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Home News. ANGLESEA. At the Valley Rural Council the other day the Surveyor called attention to a case of overcrowding at Park Cerrigceinwen, Anglesey, where ten per- sons were said to be sleeping and living in one room. The Medical Officer was instructed to in- vestigate the matter. At a meeting of the. Holyhead Boat Disaster Committee it was reported that the relief fund had now almost reached £ 700, and a hope was expressed that it would be £ 75° in a few days. The Board of Trade had sent a gratuity of £ 50. It was decided to close the fund at an early date. CARDIGAN. The Sites Committee of the Aberystwyth Town Council met on Wednesday, and accepted the tender of Messrs. Edwards Bros., Aberystwyth, at ^2,8c6 for the erection of a new public library and reading-room. Mr. Carnegie has promised a sum of £ 3,000 towards the cost of the building. .\Ir5. Lloyd, of Dol-llan Farm, Llandyssul, fell into the river at Penpwll. She had been to the I village selling milk, and was crossing the river to the farm in a boat. Fortunately she had two empty milk cans with the lids on in her hands, and stuck to them, and floated down the river for about 100 yards before she was picked up by Mr. John Davies, Pendre. The cans enabled her to keep herself afloat. There has just died at Aberystwyth an eccentric character known as James Jones Williams, locally known as Williams, Rodyn." He had been living in a hut on the tops at Trefechan, but latterly he resided by himself in a house at Vulcan Court, where he did what little cooking he required and attended to other domestic requirements. He preferred sleeping on a chair or on the stairs to sleeping on a bed. In former years he had an old grey horse for a companion, and it is said that they both slept together in an apartment which was not too luxurious even for the horse. During the day he wore an old Inverness cape, which, with a sack for his lower limbs, was converted into a covering at Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, for he was connected with some of the best families in North Cardigan, he was known in his youth as Etifedd Tanycastell," and he was a sharp, shrewd, well-read man. He was remarkably well versed in current politics, and though he never went to chapel he had his own ideas of religion. In his youth he was a schoolmaster, then turned his attention to farming, grocery, doctoring, and dentistry, drew up wills, and gave legal advice, for which he never charged. He was not destitute when he died, for gold and silver were found upon him. CARNARVON. The annual sermon to students was preached last Thursday by the Very Rev. Henry Wace, D.D., Dean of Canterbury. The service was held in -Bangor Cathedral. A severe epidemic of measles is spreading over some parts of North Wales. The schools of Con- way, Llandudno Junction, Dolwyddelen, and several other places are closed by the order of the medical officers. Several deaths have occurred at Dolwydd- elen. It is reported that there are 150 cases of measles and croup, and that the epidemic continues to spread. In the course of building operations at Vaynol Street, Carnarvon, last week, some men employed by Messrs. Williams and Roberts came upon a Roman earthenware drinking-cup. The vessel is about three and a half pints measure, tapers towards the bottom, has a small handle attached close to the brim, and is in an excellent state of preservation. The scene of the find is on the site of the ancient town of Segontium, and similar discoveries have been made before. The Local Government Board has sanctioned a loan of £ 1,000 for a water supply for Cesarea. This item of news is not from the Joppa Weekly Reporter, but from the Local Government Journal, under "Welsh News." "Where in Wales is Cesarea ? asks one who ought to know. For his information we may add that Cesarea is not far from Pisgah, and that Salem, Bethania, Bethesda, Carmel, Saron, and Bethel are close by—all within easy reach of Carnarvon and. Bangor. All are prosperous quarry villages. At a special meeting of the Carnarvon Town Council it was resolved last night to guarantee £ 5,000 toward the establishment of the Welsh National Museum, and a deputation was appointed to approach the Finance Committee of the County Council with the object of securing the co-operation of that body. The members of the Town Council and a nunlber of outsiders have already promised over £ 1,000 toward the object, Mr. O. Jones, a former member, heading the list with £ 25o and the Mayor coming next with £ 100. The monthly meeting of Pwllheli Guardians was held on Wednesday, Mr. J. T. Jones