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SWAN & EDQAR, Ltd. ™ THE BEST HOUSE IN LONDON FOR VALUE. 2 UDonderfuf Offerd. THE WHOLE OF A MANUFACTURER'S STOCK. 60 HIGH GRADE PIANO PLAYERS. At 12 Gns., Similar to those Sold at 40 Gns. ■f 1 000 °' Piano=Player Music At HALF LIST PRICES, l' D following ¥9 crf% c <ig^===:=:=^^f PIANOLA. APOLLO. Slla'«:acl1, x—ANQELUS. REX. LESS THAN PLAXNO ^BAw/ ONE 3RD i AERIOLA. MALCOLM. • c I I*> <■ HARDMAN. PIANAUTOR. Their Selling Price. g|j £ |—X ^|—1 g4 MURDOCH. PIANOTIST. ■J H Qns-^ 1 H 1 METZLER. And Others. ONLY AT SOwx^ nF li /^CAN^\ Sl,000 4ev I /f BE USED Y WORTH ONLY li Gns. -^yil O | WITH ANY II At HALF ™, PIANO. LIST PRICES. REGAL THIS OFFER IS ONLY WHILE THEY LAST. t IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER. I. Only while they last. i. > 2. We sold 54 similar Instruments just before Christmas in It hours, and could have sold two 2 or three hundred had we had them, so don't delay your order, or you may be disappointed. I 3. We have only 60. 4. Do not imagine that because we are selling these Instruments at 12 guineas, that they are inferior Players. 5. Music rolls for these Instruments, and for all Standard Piano Players on the Market, can be had from us at half the List Price. 6. It having come to our notice that some of our last Piano Players were bought by the Wholesale and offered to the Public at nearly double the price, we are taking every precaution to prevent anyone securing them but bona fide Retail Customers. The above will also apply to the Piano Player Music. 7. In ordering Music by post, quote the name of the Piano Player, number of piece in Catalogue, and send remittance for half the List Price. PICCADILLY, SWAN & EDGAR Ltd, REGENT ST. & LONDON, W. Printed and Published by HARRISON & SONS, at 45, St. Martin's Lane, London. Wholesale City Agent—M. SOUTHWELL, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, E.C. Agents for Wales—MESSRS. W. H. SMITH AND SONS, and MESSRS, WM. DAWSON & SONS, LTD. Agents for the Colonies:—ROBT. A. THOMPSON & Co., LTD., Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (N.S.W;), Adelaide, Brisbane (Queensland), Caoe Town (S.A.), Johannesburg and Buluwayo; GORDON & Cape Town, Durban (S.A.). Melbourne (Victoria .Brisbane (Queensland), Sydney 'N.S.W.), Pert" W.A.), Wellington and Christchurch, N.Z.