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Ar Werth. TYPEWRITER (Blickensderfer),'gwerth £ 10 IOS, ddirr J. gwaeth na newydd. Nid oes gan y perchenog anger am ei wasanaeth mwyach. Gwerthir ef am £ 8 8s.—Ym ofyner a Blick, GWYLIEDYDD Office, Leeswood, Mold. W ORDS OF THE LORD JESUS, 8 gyfrol, c waith y Duweinydd gallaog RUDOLF STIER, D.D.; wedi ei gytieithu i'r Seisnig gan y Diweddar DR. POPE, Pris 15s. Ymofyner a R.S.H., GWYLIEDYDD Office. CAMERA t Plate, Le Merveilleux (patent) with Slide, C Lens and Stand. Capital Camera for an Amateur. Price 15s. GWEITHIAU CERDDOROL Y DIWEDDAR Thomas Jones (Canrhawdfardd). Gellir cael yr uchod gan ei fab, R. E. JONES. 7, School Lane, Penygelli, COildpoeth. Danfoner am y Catalogue. Hysbysiadau, &c. T. W. GRIFFITH, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, HOUSE and ESTATE AGENT, Town Hall Chambers, Llandudno. Telegrams: Griffith, Auctioneer, Llandudno." Telephone, 0299. FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED HOUSES TO LET OR FOR SALE. HOUSE PROPERTY AND ESTATES MANAGED, AND RENTS COLLECTED IN LLANDUDNO AND DISTRICT. FOUR CROSSES, LLANARMON, MOLD. Grand Test Concert, Febm 0, 1905. ADJUDICATORS Music: Mr R. Wilfrid Jones, R.A.M. Recitation: Revs. John Ellis, and W. G. Richards, Llanarmon. Accompanist: Mrs M. E. Jones, L.C.M. COMPETITIONS: CHALLENGE SOLO. Soprano or Contralto, Prize ^2 2s. » .» Tenor or Bass. „ f* 2S. MALE VOICE PARTY, I2 in number, H Myfanwy" (Dr. Parry) „ [2 Os. RECITATION, Arwerthiani y Caethwas," Silver Medal. Full particulars jn application to Mr. J. H. JONES, Cyfnant, LIanarmon, Mold. TEST CONCERT, ASSEMBLY HALL, HOLYWELL, Wednesday, February 8, 1905. AEJUDICATOBB, &C Mueic— J. H. Roberts, E^q., Mus.Bae. (Cantab). Recitations- Rev. D. Oliver, D.D., T.Morgan Edwards, M A. Drawing and Penmanllhip-Mr Foster Smitb, B.Sc., Manchester. President—H. D. Lynes, Efq., Hilkyn Castle. Conductor—Mynyddwr, Holywell. Arfjornpanist-Mis8 Nellie Jones, Peckham House, Holywell. COMPETITIONS CHORAL COMPETITION: Mixed Vuices (not under 30 in number). Pa fodd y glanha (Owain Alaw). Prize, £ 5 bs, and Silver Medal. CHALLENGE SOLO for Males or Females. Prize, j62. INSTRUMENTAL BuLO, any Instrument. Prize. 15s. PIANOFORTE SOLO, any selection. Prize, 10s 6d (under 15). JUVENILE SOLO (under 15). Prize, 5s: second, 2s 6d. RECITATION (Englieh), any selection. Prize, 7s 6d. RECITATION (Wei b), any selection. Pdz", 7s 6d. PENMANSHIP (under 15). "The Lord'a Prayer," Matt. vi. Prize, 3s; second, Is. DRAWING (12 x 10). "Horse and Cart." Prize, 3s; second, 2i qw Names of Competitors to be sent to the Secretary on or before Friday, February 3rd. Full particulars on application to MH. THOMAS JONES (Hon. Sec.), Deganwy House, Greenfield, Holywell. Eisteddfod Gerddorol Y WESLEYAID, 3LI-AJSRC>OI-,T .-BTNT QWENER Y GROG LIT H, 1905. £100 MEWN GWOBRWYON. Pob manylion gan E. D. JONES, Medical Hall, LlangoUen. IB Iv LLIW Iddah. G LAS. Y COREU rw Y RHATAF: O^WASG. DYDD GWYL DEWI MAWRTH i, 1905. 