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#. F r-i > ■ (T- -tz lr>' glp y I 0pm ly S" < | Vb! ipfti* j ■■ cfe i' b i Pf J r-A ■ I f J ii'M kt%. 5 ra it'? iJ J S IJJFL.D .HI LIFE -'111 II Iii! i IIIIII Lost Health Restored. HEAQ ACHES. BACK PAINS, AND LIVER | l)flH| DISORDERS CURED. f "T HAVE LONG BEES A SUFFERER FROM DREADFUL HEADACHES III I hi AND PAINS IN TBE BACK." The above statement was made by Miss A V5tr 111 1 { 1 Annie Richard?, of 65, Meneage Stieet, Helston, to a representative of the Penrhyn Bile Eeansfor Billictipress are the ft n i»y Advertiser." Conti^u ng, Miss Richards said: These troubles arose from disordered j medicine, and certain cure icrEcpdsct e. Ccrsti- liver srd defecth e hile surpiv. My tongue was badly coated, giving me always a nasty i pation, Colds. Liver Chills. Jrtf ver.y.a, Pries, Liver taste in the mOllth, rind g d^gree»b.e breath. Sleep and appetite were also interfered Trouble, Bad Breath, irdigeft*cn, Flati-;Icree, with, and I finally became so languid, weak and unfit for woik, that I had to leave Sleeplessness, Debility. Ar a n.ia rrd all Female my situation. At this- time I became alarmed through people expressing their fears Ailments. Of all Medicine Vendors, Is. l$r. ard that I was suffering from some fatal disease, and as I got no better as time went on 2s. 9d. per box. (Larpe box contains three times I gave up hope, and began to think I should never regain my health. Of course, I went t'ie 9uantlt> sixe). to see a doctor, hut. though I faithfully took his medicine and followed his treatment, TTRFF TFQT^ FOR AT T I did not get any bettei. 1 was t nder medical care from August to Christmas last year A C'S l a r UK J-% LL. without benefit. 1 vas fctuallv in despair, w hen one day 1 read an account in Pear- above case of Miss Rich rds is no isolated „T „ c ,r 0., D „ n „ instance, but one ot the man1" thousands or corn- son's Weekly of a case 1 ke my own that bad been cured by Bile Beans for Bilious- p]ete cures accomp,ished by Bile Beans, and the ness, I determined to give thtm h tr*&lf r-nd must say they nearly worked a miracle. Proprietors have so much faith in the efficiency Tn a few weeks, in consequent e of their use, I was able to go back to the situation of their remedy, that they will forwar- a Sample that I bad t een ebbged to leave thn ugh weakness. All my old symptoms are now Box Free, and a Book on Liver i gone, and fr m a h< Iple- at d miferab e gill 1 have been transformed into a healthy oJ^companStoup^n,a^d and happy berrg. I shall le fird ii ycu will let the whole world know it, for the sake send it, with your name an ad- coupon, of other poor sufferers who should 1 enefit by my experierca before it is too late." dress, and a penny stamp (to « Tnv-n„ „ cover return postage,) to the Gw™Mwr^ BILE BEAN Co., Jreek Street, O4/,N,FTQ Leeds. 24/1Q/>3. LLOYD'S-Af "DOWLAIS"VlfflTEOIL. ¡..or' I 4* Everyone is Praising Lloyd's A. l.*DowlaistWhitb- Oil %ve mrrabufous,v'l>ainkiUert" "i^hich 'is a positive cupe far :—Backache, Stiff and Weak Joint*, Rheumatism. Lumbago. Glandular Swellings, Sciatica, Chilblains, Stiff Necks, Sore Throats; Bronchitis, Sprains, Cramp, Bruises, &c. Refuse imi- tations. Sold by all Chemists and Stores, or direct from the maker. 