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I Agents WANTED M TO | SUPPLY 1 THE I ICREASING DEMAND I FOR ■HOSJONES & Co I LIMITED, I LIVERPOOL, tt' p TEAS, I JAE BEST VALUE for money. **lY TO Old Post Office Place, LIVERPOOL. BREHTWOOD SOUTHPORT. Principals: MISS BRIGGS. HOLT, B.A., (Load.), L.R.A.M, MTQO „ Resident Staff: MTOS WISHER, B.A., Hons, (Lond.). MILL HERSCHELL, B.A. MJQ« ^ARR, Cambridge Higher Cert. SiSS EDMONDSON, 1R1.M. Mist LOWELL, L.R.A.M k]o« £ HRISTIEN, L R.A.M. SWEETNAM, Diploma for Physical IHjqq Culture. ^AcKAY, Kensington Art Certificates (ad- vanced). AIOISE.LLF, BAREIS 4- ^latfon 85^Ccessfully prepared for London Mstri- ^citini Cambridge Local Exams., and for all the A £ Music Exams. Wing specially adapted for School purposes 661 ha,a v.^ ar§e Classrooms, Gymnasium, and Cubic- added. ^toti t *s we^ known to the Rev. E. J. Evans, ^wverpooi, bounty School for Girls. GROVE PARK, WREXHAM. wT Head-Mistress: MISS A. J. JONES, B.A., LOND. ^SS <3 fr. Assisted by • FRANCIS, Cambridge Higher Local Cer- MTQO tilicate. C• MARTINDELL, E.A., LOND. AtISS MISS NOBLE, B.Sc. (WALES). M. ROBERTS, Cambridge Higher Local flllSs A •• Certificate. A MOSELEY, Cambridge Higher Local MlSS L PA • Certificate. • *OX, First Class Diploma in Cookery, AIISS n ir and Laundry. BVisitinff DIA THOMAS, B.A. (WALES). Vorai Ti/eachers for Drawing, Instrumental Music. er»cted °°1 buildings, well equipped, recently G^althv ai °0^ of £ lI'°°°- ?5>d arr-OCa ity> extensive recreation grounds. <hI>rQsPectu dat^n for Boarders. T* list of successes on application to "CARTREF OIIMCABTHSF-" HWALIA HOTEL, R & Tipper Woburn Place, TT LONDON, W.C Saif mewn man canolog ac iachus. Nid yw ond gwaith 5 munyd o gerdded o orsafoedd Euston, King's Cross a'r Midland, ac 20 munyd o Padding- ton (G. W. Ry.). Erys" Y Gwalia" o hyd yn llety cysurus teilwng o'r arwyddair Cartref Oddicar- tref." Telerau rhesymol. Parha i fod o dan yr un arolygiaeth a Gwalia, Uandrindod. Am bob hysbysrwydd ychwanegol anfoner at MB. EDWARD JENKINS, "Gwalia Hotel," Upper Woburn Place, London. Telegraphic Address, "GWYNFA LONDON." Home Comforts. I Moderate Charges. Daniel's Private Hotel. 9 & 10, Thavies Inn, Holborn Circus, LONDON, B.C. (ESTABLISHED OVER 50 YEARS). THE above well-known Private Hotel" contin- ues under the management of the Proprietor and his niece, Miss Davies, who has had several years' experience in the work. Whilst thanking our numerous friends and patrons for their long-continued support, it is hoped, by constant attention to their comforts to- gether with moderate charges tc deserve the con- tinuance of their patronage. The situation is most central and convenient, having frequent facilities by Bus, Tram, Car, Elect- ric Railway, &c., to all parts of the Metropolis. NIGHT PORTER IN ATTENDANCE. Telegrams-" Daniel, Thavies Inn, London." E. DANIEL, PROFBIETOB. IIDerwen" Private Hotel, 15, South Villas, Camden Square, London, N.W. VISITORS to LONDON will find above replete with every comfort. It is most sumptuously furnished throughout, with every modern conven- ience. Spacious Dining, Drawing, and Smoking Rooms. Terms strictly moderate. PROPRIETRESS-MRS. K. JONES. LIVERPOOL SHAFTESBURY IIOTEL, -S. jL..t. Jt_ .AJJU, MOUNT PLEASANT. THIS first class Temperance House is situated about three minutes walk from the Central and Lime Street Stations. MTunt Pleasant Trams from Landing Stage pa,s the door. Electric Light in all the Rooms. Welsh spoken. Charges moderate. Night Porter, Telegrams-" Shaftesbury Hotel, Liverpool." Telephone —2244 Royal, Beaumaris Grammar School. Headmaster: E. MADOC JONES, M.A. Late Senior Assistant Master at the Oswestry High School. Boarders received by the Headmaster at the School House. Individual care-Perfect sanitation-Healthy & beautiful surroundings. Highly qualified staff. Terms and list of successes on application to the Headmaster. INVESTMENTS Sound Investment Secur- ities yielding from 4 to 5 per cent. Mortgages on Freehold pro- perties and Municipal Loans negotiated. Insurances in First-class offices effected. JOHN OWENS, Stock & Share & Insurance Broker, 20, Old Bank Buildings, CHESTER. VISITORS TO LONDON SHOULD STAY AT THE Bingham Private Hotel, 5. SOUTHAMPTON BUILDINGS, 63, Chancery Lane, Holbora, London, W.O. (Nearly Opposite the New Birkbeck Bank). QUIET, COMI OliTABJLE, CEXTKAL Most conveniently situated for the City, Law Courts, and places of Amusements. Busses pass the door for all parts and to all The Principal Railway Termini. Moderate Tariif. Night Porter. Telegraphic Address-" Alcoves, London." J. T. JOB, PROPRIETOR. Gorffwys fa Hotel, 36, 38, & 40, Eardley Cresent, Earls Court, LONDON Sefydlwyd y gwesty preifat uchod yn 1878, a cheir ynddo gysuron cartref Cymreig am bris rhes- ymol, yn y rhanbarth parchusaf ac iachaf yn Llundain, ac mewn lie hollol gyfleus i bob rhan o'r Brifddinas. Nid yw'r ty ond gwaith dau funud o gerdded o orsaf Earl's Court, lie y rhed trens bob ychydig funudau o orsafoedd Willesden junction (L. & N.W.R.) a Paddington (G.W.R.). Cedwir porthor nos, ac astudir cysur ymwelwyr. Ceir pob manylion oddiwrth JSIES. PARRY, Gor- ffwysfa," Eardley Crescent, Earl's Court, London, S.W. DR. WILLIAMS' SCHOOL, DOLGELLEY. I Dr. Williams' Endowed High School for Girls, Dolgelley. w <• ■ Preparation for the Central Welsh Board, the Oxford Local Examination, London and Welsh Matriculation, and University Scholarships. There are three leaving Exhibitions, tenable at Colleges, which are awarded annually upon result of the year's work. The Buildings and Grounds are excellently adapted to secure the comfort and health of the Pupils. TENNIS, CYCLING, AND HOCKEY. Inclusive Fees: BOARDING, £ 26 PER ANNUM TUITION, ICS. For prospectus, apply to the Headmistress, or to the Clerk of the Governors, <