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I IN LOVELY WALES. BARMOUTH BRIDGE. IV.-BARMOUTH. BARMOUTH, in Welsh, Abermaw, was dis- covered by the tourist earlier than almost any other resort in Beautiful Wales, but up to about thirty years ago it was known only to those who ventured out of the beaten tracks. Wordsworth visited it in 1824, when, he says, he took boat and rowed up its sublime estuary, which may compare with the finest in Scotland." Another beauty-seeker, in those pre-railway days, gave the Valley of the Mawddach a higher place still. He had travelled over the Continent, and when asked, "Which is the finest drive in Europe ? Teplied, From Barmouth to Dolgelley." On being further catechised, "And which comes ftext to it?" he answered, "From Dolgelley to Barmouth." Since that time many other Welsh summer resorts have become famous, but Bar- mouth, with its fine shore and sea view in front, Cader Idris within measurable distance, the -glorious estuary" running seven or eight miles inland, and the range of lofty hills sheltering it fIrOrn the north, Barmouth can hold its own Against any rival. The town itself does not in any way resemble a fashionable watering-place. The streets, most them, at least, are irregularly constructed, h°uses nestle one above the other on Ihe slope in a very original and picturesque manner. The aspect of the place gives one the impression that everyone and everything there is governed by the do as you please principle. But the glory of the place consists in the variety of pleasures it offers to the visitor. If he is fond of boating, he has a magnificent bay and estuary to ply his oars on. If he is drawn by the mountains, he is close to them. A few yards from the shore he is on rising ground, which stretches away for miles, and culminates in the conspicuous summit of Diphwys, 2,467 feet above the sea. Or let him cross the river and he is at the foot of Cader Idris. And the choice of walks, either on the level ground or on the heights is endless, so that every tem- perament and every desire can be satisfied. "Pont y Bermo" has been designated the finest promenade pier in Europe. It is half a mile long, across the Mawddach. The view inland from this promenade is one never to be forgotten. On the right stands lofty Cader, and to the left, Diphwys. Between lies the valley, too beautiful for description-the broad, winding river, the wooded slopes with infinite variety of foliage and colour, the numerous little capes that look like so many islets, whilst beyond are the distant mountains above Dolgelley, Moel Gynwch, Moel Orthrwm, and Rhoballt Fawr. Of the walks in the immediate neighbourhood the most famous is the Panorama. The view VIEW FROM PANORAMA WALK, BARMOUTH. Photo by Catherall & Prichard, Chester.] [BARMOUTH STATION. II