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The Children's Column.,


The Children's Column. MY DEAR NIECES AND NEPHEWS, The/merry month of May is with us at last, but it came with frowns and tears upon its face instead of a smile. Did many of you play at crowning the May Queen ? Who of you my dear nieces were crowned ? I feel sure that all of you deserved to be, judging from the sweet letters which you have sent me. Do you know what is the Welsh for May Day ? It is Calan Mai, or clanmai in its abreviated form, and in the olden times it used to be our thirteenth of the month. And, say what we will, our fore- fathers knew the seasons of the year better than we do. I find from your letters that you managed to enjoy your Easter holidays in spite of the bad weather. Given and her brother went to Wales, where they seem to have had a glorious time of it. They were invited out to tea every day, and they found the bread and butter, and jam, and eggs delicious. But they did not hear the cuckoo, and were told that it has not been heard anywhere there this year yet. Tom Jones was taken by his father to see Maskelyne and Cooke, and he enjoyed himself so much that he is going to offer himself to them as an assistant as soon as his schooldays are over. What do you think of that, Wncwl ? he asks. Well, Tom, I don't know exactly. If you are clever enough to play tricks, you are also clever enough to do something better. Kate writes to say she went to New Jewin to Cymanfa'r Pasg, and did not miss a single service. On the other days she played with her little baby brother, of whom she is very fond. Her mother was making a new dress for her, and unless she played with the baby he would be playing with the thread. But I must not go on like this, or else the editor will cry "stop." Now for the answers to the questions of April 22nd. You observe that the word tro was in every sentence of the first question, and has a different meaning in every case. I. Turn back; stir thy tea there is a bend in the river; I shall go for a walk to-day; John has gone to see to the sheep; Will tumbled into the whirlpool. II. Hidden Welsh names of flowers i. Briallu. 2. Llygad y Dydd. 3. Coes- goch. 4. Llysiau'r Gog. III. Jumbled Welsh proverbs :— i. Allan o olwg, allan o feddwl. 2. Goreu arf, arf Dysg. 3. Deuparth gwaith yw ei ddechreu. Here is your next task i. What are the terms commonly used in South Wales for the following used in the North :-Codi, sgwrsio, tyred, ffordd, taid, buarth. And what are the terms of North Wales for the following South Wales terms :—Fe, cawl, cwrdd, tua thre, cerdda bant, disgwlyma. 2. Hidden Welsh names of trees and shrubs Bachgen dall wyf, Enid. Dyma sarn enbyd i'w chroesi ar noson dywyll. Ni ddanfonwyd yr un ateb i mi er i mi anfon wythnos yn ol. Un diog wyt ti, Ned; ni weithi nes y byddi bron llwgu. v Send your answers by Thursday to Wncwl Huw," care of THE LONDON WELSHMAN, 45, St. Martin's Lane, W.C.



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