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I:Y THE GWYLIEDYDD'S SPECIAL OFFER TO ITS READERS. By arrangement with the Publisher we are able, for a abort time only, to offer the Magnificent Library 'The Reformer's Bookshelf' AT HALF PRICE. This standard Series consists of 20 handsome 3s. 6d. Volumes, bound in cloth gilt, on vital subjects by such Specialists as L. T. HOBHOUSE, GEORGE JACOB HOLYOAKE, HENRY DUNCKLEY, THOROLD ROGERS, and JOHN MORLEY. The Published Price is: 20 Volumes at 3s 6d £3.10 0 THE OFFER IS: 20 VOLUMES AT Is 9d. £ l 15 0 You may get these for f 1 15a if you pay Cash, or you may pay in three monthly instalments of 12s 6d each. THE BOOKS. 1. THE LABOUR MOVEMENT. By L. T. HOBHOUSE, M.A. Preface by R. B. HALDANE, M.P. 2& 3. SIXTY YEARS OF AN AGITATOR'S LIFE: GEORGE JACOB HOLYOAKE'S AUTO- BIOGRAPHY. 2 vols. Fourth edition. 4 & 5. BAMFORD'S PASSAGES IN THE LIFE OF A RADICAL. Edited and with an Intro. duction by HENRY DUSCKLEY ("Verax"). 2 vols. 6 & 7. THE ECONOMIC INTERPRETATION OF HISTORY. Lectures on Political Economy and its History, delivered at Oxford, 1887- 1888. By Prof. THOROLD ROGERS. 3rd Edition. 2 vols. 8 & 9. THE INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND. By Prof. THOROLD ROGERS. 2 vols. 10 & 11. CHARLES BRADLAUGH: HIS LIFE AND WORK. By His Daughter. 2 vols. 12 & 13. THE INNER LIFE OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. Selected from the Writings of WILLIAM WHITE, with a Prefatory Note by His Son, and an Introduction by JUSTIN MCCARTHY, M.P. 14 & 15. LIFE OF RICHARD COBDEN. By JOHN MORLEY. 2 vols. 16. THE GLADSTONE COLONY. By JAMES FRANCIS HOGAN, M.P. 17 & 18. THE POLITICAL WRITINGS OF RICHARD COBDEN. A New Edition. With Preface by Lord WELBY, and Introductions by Sir LOUIS MALLEf and Wm. CULLEN BRYANT, and a Bibliography. With Frontispieces. 2 vols. 19. BRITISH INDUSTRIES UNDER FREE TRADE. Edited by HAROLD COX. 20. LABOUR AND PROTECTION. Edited by H. W. MASSINGHAM. SUBSCRIPTION-Ordor Form. .1905. To The Manager, Gwyliedydd Office, Leeswood, Mold. I enclose 12s. 6d. Please to send me "THE REFORMER'S BOOK- SHELF." 20 volumes Bound in Cloth, for which I agree to make you, or anyone you appoint, 2 further payments of 12s. 6d. each. My second and third payments to be made monthly, on the corresponding day to the date of your acceptance of this order. The volumes not being my property until paid for, I engage that I will not dispose of them before my payments are complete. If for any reason you are unable to fill this order, the return of my deposit shall cancel this order. Signed Rank or Ocsapation Address j* •••••• By.