'YOUNG WALES PULPIT' Sef Cyfrol o Bregethau Seisnig gan I nifer o Weinidogion Cymreig perthynol i'r Pedwar Enwad. ■■■■■■ .IN OYUHWYSIAD. List of Sermons, &c. J.- The World versus the Soul. By Rev. D. Miall Edwards M.A., Brecon. Matt. xvi, 26. 2.—The Wisdom of Wisdom. By Richard Morris, M.A., B.D., Dolgelley. Ps. xc., 12. 3.—A Vision of the Christ. By Rev. Daniel j Hughes, Chester. Rev. xix., 12. 4.-Human Progress, the Law of Revelation. By Rev. O. Madoc Roberts, Conwy. John xvi., 12 5.-The Increase of Christ. By Rev. J. L. Williams, M.A., B.Sc., Liverpool. John iii., 30. 6.—The Parable of the Growing Seed. By Howell H. Hughes, B.A. B.D., Blaenau Ffestiniog. Mark iv., 26, 29. 7.- The Rest of Christ. By Rev. D. Tecwyn Evans, B.A. Heb. iv., 10. 8.—The Church of God looking forth as the morning. By Rev. T. Mardy Rees, Buckley. Solomon's Song vi, 10. 9.—Social Individualism, By Rev. D. E.Jenkins, Denbigh. I. John iv., 20, 21. 10.—Consecration. By Rev. Gwynfryn Jones. Rom. xii., 1, 2. 11.—Saul Travail. By Rev. E. K. Jones. Isaiah 53., 11, "He shall see," &c. 12.—The Co-operation of the Human and the Divine in all phases of human life and activity, especially in conversion. By Rev. E. W. Davies, Ton Pentre. James i., 18, 21. Addurnir y Gyfrol a Deuddeg o Ddarluniatt, ar SPECIAL ART PAPER. Pris YLGYFID fydd 2/6. x Ar dderbyniad blaendal o Zi, anfonir 10 cyfrol yn ddidraul. -.E Archebion i'w hanfon i'r Cyhoeddwyr Yspryd yr Oes' Co.. Leeswood, Mold. PRYNWCH DY I CHWI EICH HUNAN! G ALLWCH wneud hynny trwy dalu yohydijr, os dim, yn ychwaneg na'r rbent bresennol. Faint ydyoh wedi dnlu mewn rbent, a faint agosach ydych i feddiannu yr e:ddo? Anfonwch Post Card am fanylion ar unwaitb, pa rai ddeogys i chwi sut i arbed arian ydych yn awr yn wario. Gofynwcb am bamphled yn cynnwya yohydig lythyr- au, allan o lawer, oddiwith ddynijn yn Ngogledd Cymru, ao sydd wedi sicrhau tai iddynt eu hunain, trwy ein C) north wy. TELERAU RBESYMOL AC ANRHYDEDDUS. The, Provincial Homes Investment i Company, Ltd. TRUSTEES: Aldevtnan Sir OHAII. T. SKELTON, J P. Alderman S. EDWABDS, J.P., Ex.Lord Mayor of Bir- I mingham. THOMAS DICX, Esq J.P C.C. BENRY GREAVLS, Esq., M.R C S., M.R.C.P. HEAD OFFICES MOUNT STREET, MANCHESTER CHARLES LEEVE, Minat iag Director. Assets already over £100,000, and steadily increasing. "Nulling but praise can be bestowed on the management."— Banking inturanee Investment. 7/5/04. "Die Company is supplying a widespread want. Nothiua but congratulations over the past and good wishes for the future can be sent to tins sturdy specimen of Lancashire enterprise."—The Citu Leader. London, 14/5/04. "Thanks to the excellent work of nound companies, and notwith- standing the few small and imitative frauds which have sprung and collapsed, the idea that every man may now easily become the possessor of the house in which he lives is rapidly gaining ground in the country. essentially sound and equitable the excellent plan of the Provumal Homes the Company commends itnelf princi- pally by the simple and straightforward character of its operations, and oniuu strength of its financial position."