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TEA AND COFFEE Ü. LORD STREET. LIVERPOOL. MESSES ELLIS DAVIES & COMPY. 1 ieg tn inform the Residents of and Visitors at Bala ar.d district that arrangements have now been comnieted by which Parcels may be obtained l,y Hail from Liverpool at a very .small cost. > Families may thus obtain their customary supplies of good Tea. and Coffee while residing in this neigh. r bouihood, and can now rely upon receiving their i Parcels on the day following receipt of orders. The following are a few selected quotations for ille present Season ;— TEA. th. The Choicest Ka.1sow Tea 3/6 The Extra Fine Souchong 3/4 First-class Congou. 3/- The Very Fine Congou .2/8 Fine Congou 2/4 <r' "« Strong Congou -2/- Good Sound Congou 1/8 f And intermediate prices. PURE COFFEE. vib. The Choicest Mountain Jamaica 1/8 Fine Jamaica Plantation Ceylon. Ceylon Coffee I/2 The above may be had Ground or in the Berry. Plantation Ceylon— iiixed with i'URE GROUND CHICORY, [ 1/2 obtained from the Best English Root ] » Ceylon Coffee— ) Mixed with PURE GROUND CHICORY, !-l/» obtained from the Best English Root ) E. D. & CO. recommend Ground Coffee to be kept in air-tight Tin Canisters, which they supply when requested. "I TERMS—Strictly Net Cash on receipt of Goods. Remittances may be made by Bankers' Cheques, or Post-office Orders payable at the General Post officq Liverpool. THE West Coast of Wales DIRECTORY. (n) Signifies that there are apartments to let. r? -1 (HJ Willing to let the whole house furnished. A'BSEYSTWYTH. Marine Terrace. Xo. 0 —Mrs. R. Dzr.AHoYDE. Dresden House Mrs. Humphreys, The Rea, near Shrewsbury the Misses Powell, Moreton Corbet, near Shrewsbury. No. 10.—Mrs. JONES— Mr and Mrs Brown And familv. Wolverhampton Miss Baldwin. Wulverhamptou; Mrs Burd and family, Shrews- bury Miss Meredith Mrs. Beaston and family, Market Havarn. No. 12.—Mrs. T. H. LLOYD— Mr. and Mrs. Griffiths. Coalport, Shropshire Mrs. and Miss F. Gray, Coalport, Shropshire. No. 10.— Mrs. E. -T. JONES fa)— Miss C P. Hunter, Great Malvern; the Misses Hemiiui^s, Malvern Wells Nellie Haycox, Walvern Wells. Mr Mrs and Miss Smith, Walsall, Birmingham the Rev. T W and Mrs. Peile, Cannock Vicarage, Staffordshire Mrs. Adams, baby. and nurse, Holine Lacey-, Miss Davies and Miss Rees, Birkenhead. 0. C-laremont House ((t)- .'oIi, Weston, and Mrs. Weston, and family. Northwieh, Cheshire; Mr. ami Mrs. John Studwick and family, Alexandra Lodge, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Q. 52.—Mr. D. R. JONES {a) (O)— No. 60.