(Indicate here Rail or Carriers). GREAT REVIVAL. INVALUABLE DNNI/O FOR CHRISTIAN DUUIxO WORKERS, By C. H. SPURGEON, AT REDUCED PRICES. The Soul Winner offered at 2/6 Evening by Evening offered at 2/6 Trumpet Calls offered at 2/6 Feathers for Arrows offered at 2/- Storm Signals offered at 2/6 Barbed Arrows offered at 2/- All-round Ministry offered at 2/6 Illustrations offered at 2/- Morning by Morning offered at 2/6 Words of Counsel offered at 1/6 Spurgeon's Gems offered at 2/6 Lectures 3 vols. at 2/. each Flashes of Thought offered at 2/6 Sermon Notes 4 vois- at 2/- each Popular Exposition of Shorthand, 3/6. ^lyCIU AWAY with each order for 20/ THE JUBILEE wiiw1 VOLUME OF SERMONS, published at 11- Full List of invaluable Books for Ministers and Christian Workers, at Greatly Reduced Prices, with Textual List of 2,900 Sermons, post free. CASH WITH ORDERS MUST BE SENT DIRECT TO PASSMORE & ALABASTER, 4, Paternoster Buildings, LONDON. E.C. "YSPRYD YR OES 99 am Ionawr 15fed, 1905. CYNHWYSIAD: "DYN I'R OES,' Mr Thos. Richards, A.S. (gyda IC EPISTOL PETR," gan y Parch. Hugh Evans (Cynfor). Darlun). "Y lJELT YN Y PULPUD," gan y Parch, T. Mardy "CREFYDD YR OES," gan y Parch. Howell H. Rees (gyda Darlun). Hughes, B.A., B.D. (gyda Darlun). CWRS ADDYSG," gan Mr Abel J. Jones, B.Sc. ATHUONIAETH," g.n y Parch. J. L. Williams, NODIADAU CYFFREDINOL," gan Mr Wm. George M.A., B So. "YR IAITH GYMRAEG," gan Mr D. James (Lefynvg). YNGHYD A DARNAU BARDDONOL PRYDFERTH. Gyda'r rhifyn hwn anrhegir y darllenwyr a DARLUN gwerth Hffrainio o MB. LLOTD GEOE-GE, .A..S. Y Uyfvfu Wesleyaidd, Bangor. Y MAE yn y Llyfrfa nifer o gyfrolau gwerthfawr ar werth. Ceir pob manylion am danynt ond anfon at y Goruchwyliwr, PARCH. H. JONEb, D.D. Oddiwrtho ef hefyd y gellir cael Llyfrau Emynau a'r Llyfrau Tonau, "Yr Eurgrawn," "Y Winllan," a'r Dyddiadur ynghyd a Chyfrol Goffa y Parchn. Samuel Davies a D. O. Jones. UP-TO-DATE PRINTING. AMOS BROS. & JONES, Printers, Lithographers, Bookbinders, Stationers and Booksellers, 13, SUSSEX STREET, RHYL. OFFICE OF THE Rhyl Record and Advertiser (The largest and oldest Newspaper in Flintshire). B x>kwork of every description. Art Printing, Business Cards, Circulars, Concert and Eisteddfod Programmes, Specialities in Display. Posters, Special Number and Perforating Work. Mourning Cards, Tickets, Handbills, Billheads, Memorandums, &c. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR ALL CLASS OF WORK. llUgf Argreffir Adroddiadau Capelau, Placards, Tocynau, a phob math o waith perthynol i Gapelau, am brisiau gostyngol. HUCH DAVIES COUSH MIXTURE-At Beswch. COUGH MIXTURE—At Beswch. COUGH MIXTURE-At Ddiffyg Anadl. COUGH MIXTURE-At Ddiffyg AnadL COUGH MIXTURE-At Anwyd a Chrygai, COUGH MIXTURE-At Anwyd a Chrygmt COUGH MIXTURE-At Bronchitis. COUGH MIXTURE-At Bronchitis. COUGH MIXTURE-At Influenza. COUGH MIXTURE-At Influenza. COUGH MIXTURE-At Ddolur GwddS, COUGH MIXTURE-At Ddolur Gwddf. COUGH MIXTURE-Cymeradwyil g JJ fe" ygon. COUGH MIXTURE-Cymeradwyir gan Fed.. ygon. COUGH MIXTURE—Ddefnyddir gan gantor. ion. COUSH MIXTURE CYNSORION AMSEROfc COUGH MIXTURE 1. Peidiwch cellwab COUGH MIXTURE gyda'r Peswch yna. COUGH