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THE SQUIRE OF LLANDINAM'S FIRST POLITICAL SPEECH. For more than one reason, great interest is being taken in the political campaign of Mr. David Davies, of Llandinam, in Montgomery- shire. It was known that he did not see eye to eye with the party that selected him to carry its banner. Until the very day of his selection many people thought that he preferred the opposite camp. But his first speech delivered at Llanfyllin, last Thursday, shows that, though he can justly claim the title of a moderate Liberal, much more moderate than almost any of the Welsh party, yet he is a Liberal, and pretty certain to support the present Government on all questions that are likely to come before the next Parliament. In the course of his speech he said he had always looked upon party government in some way as having its disadvan- tages as well as its great advantages, and he should always endeavour to support what he considered to be the best interests of the country, apart from considerations of party. But at the same time he realised that the Liberal party was the great party of progress. He sincerely hoped that one of the first things the Liberal Government would deal with was the question of Disestablishment, of which he was strongly in favour. Dealing with Education, he said he believed the ratepayers had an absolute right to control the schools, and religious tests ought to be abolished. He was a strong supporter of temperance reform, and believed in the policy of devolution for Ireland, to be applied also to England, Scotland, and Wales. With regard to the fiscal policy, he was not quite in sympathy with the Liberal party, but he considered nothing could be done with regard to the taxation of food before a Colonial conference had met. He was strongly in sympathy with any method of bringing about closer relations between the Colonies and Mother Country. However, he did not understand how the question could be brought forward as an issue until it came forward at a Colonial conference. He strongly approved of the new Ministry.




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