—Mrs. C-JiiEE*-— Mr Pcr-v Bridgnorth Miss Perry, Cheltenham Mr..T. B Price,' Cheltenham Mr. F. W. Price, Llanwye, Here- tlie Rev.' B. Mo'yneux, Mortou, Salop, No. 61, Miss DAVIES (b)— Mrs Price London; Mr. Burton, Tenuy Mr. ami >u>. Gray, Lolidoii; Miss E. Gray, ShifnaL Miss TRUBSH.VVV, Caerleuii House, Victoria terrace- Ladies School. QUEEN'S HOTEI. (Mr. W. II. PALMER, proprietor) Geoisfe Kilaour, ^s<j., and Mrs. Iwilgour, London, h. ii. Savorv Es and Mrs. Savorv, Weybridge: P. H. <) I' arrell, Esq London J. Gould Labis. Esq., Twickenham Mr. and Mis. Leland and Mrs. Fisher London; Rev. C. 11 Rowden ami Mrs. and Mi<s Bowden. London; Rev. C. and r- Mrs. Harris, Upper Tootins, London; Nir. and. Mrs. W. *V*>* r H. Matthews; A. A. Cuthhert, Esq., Glasgow; A. R. r <)'Regan, Esq., and the Misses O'Retail, Donmngtou; Mr and Mrs. J. R. Francis and family. Swansea Professor Palmer, Mrs. Palmer, and family, Cambridge Anthony Benn, Esq., Oswestry. North Parade No. 14, Mrs. JO>TE=; fa)— Eaker Street Mrs. JONES. Victoria Hotel. Baker-street (a)- Mr. W. Minors, Fishei wick, Lichfield, Staffordshire Mr Jones, Bristol. Tsrrace Road Air. F. W. CL-LLIEOKD, Welch Harp (a)- Monsr. Jules Merchier. Mrs. W. TIFBB, Lisburne House— Miss Sale and Miss Ward, Wolverhampton; Mr. and Mrs. H. Parrv the Misses and Mr. James E. Parry, Broms- srove: the Rev. J. E. and Mrs. Linnell, Burton-on-Trent: Mrs. Darbv, Blackheath, Staffordshire; Mrs. Heely, Old Hill, Staffordshire Miss Linnell, Silverstone, Northamp- tonshire. Queen's Road. X-) 4 —MR THOMAS AUUOTT. Crystal Palace Hotel (A) — Mrs. Humphreys, Miss Davies, and Harriet Davies, New- town. N'V'' m' m">. VM' i: i t.rvr. Lower Broa^hton, near Manchester Miss Barlow, Heaton Chapel, near Stockport. 0,.—Mrs. JONES, Ghmayron House ((t)- Mrs. EDWARDS, Wesley House fa)— T. T. Roberts, Esq. Pier Street, X,). 3. Mr. E. P. WYNNE, Family and Dispensing Chemist— Xu. 3'J. Mr. C\ -L WILLIAMS, General Drapery and Millinery Eitiblishriaeiit- Mrs. SMITH, Pier House, Pier-street— t> Mrs. Green and family; Birmingham Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Jackson, nurse, and family Miss Bent, Miss Tew, MissE. Bent, Leicester, Irs. JON;-S. Victoria Hotel, Baker-street (a)- Mr. and Miss Barnes, Neath J. R. Pryse aad family, Park Drain, near Llanidloes. Portland Street. No. 13.—Mrs. EVANS (A) (!J) The Misses Garret, Hay; Mrs. Geor-e and family, and Miss Stewart, Builth. No. 23A.—Mrs. A. EVANS, (a)- Mr. Kverall and family, and Miss Jones, Shrewsbury and Mr. J. 11. Morgan, Llanelly. New Street. No. (IOLLIN- (a)- =-- ABERDOVEY. Glaadovey Terrace. No. 1.—Mrs. BELL— Mrs. and Miss Lea and family, Rugby. No. 2.—Mrs. EVANS (A)— o. 4,-)drs, Bru\CK- Ir", John Leech awl family, Marple, Cheshire; Mr. and Mrs. Stokes, Birmingham. MRS JONES, Plas Dovev— Mr. Mrs!, and the Misses Louisa. Mabel. Amv, Maud and Master Brown and servant, Dingle Priorv, Liverpool. Mrs. JoiiN OWENS, Brooklyn House (a)- NTrs. LEWIS, Glanvor House— Miss Hewmawk and nephew, Bridgnorth. Mr. EDWARD JoN'KS, Linen Draper and Grocer, Cambrian House (a) Mr. RICHARD DAVIES, Draper and Grocer, Manchester House (a)- Mr. EDWARDS, Pier House (I)).