—The Insuranee Observer. JU/o/04. "Has achieved success, and is rapidly increasing in financial strength and popularity."—The Local (ioiermneitt Journal. 28/5/04 "Proceeding on sound lines, and yet offering liberal terms, this Company has withm a few years got together a large and lucrative con- nection in all parts of the country."—Lonion ^Argui^ 25/6/04. The Provincial Homes has secured for itself, an excellent reputa- tion, particularly for able and honest management and liberal terms. The Company is therefore in a very strong financial position • • • • a record of excellent progress."—Tfte Finance Chronicle. 5/1U/04* YN EISIAU.-CYNlyCHIOIiWYR.-Yr jdym yn awyddus i sicrhau gwas^naetb d?nion o ymddiried ag ymdrecbgar i wasanaethu fel AGENTS mewn gwaban- ol ardaloedd. Gellir ricrhau cyfiog da heb lawot o dra- fferth. Nid yw profiad blaeonrol yn angenrheidiol. Anfoner at Mr CnABLES LEESE, Mount-at Manchester. ASHTON-IN-MAKERFIELD Eisteddfod & Grand Concert GOOD FRiDA Y, Aprit 21st, 1905. t AETtMES Soprano: MISS MAY JOHN, R.A.M., S. Wales. E. MAENGWYN DAVIES, Esq., R.A.M., London. .I. Conductor-RAv. Bron EVANS (Cynfor). Music Adjudicitor-E. MAVNGWYN DAVIES, E.-q R.A.M. Accompanist—Miss NELLIE LEWIS, Bootle. I CHIEF CHORAL COMPETITION Mixe 1 Voice Choirs (not under 30 in number), "Worthy is the Lamb" (Handel) Prize, £ :0, and Marble Timepiece, value £ 5 5.. to the Conductor. JUVENILE CHOIRS under 16 year of age (not under 30 in number), "Don't f )rget the Old Folks" (Jude). 1st Prize, JE5, and Silver M<°.dal for Conductor 2nd prize, £ I 10s. DUETT, Li 5s. ALL SOLOS, XI U. Girls and Boys Solo, Violin Solo, Silver Cup; Pianoforte Solos, Reci. tations, Poetry, Essays, Art, Miscellaneous, &c. A List of Subjects may be had on receipt of a stamp from the Secretary, R D. JONES, 441. Bryn Road, Ashton-in-Makerfield. OFF dom from Alcohol MAKE^V them the ideal Wines for W use in oar Church Services. § Over 5000 Churches J have endorsed by regular use their excellence and merit. I Made entirely of sound Grape Juice and B absolutely undiluted. I Send for 4 Samples of various kinds to F. WRIGHT MUNDY & Co. Kensington, London, W. AT DRIGOLION 1VI 40 L O A'R CYLCHOEDD. Dymunir galw sylw y cyhoedd at y SALE Sydd yn awr yn myned ymlaen yn Masnachdy MORRIS. Gwerthir DILLADAU am brisiau hynod o isel er mwyn gwneud lie i Stoc Newydd y Gwanwyn. MORRIS'S, 40, HIGH STREET, MOLD. HYSBYSIAD PWYSIG. Y LJ.4E RHATAF AM n Ddodrefn Ty, u Carpets, Linoleums, A phob math o bethau. i wneyd y Cartref yn gysurus, ydyw masnachdai RHYDWEN JONES & DAVIES, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, a Llandudno. Mae y ffirin hon yn ymgymeryd a MUDO TEULUOEDD am bri rhesymol. YMOFYNWCH AM Y PRISIAU.