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The Great Western and Metropolitan Dairies A. LIMITED, THE LARGEST WHOLESALE MILK CONTRACTORS II LONDON, Guarantee a supply of Pure Milk to Dairymen. ( < ™"sAZLv 9, HARROW ROAD, PADDINOTON, LONDON, W. \v J TELEPHONE- 229 PADDINGTON. H. WILLINGS & Co., Dairy Business Agents & Valuers, 125, FLEET STREET, E.C., TELEPHONE: No. 150 HOLBORN. MILK: near London Bridge.—19 barns daily nearly all at 4d. on one round; shop £ \(> weekly; good premises in excellent position; price ^450; no debts. MILK near in N. W- 15'2 barns daily at 4d. on one pram shop 621 weekly nice shop and house cash or weekly trade rent low price ^390 bargain. Indoor Dairies. MAIN ROAD, N.-Trade £ 20 weekly; 212 barns, 4d. ^iro KENSINGTON.—Trade £ 16 weekly £ 50 WEST- EN D.-Refrehnients; £17 weekly £100 BUSY SPOT.—Trade £70 weekly £ 2(,5 E.C. Trade ^20 weekly £ 100 HOLBORN.—Trade £ 6 weekly all at £ 25 VAUXHALL.—Trade £ 20 weekly offers MARKET SPOT.-Trade £35 weekly all cash £ 110 ISLINGTON. MILK.—8 barns daily at 4d. on one pram shop ^12 e t 5 weekly rent all let off; nice premises price £ 150 bargain. Selection. SELECT S.W.- 18 barns 4d.; shop £ 14; one round ^440 WEST = END. 20 barns 4d.; shop £ 12; 2 prams £475 CLERKENWELL. —11 barns 4d. shop £22; pram £ 220 BAKER STREET. —26 barns 4d. shop £ 18 2 prams £725 N.W.—21 barns 4d; shop £8; 2 prams £400 I NORTH.-g barns 4d. shop^n hand can £[90 I WEs'r SUB —10 barns 4d. shop ^13 pram £195 j W. C. I o barns 4d. shop ^10; pram £150 j FULHAM.- 14 barns 4d. shop Z6; pram £ 230 CHELSEA.—15 barns 4d; shop ^12; 2 prams ^35° I HACKNEY.- 13 barns 4d. shop £ 9; pram ^250 I Full details of H. WII.LINGS & Co., above. PURE MILK. 5WEET MILK. Punctually delivered to Wholesale Customers only in any part of London. DAIRY SUPPLY CO., LTD., Museum > treet, London, W.C. T. R. THOMAS & CO., DAIRY AGENTS AND VALUERS, 143, STRAND, W.C. S.E.-So gls. 4d. 3 rounds shop £35 ^i,xoo WEST. — 64 gls. 4d.; shop £ 25 splendid shop ^900 N.W.—60 gls. 4d.; ^25 indoors; main road £ 800 B \YSW/VL BK—5° gls.; 2 prams; shop ^30 £ j$o NOKWO D.—56 gls. 4d.; shop £20; rent -1-30 £700 PADDINGTON.—44 gls. 4d.; shop 628 £700 NORTH.—5f gls. 4d.; 3 rounds; highroad £ 600 HAMPSTEAU.— 36 gls. 4d.; I pram shop £20 46oo W.C.—44 gls.; 2 prams; shop r20 £S7° CHELSEA.—40 gls. 4d.; shop £ 35; 2 prams £ 495 N.W.-34 gls. 4d.; fine shop; good lease £ 470 BJKER SI.—40 gls.; shop (,"12; 2 rounds £ 470 E.C—28 gls.; shop ^28; net rent £ 28. ^450 HAR OW k 0.-32 gls. 4ù.; shop ^16; long lease £450 S- .—34 gls. 4d.; electric cars passing £295 PUTNEY.—22 gls. 4d.; shop 1 pram £290 N.— 2? gls. 4d.; valuablelease; rent free ^275 KING'S CROSS. — 20 gls. 4d.; shop ^10; low rent ^245 FULHAM.—I4gls. 4d.; shop 625 ^"180 S.W.—14 gls. 4d.; shop^i2; new estate £ i&o OFFICES 143, Strand, near Somerset House. D. J. TRUSCOTT & CO., Dairy and Tarm ligents-and iualvers, MILK: N.E.—30 barns daily 4d. £15 shop ^6co MILK: N.E.—17 barns daily 4d. £14 shop Z350 MILK N —6^ barns daily 4d. £15 shop £ i6o 2 MILK: W.—11^ barns daily 4-L; £15 shop £ 33° 2 MILK: W.—16 barns daily 4d. £ 22 shop ^45° MILK: S.E.—22 barns daily 4d. Zii shop ^35° MILK: S.E.—16 barns daily 4d. £20 shop £ 260 MILK: W.