- B A R M 0 U T H PorWugton Terrace. JONES- Miss, and Miss A. A. if. L. Maiden, Bridgewater Villti, Stockport • Mrs* Overton and family, Brinnmston, Stock- port; Mrs. and Miss Moore, Leicester; John Harvey, Esq.,]Mrs. Harvev, and family, Leech Bank. o. 3.—Mrs. JANE JOES- The Rev. W. H. Roope-rand family. Ouslev, Windsor L')(l;e Mr. and Mrs. Butler, London Mr. and Mrs Barber and family, and two nurses, Liverpool. o, 4.—Mrs. W. WILLIAMS Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt, Miss Hewitt, Rath?ar Dr. infl Mrs. Rawdon, Miss Caw, Miss Nelly Caw, Master Fred Urims- dale 42. Rodney-street, Liverpool Mr. and Mrs. Pp-n- berton. Master, Miss Nelly. Master Noel Pemberton, baby, and two nurses, Oxton, Birkenhead. V T: MRS. BICHARIW— Mrs Miss and W. E. Stur-es, The Rectory, Wokingham. No 10. (Brosrv'ntyn H >use).—-apt. EDWARD GiuFFrxHS- >Iadame Solon, Masters Solon, and nurse, and Madame Arnoux, Stoke-on- i rent. Aelydon, WFK 1 »N,| O MRS EDM'AR!JS— # E Gr«4"tisa and Mrs. (Ireen, Leaimmrton; Mrs. Shephnrd, the Missesq S ieph ird, and maid, Oxon Mr. al,dP Mrs.' Knight, baby, and serv mt /averpool;^ Tyler Bir- mingham Mrs. and and Rees; Mr. and Mr. R. W. Eorad. Sjire«sbur\. No. 3.—ilr. Jos. WM. COTTON, ■{JR-I3-,FA^~ „ Mrs. and Miss Chackland, Mr. and Collyer, Coventry. Miss Turnball, Stoke-on-1 rent, Miss Owen and the Masters A., C., and W. Owen, Wilde Green, Bir- niingham. 4—Mrs. GRIFFITH— AR Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd and family, Birkenhead; Mr. and Mrs. Cooper and family, Liverpool. Glanwerydd Terrace, \FIAAPS Wed"WI)0(L. Liverpool; Mrs. and Jackson, Mr. TIIII Mrs '"juiir Jackson, and Mr. Archer, Manchester Miss Jacks ,n, UOB'DEU, Cheshire Mr, and Mrs. W. D. zim Hvunner MR COUH6'UOR Austin and family, Birmingham M ™H. Ausiin, Ne JUIIS, Bir.-ningham. .MRS. EVANS- Mr and Mrs. AHU-riot ;in«l family, (.rafton-place. Hudders- !<"id Mr. Waiter Shubells .-in 1 fa'oily. Knot»well Lodge, yldbury; Mrs. Leek, Old bury. j Glasfor Terrace. No. 1.—Mrs. PETERS— IVli's. and Miss alluce, Cimiiri^haiii; !Miss Dc,. ltiii aiui Knight, Bickford Grange, Stafford. Mrs. KYNOCH, Gomerian House, High Street- Mrs. Huckett and family, and the Misses Sulley, Market Harborough; J. Clough, Esq., Mrs. and Miss Clough, Man- chester H. F. Clough, Esq., Wrexham; Mr. R. L. and Master Percy Kynoch, The Bank, Shifnal Mr. John Kyaocl1, Furegate House, Worcester. Mrs. MORRIS, Glanglasfor House- Mr. ami Mrs. Nowbolt, Leamington Mrs. and Miss Pear- nwn Miss Burton the children of T. Evans, Ksq., Tros- y-Parc, Denbigh. Mrs. SMITH, 1, Mount Pleasant- Miss Lewis and Miss Jarrett, Welshpool; Miss Edwards, Birmingham. Miss