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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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Hysbysiadau, &c. AT YSQRIFENWYR Eisteddfodau, Cyfarfodydd Uen= yddol,. a Chyngherddau CysfadieuoL Y cyfrwng goreu i alw sylw Llenorion a Cherddorion Cymru at eich Cyfarfodydd yw "Y CYMRO" Nid oes Lenor, na Bardd, na Cherddor o fri yn unman nad yw yn ei ddarllen. Anfoner am y telerau at y "CYMRO" PUBLISHING CO., 8, Paradise Street, Liverpool. YN EISIAU.—Dosbarthwyr i'r Cymro mewn ardaJoedd lie nad oes rhai yn bresenol. Telerau rbagorol.—Ymoffner a'r "Cymro" Publishing Co., 8, Paradise-street, Liverpool. YN EISIAU.—Dosbarthwyr i "Yspryd yr Oes yn mhob Eglwjs trwy Gymru, Dyraa'r cyhoeddiad Cenedlaethol goreu a rhataf gyhot ddir. Golygir ef y flwyddjn nesaf gan y Parch. Gwyufryn Jones, Llandud- no. Am y telerau, ymofyner a Secretary, Yspryd yr Oes Office, Leeswood, Mold. I CYLCHDAITH TREGARTH. YN EISIAU.—Dyn Ieuanc yn LAY AGENT ar unwaith, i Rhiwlas, Cylchdaith Tregarth.—An- foner at y Parch. J. R. ELLIS, Brsnmyfjr, Betbeada. -61 R Y "6T W Y T H. ATHROFA ABERYSTWYTH. (Un o}r Colegau yn Mhrifysgol Cymru.) Llywydd—Y Gwir Anrh. ARGLWYDD RENDEL. Prifathraw—T. F. ROBERTS, M.A. (Oxon.), LL.D. (Vict). PAROTOIR y Myfyrwyr am raddau Prifysgol Cymru, p ac ar gyfer Arboliadau Prifysgolion eraill. Cyn- nygir nifer o Ysgoloriaethuu yn nechreu bob Tymhor. Deehreua'r Arboliad am yr Ysgoloriaetbau ar y 19eg o Fedi, 1905, a'r Tymbor Desaf ar y 3ydd o Hydref. Am bob manylion eraill danfoner at y Cofrestrydd, J. H. DAVIES, M.A. CERDDORIAETH GYMREIG. JOHN JONES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MUSIC SELLER, BETHESDA, NORTH WALES. Cedwir ar law y Stoc fwyaf amrywiaethol yn Nghymru o GANEUON CYMREIG; Ac fel rbeol danfonir pob archeb gyda tbroad y post. Anfoner stamp ceiniog am y Catalogue newydd, yn cynhwys rbestr o tua 600 o wabanol Ganeuon. r LIVERPOOL. SHAFTESBURY HOTEL, MOUNT PLEASANT. A first-class Temperance Hotel, A few minutes' walk from Lime Street and Central Stations. Electric Trams from Landing Stage. 100 Rooms. Electric Light throughout. Night Porter. Telephone, 2244 Royal. TELEGRAMS SHAFTESBTJBY HOTEL, LIVEEPOOI. ( PWLLHELI, WEST END. DYMUNA J. JONES hysbysu y Cyhoedd fod ganddo Rooms oyfleus i wneud Bwyd i Ysgolion Sul, &o. Hefyd, digonedd o Rooms ar gyfer Ymwelwyr. NANTLLE ROUSE. T. W. GRIFFITH. AUCTIONEER, VALUER, HOUSE and ESTATE AGENT, Town Hall Chambers, Llandudno. Telegrams Griffith, Auctioneer, Llandudno." Telephone, 0299. FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED HOUSES TO LET OR FOR SALE. aOUSE PROPERTY AND ESTATES MANAGED, AND RENTS COLLECTED IN LLANDUDNO AND DISTRICT. Telephone No. 7658 Central. J. BARLOW DAVIES, Estate Agent and Surveyor, 41, NORTH JOHN STREET, LIVERPOOL. o EFFICIENT AND ECONOMICAL MANAGEMENT OF REAL ESTATE. VALUATIONS FOR PURCHASE, SALE, MORTGAGE OR PROBATE. 9 BOOKS FOR THE TIMES. By arrangement with the Publisher we are able, for a short time only, to offe: the Magnificent Library, 'The Reformer's Bookshelf,' AT HALF PRICE. This standard Series consists of 20 handsome 3s. 6d. Volumes, bound in cloth gilt. by such Specialists as L. T. HOBHOUSE, GEORGE JACOB HOLYOAKE, HENRY DUNCKLEY, THOROLD ROGERS, and JOHN MORLEY. The Published Price ia 20 volumes at 3s. 6d. £ 3 10 0 OUR OFFER IS: 20 VOLUMES AT Is. &d. £1 15 0 OR A HALF SET OF TEN VOLUMES for £1 0 0 You may get the entire Set of 20 Volumes for £1 15s. if you pay Cash, or you may pay in monthly instalments of 5s. each, THE BOOKS. The First Half Set of 10 Volumes, price £ 1, payable 5/- forthwith and the balance by monthly instalments of 5/- each. Vols. I & 2. "SIXTY YEARS OF AN AGITATOR'S LIFE GEORGE JACOB HOLYOAKE'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY. 2 vols. Fourth Edition. 3. "THE LABOUR MOVEMENT." By L. T. HOBHOUSE, M.A. PREFACE by R. B. HALDANE, M.P. 4 & 5. "THE ECONOMIC INTERPRETATION OF HISTORY." Lectures on Political Economy and its History, delivered at Oxford, 1887- 1888. By Prof. THOROLD ROGERS. Third Edition. 