Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

2 erthygl ar y dudalen hon


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Where strong men have flU., wo&fc ohm Mm. WMMS. I A man seldom begins to shew his temper —Ml he I hos it. %t) rising generation owes much to the iaveafel i Of the alarum clock. j Bachelors may lead blissful UftiI, out you |M*<? a spinster believe it. Labouring under a mistake Is the moat tmpnAt oble of all employments. I. Nerve is required to mamtge t Bex, aad &WBMy to manage a woman. There is certainly enough money apart tfcf Mad to ruin to keep it in excellent repair. May: "Next to a man, what's the joltfart MthM you know of P" Ethel:" Myself, if he's oiM." JSven when a woman is worried to death dlfe iaetn't forget to see that her bat is on straight. Dittysmith: "I am offered £100 for my latafll MBtimental song." Grimshaw: "Hush-money to i dome wasn't built in a day, you know." "Oh! ? waa put up under a Government contract, waa IIf" What everybody is willing to do is to arbitrate ..ith a man to get away from him something tfcaf le his. ) It's easy enough to write cheques on the BuJJ" Success, but one has to be properly identified ta get ther cashed. Knap ur troubles to yourself; when you to %h«n i are taking up ti^e time of the man wfct «* wait ,g to tell his. Ettglish Tourist: "I understand you' Americw Meet <>.H your rulers by baJlot P Citizen: alres I all except "our wives." Misa Muggins: My father is very good at rea4> faoas." Mr. Kisaam: "Then I had better not grmt any kisses here." grmt any kisses here." ¡ Mr. Hiborn: By what unit of measttMOttOt ioulfd you properly estimate a ntl't.T." devotiM (a •ou ? Miss Lowe: "The carat." Tho Bashful Lover: "Miss Emily, I—er—-banI* fhe (sweetly) "Do you, Mr. MammasdearP lhw- wouldn't you like to joip o«c sewing class?" The Heiress: "Am I the oaly girl in the whole wide world you love?" He: "No, dear; but 1M are the only gir' I know who could afford to maIM IV He "Then I may live upon hope until next Sua day evening?" She "Oh, poor fellow, is it u baA %3 that? Here, I'll lend you enough to bay • wval," Two Opinions.—She "No matter how smart 6 man ir he la sure fco meet some other man who la Mercer." He: T*» and about 10.00^ koiw wbe %»it nV tlvv srt Printed by'C. T. LOWE at Vaughan's Printing Works, i, Salubrious Place, Swansea, in the County of Glamorgan.