DEDWITU, 1, Brynliyfryd Mr. and Mrs. Pickup, Liverpool; George Pfcnry, Esq., and family, Preston. Mrs. EVANS, Quay Cottage Church Street (n)- Mrs George Abbott and Miss Abbott, Leicester; Miss 1:) .1.n'n "1\ f'lnt"oh(\\õ:.tør • THN \FWE«C \.f.Il" sinmnor AND J"\JIIIIL"11.. ,,1.1. .J' ,LHH' "1."1.11.1., Towers, Birmingham Mr. Snow, Leicester. Mrs. TIMOTHY, Panteinion ((t)- Mr. SCOTT, Artho^ Hall— Mrs. JOIIN EVAXS, Glanvmor House— James Backhouse, Mary Backhouse, M. L. Backhouse J. Backhouse, and W. K Backhouse; Jemima Spence and Charlotte Spence William Robinson. t BORTH. Mr. (,IllIRLE4 MYTTON. Hotel- Mr. and Mr, Bearcroft. Carmarthen the Misses Scott (2), nurse and governess, Trelydau Hall, Welsh]if>ol; Mr. and ilrs. W,itherawn, Crumpawn Castle, ligo, Ireland. Cambrian Terrace. Xo, 1.—Mrs. PRITCHAKD— i | i Mrs. Hodgson, Ruabon. No. 3.-ELLE(iR WATKINS (a)- Miss Ada E. Blackburn, London. No. 4.—Mr. WILLIAM ROBERTS (a)- No. 12.—Mrs. JANE EDWARDS (a)- No. 14 (Uppingham House).—Mrs. MCCLELLAN (a)- Ali- -J. n. Ewin and -Miss E. E. Ewing and Nurse, Rhayader Mrs. Venables, Kerry. Pic ton Terrace, No. 2.—Mrs. MARY JONES (a)- PrlaceiStreet. No. 8.—Mrs. JONES— Mrs. MARGARET JENKINS, (Osprey House)—FA) JANE JAMES, Ocean View (a)- Mr. THOMAS fi-onm THOMAS, No. 1, Li 1)anus-1errace fa,J— Mr. Samuel Tudor, Pontdolgoch; Air. Edward Willianas, Aberdovey. Mrs. JONES, Picton House (a)- ELIZABETH REES, Gloucester House— Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Gilbert Wentworth, Birmingham; Miss Amelia Evans and Mr. A. M. Rees, London. CAPT. HCGH REES, Beach Grove (a b)- The Misses Behb, Welshpool. MARGARET DAVIES, Diana House (a)- Rev. J. and Mrs. Hill, family, and nurse, Nottingham. R. P. ROBERTS, Garibaldi House f a b)- Mrs. JONES, Sea View ((I)- A. L. LEWIS, Post-office, London House (a)- CMCCIETH. Grmsby Terrace, No. 2.—Mrs. WILLIAM JONES fa)— No. 3.—Mrs. R. P. THOMAS (a)- No. 4.írs. R. ROBERTS (a)- Miss J{icbanb, Trawsfynydd; Ir. Richards and family, Ffestiniog. Salem Terrace. Xo. 5.—Mrs. PARRY- C.iptain Leotti(I family, Lo,dul1; Ir. Lewis, London. No. 7.—.Mrs. OWEN* fa)— Miss Clara Pattou, Miss Kathleen Patton, al1,1 Miss Magill, Dublin. Xo. 8,-Ir8. Capt. OWE" (a)- Cambrian Terrace. Xo, 1.—Mrs. WM. ROBERTS ((1)- X 0, 3.—Mrs. OWEN (a)- n u" Air..J. Ua lWitladerana lamay, L-iesiiniog uev. — howeUI;, Ffestiniog. Corporation'Terrace. No. Ei)v-kiii-)s Mr. Evans, Llanberis. Parkia Place. No, I.-H. \V. ,TOXES- Mr. B. Mitchell, and family, New York. No. 2.