2 vols. 6 & 7. THE INNER LIFE OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS." Selected from the'Writings of WILLIAM WHITE, with a Prefatory Note by his Son. and an Introduction by JUSTIN MCCARTHY, M.P. 2 vols. 8 & 9. "CHARLES BRAD LAUGH:" HIS LIFE AND WORK. By his Daughter. 2 vols. 10. "THE GLADSTONE COLONY." By JAMES FRANCIS HOGAN, M.P. The Second Half Set of 10 Volumes, price £1, payable 5/- forthwith and the balance by monthly instalments of 5/- each. Vols. 11 & 12. "THE LIFE OF RICHARD COBDEN." By JOHN MORLEY. 2 vols. 13. "LABOUR AND PROTECTION." Edited by H. W. MASSINGHAM. 14 & 15. "THE INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND." By Prof. THOROLD ROGERS. 2 vols. 16 & 17. "THE POLITICAL WRITINGS OF RICHARD COBDEN." A New Edition. With Preface by Lord WELBY, and Intro- ductions by Sir LOUIS MALLET and WM. CULLEN BRYANT, and a Bibliography. With Frontispiece. 2 vols. 18 & 19. "BAMFORD'S PASSAGES IN THE LIFE OF A RADICAL." Edited and with an Introduction by HENRY DUNCKLEY (" Verax.") 2 vols. 20. "THE BRITISH INDUSTRIES UNDER FREE TRADE." Edited by HAROLD COX. If only one Half Set is required please state which is to be forwarded. SUBSCRIPTION-Order Form. I 1905. To The Manager, Y Gwyliedydd," Leeswood, Mold. I enclose 5s. Please to send me the First, or Second Half, Set of Vols, in "THE REFORMER'S BOOKSHELF," as above, namely, 10 Volumes Bound in Cloth, for which I agree to make you, or anyone you appoint, a further pay- ment of 5s. per month from this date until the account be paid. The volumes not being my property until paid for, I engage that I will not dispose of them before my payments are completed. If for any reason you are unable to fill this order, the return of my deposit shall cancel this order. Signed Rank or Occupation Address By (Indicate here Rail or Carriers). A Sample Volume from the above List will be sent Post Free to any address on receipt of 3s. 6d. If an order follows for a Set or I Half Set this payment will be con. sidered as a contribution towards ¡ the total sum to be paid. co' 'YOUNG WALES PULPIT' A FEW PRESS NOTICES: ■3,5 THE NEW CONNEXION MAGAZINE: "Faithful discourses are these, in which Scriptural truths are clearly grasped and impressively set forth. It woifld be invidious to pick out any one man's Sermon, or any two or three, for separate notice, where all are excel- lent. The general impressions left by the Series is that the famous preachers of years ago are being worthily suc- ceeded by those of to-day. These modern sermons are neither so elaborate nor so doctrinal as those of the past; in design and treatment they are simpler, and ethical teaching, in its relation to the spiritual life, has a larger pbi'T The volume deserves, and we hope it will secure, a wiu. circulation." THiM RECORD AND ADVERTISER: "Eminently readable and excellently produced volume. Each sermon exhibits a striking" intellectual contrast to the old style discourses which once did duty." Y GWYLIEDYDD: Boddhaol iawn yw sylwi wrth ddarllen pregethau y rhai sydd wedi graddio nad yw dysgeidiaeth ucfiel yn lladd dim ar yspryd yr Efengyl Ni raid "of ni am ddyfodol crefydd YQg Nghymru tra y llenwir ein pulpudau gan ddynion o yspryd a phrofiad awduron y pregethau hvn. Ei phris yw 2s 6c, a buasai ei phris gan gyhoeddwyr Seisneg yn sicr o fod yn 3s 6e." GOLEUAD: Cyfrol ddestlus, ddarllenadwy, a theilwng o'i theitl. Haedda'r gyfrol werthvant cyflym." THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: "The volume is well worth reading, for its pages are rich in beautiful similes and useful suggestions." THE EXAMINER The idea of such a volume is an admirable one, and the sermons will enhance the reputations of the preachers. It is a cheap volume, and no one need hesitate to put it in the hands of our converts. It will allure to higher things." CHRISTIAN COMMONWEALTH "The authors of the sermons are well-known young Welsh ministers of the four leading Nonconformist deno- minations, and their sermons in this volume are well arranged, clearly expressed, vigorous in thought, and ,vevacgel»c^l in doctrine. The book will be a valuable addition to any library." THE BAPTIST TIMES The sermons are all of a high order The standpoint is emphatically evangelical, the tone profound- ly spiritual, the aim intensely practical. As a manifesto of the