—27 barns daily 4d. 612 shop £600 Indoor Businesses at various prices. Telephone II, BOND COURT, WALBROOK, E.C. ESTATES, RESIDENCES, SHOOTINGS & FARMS. IL ir Messrs. CRONK Land Agents, Surveyors, Auctioneers and Valuers, 12, PALL MALL, LONDON, S.W., & SEVENOAKS. KENT. Telephones: 2500 Gerrard, and 4 Sevenoaks. Lists published monthly. Particulars inserted free. WALTER COULDREY, Wholesale Stationer, Printer, and Paper Big Ittamifacmrer SPECIAL LINES FOR THE DAIRY TRADE EGG BAGS. GREASE-PROOF. PAPER. BILLHEADS. NURSERY MILK LABELS. CUSTOMERS' WEEKLY BOOKS. MILK CARRIERS' BOOKS. VARIETY OF DAIRYMEN'S LEDGERS. Samples and Estimates sent, or Represmtative will Call. Note Addre«: 214, OLD KENT ROAD, S.E. Warehouse and Factory-SURREY SQUARE, S.E. HIGH-CLASS TAILORING For Ladies and Gentlemen. R. H. JONES. to meet the convenience of his numerous customers, -—- has by request taken new premises at ——— 6, WHITEFRIAFS ST,, FLEEr ST., E.C. WEST END FIT AND STYLE. Os deuwch unwaith, fe ddeuwch eilwaith. On receipt of Postcard R. H. J. will call on Customers at a distance. GAhVEY & GOOK, Estate Agents, Auctioneers Valuers and Surveyors, 19, REGENT ST,, S.W. Compensation Claims. We have Properties for Sale and Letting in all parts of England and Wales, of which we shall be pleased to give particulars. FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD HOUSES, SHOPS, and GROUND-RENTS, and other Investments in all parts of London and Country, at prices ranging from Zioo to £ 100,000. The SALE LIST issued on the 1st of each month by CTIMSON and SONS, Auctioneers, 8, Moorgate-street, E.C., and 2, New Kent- road, S E., contains particulars of 5 000 properties, and can be had gratis on application, or post free for id. Mamp. The List has a large circulatien, and is the recognised medium for effecting salts privately and expeditiously. No tharge for insertion. I "Better than Best." B.T.B. BREAD (Every Loaf weighs 2 lbs.) There is no Bread to equal it. Absolutely Pure. Sales have doubled since last July. B.T. B." Pastry Whites Flour goes farther in cooking than any other Brand, makes lovely Cakes, Pastry or Puddings. Sold by all High Class Dairies and Provision Dealers. Wholesale only of J. £ £ I1iIIA.S, STEAM BAKERIES, GOODINGE RD., N. D, COOKSEY SON, Inexpensive & Modern Funerals. (Price List on Application). 266, UPPER STREET, ISLINGTON, and 52, AMWELL STREET, PENTONVILLE. Carriage Department, 97, CHAPEL STREET Telephone Nos. 30 and 601, KING'S CROSS. Frank Sajjers, PIANOFORTE MANUFACTURER, 41, Lewis Grove, High St., Lewisham. If you want a reliable Piano, and at a low price, come to me. To be had for cash or monthly payments from 9/6 month. Ten years' warranty. Tuning free. Banjos, Violins, Mandolines, Flutes, and Clarinets. Gratrophones the best make only, from P-3 15s. Od. nett. Every make of record and machine kept in stock. Bows and strings for Violins and all instruments. Cases for all instruments. Repairs done in every branch. My prices are low YOUR CUSTOM RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. BUTLER S RELIABLE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, CASH OR INSTALMENT SYSTEM. Cornets, Drums, Flutes, Clarionets, &c., own Manufacture. Guaranteed for twenty years. SPECIAL TERMS TO BANDS. Mandolines, Guitars, Banjoes, Polyphons, Musical Boxes, with hundreds of tunes, Harmoniums, Pianos. Violins or Mandolines in case, 20s. 29, HAYMARKET, LONDON. ILLUSTRATED PRICE-LISTS POST IR.EE. KNOWN ALL OVER THE WORLD.