—Misses FEARN—(a) 31r. and Mrs. Hiller and famny, and Miss Hayward, Liver- pool .Mr. and .Miss Starr. Mrs. Captain JONES, Arvor Villa (a)- Edward Parry, B.A., Esq., ap.1 G. A. Pembarton, Esq., Edgbaston, Birmingham. Mrs. JOHN ROWLANDS, Tuleiviou House fa) — Mrs. Casson and family, Blaen-y-ddol, Festiniog; All-. and Atrs. Hay and family, Shrewsbury Mrs. Bond and family, Victoria Cresent, Barnsley. Mrs. WM. GRIFFITH, Fair View fa) — The Rev. Canon Gore and family, liowilon, near Manchester. Mrs. EVANS, Castle View fa ())- Alfred J. Paget, Esq., and Mrs. Paget, Leicester, Mrs. JONES. Tynewydd ((t)- I Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bateman. Mrs. PIUTCHARD, Causeway View (a)- Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, Moseley, Birmingham Mrs. EVANS, Tynewydd (I/j- ltr. H. W. Collins and family, Rainhill, Pre <eot; Mr. An- derson, Prescot. Mrs. WILLIAMS, Manchester House Rev. C. Gary, family, and Warrington.. Mrs. JONES, Plasgwilym— Mr. and Airs. Clegg and hmny, ?danchester. Mrs. ELLIS, Cambrian House f a)— Mrs. Muscott and family, Northampton. Mrs. PRICE. Cardigan House ((1)- Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Gierke and family, Altrincliam Mr. and Mrs, Dennis, Chester; Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Helmore, Hereford DOLGELLEY. Mrs. PECK, Corner Shop, >ueen's-s<iu;u*e ((1)- D. P. Harrison, Pembroke College, and A. S. Perceval, Exeter College, Oxford. Mrs. DAVIES, Eidon House (rt.)- The Rev. J. A. and Mrs. Davies and Mrs. Hobbs, Croydon. Mrs. H. PurrH, V:tle View. Sprin^lield-street fa)— Mrs. Le Page. Mrs. C. LLOYD, Springfield-street (11)- J. C. Hughes, Esq. M. W. Janion, Esq., London. Mrs. THOMAS, Spri?igfield-street fa)— Mr. JAMES B. MEE, Brid.G-E End IIOUSJ fa)— MR. Banbury; Mrs. and the )Ii"s8s Lyne, Dublin. Mrs. JONES, Springfield Villa ((o- Miss Paton and Miss Douglas, London; .'Miss Paton, Rock- ferry. Mrs. ELLIS, No. 1, Frondirion Terrace fa b)- Mr. and Mrs. Suiter and family, London Mr. and Mrs. Catt, Sussex. -==-=- T OWYN. Pier Villa. No. 1.—Mr. EVAN HUMPHREYS— R. Ramsey. Esq., Mrs. Ramsey, family, and servants, Cheltenham. No, 2,liss JO:\E" ((t b)- Mrs. Charles Davies, family, and nurse, Berriew Mr. and Mrs. Wall, and Mrs. Salter, Welshpool; Miss Davies, Newtown Miss Laic Tomson, Birmingham. No. 3.—Mrs. HAMMANS (a)- Mr., Mrs., and Miss Jenkins, Tredegar Rev. D. James, Mrs. James, and sons, Garthbeibio Rectory, Montgomery- shire. Xo. 4.—Mr. OWEN (a)- Plas Edwards, No. 1.—Mrs. RICHARDS fa)— Mr. and Mrs. Williams, two children, and nurse, Chester; Miss Sarah Miles and Miss Lizzie Miles, Dolgelley. No. 2.—Zvlr. WILLIAMS— Mr. and Mrs. Crowe and Master Crowe, Oxford Miss Booth the Misses Mathews, Air. Powell s famiK. High Street, No. 2.—Mrs. JONES, Railway Terrace— Miss Huish, Torquay Nir. K. C. Jones, London. No. 4.—Mrs. THOMAS WILLIAMS, fa)— Mr. James, I>avi,s, Felton Butler, Salop Miss S. Davies Weston, Baschurch, Salop. Mrs. STEPHENS, Belmont House (a)— Warwick Place, No. 2.