Welsh pulpit the book is worthy of close study, and amply proves that in Wales, at any rate, there is no I decay of preaching,' COUNTY HERALD "The high standard of the sermons and general excel. lence of the volume are such that not only is it deserving of wide circulation, but it should wield considerable in- fluence for good into whatever hands it may fall." DR. TOWNSEND: It is severely thoughtful, carefully expository, scho- larly in style, highly ethical, while it conscientiously maintains the true evangelical strain that has been the sounding key-note of Welsh preaching for generations." PRIDE 2 6 NETT. FROM" YSPRYD YR QES" OFFICE, LEES WO OD, MOLD. _Y1L A HI,GH CLASS VgjHlCoGH LASS49 TNE"ENSIVE .,PAI More actual value in them, more merit, more J I style, and particularly more comfort than at double, i the price obtainable elsewhere. 11 If it be possible for another firm to offer a set 1 of Teeth as high in character, perfect in fit, and as I distinctive in every way as ours, then the price I must be 40/- instead of 20/ 9 I w:E^:E:X::H:_A_:M: I i 2, Hope St., at Mr Harrison Jones, Chemist. ATTENDANCE THURSDAYS, 10-30 to 6. CHESTER: 32, Bridge St., at Mr Allen's, Picture Dealer. ATTENDANCE SATURDAYS 11 to 7-0. LIVERPOOL: 69, Church Street. Hours 9 to 8 Daily. PRYNWCH DY I CHWI EICH HUNAN! ALLWCH wneud hynny trwy dalu ychydigr, os dim, "X yn ychwaneg na'r rhent bresennol. Faint ydych wedi dalu mewn rhent, a faint agosach ydych i feddiannu yr eiddo? Anfonwcb Post Card am fanylion ar unwaith, pa rai ddengys i chwi sut i arbed arian ydych yn awr yn wario. Gofynwcb am bamphled yn cynnwys ycbydig lythyr- au, allan o lawer, oddiwrth ddynion yn Ngogledd Cymru, ao sydd wedi sicrhau tai iddyot eu hunain, trwy ein cynortbwy. TELERAU RHESYMOL AC ANRHYDEDDUS. The Provincial Homes Investment Company, Ltd. TRUSTEES: Alderman Sir CHAS. T. SZEITON. J.P. Alderman S. EDWARDS, J.P., Ex-Lord Mayor of Bir- mingham. THOMAS DICK, Esq., J.P., C.C. HENRY GREAVES, Esq., M.R.C.S., M.R.C.P. READ OFFICES MOUNT STREET, MANCHESTER CHARLES LEESE, Managing Director. Assets already over £100,000, and steadily increasing. "Nothing but praise can be bestowed on the management."— Banking Insurance Investment. 7/5/04. "The Company is supplying a widespread want. Nothing but congratulations over the past and good wishes for the future can be sent to this sturdy specimen of Lancashire enterprise. I '-The City Leader. London, 14/5/04. Thanks to the excellent work of sound companies, and notwith- standing the few small and imitative frauds which have sprung and collapsed, the idea that every man may now easily become the possessor of the house in which he lives is rapidly gaining ground in the country. essentially sound and equitable the excellent plan of the Provincial Homes the Company commends itself princi- pally by the simple and straightforward character of its operations, and by the solid strength of its financial position."—The Insurance Observer. 20/5/04. "Has achieved success, and is rapidly increasing in financial strength and popularity. The Local Government Journal. 28/5/04. "Proceeding on sound lines, and yet offering liberal terms, this Company has within a few years got together a large and lucrative con- nection in all parts of the country.London Argus. 25/6/04. The Provincial Homes has secured for itself an excellent reputa- tion, particularly for able and honest management and liberal terms. The Company is therefore in a very strong financial position a record of excellent progress. Tite Finance Chronicle 5/10/04. YN EISIAU.-CYNRYCHIOLWYR.—Yr ydym yn awyddus i sicrhau gwasanaeth dynion o ymddiried ag ymdrechgar i wasanaethu fel AGENTS mewn gwahan- ol ardaloedd. Gellir sicrhau cyllog da bob lawet o dra- fferth. Nid yw profiad blaenorol yn angenrheidiol.- Anfoner at Mr CHARLES LEBSE, Mount-st, Manchester. HYSBYSIAD PWYSIG. Y LLE RHATAF AM DDODREFN TY, CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, A phob math o bethau i wneyd y Carlref yn gysurus, ydyw masnachdai RHYDWEN JONES & DAYIES, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, a Llandudno. f Mae y ffirm hon yn ymgymeryd a MUDO TEULUOEDD am bris rhesymol. TMOFYNWCH AM Y PRISIAU.