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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



The Great Western and ^Metropolitan Dairies, THE LARGEST WHOLESALE MILK CONTRACTORS IN LONDON, Guarantee a supply of Pure Milk to Dairymen. r™s™Lv 9, HARROW ROAD, PADDINOTON, LONDON, W. PARTICULARS APPLY 229 PADDINGTON. Mr. HENRY MORGAN, Surgeon Dentist, 10, TAVISTOCK PLACE, W.C. ARTIFICIAL TEETH from 5/- to 10/- COMPLETE SETS (UPPER AND LOWER), from A4 Teeth Extracted under Gas and Ether Spray. Old Sets of Teeth Remodelled. No Charze for Consultation. Siaredir Cymraeg os ynfwy dymunol, jfcURE^^ -I/WHILE YOU SLEEP ft OF ALL YOUR TROUBLESOME | SjL CORNS U H DR, WATSON'S MEDICATED —JW H CORN PENCIL is an absolutely certain, ■ swift, and painless cure. Hard or soft J| cor ns killedwhile you sleep. No pain, no H inccnvenienee, no failure. In every sense H H an ideal remedy. Most corn remedies ■ ■ possess little virtue beyond a "name." H ■ Send P.O. 1/- to-day and be cured. B| ■ E. MOORE, 257, High Holborn, London,W.C.. 1| w Ar-M EVAN DAVIES, 224, EDGWAR6 ROAD (close to Praed Street), General Taney Draper and millintr, Special Shop Aprons. THE REFORM. Blue, Striped White Drill, Wide Collars, Fast Colour, and guaranteed for wear; price 1/11 J. None better on the market. We have a large assortment to select from. Carriage paid for not less than three. Wear WALTON'S Good Clothes. Our Invincible jyt US# "Two-Year" £ SERGE HH _jt J is far and away the most ttBi tf* economical to buy. SUMMM LOUNGE I WB suit 50'" wifl% Wmm iw Made to Measure. f i WILL STAND 2 years' yjffl HARD wear. Keep its X deep rich colour, and look well all the time. Write or sample or call and see the Cloth. ISAAC WALTON & CO., LTD., 97, 99 & 101, NEWJNGTON CAUSEWAY, S.E. 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9, LUDGATE HILL, E.C. 518, 520 & 522, BRIXTON ROAD, S.W. 442, 444 & 446, HOLLOWA^ ROAD, N "SEREN CYMRU" (The Star of Wales). WEEKLY ORGAN OF THE WELSH BAPTISTS. (ESTABLISHED 44 YEARS.) BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM IN THE PRINCIPALITY Circulates in every village and town in Wales, and largely in England and America. T. POWELL, Advt. Manager, BRYNTIRION GLAIS CLYDACH, R.S.O., GLAM. J. D. WILLIAMS & CO., DAIRY AGENTS, 17, HACKNEY ROAD, N.E. M!LK.—City Old-established business doing nearly 40 barns daily at 4d., less little to large consumers at 3d. shop trade 615 weekly; 20 cows in full profit; fine cow house very convenient premises 2 compact rounds valuable lease rent only ^45 • Price £ 1,500. MILK.—N. 13 barns daily 4d., less little to large cus- tomers 3d. shop £ 16 I compact round. Price ^325. MILK.—N. 23 barns daily at 4d., less 3 barns at 3d.; shop trade ^10 weekly 2 pram rounds, can be greatly increased death cause of sale; fine shop and premises; 15 years lease; rent £ 55. Price £45°. Please note the Address-WILLIAMS & Co., above. PURE MILK. SWEET MILK. Punctually delivered to Wholesale Customers only in any part of London. DAIRY SUPPLY CO., LTD., Museum Street, London, W.C. JOHN W. JONES & Co., Dairy Agents and Valuers, 24, LUDGATE HILL, E.C. Established 50 Years. WEST Owner retiring model premises valuable steam plant go gallons daily 4d, part 3d. profitable shop, trade £25 weekly horses, van, prams. Asking Zgco part can remain. SUBURB: 60 gallons daily 4d. pram round ^675. SURREY: Post office 28 gallons 4d. shop £10; £320. LEWISHAM: 10 ba ns 4d. shop ^5 pram Z210. Large selection of Dairy Businesses to select from, situate all parts of London. Country and Seaside buyers please call as above. No charge to purchasers. BI>ANDFORD DiLIR'S'. M. MEREDITH, 23, Blandford Street, Manchester Square, Dairy Farmer and Purveyor of High,class Dairy Produce. SPECIAL OFFER OF NEW LAID EGGS, 1/6 DOZ. (WARRANTED) Well recommended. Your custom solicited. Milk & Butter delivered WILLIAM DAVIES, Dairy and Insurance Agent, 160, HIGH HOLBORN, W.C. To intending purchasers of Cow Businesses and Milk Rounds. Splendid selections. Come to Davies. MtLK.