—Mrs. JONES— Jonei, family, and nurse, Misses Powell (2), and Mr., Mrs., and Masters Edwards (2), Llanfyllin Miss Barrs] Brompton Hall; Mrs. Hughes, family, and nurse, Dol- elley; Mrs. Thomas and friend, ewtown; Mrs. Wilde and Miss Lewis, Berriew. Mrs. J, k.% f F. John Owen, Esq., Rock, Newtown; Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Council House, Llanfyllin Mrs. Lewis and familv, grocer, Llanfyllin Mr. Mrs. Rahb, family, and maid, Liverpool ■Mrs. Hughes, baby, and nurse, Liverpool; Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Johnes, family, anil nurse, Longton, Staffordshire* Mrs. Hall, Oswestry Miss Smith, Blodwell Hall, Oswes- try; Miss Ward, Miss A. D. Ward, and M. A. R. Ward, Blodwell Hail, Oswestry. Mr. THOMAS SEATON, Corbet Arms Hotel (a)- J. Buckley Williames, Esq., jun., Mont. H. Thomas, Esq., Gloucester; Mr. Powell, Chester; Mr. Davies. Dolgelley; Mr. and Mrs. Blossom and family, N. IV. Joseph Casson, Esq,, Scarborough; John Bower, Esq., Newtown; Mr. Fletcher, London Mr. Smytlie, London Mr. Harrington, London; Mr. and Airs. Harris, London; Mr. Ferguson, Manchester; Mr. Harris, Liverpool, Mr. Comer, London. Air. WATKIN, Peullyn Eurm— Mrs. Clarke, Miss'Clarke, and Miss Ada Clark, Ashton-on- Mersey, near Manchester; Mrs. Bate and Son, ditto; Mr. aad Mrs. W. Chambers, nurse, a,nd family, Hockley, Birmingham Master Orrell, Liverpool Mr. T. Jones' Llanfair. Mr. EVAN NEWELL, Escuan Hall (a) (ii)- '\Ir. E. -Nl. JoxF- Br,tipry,,i (a) • Mrs. JONES, Brvnqoleu- Mrs. Hilsopp, Bristol; Miss Toll Miss Pugh; neV. and Mrs. Williams, Llanwyddelan. Mrs. J. D. JONES, Ca.ntrev House— Mrs. Moore, ami family, London; Mrs. Jones, Church Bank House. "teblJp"ol: Lewis Lewis, Esq.. London; Master J. (A. Lwis, London; Mr. Lewis Lewis, Ceinines G. Rodger. Esq., and family, 1, Cambridge Villas, Chelten- ham Rev. ]). M. Bynner, Manchester. j Mrs. WILLIAMS, Cambrian Place fa) Mrs. AN ME JONES, Glanymor Farm ."1. Evau Thoma-s, Mrs. Thomas, and Richard Thomas, Brulge-street, Llanfair. JOHN* WYNNL:, Brynymor (a)- Mrs. DREW. Morfa House (a)- Mrs. l-Iiil, family, governess, and servant, Newcastle, Staffordshire. DOLYDDELEN. THOMAS T. WILLIAMS, Benar View (a)- GRIVFITH ROBERTS Elen Castle (aJ- Nlr. Dainton and rr. R. Smith, London. ,T. F. BRolv. Fairy Glen, Bettws-y-Cood- Mrs. Wlienerah and family, Birkenhead Mr. Bradbury aad family, School of Art, Haley, Staffordshire. JOHN JONES, Pont-y-Pant Hotel, near Bettvvs-v-Coed fa) A. U- Mclntyre, Esq., S andhurst, Australia (Trinity Hall, Cambridge) Muri-iy Wilson, Esq., Presttin C. Rovlance, Evq., Bramhall W. Dodwell, Ksq., London D. Bates, Eiq., E. Stepiian, Esq., and H. Bradley, Esq., Worcester; T. Kenney, Esq., Cpper Parliament-street, Liverpool. HARLECH. Mrs. BARROW, Bronwen Terrace (a)- PWLLHEIJ. Mrs. WALKER, Westneld (u)-

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