presiding. The Clerk said, in view of the suggestions thrown out, that the minutes of the Board should be recorded in Welsh, seeing that the proceedings of the Board. were entirely in that language. He consulted the Local Government Board on the point, and the reply was—" The minutes of a Board of Guardians must be recorded in English," but Guardians had power if they deemed it advisable to incur the expense of a duplicate series in Welsh. The Chairman I have been here 35 years, and have never seen inconvénience caused by the minutes being in English. Let us drop the subject. This was agreed to. DENBIGH. At the annual meeting of the Llangollen Parish Council on Saturday night, considerable indigna- tion was expressed of the local criticism to the effect that, as the work of the authority amounted to little more than the control of "an average-sized cabbage garden," it might be fairly relegated to the Rural District Council to transact. The argument was that there are too many small authorities in Wales, Mr. J. Price (chairman) said that they had 25 or 30 miles of footpaths to deal with, and the parish councillors did much work in patrolling the t footpaths for nothing. Mr. Price was re-elected chairman, and a halfpenny rate levied to keep the footpaths in order. GLAMORGAN. At the recent examination of the Royal College of Music, South Kensington, Miss Lotty Thomas, Connaught Road, Cardiff, successfully gained the Diploma of Associateship of the Royal College in Pianoforte Playing. Miss Thomas is to be highly congratulated on her great achievement at the age of eighteen. The Lord Bishop of Hereford, acting under a commission from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the guardian of the See of Llandaff during the vacancy, held a general ordination in Llandaff Cathedral on Sunday morning, when the following were ordained :— Deacons.—John Evans, B.A., the University of Wales, Aberystwyth Henry John Evans, Lie. Div., St. David's College, Lampeter; William James Grigg, Scholae Cancellarii, Lincoln John Jones, Lie. Div., St. David's College, Lampeter; John Pughe Jones, B.A., St. David's College, Lampeter Arthur Henry Plaisted, King's College, London David John Thomas, Lie. Div., St. David's College, Lampeter and David Walters, B.A., St. David's College, Lampeter. Priests.—Percival Langston Day, Keble College, Oxford; Robert John Bailey Lewis, B.A., Queen's College, Cambridge John Rees Phillips, the University of London Thomas Ceredig Phillips, B.A., St. Peter's College, Cambridge, and B.A., St. David's College, Lampeter and Arthur Buckner Peirce. The sermon, was preached by the Ven. the Arch- deacon of Llandaff, and Mr. A. H. Plaisted read the Gospel. The Bishop of Hereford, under the authority of the same commission, afterwards licensed the following curates :— John Evans, B.A., to Cadoxton-juxta-Neath Henry John Evans, Lie. Div., to Llanfabon Wm. James Grigg, to St. Mary the Virgin's, Cardiff John Jones, Lie. Div., to Llangynwyd John Pughe Jones, B.A., to St. Margaret's, Mountain Ash Arthur Henry Plaisted, to Penmaen David John Thomas, Lie. Div., to Llantrisant, Glam. David Walters, B.A., to St. Mary Magdalene's, Tylors- town. The Crawley prize, which is given to the candi- date who passes the best examination for Priests' Orders at the Lent Ordination in each year, was awarded to the Rev. John Rees Phillips, curate of Holy Trinity, Pillgwenlly. MERIONETH. The Towyn Urban District Council have decided that a conference of the farmers of the district shall be held on the 15th May to confer with Mr. Denniss, manager of the Cambrian Railway Com- pany, with a view to securing their active co-opera- tion in the development of volunteer encampments at Towyn. It was stated that no volunteers would visit Towyn during Whitsuntide. At the Dolgelly Board of Guardians on Satur- day the following communication from Mr. Haydn Jones, hon. secretary of the Merioneth Education Committee, was considered The attention of my Committee has been called to the fact that in most unions in this county schoolhouses (ele- mentary school buildings) are either not assessed at all to the poor rate or are assessed at a nominal figure, whereas in the Festiniog Union all such buildings are assessed at their full annual value. The Festiniog Board of Guardians having refused the application to have the schoolhouses in that Union put on the same footing as in the rest of the county, the Committee considers, therefore, that in order to deal justly by all ratepayers schoolhouses throughout the county should hence- forth be assessed at their full value." The matter was referred to the Assessment Committee.