MIXTURE 2. Peidiwch oedi gyda's COUGH MIXTURE Anwyd. COUGH MIXTURE 3. Dylai potelaid o Da. COUGH MIXTURE vies's Cough Mixture to* COUGH MIXTURE yn y ty yn barod. COUGH MIXTURE 4. Peidiwch cymerytl COUGH MIXTURE eich perswadio i brya. MIXTURE pethau eraill mwy pro- COUGH MIXTURE ffidiol. COUGH MIXTURE 5. Cospir y neb a-ca COUGH MIXTURE twyllo, pan y gofynwcb COUGH MIXTURE am Davies's Cough Mix- COUGH MIXTURE ture. COUGH MIXTURE 6. Gallwch weithio fel COUGH MIXTURE arfer tra yn cymerydDa- COUGH MIXTURE vies's Cough Mixture. COUGH MIXTURE 7. INFLUENZA. 'Do«» COUGH MIXTURE dim tebyg am ei well* COUGH MIXTURE yn ddioed i Davies's COUGH MIXTURE Cough Mixture. COUGH MIXTURE 8. DIFFYG SWYWT. M-. COUGH MIXTURE miloedd wedi cael iachM COUGH MIXTURE drwyddo. COUGH MIXTURE 9. PLANT. Dyogel COUGH MIXTURE dymunol. COUGH MIXTURE 10. AT Y LLAIS. Y ma* COUGH MIXTURE y prif gantorion yn « COUGH MIXTURE gymeryd yn achlysuroL Mewn Poteli, Is. lic. a 2s. 9c. (cyawyia r. rhai 2s. 9c. gymaint dair gwaith). HUSH DAVIES, CHEMIST, MACHYNLLETH, T DAVIES'S I fiorse powder 1/- TINS. i;, Anhebgorol i Geffylau. ■ At ystwytho'r cymmalau, ■ At y dwfr. ■> At eu cadw mewn ">yflwr da. At godi ysbryd anifail. At wella'r blewyn. Diogel yn mhob eyflwr. Nid oes dim ANTIMONY ynddo, nac unrhyw gyffyr peryglus arall, ac y mae yn ddiogel i anifail yn mhob cyflwr. Gan bob Grocer. MEWN TINS, Is. yr un; 10s. y dwsin. (Telir cludiad Dwsin i unrhyw gyfeiriad ar dderbyniad Postal Order am 10s. HUGH DAVIES, ottemiot, MACHYNLLETH. SARZINE' Blood Mixture The Marvellous Blood Purifier. CURES ECZEMA, BLACKHEADS, CARBUNCLES, SORE EYES, SCROFULA, BOILS, &c. Cleanses the Blood from all Impurities, entirely removes all Eruptions, Blotches, and Pimples from the Skim, whether acquired or constitutional. Mewn potelau, Is. 1!c. yr un, gan bob Fferyllydd. Anffaeledig at Buro y Swaed, a Chlirio p Croen oddiwrth bob Toriad Allan, Llygaii Clwyfus, Doluriau ar y Cymmalau, &c. PERCHENOt Y cc SARZINE" Patent, CHEMIST, HUGH DAVIES, SKSS&l™' DALIER SYLW- MYNWCH ee SARZINE." Cofiwch "SARZINE BLOOD MIXTURE." In. lie. y botel, gyda'r pest 3c. yn chwaaeg Hll' nii Aydych yn dioddef Sf vi IMF Oddiwrth Ddiffyg Treuliad ? [4 i jy VEGETABLE TONIC A dKT (f AfiTIBILIOUS PH.LS.fl f II Price Is. l%d. Is L4. OILI UGH DAVIES, Hi Davies's Pills at Ddiffyg Treuliad. HH Davies's Pills at Boea yn y Cefn. vi Davies's Pills at Guriad y Galon. Davies's Hills at y Piles a'r Gravel. v- Davies's Pills at y Ddanodd. L Davies's Pills at Wynt yn yr Ystumog, '• Davies's Pills at Boen yn y Cylla. £ -21 Davies's Pills at ddiffyg awydd bwyd, •$. Davies's Pills, dyogel hollol. p Davies's Pills at buro y gwaed. A, xj Davies's Pills Is. l|e. y box gan bob |V* Druggist. ? 114 IV AnWaeledig at Rwymedd—Billousrms ac ♦•j anhwytder yr afu a'r cylla. _ra fit • Argraffwyd dros y Cyhoeddwr gan Amos Brother, & Jones, Argraffwyr, 13, Heol Sussex, Rhyl.