we the Church of Christ in this place, have practically entered into a compact with the Lord God Almighty to make this place better in every particular—in education, sanitation, recreation, beauty, every- thing so that we would not be ashamed if Jesus Christ came down and said, I want to see what you have made of this place.' I think you ought to have conferences generally throughout the whole of the districts affected by this revival to arrange, if possible, for the yoking on of all the forces that have been generated by this spiritual movement so as to make it an instrument for the solution of all social problems, capital and labour problems, land and slum problems, and every problem. That is where I think our great hope lies. The great danger is from all the force going to prayer meetings and singing hymns. That is very good, and heaven knows we have need of it as much as anybody. We want to get the steam of the engine, as it were, connected with the cylinder, and make it go towards everything, political and social work, and after all, if we pray, 'Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven,' the great thing is, as that man prayed this morning, 'Thy will be done in Pontypridd as it is in heaven.'

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