1/ 1/9, and 219 per bottl., in old OCt Chronic Case& it is welt to take f Lloyd's Gout and [ Rheumatic Ovulettes PMCC 1/1 K> Pe^paciiet.. These will cuce*v?hen everything' eise has a failed. ] NOTE THE AQ[>BtS>—' H .M. L LOYD W S.,f* M 5 •' "u F'AC Tuit..HC.. CHE.T —— 28 VICTORIA?ST HYR • I KernlCK 8 to «w»llow, betne very tiraH, and proTtd remedy foe H Headachei* | 1 PlIlS Liver and |^1 « CURE SICK Stomach | £ a HEADACHES I Troubles, :j Dyspepsia, » Kernick's Constipation, Kernick's Constipation, BilioasneM, VO^OtflP'Q and all k ndred |? ] „ complaints, aI«o T I P lIlQ Rheumatism and TiO< | j tnn Taken in time they will < a'J '1 break up a Cold, pw«nt ] YEKi SMALL I Influenza, or La Qrlpp«, | ofaeck Fey#r, regulate the | j KfiPHlck'S functions of the body, and { Car« Sick H«adach*f. j Vegetable Of all Chemists, Ac.. || j PSIIb in 18Jd. & 2/9 boxes, S ri,U> or direct from 1EADACHES1 o .t.1 I LITTLE BO-PEEP I W/U1TS T0 Know YOU Knov/ /Nfe i '¡ l iinty • aQjyf ysu buy |ofa P0UN0(!2oxs) >fJ-! of other Soaps For t\ ENwucanbiuya I of t\er Soap for the SASE^F"; J^Vt) POUHDTORMO '"## ALWAYS USE BOraEPSOAP. ^Sakecs* Chmts Thomas & f)po!. Ltd Bnstof. J GUARANTEED CURE. 'i? After protracted and painstaking research, a thoroughly safe aDd certain Remedy haa been J disoovered for NERVOUS DEBILITY ia every form. I Lost Manhood, Loss of Coofosion of Ideas, Palpita- Energy, Loss of Vital j t tion of the Heart, Frightful >1 Power, Seminal Weakness, vjl' Dreams, Emaciation, Foetid c. T„ "SS Breath, Low Spirits, •- Dimness of Sight, Im- l pjf r > j j Vi CA Timidity, Varicocele, Sper- y potence, Evd Forebodmgs, g, matorrh«a, Diseases of the -^Wasting Decay, Pains in Bladder, Weakness of the j ^fthe Loins, Pimples and Genital Organs, and all ^Eruptions on the Face and rmkYM/Mw •' Diseases of the Urinary ^Body, Loss of Memory, r^fr\^ f Organs. j I will send j)articulars of this simple and efficacious Cnre to any sufferer who sends me |gga self-addreused stamped envelope. Do not delay if you are a sufferer, for it will cost you NOTHING. —Address Rev. JOSEPH HOPE, "St. Cloud, Westcourt Road, Worthing, England, (Name this paper). •" 1 I -0- « •• GEORGES PILE GRAVEL PILLS I Yn Gadarn fel y Graig ;V. Firm as a Rock. — Tra mae f'yffeirian ereiil wed5 codi, eilwaitt wedi cilio cV ^oUvg mae un dd^pariaeth yn eiife g,vlad wedi nerth o flwvddyn i flwyddym ar hyd y chwarter canrif diweddaf eto jm parliau i ^ynyddi.i mewn gwt rthiant n plioWog- ri^vdd fel h\ii y mae ei rliym ri: d wedi myme# 01 mor eaug a gwarei^diacL tId eisian crybwyil mai y feddyginiaeth y cyferir ati ydyw y byd- enwog "mmTilm Gellir cael y Feddyginiseth hon yn y tri fiurff canlynol :— No. 1 .===George's Pile and Gravel Pills. No. 2.===George's Gravel Pills. No. 3.===George's Pills for the Piles. Mewn Blychau, is. lie. a 2S. 9c. yr un. Drwy yr post,is. 2c. a 2s. 10c. mvr" *•— AR werth cli wy yr holl fVcl adnabyddus, D3ewn Blychwm — Is. l,c., a 2s. 9c, yr un. John Mg gan K S IN, Undertakers and Complete Funeral Furnishers, 3% .Monk Street, ABERDARE. Hearses and M ourning Carriages kept to sui& all Classes. Estimates given for Bricked Graves. Defy Quality &. PriceN Note the Address—53, Monk Street, Aberdar. At y Ddanodd a'r Neuralgia, tjEMRSnKfe' «K9MNP9MW» ^vlaRaBWk. liwhSWWfc. ''SWM wwV YICTOIilME i Yw yr Unig Feddyginiaeth Ddyogel a Pkarhaus, Byth yn Metbu. j i Gwarentir ei fod yn Ddiniwed, Tystiolaethiau Goreu! Gwerthir gan bob Chemist mewn Potelau am lfli, 2/ a 3/6. M. HO\VELL JONES, A.P.S., ¡ L) 1868,] Frederick Ii. E.George,, (Late George Jones, formerly Isaac Thomas), Argymer-vvr a Choffinwr, 124 & 25, Seymour Street, ABERl AB. Dysitsoft Frf'derk ii D. E. George <1dV;vlcbi ya t'v ijyHoe-'Vl y wedi m cfcfiel yn y blynyl^oedd a ^-thAnt beibio, & rtyysaoa* hrfyd wc«ad- sm ftta gsn- ddyut bob pet b angearheldioi at wasaaaeth angla'Wol mea y prisoa' yu y iyW-yn, wtttbSSi^^ig^risT^jaMai iSiwij -tkiu n Ehoddir rhestr o brisoedd Bricked Graves ar ymofytiiad. s^YMOUil STIllET, ASIS.DABS' f Printed and Published by Gwuyna Morgan Evans, at his General Pmnting* Office, 19, Cardiff-street, Aberdare, ii$lfce Cownty of Glamorgan, January 21, 1^4..