—W.C. 20 barns at 4d. shop trade £ 23 I pram round price £49°. W.C. Long lease rent ^36; let £20; 18 barns at 4d.; shop _IS price '£55°. City 27 barns at 4d. shop £18; long lease no rent to pay price £ 630. S.W. 20 barns at 4d.; shop £14; 2 pram rounds; price £380. A number of Cowkeepers' businesses for sale cheap. Indoor at King's Cross Trade £ 2 j 5 gallons of milk daily at 4d. long lease rent £36 let £I9s. 6d. D. J. TRUSCOTT & CO., Dairy and Tarm Agents and Ualiiers, Telephone II, BOND COURT, No. 12359 Central. WALBROOK, E.C. LLOYD & LLOYD, Estate and Commercial Agents, Valuers and Arbitrators. Farms, Dairies, Shops, and Houses sold. Private Mortffagen arranged. Choice Dairies for Sale -All Parts, All Prices. Office :-20, BUCKLERSBURY (near the Bank), E.C. T. R. THOMAS & Co., DAIRY AGENTS AND VALUERS, 1S3, STRAND, W.C. ESSEX.—50 barns 4d. 4 cows; lease ^"1200 S.E.—40 barns 4d. 3 rounds shop £35 61150 W.—28 barns 4d. shop £25; 3 prams £ 900 E.—27 barns 4<3. 19 cows rent £45 lease £ 85° N.—29 barns 4d. shop ^16; bold corner £ 800 KENT.—35 barns 4d. 3 prams fine shop £750 REGENT ST.-33 barns; 3 rounds; trial £700 BATTERSEA.—17 barns 4d. estd. 50 years £500 S.E.—19 barns 4d. shop ^8 rent Z30 £ 45° SURREY.—17 3arns 4d. nice shop select £ 375 BRIXTON.-14 arns 4d. shop £ 11 trial ^33° CLAPHAM.-Fine indoor; takings ^37 £315 N.-Indoor; takings £60; rent £ 40 £ 300 MIDDLX.—13 barns 4d. butter, eggs, &c. £300 ISLINGTON.-—12 barns 4d. shop Z13 £ 25° KINGS X. Counter takings £37 weekly £z4° CHELSEA.—6 barns 4d. shop ^34 Z220 EUSTON.-Indoor; £22; rent Z30 Z 140 KNIGHTSBRIDGE.—Takings £ 20; stock. £70 DALSTON. Takings ^14; rent all let 670 OFFICES 143, Strand, near Somerset House. H. WILLINGS & Co., Dairy Business Agents, 125. FLEET STREET, E.G. TELEPHONE: No. 150 HOLBORN. Situate WEST END. MILK.-Sound trade. 30 barns daily at 4d on 3 prams. Counter trade, 625 weekly. Main road position. Excellent premises. Rent moderate. Lease. Price £950. Recommended. Situate PADDINGTON. MILK.—16 barns daily at 4d. (nearly all) on one com- pact pram round. Shop £42 to 646 weekly. Rent very low. Cash trade. Net profits about £zoo P-a- Price £ 350 close offer. Genuine. Situate near ALDGATE. MILK.-Very old-established cowkeeper's business 35 barns daily at 4d. on 2 rounds. Shop £z3 weekly. Excellent premises. Long lease. 15 good cows- No book debts. Price £ 1,200 offer. Situate W.C. District. MILK.-Indoor Dairy; Takings £17 weekly and 2 to 2^ barns daily at 4d. profit rental, £25. Lease. 2 Price Z105 offer. Another E.C. District: Takings ^14 weekly- Rent all let off. Good premises. Price £ 45. Severa others all parts. SELECTION. S.W. —20 barns 4d. shop ^12 2 rounds FULHAM.—6^ barns 4d. shop £ i6 pram ,01 WEST—94 :>arns 4d. shop £ zo pram 2 HYDE PARK.—12 barns 4d. shop £ 14 pram £ 3 KENN1NGT0N.—13 barns 4d. good shop; pram A1 BRIXTON.—14 barns 4d. shop £ 1252 prams ^.33 N.W.—14 barns 4d. shop ^12 pram A3 TOOTING. —12 bams 4d; shop ^'14 pram £ 2^ MARYLEBONE.—11 barns 4d. shop £ 12 pram h2 CQ BOROUGH.—16 barns 4d. shop £ 2.0 2 prams £ 4-S S.E.—33 barns 4d. shop ^xo; 3 prams KENSllNGTON.—16 barns 4d. shop £ 8 2 prams & Full details of H. WILLINGS & Co., as above.