Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



w INDIGESTION, I DISORDERS OF THE BLOOD, CONSTIPATION, AN/EMIA, HEADACHE, J And all the many and dangerous 1 maladies which result from STOMACH DISORDERS ARB CURED BY MOTHER SEIGEL'S I I SYRUP. This wonderful remedy has proved 'n Its great curative power during 33 ll years of use in all lands. 31 IT TONES UP THE LIVER, BRACES THE NERVES, CLEARS THE HEAD. AIDS DIGESTION, AND | J MAKES FOOD NOURISH YOU. | I PKICa l/« AMD \}\% PER BOTTLE. § The a/6 bottle contains 3 times as 8 much as the ili% size. | y jfi f'Nightcaps" in Fashion Again Try one of MAZAWAITEE 1 COCOA ■ You'll be surprised how well you'll Slwp and how fit" you'll feel in the morning. Of all Orocert. Write for FRBB Sample to Mazavattee, HoMdM. COUGH IN A 1-d. 9 2 PRIC'*Rs and 2/6 =LAW "jyl ^-Vhy buy Swiss or other Foreign flP Milk Chocelates when in B ( jMAZAWATTEEi inu [ uu JCHOCOLATE F 2 ^"■ ■lyYe a delicaoss dainty of BL British production that far H9 Surpasses them? HT Yr IESU a'i i Gyfeillion gan Dr Owen Evans, DD Prls 2s. lw cael o Swvddfa'r Dydd „ Cambrian Railways, International Shoe and Leather Fair, Royal Agricultural Hall, November 5th to 10th. Lord Mayor's Show, November 9th. National Poultry Show, Crystal Palace, Nov. 13th to 16th. Fifth Grand International Poultry Show, Alexandra Palace, November 13th to 16th. Fifth International Motor Exhibition, Olympia, Nov 15th to 24th. Stanley Cycle Show, j Royal Agricultural Hall, Nov 23 to Dec 1 Royal Agricultural Hall, Nov 23 to Dec 1 Theatres, Hippodrome. &c &c &c. On Wednesday, Nov 7th, Friday No I 9th, Tuesday Nov 13th, Monday Nov 26th Excursion Trains will be run to London (Euston) Tourist Tickets are issued from the I Principal Stations to Health Resorts in I England and Wales. Cheap Week End and 14 days tickets I are issned every Friday and Saturday, to Cambrian Coast and certrin Mid Wales Stations. Week End tickets are also issued to Liverpool, Manchester, Bir- mingham, etc etc, Cheap Excursions for one Or two days from Dolgelley, etc, to the North Wates Coast every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, until further notice, A MOTOR OMNIBUS SERVICE between Pwllheli and Neviti Morfa Nevin and Edeyrn. Runs daily (Sundays excepted) for the Conveyance of Passengers, Parcels, Luggage, &c. For Times, Fares, etc., see Special Time Tables. Full particulars of the above Excursions can be obtained from Mr W H Gough, Traffic Superintendent, Oswestry. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager established in 1836. For. the- Protection of Trade. STUBBS (MERCANTILE OFFICES Stubs. Ltd. 1-2, Gresham Street, London. S-G. Subscribers, by obtaining timely information through 2HE STATUS ENQUIRY DEPARTMENT MAY AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. EVERY TRADER SHOULD REAn STUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE, With which Is issued a Supplement containln, LISTS °F CREDITORS Under all the important failures. THE COMMERCIAL REGISTERS Contain more than tgrNINE MILLION ENTRIES. Debts Reeovered Promptly. and remitted to Subscribers On TUESDAY and FRIDAY in each week. BRANCHES Aberdeen, Birmingham, Blackburn, Brw. ford, Brighton, Bristol, Belfast, Cardiff, Cork, Croydon Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Gloueeate Hanley, Huddersfield, Hull, Ipswich. Leeds, ueicester, Ltfat pool, Loudon (<Vest End), Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth,Portsmouth. Sheffield, Southampton' Sunderland, Swansea, Wolverhampton SOB OFFICES.—Bath, Buxtou, Cambridge, Carlisle, y, Dumfries, Greenock, Grimsby, merick, Lincoln, Londonderry, Middlpsboro, Newport on, Northampton, Oxford, Pai ley, Perth, restooj Stockon-on-Tees, Torquay Walsall, Waterfoitf, Worcester* lock Witag nta and correspondence throughout tai w R. G. LLOYD, North Wales Cycle and Motor Depot Agent for the Leading Makers Ladies' & Gent's Machines from £ 6 I in Stock. Sewing Machines from £ 3 Mower and Chaff Cutters. Perambulators and Mail Carts. Stock of HayForks. Mangles at Low Prices. R G. LLOYSX UPPERFIELD ST, DOLGELLEY