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Home News. ANGLESEA. A marriage was celebrated at Holyhead last Thursday week between the Rev. David Williams, M.A., Professor of Church History and Theology at Trevecca College, and late pastor of the Clifton Street English Presbyterian Church, Cardiff, and Miss Maggie Owen, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Owen, Glan-y-Merydd, Holyhead. This happy event took place at the Hyfrydle Calvinistic Metho- dist Church. Professor Williams, who had a brilliant University career at Aberystwyth and Oxford, is well known to Welsh congregations in London, and all his London friends wish him well. BRECON. Breconshire has the largest number of sheep of any county in Wales, viz., 507,634. Builth, beloved of the colliers of South Wales, is fast losing its old characters. One of the latest to pass away was Thomas Wickett, familiarly known as Tommy Wicked, a harmless man who did most of the porterage, and had a wonderful memory for faces of patrons. One still more friendly to the visitor hailed from Cefn Coed, and used to delight visitors by jigging after the old and approved style, which he would do to the delight of "Shonny Hoy," who watched the Weakdown patronisingly, pipe in mouth. Many a familiar character Builth has had, from men who played instruments of divers kinds at the Wells from the beginning of the season to the end and some reputed to have seen better days, and would spin yarns to tender-hearted people of the ups and downs of this trying life, the trials having chiefly been due to their own thirsty nature. I have a recollection of one now with an old visitor, whose thirst was abnormal. It was not due to taking a quantity of saline, a favourite thirst pro- voker, by the way, for he was never seen to indulge in a glass, and the keen interest with which he watched John Jones or William Williams imbibe was remarkable but dry, or wet, May to October, he was always in a state of "lubrication," and yet in all conditions played finely the old air until his playing days ceased. "Tommy Wicked" died in the workhouse last week, his journey to the trains ended for ever. CARDIGAN. The Vicar of St. Dogmael's, near Cardigan (Rev. J. Myfenydd Morgan), will on the i ith of next month address the Rhondda Cymmrodorion on the life and works of the late Chancellor Silvan-Evans, the eminent Celtic scholar and lexicographer. Mr. James Jones, Tyllwyd, the oldest member of the Aberystwyth Board of Guardians and Rural District Council, died on Sunday night at the age of 71 years. Mr. Jones had been a member of the bodies named for over forty years, and was when he died vice-chairman of the Board of Guardians. He was held in high esteem, and was one of the best-known agriculturists in North Cardiganshire. At a meeting of the Rural Council on Monday a vote of condolence was passed with the widow and family. CARNARVON. The recent Diocesan Schools Bazaar at Bangor yielded a net profit of ^151 16s. 6d., whereof the Upper Bangor National Schools received £50, and the Diocesan Fund the remainder. Some of the head teachers of Carnarvonshire are dissatisfied with the scale of salaries adopted by the Education Committee for evening school work. The rate is four shillings per hour, whereas the teachers think it should be five shillings. In more than one case at the Carnarvon Police Court yesterday one of the magistrates, Mr. J. R. Hughes, frequently asked that, as all the parties concerned understood Welsh, the questions to and answers by witnesses should be given in that language. A constable with an English name was asked by Mr. Hughes if he understood Welsh, to which the man replied that he preferred English. Mr. Hughes Do you mean to tell me that you cannot speak Welsh and in this force ? I think the Chief Constable's attention should be called to it. The constable explained that he understood the language, but could not speak it.


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